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  1. The skies took on a darker shade as evening approached, Allen was still stuck in his office, sorting out the documents. Earlier that day, his mother repeatedly reminded him to be home early for dinner, which wasn't such a good sign to the brunet. Every time his mother said that, it simply meant that his parents had something on their mind. He's just going to sit there and listen to their endless rambling about how he should get a girlfriend soon, followed by getting married and bearing children to continue their wine business.

    Rolling his eyes, the male let out a sigh, he wasn't going to just let his parents decide everything for him. Especially his future life partner, wasn't that something he should decide on his own ? He could never understand what his parents were thinking about. Just as he was about to file in the stack of papers which were on his desk, his phone started buzzing in his pocket. It doesn't surprise him that it was his mother calling. After a not-so-short reminder to get the male to be home early, the woman hung up with a click.

    Brunet ruffled through his hair as he got back to work, took him about an hour or so to finally finish sorting out the contracts and other documents. He really wished he could work overtime for the night, just so he could escape the nagging, but sooner or later, he would have to face it either way. Allen drove home and arrived within an hour, just in time for dinner.

    "Welcome home, son." His mother, a middle-aged woman with dark blonde hair, greeted him with a warm smile. To be honest, his mother wasn't that much of an unreasonable type, more like long-winded and naggy, it's as if she has long prepared to be a grandma. "Go wash up and come down for dinner." She continued, which he did after greeting his parents. The male went up to his room to change out of his suit and went for a quick trip to the bathroom to freshen himself up for dinner. He then joined his family at the table shortly after that.

    "So before we start digging in, I have something to announce." His father, who doesn't seem much older than his mother with his dark brown hair and moustache, started speaking. Well, he wasn't even a tiny bit surprised at that. Or at least not until the elder man continued his announcement. "Your mother and I had chosen a girl to be your wife." His eyes widened, his wife ? Did he heard him wrongly or did the old man said it wrongly ? Previously it was only blind dates but now they're choosing a wife for him.

    "W-wait, dad, I don't think that's a goo-" His mother shot him a look before he could finish his sentence. Allen almost shot up from his seat, but managed to control himself. "... B-but I don't even know her ? How am I supposed to marry her like that ?" He asked in the calmest tone he could manage at the moment. The male then fell silent as his parents informed him about the date which they would meet up with the girl and her mother, which was just about two days later. Seeing that he couldn't win the argument, Allen just spent the rest of his day sighing non-stop, what should he do if he couldn't get along with the girl ? He's going to spend his life with her and the last thing he would want was to have another mouth nagging at him. What was the name of his soon-to-be wife again ? Angie... Angela... Right, Anri. All the brunet could hope for now was that this was all just a nightmare and when he woke up, he won't have to marry a stranger.
  2. Anri was as busy as ever. He was working on some things that his mother never seemed to eye. Invites to fancy soirees and balls alike. His mother was one of the most successful business women in the world but that also meant that she never had spent any time with him as a child besides the 'how-to-be-a-girl' lessons. Though it wasn't so obvious, he was a male! In appearances, he took after his mom, blonde hair, blue eyes, the works.

    That night, he was working on organizing another photo shot when his mother walks in. "Anri, darling I have such wonderful news."
    "Yes mother?" He asks. When his mother acted this happy, it meant bad news on his part. He could feel it.
    "I have found you a husband!" She announces in joy.
    Anri sighs, "but mother. I'm a boy!"
    "Oh hush now, not for long! You'll be the most beautiful brides and will be wearing one of my finest dresses! Oh I can see it now." His mother says, going into her own la-la land of sorts.
    Anri sighs, "but I don't want to marry anyone at the moment, male or female."
    "Sweetheart, you're doing this for our business!" She says, going in her business mode. "You know that we've lost quite a bit of money this last year haven't you? Your soon to be in-laws have agreed to finance our business until we're back on top! All you have to do is marry their handsome son." The woman says.
    "I'M A BOY!" He shouts out.
    "And that's your second surprise! You know how you're on hormone therapy right? You'll have surgery in no time to fix your problem and become a loving wife and thanks to technology, can produce your own babies~" She gushes.
    Anri officially though that his mother was insane! No mater how much money these people have! Anri didn't want to be a girl and certainly not want babies, or at least carry them!
    "Mother you've officially lost your mind!" He says, his voice squeaking a bit. "I don't want to get married! You can't force me!"
    "Of course I can, if you ever want your foot in the fashion world, you'll do as I say." She says seriously. "Remember, mother knows best for my little Angel!"
    Anri cringes at the idea of being someone wife...but it seemed like he had no choice in the matter. But he certainly wasn't getting any sex-change surgery!
  3. Allen pretty much behaved as if he's an undead for the following days, he just couldn't accept the fact that his parents were just going to let him marry anyone. All he knew, according to his mother, was that the other was working at a fashion company or something of that sort. His parents had agreed to let the other's daughter marry him due to some business agreements. That's almost like selling away their children for the sake of their companies. The brunet let out a grumble at the thoughts of that, how he wish he could just go back to being a kid, no wife, no dating and no babies - that's probably the best part. He just couldn't stand those tiny, squealing, and snot-dripping humans.

    As the day of meeting approached, Allen was dragged off to the restaurant by his parents. He was even made to dress up nicely for that, the male put on a dark grey suit with a dark chocolate tie, shaved, and even took the time to style his hair neatly. Even though he was reluctant to go to the meeting, he had to give a good impression somehow, besides, his parents would end his life if he didn't take it seriously.

    The young man sat quietly next to his mother, who were happily chatting away with her husband. They had reached a little too early and it scared him how eager his parents were. The male fiddled with his phone as he waited, sipping on the tall glass of iced water in front of him.

    "Remember, don't be rude and don't talk unless it's necessary or when you have to answer their questions." His mother patted his head as if he was still a twelve years old.

    "I know that..." Allen muttered under his breath as he reached up to fix his hair, which was slightly messed up by the woman.
  4. Anri wanted to blow his brains out. Tonight was the night that he'd meet his fiancé and was dreading it. His mother had him dressed up all nice like when she was little and forced to wear dresses out in public. The dress was nice, wearing a purple cocktail dress that didn't show off his chest because that would be a dead give away of him not being a female unless the excuse is "she's just so flat chested." He also had to wear some tights underneath the dress to make himself look curvier then normal. He wore matching heels which killed his feet and had a nice, small purple bow in his hair.
    "Now remember Anri, be lady-like just the way I taught you." Her mother says, wearing a classer attire. The male was biting his tongue yet again. "Yes mother." He says, in a high tone.
    "Excellent." She says as the walked into the restaurant and told the waiter that they were expected at a table. When Anri's mother spotted the family, they walked over to them. "So sorry we're late, but Anri was taking forever getting ready." His mother played off. "I'm sorry." Anri says, bowing in apology and silently cursing his mother.
  5. Allen's mother nudged her son hard as she spotted the Anri and her mother walking into the restaurant. The brunet gave a sigh before shoving the phone into his pocket after locking it. He and his parents stood up to greet the two ladies.

    "Oh, it's fine, really. A girl should always take her time to dress up." His mother let out a soft laughter then glanced at Allen, signalling him to serve the two, which he did. The male pulled out the chair for the girl's mother, then walked over towards Anri, pulling the chair for her and pushed it in slightly as she sat down. He took a quick glance at the blond, who doesn't look bad at all. Though it's the inside which mattered the most to him. He raised a brow before heading back to his seat.

    "Allow me to introduce, Allen, this is Anri and Mrs Collins." His father, George, spoke, gesturing to the two, "And ladies, this is my wife, Anna, and my son, Allen." He smiled warmly.

    "Pleased to meet you," Anna nodded, "Your daughter really takes after you, Mrs Collins. Such a beautiful young lady. Isn't that right, Allen?"

    The brunet flinched as his mother mentioned his name, he then took a glance at Anri, then back at his mother. "... Yeah," He nodded, gazing at the girl who would be his wife soon - She seemed pretty young, yet like a proper lady. Perhaps they were the same, being forced to be here by their parents. He couldn't help but to feel a little sad for the girl sitting opposite of him.
  6. "Oh please, call me Patricia." Anri's mother says lightly. When the two were seated, Anri already felt uncomfortable. Being referred to a beautiful young lady was nice, if you were actually a woman. However, he had to reply back, "thank you for your compliment Allen." He says, secretly wished for someone to shot him in the brain.

    "So Allen, I hear you work for your father's company. Does that mean that you wish to follow in his footsteps as well?" Anri had to ask to make conversation.
  7. Allen nodded in reply, he just wanted the meeting to end as soon as possible so he could go home and lock himself up forever. Sure, Anri looked and seemed pretty decent, but asking him to marry her was a little too much. The expressions his parents were showing made him cringe, how fake, he thought, trying his best not to mind as he forced himself to glance away.

    "Yes and well, yes." He replied, it wasn't like he had any other choices. He graduated from a business school due to his father's expectations for him and besides, he doesn't really have any plans for himself. All he wanted was a stable life and his current life was not even close to that. "I mean... It's not like my old man would trust anyone else to take over his business." He added softly, putting on his best innocent expression when he noticed his father looking over at him.
  8. "And there is no one better for the job." Patricia cuts in and turns to her 'daughter', "Anri just couldn't wait to meet you Allen. Such a nice, handsome young man and all." She says and she reaches over places her hands on Anri's shoulders. "And she just can't wait to have a family with you and make me a happy grandmother." Anri's eyes had widen to the size of saucers when her mother said that. Again, he was a GUY!
    "Mother, you should probably calm down," Anri says.
    "Oh nonsense Anri, don't be so modest." Patricia says, playing it off as Anri being extremely modest. Clearing her throat a bit, when the waiter comes over, Anri was the first to order, "I want steak, well done and a glass of wine." He says, trying not to break 'character.'
  9. Allen just smiled and nodded at Patricia's words. He raised a brow at the next sentence, no matter how he looked at it, Anri seemed almost as reluctant as he was currently, and seeing Anri's reaction has confirmed that.

    "Oh, it's the same for Allen. He was so excited to meet Anri that he couldn't sleep well last night !" Anna laughed while her husband chuckled and nodded. Allen almost rolled his eyes until he noticed them staring at him. The main reason he couldn't sleep well was because he was so dreading to even attend the meeting, perhaps if he didn't sleep, he'll fall ill and take that as an excuse not to turn up. But he was wrong and his parents used that as an advantage.

    As the waiter was going around to take their orders, Allen ordered a medium rare steak and before he could order his beverage, Anna cut in and ordered a glass of wine for him too. Allen swallowed back the sigh he was about to heave and nodded. The waiter soon headed off to key in their orders.

    "So, Miss Anri, what do you normally do in your free time ?" Allen asked, seeing that their parents were busy engaging in conversations, it would be awkward if the two of them just sat there quietly.
  10. While everyone was getting their orders, Anri wanted to get up and run away. "Well, I draw in my spare time. I'm more of an artistic eye but I really don't have much free time since I work with my mother."
    "Oh yes dear, she gets her artistic side from me, in fact, she's wearing one of my original designs. Go ahead Anri, stand up and show them." She says and Anri was reluctant. "Mother, don't you think that's not appropriate for this time." Anri says sternly.
    "Nonsense Anri, go on." Patricia says, making her son stand up to show off the dress, even twirling him around to show it off.
  11. "... Not bad." Allen said softly as he watched the girl being twirled around by her mother. Anna nudged her son before complimenting on the dress and how well Anri looked in it.

    Allen just kept quiet afterwards, after all, his mother did told him not to talk unnecessarily. He just listened to the adult's conversations about their companies and such. It was boring and he just wanted to perhaps kill himself right then rather than listening to them. Luckily, the waiter soon arrived with their orders. He quietly cut and ate his steak as everyone started digging in, occasionally sipping on the glass of wine next to his plate. He wasn't the type who'd drink, but his mother would probably nag at him again if he doesn't do as she says.
  12. Once he was showed off like a shiny toy, he was seated down and the food finally arrived. While the adults started to talk, Anri looked bored and noticed that Allen looked just as bad as he did. Maybe Allen didn't want this just as much as he didn't.
    Anri had gulped down three glasses of wine already and looked so bored, he could pass out. Looking over to Allen once more, he motions for them get up to follow him. "Excuse me, I must use the restroom." Anri says, excusing himself from the table and giving the signal for Allen to follow him since he wasn't really going to use the bathroom, but wanted to talk to him in private.
  13. Allen watched as Anri gulped down the wine, the girl probably had some experiences when it comes to drinking. Since he was taking glances of her, he noticed how the other was signalling him to follow her when she excused herself from the table.
    "... Excuse me," he said as he pointed at his phone, finding an excuse to leave the table without looking like he's going to find Anri. The brunet stood up and went towards the direction the other went to and it wasn't long before he found her.

    "What is it ?" Allen asked as he gave a soft sigh. He was rather glad that he could be away from the parents but at the same time it's weird to be talking to Anri like this.
  14. Once they were far enough from the parents, Anri spoke, "I know you don't want to marry me." He says suddenly. "And in all honesty, I don't want to marry you either." He spoke as he crossed his arms over his chest like what women do. "Any suggestions on how we get out of this?"
  15. Allen sighed again as he placed his hands on his hips. "Just run away or somethin'." He shrugged, "If I have any idea on how to reject this marriage, we wouldn't end up here. " The male rolled his eyes, then shoving his hands into his pockets, shifting his weight from one leg to another as he glanced at the other.

    "It's not like you don't know how difficult those adults are being." The brunet grumbled, even though he's an adult himself, he felt like he's always being treated like a kid by his parents. "Do you think they'd care if we want this or not? Just... Don't bother trying to talk any sense into them. I've been trying for a decade and I can tell you it's definitely not working. They just want things their way, and if you really want to avoid this that badly, run away." He glanced at the girl with his deep brown eyes as he spoke.
  16. "Trust me I would if I could. My mom has me on a hook for the rest of my life." Anri says sadly. "I can't just let my family's company fall not because of my mom." He says solemnly. "We'll if we can't get out of this, can we try to be more acquainted with each other? I don't like the idea of being with someone I don't even know."
  17. "... Me neither." Allen combed through his hair with his fingers as he glanced down at his feet. "Well, we're in this together after all, so let's at least try to get along." He shrugged, eyes shifting away from the ground to scan the girl in front of him. "How old are you, anyway?" He asked, she doesn't seem any older than twenty-three to him and honestly, it's a pretty sad thing that she had to be married off when she's still so young.
  18. "Twenty-one," the male replied. "And how old are you?" He asks since this guy look liked he was in his mid-Twenties.
  19. Allen raised a brow, that's girl's barely legal and her mother already wanted to marry her off because of the company. Well, he wasn't that far off either.

    "Turning twenty-five soon." The brunet replied.
  20. "Huh, cool." Anri says, leaning against the wall. Looking over to the Table where there parents were sitting. "I guess I should head back," he says and goes back over to the table.
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