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  1. *Rei gets down making the magic summoning circle and then picks up a knife and cuts her hand letting it drip into the center of the circle*
    "By my blood and by my word I call forth a divine servant who has a pure wish like me to win the holy grail war come forth any servant that hears my call"*She then releases a blast of magic at the center of the circle*

    *Lays a item in the middle of the circle*"I call forth the hero who this belongs to come forth and help me win this war"
    *Gilgamesh stands up from the circle*"So you are offering this up so i'll help you ha you should know that everything in this world already belongs to me but knowing that there are multiple pretenders out there fighting for my holy Grail I will allow you to serve under me to win my property back"
    "as you wish my king"
  2. *in a blast of golden light i appear with my wings curled up around my and my brown hair covers my face but rei can see a red eye and in an instant you see fear and nervousness* "i have answered the call master."
  3. Rei
    "oh yea it worked"*She jumps forward and hugs him*"I even summoned a angel and a cute one at that so what is your name?"
  4. *i tense up shocked of what you did and my hair moves to uncover my face and i just stand there* m-my name is phoenix nova master...son of eve and archangel michael
  5. Rei
    "oh I like Nova oh theres our team name Nova Rei so what are your powers?"
  6. *i back away from you nervously* i-i umm....can bring my imagination to life a-and i have thousands of years of fighting experience but my noble phantasms are unknown...
  7. Rei
    "So imagination is out biggest weapon I hope you have a big imagination because that's what we use and it gives us infinite amounts of possibility's"
  8. "y-yes master....i-i have a very big i-i-imagination..
  9. Rei
    "Hey stop acting so nervous not like im going to hurt you"
  10. "th-thats what previous masters would say..." *i slowly take another step back as i whimper*
  11. Rei
    "oh don't worry I'm a good kitty MEEEOOOOWWWW"*Moves her hand like a cat*"See I even have kitty ears"*Points to the ears on her hood*"Want me to get you a pair?"
  12. *i kneel and hang my head* "i-if that is what you wish master.."
  13. Rei
    "No I'm asking if that what you want we are partners now so we need to work together and get along trust is the best thing in a team"
  14. "i am your servant master. you summoned me to help you win the holy grail and do what you say."
  15. Rei
    "oh im not that kind of master I wont treat you like a slave we are equals you answered my call and for that I am grateful and I look at you as a equal to me I don't even know if ill have to use these at all if you trust me"*Holds up hand showing the command seals*
  16. *i whimper at the sight of the command seals and i look at you* i-i wouldnt like the ears please...
  17. Rei
    "then you don't have to wear them do you want some gum I got?"
  18. w-what is gum? *i asked confused and curiously*
  19. Rei
    "Its like a type of food you throw it in your mouth and chew it don't swallow it like this"*Tosses gum in her mouth and begins to chew*
  20. "o-ok...i-ill try it..." *i walk up to you and then slowly hold your mouth open and take the gum then throw it in my mouth* "l-like that?"
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.