FATEGUARD: The Quest for Gebrun's Gold!


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Episode 1: Stunning Beach Orcs!


Having spent his formative years in the presence of corpses, Conrad Greyson was well accustomed to prying objects out of cold, dead hands. And so it was with a peculiar sense of inversion that the hapless wizard awoke to find his own fingers being eagerly prized apart.

Opening one eye, Conrad scowled up at the smelly, saliva-dripping creature kneeling over him. The Orc was grunting and licking its fangs as it tried to get at the Prayer Stone. The Wizard had been clutching it ever since the ocean spat him out.

Behind him, more Orcs - a veritable band of the greenskinned louts - were rounding up the rest of the prisoners from the shipwreck. Some were being chained up (again) while others were being bludgeoned and stripped of their possessions (again). It seemed that the Orcs from the local woods had seized the opportunity to make a killing in loot and prisoners.

Conrad had to admire their quick-thinking... which is quite impressive for Orcs. But nonetheless, he was not the kind of man to be captured twice. And neither was he the kind of man to relinquish a gemstone that had been given to him by a wizard both older and madder than himself.

"Hey!" the Wizard snapped, his voice the rasping, scratchy type that most Western Mages seemed to develop after the age of 35. "Get off that!"

His other hand was holding his staff, which like the stone had been clutched in an iron grip ever since he plunged into the ocean. He bashed the surprised Orc on the skull and knocked him flat. Then, clambering to his feet in his sodden robe and brushing seaweed from his shoulders, Conrad glared at the next two Orcs along the beach. The two dropped the body of a dead Dwarf which they had been inspecting and roared at him. But before they could draw their clubs Conrad had already begun chanting. "Coromah uhn dehresis!" A jet of flame shot from the end of his staff and blew the two creatures off their feet.

"Aha!" he declared, then "Aaagh!" as he noticed the three other Orcs behind him. Taking off in a run, he was chased down the beach and back towards the shipwreck.

"Dobrahsun el yamagha, voru-hesh!" Sand was whipped up behind him, blinding the three pursuers, who groaned and swatted at the particles. It gave enough time for Conrad to leap over a section of broken mast and then turn. Stuffing the Prayer Stone in his mouth, he used his free hand to wave in intricate gesture. "Bakha-rahn ton-eesi!" The mast lifted a few inches from the ground and shot straight towards the three Orcs, slamming into their kneecaps and planting them face-first on the beach.

"Hmm! hmm! hmm!" he chuckled with the Stone still in his mouth, then in the next moment the Stone went shooting out as an Orc wrapped his arm around Conrad's neck from behind. The Wizard was heaved backwards, choking and kicking as the brute dragged him towards the rest of the prisoners. "Help!"


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Mercy Liu

Another place. Mercy's eyes opened to the sound of commotion. She rose to her feet, surrounded by the bodies of prisoners who had been tossed onto the shore. Her eyes widened at the sight of Orcs and at the strange old man shouting gibberish and fighting them.

Heh her lips tugged into a grin, He's not half bad. She'd rather like to be able to manipulate the sand to slap at people herself. She pulled herself up and almost immediately drew the attention of the burly green monsters. Was that saliva oozing from it's mouth? Gross. Mercy shuddered and stretched, cracking her knuckles. Looked like the old man was having a little trouble.

She managed to avoid the rather friendly Orcs as she ran over to rescue the man. She dodged a swooping club that went right over her head. Then, with a cry, she tumbled out of the way of a charging greenskin. She couldn't help feeling disgusted at the sticky feeling of what was possibly saliva on her hands as her palms grazed the ground. But she'd managed to evade two before reaching the one holding onto the magician man. That made her happy.

She spun around with a reverse side kick at this Orc's head. Hopefully, she'd dislodge it's sense of direction at least for a moment. She laughed at the idea of it's brain shaking around. She swept her arm back and jabbed her elbow into it's back, trying to put as much force into it as she could.

Grinning with excitement,
Mercy jumped back a step and prepared for its retaliation. She didn't know why she was helping the strange magician, but fighting the Orc was a challenge she relished. And, maybe she could learn a thing or to from the old man's magics, right?


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