FateGuard: Darker Nights

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    Darker Nights
    Theme Song (open)
    I am a Farborn, child of the Pilgrims,
    Seed of my ancestors who crossed the Barren Sea.
    To Gothenheim I pledge my strength,
    To the city alone in a land of winter.
    When all is lost the walls shall lean upon me,
    When gates are breached I shall bar the way.
    I am FateGuard, bound to my brothers and sisters,
    And shall not let the Pilgrim's City fall.

    ~ Oath of the FateGuard

    Welcome to Gothenheim, a city on the edge of the world. A century ago a fleet arrived from distant lands, bearing monks, colonists and adventurers. They built the Pilgrim's City, a foothold from which they could explore the wilderness awaiting them.
    But they were cursed.
    The land was home to ancient evils, as old as the world itself, which rose to swallow them on land and at sea. The fleet was cut off and the pilgrims stranded in their city, beset by monsters, dragons, witches and demons. For a century now, the people have suffered alone in the hostile night.
    And for a century the FateGuard have protected them.
    Until now..

    An elite city watch, the FateGuard were armed with the greatest weapons, magics and blessings that Gothenheim could provide. They were the heroes of their time, sons and daughters of the strongest families, elders and alphas of the embattled community.
    But they were betrayed. Politics and treachery undid them from within and without. They lost the people's trust... and were disbanded two nights ago.
    But some amongst the FateGuard refuse to end their watch.

    This is the story of their nights as vigilante protectors of the city that rejected them.

    [parseHTML] <br> <br> <table align=center><tr><td valign=top border=1><FONT family=Franklin Gothic Medium; color=red><U><strong><center>RULES</center></strong></U> <br><p><P><font size=1px> - You were once a protector of this city, but are now a vigilante.<br><p> - You are sworn to serve the city from the shadows.<br><p> - No going outside the city walls. You will be killed in a heartbeat. <br><p> - Evil creatures only attack at night. This is part of the curse. <br><p> - You are a non-magical human. You are not born a magic user. <br><p> - You may have 3 "blessings", which represent special items/abilities. <br><p> - One of these blessings will be FOUND in the first chapter. <br><p> - The story will be broken into episodes, for each night of the watch. <br><p> - Domestic drama will be as important as action sequences. <br><p> - Political intrigue will be as important as action sequences. <br><p> - Each player will have a chance to suggest the plot for an episode. <br><p> - Your characters will all know one other from the outset. <br><p> - Magic must be natural/druidic or based on the four elements. The effects must be <i>invisible</i> or <i>subtle</i>, so that anyone who looked at you would not know that you are using magic. The Fateguard are only <U>rumoured</U> to have these powers/ So keep it subtle. Think <i>Game of Thrones</i>. <br><p> - You must post once a week, or I will take over your character. <br> <p></font> <td valign=top><u><strong><center>CHARACTER SHEET</center></strong></u> <br><p><p> <strong>Name:</strong> <br><p> <strong>Appearance:</strong> <br><p> <strong>Reputation:</strong> (What do the FateGuard value you for?) <br><p> <strong>Blessing of Experience:</strong> (A non-magical talent) <br><p> <strong>Blessing of Thanks:</strong> (A non-magical gift from someone who still believes in you) <br><p> <strong>Blessing of Ancients:</strong> (A magic item/enchantment you will find at the end of the first chapter) <br><p> <strong>Legend:</strong> (Describe one legend that has sprung up around you - something that the townsfolk gossip about) <br><p> <strong>Off-Duty:</strong> (What do you do during the day, and what friends/family do you have? You have been disbanded from the FateGuard, so must at least SEEM like you are doing something else.) <br> <p> <strong>Vet or Wet?:</strong> (Are you from the original FateGuard? Or someone who's just joined the faction? ) <br><p> </font></table>[/parseHTML]
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  2. Notes for New Players

    Yes, this is a sequel, but No, you don't have to read everything before joining. All you need to know is that we were once the Night Watch and we were royally screwed over by traitors, politicians and mob mentality. Our order was disbanded and replaced by mindless paladins. But some of us refuse to retire.

    Click here to join the FateGuard group and read up on the background at your leisure.

    THE STORY SO FAR... (open)
    Night One: The Flames of Darraskun - We meet the current members of the Fateguard, as they defend the city from a pair of hungry dragons. The fight is ended when Tahan, a mysterious warrior supplied by the Alcyhmia Chapter of the Holy Church, enters the fray. The FateGuard do not take well to the new Legionnaire assigned to their ranks.

    Night Two: The Helm Street Murders - The FateGuard investigate a mysterious, grotesque killing that took place in another part of the city during the dragon attack. In time they realise that one of their own - Ferrick - carries the Werewolf curse. Rather than die at their hands, Ferrick accepts self-exile beyond the Wall and the city assumes him dead.

    Night Three: The Black Birth - The FateGuard attend a banquet at the castle after it is announced that the King has finally impreganted the Queen after years of impotence. But when assassins arrive to collect on a mysterious deal they made with the King, the FateGuard realise there are traitors within their own ranks who serve a darker power known as The Wounded Hand.

    Night Four: The Watching Monolith - With the FateGuard under suspicion and confined to their Chapter House, they realise the only way to track down the traitors within their ranks is to go undercover in the city. Travelling to a shoreside tavern, and to the city library, they find the traitors have been corrupted by looking beyond the East Wall at a diabolical symbol that stands on the hillside. The traitors are unmasked and killed, and the spell of the Watching Monolith is broken.

    Night Five: The Sleeping Sepulchre - With the curfew lifted, Malwin, the FateGuard Poisoner, brings grim news. A great abyss has opened beneath his house, and it is revealed to be the Rove Maw, a phenomena encountered once before by the FateGuard. They descend through the hole and discover a forgotten civilization beneath Gotheheim, and one which awakens to their presence. Hounded by Undead guardians, the FateGuard suffer heavy losses as Malwin reveals himself a puppet of an ancient evil. With divine intervention the heroes prevail, but the spirit of the demonic God-Prince Tamoldes is now at large and plotting its revenge.

    Night Six: Song of the Shadow Weaver - After the events in the catacombs Malwin and his brother, Leonardo, are incarcerated by the Church, along with Kael, last of the Wounded Hand traitors, who was captured the previous night. The FateGuard rush to interrogate the traitor, but are too late. Aided by Arcantos, the infamous rogue Wizard of the Eldritch Guild, Kael breaks free and assassinates the head of the Alchymia Chapter. In their outrage, the church executes Leonardo as a traitor but Malwin escapes before he can suffer the same fate. In the midst of the panic, a witch known as the Shadow Weaver kidnaps several children and the FateGuard venture beyond the walls for the first time. They are almost killed, and only the intervention of the presumed-dead Ferrick saves them. But by now these two crises have ruined their reputation. The FateGuard is disbanded, and beyond the wall the mastermind of the Wounded Hand, Arcantos, revels in victory.

    Notes for Old Players

    In the two nights following the prequel's conclusion, our blessings were either recalled, deactivated, or found to be useless after our encounter with the Evil beyond the wall. The Church has replaced us with the Legionnaires and the King has decreed the FateGuard obsolete. Most of us have retired or taken other jobs, and the Chapter House has been donated to the Church. But Corben has now invited you all to a secret meeting where he plans to continue our work from the shadows.

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  3. Name: Corben Reimar

    Reputation: Ex-Leader of the FateGuard, still admired as your leader and mentor

    Blessing of Experience: Marshall's Burden. Corben has learned the bitter necessities of leadership and sacrifice. He does not hesitate to command. Many of the FateGuard owe him their lives and their loyalty.

    Blessing of Thanks: The Leiterman Blade. As the Chapter House was being cleared, a servant smuggled out a sword and brought it to her former master. Corben now carries an exquisite bastard sword once wielded by the first knights who settled these lands. It is perfectly weighted, keen and robust. He carries it so he will never forget the duty all men owe to the Pilgrim City.

    Blessing of Ancients: The Covex Shield. At the end of Chapter One, Corben will find a metal bracer that can, upon command, extend two sheets of metal and form a medium-sized shield. This shield will be resistant to elemental attacks, providing two to three seconds protection before sustaining damaged.

    Legend: Rumours abound that Corben is not the true father of his child. No one has ever said this to his face. His wife, Amadea, is a scheming and manipulative woman deeply entrenched in the politics of the city, and many think she became pregnant while sleeping her way to power.

    Off-Duty: Corben is one of the city's blacksmiths, running a busy shop where he makes small repairs and farming implements. He is helped by his daughter, Clara, who has been specially apprenticed to him. His wife, Amadea, is a weaver but also has a ruthless political mind. She has influenced many decisions in the court and is highly ambitious.

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  4. Name: Tahan

    Appearance (open)



    Reputation: Most probably see him .. it, as a traitor.

    Blessing of Experience: Stoic, obeyant

    Blessing of Thanks: An old fateguard tunic.

    Blessing of Ancients: -

    Legend: No one remembers actually seeing Tahan out of uniform. Some say he is but a ghost inhabiting the armoured shell that paces the town - an ancient saint, plucked from heaven and coerced into helping the Bishop with his holy mission.

    Off-Duty: Permanent sigil over Gothenheim's gates. The rest of his Legion alternate between day and night patrol.

    Vet or Wet?: 'Veteran'

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  5. Let's fuckin' do this.

    Name: Derek Vermillion
    Alternate Armored View

    Reputation: Ex-Lieutenant and FateGuard second in command.

    Blessing of Experience: Battle Instict. Derek's natural talent for combat gives him the appearance of having a sixth sense in the midst of battle. Derek can determine enemy tactics and numbers quickly and adapt his battle tactics to suit the situation.

    Blessing of Thanks: Black Rider's Armor. The Black Rider was a man corrupted by the wall that terrorized Gothenheim by day in a suit of black mythril. Derek lead the constables of Gothenheim in battle against him and surprisingly came out victorious. Being defeated by the constables and not the FateGuard the church and mage's guild never considered the matter related to the wall leaving the matter in the constables' hands and the armor remained with them. Now in Derek's time of need the constables have smuggled the armor to him.

    Blessing of Ancients: Zantetsuken. At the end of chapter one Derek will find a holy runeblade that can cleave through armor and barriers.

    Legend: Following the first battle against the Wounded Hand at the castle whispers amongst the town speak of Derek having an affair with the queen.

    Off-Duty: Despite the disbanding of the FateGuard Derek continues to work as one of Gothenheim's constables by day. With Eric gone and no more recruits to train he spends his off time at home keeping his skills sharp or visiting Corben at the blacksmith awaiting his next order, refusing to believe that the FateGuard is to end the way it has.

    For the record the spike things on the helmet are gonna fold down when Derek isn't in combat.

    ACCEPTED, [Assuming the armour slows you down and has no special qualities]
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  6. Name: Lysel Serge
    Appearance: Fiery, wild hair; pale skin; and the size and appearance of a small child. Dull, orange-brown eyes. Scarred all over, from tiny scratches to a huge gash across her stomach.
    Reputation: Lysel is like a cat, a huntress who kills with speed and efficiency for the fun of it. She's been used on patrols to dispatch any potential problems the Guard has yet to know about, but she's never been called upon for any missions, most especially those that require self-restraint.
    Blessing of Experience: Fleet of Foot. Lysel is tiny, fast, and agile; she fits in most any nook and cranny, can shimmy and crawl her way up and around any structure, and can duck and weave unharmed around even the most chaotic battlefield.
    Blessing of Thanks: Finagle. A dagger gifted from an old acquaintance, the blade is swift and quick to strike. While not capable of cutting through just about anything, it can, with quick, tiny hands, find its way into all the most painful and vital spots.
    Blessing of Ancients: Sight of Sound. Lysel will gain the ability to "see" things using sound, outlines forming in the blackness from noise and chatter bouncing off of them.
    Legend: Demon Child. Aloof, violent, and downright bizarre, there have been plenty of rumours that Lysel was the child of her mother's dance with a devil. She thinks nothing of it, much like many, many other things.
    Off-Duty: Lysel works as a courier, delivering packages in-and-around the city. She asks no questions and will accept just about any job--just don't expect her to come back if you set her up.
    Vet or Wet?: Wet. Lysel has been patrolling on and off for a few weeks, oblivious to most of the internal strife of the FateGuard till it all came crashing down on her.

    PENDING [I doubt that a violent sadist whose mother consorted with the devil would last long in a besieged Medieval city. She would have been lynched or brought before the authorities long ago. And why would the FateGuard swear in a girl who is 'aloof, violent and bizarre' and kills 'for the fun of it'? We're supposed to be the respected alphas of the community. There is already great suspicion surrounding other characters who have been touched by evil, such as Tahan, who carries the weapons of Evil, and Alyss, who was born on the threshold of the city. Someone as openly disturbed as Lysel would only disgrace us further and be inconsistent with the story so far.
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  7. Name: Kaede Herondale
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Reputation: Kaede was one of the top new recruits and showed promise in achieving great things although she never got her chance to prove herself.
    Blessing of Experience: Iron Constitution. A childhood of being the test subject to her cousin and sometimes her mother, Kaede has grown a strong resolve to many things. She is less likely to be effected by poison and can hold her drink longer than most people bigger than her.
    Blessing of Thanks: Wolf's Blade. A blade made from stolen silver and the bone of a large direwolf, a famous hunter used it in many of his travels and battles but eventually it was stolen from him and then lost. One of Kaede's regular's recently found it in their storage and have passed it onto Kaede to use.
    Blessing of Ancients: Umbra. At the end of the first chapter Kaede finds a pair of boots that allows her to pass through shadows and darkness undetected.
    Legend: Some time before her joining of FateGuard a rumor sprang up involving Kaede somehow absolving her family of a large gambling debt. It varies among different people how she did so from her tricking them, to threatening to even sleeping with the leader of the group after her family.
    Off-Duty: Kaede works in an herbal shop that a cousin of her owns. She mostly spends her days making drinks and salves and various other items for her cousin to sell or use. Kaede also goes out to get the required items that are needed.
    Vet or Wet?: Wet. Kaede hadn't been apart of it for too long before everything went downhill.

    ACCEPTED, [Assuming the dagger is from the Old World. We've been trapped inside a city for 100 years, so there are no 'travellers' of any sort these days]
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  8. Name: Dirk Ettlebruk
    Reputation: Dirk is a quick thinker and is light on his feet. As a new recruit he has much to learn, but he will be able to do much for the FateGuard.
    Blessing of Experience: Perpetual Readiness. Dirk is always ready to do anything. As a glassblower he has to do apply the correct amount of heat to specific places to be able to create wonderful glass artworks. If he does something incorrect he has to work fast to fix it.
    Blessing of Thanks: Rachel's Necklace. A small leather necklace poorly stitched by his daughter Rachel. At the end of the necklace there is a small wooden pendant that was poorly carved. Dirk always keeps this close to him whenever he goes somewhere without his daughter.
    Blessing of Ancients: Dyrwyn. Dirk will find at the end of the first chapter that when wielded by Dirk will either be engulfed with flame to fight his foes or spark with electricity.
    Legend: Some of the townsfolk say that Dirk murdered his wife. It has been a couple of months since most of the townsfolk have seen Dirk's wife and so they started to conclude quickly. Many brand Dirk saying that he is damned and his soul will be burned in a hell fire made by his own sin.
    Off-Duty: During his free time he is working on glass for some of the locals or he is blowing glass into strange pieces of art. If he isn't working he is spending time with his seven year old daughter Rachel. Dirk loves Rachel with all his heart and tries his best to be able to give her a good life in the time he has. Dirk has even trained himself to fight just for the safety of his daughter.
    Vet or Wet?: A new recruit within the FateGuard.

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  9. Name: Arias Rauvghan

    Appearance without Armor as he gets older.

    The Appearance with Armor is as followed.
    http://www.artbylowis.com/arts/3d/armor_templar.jpg (The Red Part of the battle skirt is a deep midnight blue.

    Reputation: Since the Arias joned with the Fateguard, he has been mostly dead weight, That was until the night of the Shadow Weaver, where he broke free from her spell long enough for Corben and the Fateguard to find and save their children. A sense of gratitude found in his allies, and a feeling of belonging for himself. Arias is now known as the hardest working "apprentice" of the new Fateguard. Arias will give his all to become better in combat, and further his usefullness. The fateguard is his family, his friends, and he will protect and help them until his last breath.

    Blessing of Experience: Arias since a young age has been one to invoke an incredibly brilliant mind, and strategy and problem solving. While he works best with a little time to plan, he has focussed more upon restricting himself with timelimits. A brilliant tactician at a young age he hopes to stand with Corben as an advisor. His time in the field has only helped that purpose.

    Blessing of Thanks: After the decline of the Fateguard, and the rise to their replacements, The Fateguard seemingly settled into their new position. However one specific person still remembered them for who they were; namely Arias. A very old man with a grey beard sought out Arias, only for a chess match, for old times. Unlike before however. the old man played harder than he ever had before, and ended up defeated Arias at his own game. Upon beating him, he teased, but then with a heavy sigh brought out an object clothed. When Arias removed the cloth, he found a shimmering sword, Long and sharp upon either side. It had a black tinge to the base part of the blade, with golden script. the name "Rauvghan" was written upon its base. The man revealed how he had known and played and participated with The Rauvghan family for a very long time. The sword one of a Past knights, but he believed that Arias would use the weapon for the better of the city, he did not demand any answers, merely left the weapon and its sheathe as a gift and wandered away. ( The Sword is made of an extremely light metal, which makes it easier to wield with the general scrawny body type of the Rauvghan family.)

    Blessing of Ancients: +The Crest of the Duelist+ This Crest is recieved by Arias as an actual magical mark upon his chest. A symbol of a Sword Made Cross over his heart. The magic enhances the boys reaction time, making him swift, and though it will not do all the work for him, it allows him to make up for his lack in strength with swift precision and with a bit of training; expert skill. And inate ability that in time could allow him to dance with the best of Swordsman, and weave in an out of crowds like a shadow death. (It is not all right then, it enchances his ability to maneuver, but is useless without training.)

    Legend: Durring the Night of the Shadow Weaver Arias is remembered to have been caught and partially tainted by the witch. This has arisen some doubt in the mind of his allies. Arias himself is not all too aware of this yet, but time will tell as whispers grow louder, about the possibility of him betraying them. or having been partially the cause of the loss of their rank and title.

    Off-Duty: Arias tries his best to never be off duty, since the time everything went down, he has only strived to consistently better himself. In his little down time that he allows, he eats, drinks, and sleeps, with the occasion of discreetly watching one of his allies from the shadows. Occasionally Arias will try to persuade his allies to meet him in a game of chess, which to some could be considered part of his Child like behavior, and to others is a nice breath of fresh air from the normal bullshit of the day. For Arias, all things he does have a reason.

    Vet or Wet?: White fairly new, Arias has also bled with his family and friends, and so considered himself a part of them. He may have some doubts in himself, but heartache, guilt, experience, and loss have force him to realize he IS one of the Fateguard.

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  10. Right.

    [MENTION=739]unanun[/MENTION] [MENTION=4]Delnoir[/MENTION] [mention=5987]Vassal[/mention] and [MENTION=2899]Eternalfire61[/MENTION] are approved

    [MENTION=5736]ruff1298[/MENTION] and [MENTION=4073]Wolfsin[/MENTION] need some tweaks so the universe doesn't implode.

    All comments have been written on your character sheets in blue or red.
  11. What tweaks would you recommend, then?
  12. Sorry, I forgot to add I've put the comments at the bottom of your character sheets.

    Name: Iris L. Hyde
    Appearance: 2-woman-warrior.jpg
    Beneath her father's old worn handkerchief. That is draped right above her nose is a memory of tragedy. Raised uneven flesh still purple from the years old injury. Forever scarred and damaged her lips will be. The injury itself rendered Iris speechless.
    Reputation: Iris' reputation is not extraordinaire. Being a new recruit her promise had yet to be shown. After becoming a mute, she put herself threw rigorous training. Her flexibility greatly increased along with her speed.
    Blessing of Experience: The Blessing of Sound, her hearing cannot be matched. Substantially heightened from years of silence. Every noise has a source. Unseen symphony in her eyes.
    Blessing of Thanks: Henry's handkerchief, the very one she still wears today. He gave it to her right before silence took over. Being he no longer is alive, its wealth in her eyes is priceless.
    Blessing of Ancients: The Númenórean Bow is specially crafted for her at the end of chapter one. Built from steel and a few gems this item is enchanted. Any arrow shot once landed will unleash a fire element.
    Legend: Iris' legend is shrouded with lies and deceit. Her once beautiful face was the envy of compliments, but now a spectacul for cruel judgement. Some say a scorned lover believed Iris was running the streets in search of payment. So he hatched a awful plot to stop her whoring days for good. One late evening he showed up unannounced at her home. With a beautiful arrangement of flowers. His charm tore at her heart so she allowed him entry. Soon as the door shut. Inside the flowers hid a butcher's knife. The rumor is he cut the very lips from her face, and slashed out her tongue. No one is certain, the mask never leaves her face.
    Off-Duty: Iris picked up work as a stable hand for her Aunt Marlynn. One of the largest and finest breeders in town. Iris spends most her days training and caring for horses. Unable to handle the selling process her Aunt makes all the arrangements.
    Vet or Wet?: A fairly new recruit.

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  14. Yeah, Asmo, nothing really special about the armor. It's not as heavy as the regalia of ancient kings was though, so Derek is probably a bit faster now if only because he's not hauling around insanely heavy gear anymore.

    The design intent was for Derek to still be that guy you don't want to let get close, except now if he's fighting a regular person it won't be like punching a brick wall with their bare hands for them.
  15. I see. Just cut me out of the game, then; have fun!
  16. Name: Melaleuca "Mel" Ruddblüd

    The undershirt wouldn't be quite that low cut, it would only come down as far as, say, the strap across her chest. Also, she wears boots.

    Reputation: Mel is a true soldier by all means she is loyal, honorable, and fiercely dedicated to her charge of protecting the people of Gothenheim.

    Blessing of Experience: Never Back Down. Mel has not only the physical stamina but the psychological will to fight until she collapses, regardless of pain or mental distraction. Her many scars are a testament to her will to fight on under even the most hopeless of circumstances until help arrives.

    Blessing of Thanks: The Ruddblüd Dagger. One hundred years ago Mel’s adventurer ancestors arrived in a new and promising land. They were stowaways on the ship and the stories of their true homeland have since been lost to a century of horrors. One artifact did survive, however, the Ruddblüd dagger. It’s an old but surprisingly useful dagger with a brownish tint, exactly like copper (although it couldn’t be as it is very sharp) and a red stone encrusted in its hilt. Mel’s father passed it down to her some years ago when she first proved herself within the Fateguard. She’s very fond of it and uses it for everything from cutting down enemies to slicing herbs to cutting her hair.

    Blessing of Ancients: Bloodmagic. Mel will gain the ability to manipulate her own blood. This helps her heal from injuries faster by preventing bleeding out and allowing for healing antibodies to be focused in one area to speed the healing process. This can also help in situations of lightheadedness (she can send blood from her body to her brain when she needs to think) or bodily weakness (she can send blood from her body or brain to a particular limb when she has a very specific physical goal). Of course, blood is about balance so use of this power is draining and can only be used in moderation.

    Legend: As adventurers from another port who stowed away on the original pilgrim ship, Mel’s family does not look anything like the people they sailed to the new land with. Although they are perfectly regular assimilated citizens now this racial difference and nondescript origin can still occasionally spark suspicions from the- let’s call them “less enlightened” citizens of Gothenheim. In addition to that, Mel is known as a bit of a lothario and may or may not have had the occasional lady-in-waiting in her bed. She isn't as noble in romance as she is in battle.

    Off-Duty: Mel’s new day job is at a tavern as the barkeep and sometimes the muscle should one or more of the local drunks get unruly.

    Vet or Wet?: Mel has been a member of the Fateguard for seven years. She joined when she was eighteen and is now twenty-five. The Fateguard is her greatest passion.

    ACCEPTED [Great character!]
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  17. This thread exploded fast!
  18. I'm still waiting for the other remnants to show up.

    And wasn't Ozzie planning on making a character at one point? What happened to that?
  19. Name: Lyon Decugis

    Reputation: Lyon can be a belligerent fool at times, but will get the job done when absolutely needed. He proves to be a loyal ally and strives for victory, no matter what the cost.

    Blessing of Experience: Barbarous Rage. If Lyon sees himself and his allies losing in battle, he goes into a fit of rage, seemingly stopping at nothing to defeat any enemy in his path.

    Blessing of Thanks: The Titan's Blade A gift to him from his tutor in swordsmanship. His old instructor knew that the Fateguard was being "disbanded" and that this was his final gift to him. It was his mentor's very own blade. The gift was accompanied with a small saying. "Never give up, and know that there is someone out there that believes in you, whether you know them or not."

    Blessing of Ancients: The Colossus Gauntlet. At the end of the chapter, Lyon will be given a steel gauntlet with an emblem upon the side. This gauntlet grants him super human strength and the ability to lift most objects for a good minute before he has to drop or throw the object. He will then have to rest and replenish his energy over a short period of time.

    Legend: Rumors have been afloat around town saying that Lyon has had a criminal past. Some commoners sneer and spit at his feet for the assumptions, and others even yell at him, telling him that he does not belong in Gothentheim. Lyon knows naught how these rumors about him have been started, but he suspects it from his intimidating look, especially the scar above his left eye.

    Off-Duty: Lyon walks about the city despite what many think about him. He is ooccasionally walks along the top of the walls, looking around at the world outside of Gothenheim. He also talks to his mentor about strange philosophies and sayings, while also trying to improve his combat skills. Lyon's mentor often sends him out on jobs to get various items for him. He is paid with food and shelter from the outsife world that does not appreciate him anymore.

    Vet or Wet?: A newcomer to the faction.

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  20. Name: Malwin DeFell (Wife's name) Saint (Father's name)

    Appearance: At 6'1, Malwin is almost as tall as his half brother, Leonardo (now deceased) Where once he had jet black hair and was bandaged from head to foot, he now wears a simple hood and cloak over cheap wool clothing to hide his golden hair. He still bears the scars from where he was originally attacked and infected by the Darkness of the Demon Prince across his chest, but sight has returned to his blue eyes. He's a man with wide shoulders and a muscled build.

    Reputation: Once host to a great evil that was released beneath the city, Malwin fights a war of trust among his comrades. He has not been himself for years, forced to watch as darkness manipulated his body. He does not know himself nor do others.

    Blessing of Experience: Knowledge of the Darkness: Manipulated and held prisoner by Tamoldes, Malwin knows a great deal more than he understands. Much of what used to lie below Gothenheim, the machinations possible, and the origin of the monsters themselves are known to him. As such, Malwin is a boon of knowledge when facing new monstrous threats, as part of him remembers what they are...and many of their weaknesses.

    Blessing of Thanks: Tiger Claws- The weapon was his father's during his service with the Fateguard. Gauntlets with blades set between the primary knuckles, the weapon was designed to be an up close and swift attacker. Simultaneously designed to catch and disarm swords, it is no secret that Malwin's father had some disagreements with the local law enforcement and had chosen a style that would prepare him both for the monster's fangs and the blades of those who might stand against him.

    Blessing of Ancients: Touch of Tamoldes- Although purged, something remains in Malwin of his recent occupant. He is stronger than what others might believe of him, allowing him to contend in close quarters with the darkness and some of his sixth sense to the presence of corruption remains. Whether he is still as easily susceptible to corruption and manipulation is unknown...but his brothers watch him carefully.

    Legend: When Malwin first joined the Fateguard, a vile and unwholesome undead creature drank the life from him during his third night. They say he was supposed to die, that no man could survive the wounds he'd suffered. But he healed, yes, yes he healed! But the wounds did not come without their toll. They say the monster stole his daysight, but could not take the eyes by which he sees the night. In the day he is blind, but at night he sees...some say it is an evil curse and we are wary of him, despite his kindly demeanor. As of recently, the darkness that had been put into Malwin on that first attack has been expelled.

    Some say there is still corruption inside him, that he cannot be trusted...but whether that is true remains to be seen.

    Malwin is the bastard son of Leonardo Saint's father. After losing his wife, in his drunken escapades, he sired Malwin. This isn't so much a legend as a dishonorable fact. As such, Malwin has elected to take the name of his wife rather than his own surname, a means to hide the shame he cannot expunge.

    Off-Duty: Malwin hides in Corben's house, as he is an escapee of the Church's will and due to hang beside his brother. During the evenings he searches for his daughter, lost beyond the wall, by searching for her atop the battlements. Due to the new soldiers taking watch there, he has had limited success the past two days.

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