INTEREST CHECK Fate/ Stay Night-ish RP?

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  1. I heard Rory was interested, and although I'm not volunteering to GM, I am volunteering a spot where you guys can place your characters to be viewed for posterity:

    I am also creating a roleplaying Grail War system (based off Wushu) that can work over the medium of the online forum. So although I may not be able to fully commit to the actual RP as it comes out, I can lay the ground rules and systems to make a Grail War run fairly.
  2. I posted something similar to this a while ago. And yes i would like to join
  3. So this is an actual game then?
  4. Ooh..... F/SN....
  5. @Laharl : It's an actual game in the sense that I've played it in real life, and my players helped make me a website.
  6. Wait, nWoD combined with Scion?

    I am intrigued.
  7. Since I'd be GMing it, I'll be steering away from the Visual Novel/Anime's canon and following some of the concepts from Fate Strange/Fake. That means that the Saber class has been lost and allows for the summoning of strange Servants due to the definition of a "hero" being blurred.

    By strange, I mean more abstract than the normal legendary figures, so lesser known figures in history, novels, etc.
  8. Cat is out of the bag, since I told Roru that I'd submit real intent to join after Halloween.
    Just. don't do something crazy like start this and then post fifty times before Tuesday. x_x
  9. I'd be interested. I get dibs on being an Assassin or an Archer.
  10. lol Rory. Good thing it's no longer Fuyuki city. I'm tired of getting it blown up by my players.

    We need a change of scenery, lolol.
  11. Gotta love trying to blow up Las Vegas every once and a while.
  12. so is this going to happen or not?