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  1. Found this while roaming the great oceans of PB called "The Internets". A cool-looking roleplay system with a supposed focus on narrative. Here, a link to it:
    It looks quite pretty. Anyone here heard of it, liking it, playing it? And do you think it could transmit well to a game here? And if it already has, can you either describe or link me to said situation?
    And if you're curious and you can't get a copy of it for whatever reason, here's some articles I found that seem to explain it pretty well:
    *Seem* meaning I'm not sure, since I haven't really finished reading the free copy of the core rulebook I found.
  2. I haven't played it yet, but apparently the Accelerated edition is really easy to get into. Both PDFs (and some other cool stuff) are "pay what you want" so you can get them for free, then pay them later if you wish.
  3. Yeah, I already got copies of the books, actually. I plan on paying them when I've actually got money...
    But anyway, because of said nature plus its seeming simplicity, and also because of its supposed focus on narrative, do you think that it could translate well to a good p-b-p rp on this site?
  4. I've got the physical copies of both Fate Core and Fate Acclerated. If I'm going to be running stuff in the reals I want a physical copy of the rulebook with me. I've been too busy to get a campaign together, but I've very much wanted to use one or the other. I want to use Fate Core at some point to run a Fallout game since I think the skills list from New Vegas would slot in pretty well to replace the Fate Core skills.

    I'm not sure it would work so well in a play-by-post fashion just due to the amount of dice being rolled. I think it could work pretty well in a chatroom or over Skype/Roll20 or something like that. And would probably be a nicer and more narrative focused RPG system for the narrative focused site.
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  5. Yeah, I reckon it would. Fate is very modular compared to, say, D&D, it can pretty much fit into any setting or RP imaginable. It has a big focus on creativity and narrative as you said, without getting bogged down too much with optimisation. Of course, there are still a lot of dice rolls, which could be an issue for PBP. Playing it over a chatroom or something, however, could be a very good idea.
  6. Hmm.... I wonder, then, if there's a way to reduce this dependence on dice somehow. I guess a more lenient GM would be a factor in this.
    Or if enough people would be interested enough here to get together a Charp session in the cbox. I dun know enough people IRL interested enough in this sort of stuff to get together a real group.
  7. You probably could lower dice dependency, but you may be best just going full free form if you do that, and maybe just use Fate rules as a basic guideline? Kinda the point of most RPGs, even narrative focused products like Fate, is the randomness of dice rolls after all :)
  8. Iwaku has a built in dice system on the forums too, just in case you wanna use that! o__o
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