INTEREST CHECK Fate/ Stay Night-ish RP?

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I heard Rory was interested, and although I'm not volunteering to GM, I am volunteering a spot where you guys can place your characters to be viewed for posterity:

I am also creating a roleplaying Grail War system (based off Wushu) that can work over the medium of the online forum. So although I may not be able to fully commit to the actual RP as it comes out, I can lay the ground rules and systems to make a Grail War run fairly.
I posted something similar to this a while ago. And yes i would like to join
@Laharl : It's an actual game in the sense that I've played it in real life, and my players helped make me a website.
Since I'd be GMing it, I'll be steering away from the Visual Novel/Anime's canon and following some of the concepts from Fate Strange/Fake. That means that the Saber class has been lost and allows for the summoning of strange Servants due to the definition of a "hero" being blurred.

By strange, I mean more abstract than the normal legendary figures, so lesser known figures in history, novels, etc.
Cat is out of the bag, since I told Roru that I'd submit real intent to join after Halloween.
Just. don't do something crazy like start this and then post fifty times before Tuesday. x_x
I'd be interested. I get dibs on being an Assassin or an Archer.
lol Rory. Good thing it's no longer Fuyuki city. I'm tired of getting it blown up by my players.

We need a change of scenery, lolol.
Gotta love trying to blow up Las Vegas every once and a while.