Fate Zero



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so i watched all the most recently available episodes

quite frankly, i can now see why Shirou grows up to be such a badass. i mean, holy shit, Kiritsugu.

also quite frankly, Kiritsugu makes GARcher look like a wet behind the ears amateurish pussy.

shirou had to be in a life or death situation to lay two girls at once. kiritsugu just exists.

also, one of my all time favorite composers is doing the soundtrack:

when yuki kajiura gets involved, i usually dont have to worry about the musical quality.

and just to reiterate: kiritsugu makes archer look like a pussy!

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Kiritsugu is a BAMF. Rider is fucking fepic because he is a manly man in this storyline.

Also, Irisviel has leet driving skills.


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i'm waiting for when Saber jousts on a motorcycle, personally.

that's just such a great idea! RIDE SKILL FTW!

also, the music's all by Yuki Kajiura. i just need to reiterate this again.