Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night/ Soul Eater?

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  1. This is an idea I had been toying around with for a while. I finally have gotten to posting the Interest Check. I was working on this with @KayLove who is my Co-GM, and head of the Soul Eater part. You don't know it yet, but @Crab Claws and @Verite, you guys will help me with Lore on the Fate side.

    We will have a bunch of roles, so we will allow everyone to have two characters, either A Mage and his servant, or a Meister and his weapon, or a Mage and a Meister, or a weapon and a Servant. Or any combination. If you ask, I may allow more than two characters.

    Plot: Kirei Kotomine and Medusa have (somehow) met. They come up with a plan to destroy those who They feel have wronged them. Meanwhile, the summoning of a servant (probably Berserker) goes wrong, and they end up blowing a hole in the Multiverse. Then, they are trying to contact Death, and blow a hole in the Multiverse. Both sides look confused, and they fight. And from there, it's all up to us to stop Kirei and Medusa.

    OC's and Canons are allowed.
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  2. I call black star and Tsubaki
  3. Alright, I can't put the CS's up in this thread.
  4. I know.... just had to make it clear xD
  5. Alright.

    Yeah, people can reserve if you want.
  6. So, uh, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
  7. i would love to join i am a huge fate/stay fan and i love the soul eater story.
  8. Intrested in Fate/Zero I watched the anime :D.
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