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  1. Okay so this would be a roleplay that is based off of Fate/Stay Night
    I am not an expert on this show but I'm currently watching it.
    This would have 7 slots available. Below is a small snippet of what this would be about.

    The Holy Grail War is going on all around us. Mages who have been chosen to compete must summon their servants. There are 7 Mages, who will become the masters of these 7 servants. (You will play the mage and your servant unless you guys would like to split servants and mages) The point of the war is to kill the other masters, the last remaining master wins the holy grail and is granted wishes from it. Do you have what it takes to win the holy grail?

    There are 7 Servants.
    Each one has a different fighting style and you can put one on hold. You will be able to make a CS for whichever servant you choose. Servants are superhumans, spirits from the past who help mages, whom they call their masters, fight in the Holy Grail War. Every master has a chance of getting one class, there are no duplicate classes so if someone summons an archer no one else can get archer. The Servants try to attack other masters or mages than their own to kill them. Once a mage is wiped out so is their servant. So Your servant will go after another mage but usually ends up in battle with another servant who protects their mage.
    Below are the 7 Servants that you can pick to summon.
    Saber - Highly Agile and fast swordsman class
    Rider - Someone who is very fast and nimble, likes traps and can summon rides.
    Berserker - Hardest hitter, slow , dumb
    Lancer - Fast, and uses a lance. Agile aswell, usually always moving.
    Assassin - Any weapon (I'll approve) usually stay hidden go in from behind on mages
    Caster - A Servant who casts spells like a mage, but much stronger ones.
    Archer - Stays back and shoots very long distances to help their master or mage if they are fighting.

    There are 7 Mages.
    These are for you to make with your CS when that comes out but basically you posses magical power and you have special abilities that you can use to fight another Mage with no Servant.

    Sorry it's a bit sloppy but if anyone is interested I'll make it more neat and inviting on the OOC/Signups thread.​
  2. What version are you watching?
    First studio Deen adaptation, the deen recap episodes, the UBW movie, the ufotable UBW series?

    I like several of the Fate entries but what you're proposing seems rather vague.
    Is it just going to be a free-for-all? will this happen as a substitute of the grail war seen in the anime? Will this happen during the grail war seen in the anime?

    what kind of limits do we have for character entries? Only original-made servants and masters, or servants and masters already existing within the lore? will the RP focus just on the fights, or will there be something else going on, or is it just a 'normal' grail war (well, as normal as one can be)?

    how many entries per person? do you intend to pilot several, or do you need 7 people or more? will characters from the series show up?
  3. Hmm... I might be able to help.

    What kinds of rules are we working on here? I will be able to help to see which Servants submitted are valid and which are not.
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