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  1. Hello everyone,

    As the title suggests, I am planning to host an RP based in the Fate Universe created by TYPE-Moon. I am thinking of calling the RP "Fate/INitial sIN" and will take place in the distant future where the Ninth Holy Grail War is taking place. he timeline I intend to follow is Unlimited Blade Works. However, just keeping it to a simple F/SN styled war where you are Masters either attending school/college or into jobs will make this RP bland and boring and just another one of those many academy-themed RPs.

    Here's a few things that I'll be including in this setting:

    Firstly, since the Grail can summon Servants both from the past AND the future, you will be able to summon future Heroes of your own making and with unique skillsets. I cannot, however, give everyone this privilege. When I come up with a clearer outline of this aspect, I'll let you know how many of such Servants are allowed. Heroes that you summon from the past will naturally be put into the Servant classes of Saber, Archer, Rider, Caster, Assassin and Berserker. Again, you can either create original rulers/warriors who were involved in some past event or research some History and go with real historic monarchs.

    Secondly, Masters will be categorized primarily into 2 classes, that of, Apprentice Magus and Expert Magus. Apprentice Magi, being weaker Mages are fairly average in Magecraft. Expert Magi usually hail from well-known Mage families and are well-versed in using gems and high-level Magecraft. A third-class of Magi-Killer will be introduced but they won't be a part of the Masters as suggested in Fate/Zero. Their role in the RP is mostly that of their own choosing.

    Thirdly, if you are creating your own Heroes, a Noble-Phantasm very well needs to be assigned. I was thinking of not including Reality Marbles as that case is exclusive to Heroic Spirit EMIYA. If someone can give me a good example of a Reality Marble other than Unlimited Blade Works, I'll think about it. But then again, it'll remain very exclusive to only a certain amount of Servants. Use of multiple Noble-Phantasms is a strict no-no. As far as Noble-Phantasm Ranks are involved, anything ranging from Anti-Unit to Anti-World is allowable with the drain on mana being proportional.

    As for the main plot itself, it'll obviously include the Servants trying to win the Holy Grail War except this time, the Grail has brought forth Guardians/Anti-Servants from different points in time keeping in mind the blunder that occurred in Fuyuki City with the destruction of the Holy Grail and these Guardians will be keeping an eye on the alliances formed and will further keep tabs on all Master/Servant movements initiating attacks on any that try to do the Grail any harm.

    So that's what I've thought. The basic War plot itself has a lot that can be done in it. I would like a co-GM to help me brainstorm further into the premise and polish it out.

    If you guys have any queries, suggestions or if you're interested in participating, let me know here.
  2. Tried to start one of these myself. It got popular, but I forgot to do some things so it died.

    I would love to Co-GM it with you, if you want me to help you with it.
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  3. Sure im down for this.
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  4. Yup the last two rps I joined of this didn't much go anywhere so I'm up for this. :)
    I'd like to make a master and servant but not paired together if that's okay? The last rp I tried to join everyone wanted to be a servant so we didn't have many masters. XD
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  5. Very well, @Silver Paladin. I would need to polish the main story some on top of the Guardians making an appearance. Could you suggest something from your end...? Also, anything you can suggest for the first point I mentioned...? I need some suggestions as to how I can make a better outline for future Heroes.

    @NRVNQSR Good to have you on board. Anything you want to ask or suggest...?

    @MotherOfCthulhu Okay, well actually I was hoping players would be making a full pair instead of separate characters for different pairs. The reasons for this are many. Firstly, since a lot of collaborations will be in order, it'll make things very heavy for every individual eventually that might lead to a drop in interest. Secondly, if either participant becomes temporarily inactive, that cuts off 50% of servant activities while a lone Master can get massacred in the absence of his/her Servant. In the end, the whole structure collapses. So, I wouldn't really recommend making single characters. What do you think...?
  6. Yeah, let me dig through notes and stuff to see what I can find, and I'll let you know.

    The first point, it makes sense, but I haven't tried something like that, so I can't give you advice on that end, but it looks good. What about divine spirits such as an Archangel, or demon? Or are we just using earthly heroes?

    Just wondering.
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  7. @Silver Paladin Personally, I would stick to humans as going into the realm of celestial beings can have some serious effect on the Noble Phantasms seeing as most noble phantasms are said to be divine creations. For eg. Ea.
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  8. Ea has no problem against divine spirits. Its literally the sword that created the world by ripping it apart from heaven, made by one of the first divine spirits in existence. Its possibly the strongest thing on the planet, and erases everything from divine spirits to the literal avatar of Gaia itself.

    The grail cant summon divine spirits because they are mysteries that are too great. Rin mentions that if the grail could summon a divine spirit, it should have the power to just grant wishes on its own without a war. And of course running around with a stupidly overpowered person like Zeus is never a good thing.
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  9. Well said, @NRVNQSR .

    I'll be starting the RP Thread as soon as I can get a final plot worked up. Any ideas would be hugely appreciated.
  10. Counter guardians summoned by the grail are disconnected from the counter force by the way, so they Wont be backed by the force (no infinite prana).
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  11. Got it.

    I was further thinking of including relics associated with the Servants in case someone wants to summon a canon Heroic Spirit.

    A lot of detail will go into the Character Sheet.
  12. That is nice to hear. Make sure to include stuff like sections for class and personal skills as well as stuff for parameters/stats, since things turn confusing without them for Fate.
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  13. Yeah. Although, I wonder how many people will be able to allocate stats properly if they haven't followed through the theoretical details of the Fate Universe...?

    I intend to allow for some liberties while allocating stats unlike the standard stats that have been assigned to the Servant Classes.
  14. Anybody with half a mind to participate could browse the stats of other servants and scale reasonably from there, but yes it may be confusing for someone who has no intention to output significant research effort.
    What liberties were you deliberating upon?
  15. @NRVNQSR That of modifying the stats a bit to suit your Servants needs more. Because, if everything is left to the pre-assigned stats, then there really is no difference between a person playing a Servant from the series and a person creating a Heroic Spirit from scratch.

    Besides, one can always play a bit with the personal skill stats and the Noble Phantasm Skill stats. The Class Skills are to remain exactly the same.

    Also, the fact that one will be able to change the Servant's alignment will bring forth a new dimension to the character than is usually seen.
  16. Im not sure I quite understand, will you be using the ranking system for fate stats (E-A+++) and have that as a scaling system?
  17. Sorry, didn't mean to confuse. But yes, that will be our basis for ranking.

    On a whole, however, I'd rather not go too much into the number-based concept of this Universe because those numbers are there just to give the other players an idea of how good or bad a particular Servant is in some skill and will have little to average implications when actually playing.

    A Rank of A+++ is supposed to give the player an idea that this person is not to be taken lightly(AT ALL) in that particular field whereas a Rank of E tells you that he is really bad at this certain aspect. A Rank of A++ holds a very small value to those who'll be using words to fight.

    I have come up with something of a plot but I just need to check that even as this idea is non-canon, is it feasible in the Universe I am aiming for...?
  18. Alright I understand now. If you want, you can shoot me the idea of the plot and I can give you a general idea of whether it fits or not.
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