Fate Stay Night - Demon Wars

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  1. They were many people buzzing around in Station Front. Some were rushing to work, others were with friends hanging out and others were meeting a special someone. However in the crowded group of people was someone that stood out. It was a man wearing a black trench coat with blue marking on it. The mans name was Jet Ibuki. Jet was casually walking to who knows where with his hands in his pockets. He received many stares mainly because people were wondering why he was wearing a coat on such a hot day. Getting annoyed by the stares he gave the on goers such a glare back that they looked the other way in fear. Jet made his way to a back alley which lead to a small parking lot. Making sure no one saw him he took out a red piece of chalk and began to draw some sort on demonic symbol on the concrete ground. Finally reveling his katana he stabbed it in the middle of the symbol and began chanting something in a different language. The symbol lit up as a portal opened in the ground and out came the demonic three headed demon dog, Cerberus. "What is thy bidding, master?" It asked.

    "The demon wars are about to begin. There is still no signs of the second chosen one, but I sense he's here in the city. Track him down, and kill him." Jet replied with.

    "As you wish." Cerberus then took off, stepping on cars and people. He could care less if anyone saw him. In face he began eating up humans that were in his way. "Where are you chosen one? There's no use hiding. Your death is inevitable."

    ".....And so it begins." Jet showed a small smirk before he teleported out of the scene.


    It was already past noon and Evan was still asleep in his hotel room. I guess that's what happens when you're out partying all night. It was his first night in Fuyuki City and what better way to celebrate than to hit the clubs. However the loud breaking news announcement on his TV woke him up. "Huh....the fuck..." He groaned, getting up to look at the TV. All he saw was a giant Cerberus dog attacking people and basically tearing shit up. "Ah come on. It's not even past noon yet." He grumbled looking at he clock he realized he was wrong. "Hmm.....looks like it is. Can't even sleep in. The assholes are suppose to come out at night not during the day. Oh well. Time to go neuter a demon dog." He quickly got out of bed and prepared himself. Quickly getting dressed he equipped himself with his trusty sword Slayer and went out the window. "Now where are ya?" He asked himself. Evan had the ability to sense demons so finding the three headed dog wouldn't be a problem. "Hmm....there we go." He looked up ahead and began sprinting.
  2. The buzz of the alarm resulted in her giving the clock several smacks before it desisted abruptly, the sudden quiet numbingly loud. With a soft moan, she rose on the palms of her hands, brown hair swaying over her shoulder. The oversized polo had become wrinkled from sleep. She pulled the covers off her in a single motion and stumbled to the bathroom. Rin all but collapsed against the sink in her bathroom; the porcelain felt so cool against the palms of her hands. So much had happened it was hard to digest. She washed her face as the recent battles flashed through her mind. Lives had been lost, both friends and enemies; even Shiro’s close friend had gone missing.
    “Matou Sakura…” Rin said under her breath, green eyes staring back at her in the mirror. She never really spent much time with the other girl, but something about her had always felt strange, familiar, perhaps.
    “C’mon Rin,” She told herself, standing up straight before whipping her face dry, “Now’s not the time.”

    She got dressed in her black shirt, red turtleneck and stockings before tying her hair up. An attitude as if nothing fazed her was mandatory, especially in the face of her enemies and allies, even Archer. Showing weakness was not something Rin was about to do.

    Ready to get on with her day, she left her bathroom and called out for her Servant, “Archer!”


    It was the wake of the war, the phantom kept saying from his torn, yellowed wraps. The Servant had a way of getting under her skin that way. He would say the darkest, most depressing things he could and that corrupt personality suited his eerie figure. Thank goodness he was invisible to the world. There was no way to explain the entity that was Avenger. The girl had grown accustomed to him, and that worried her all the more as there were times his dark philosophy made perfect sense.

    His statements came alive that day when news caught video of monster dog, a Cerberus, attacking civilians. Needless to say, the horrific vision took Nagi off guard. The creature was something straight out of a horror flick. She nearly dumped her cereal all over her legs.

    “Ahaha,” the tormented chuckle came from the corner. His arms were crossed, filthy back dirtying the walls. “Scared?”

    Nagi set the bowl down, glancing over her shoulder, light blue hair falling, “No, just…” Answering him honestly resulted only in getting lectured or exposed to one of his demented stories. Her shaking eyes looked back at the flat screen, taking in the scene. Hot, mildewed breath hit the back of her neck suddenly. Nagi’s heart leaped into her throat, bile rising from her gut as jumped, turning on her couch, a gasp escaping her mouth.

    “Are you certain, child?” Avenger would sneak up on her just to startle the crap out of her, she was positive. And she hated it. She stared back into the completely yellow eyes adorned with red irises and black slits for pupils.

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  3. Archer had been up way before Rin could ever get up. As was waiting for his master to awaken from her slumber he decided to do some cleaning up around the house. He managed to dust off all the shelves, tables and kinck knacks in the living room and giving the kitchen floor a good mop. He wouldn't admit it due to the the fact it would ruin his badass image, but Archer liked to do house work. While he was wiping off the coffee table in the living room he turned on the TV to the news and watched as the this Cerberus monster was on a rampage in Station Front. Who would summon such a fowl creature? They must have been a pretty powerful magus to summon such a beast. Usually the monsters that a magus summoned were pretty low class. However this was not a magus the summon the three headed dog. He didn't know that by the way. Archer quickly turned off the TV and got rid of the cleaning evidence upon hearing his master Rin calling him. He was at her side in a split second. "Rin. You might want to check the news out." He advised her.


    Shirou got done with his morning chores and workout before cooking himself some breakfast. He was going solo today since Tiaga was supposedly at a teacher meeting, if she wasn't late that is. Sakura on the other hand was.....he didn't want to think about right now. Had it really been eight months since she had gone missing? Shirou still felt guilty. Guilty that he couldn't do nothing in saving Sakura from the darkness that consumed her. She must hate him by now. "Sakura, where ever you are. Please forgive me." He whispered to himself. He decided to get his mind off that subject by watching a little TV. Bad idea. Shirou's eyes widen in shock when he saw the news. This Cerberus monster attacking and eating innocent people. They actually showed a guy getting bitten in half by the beast. It was complete carnage. Maybe this was also the cause of some murders going on in the city. Then again mostly likely not since this would be on the news way earlier. Isn't anyone going to do something? Shirou thought. Then again who could. "Breakfast can wait." He said to himself. He was going to head down to Station Front and try to stop this monster. Brave, but foolish of him. This wasn't your ordinary monster. With that thought in his mind he was still going. He may not have Saber to help him anymore, but he still had his projection magic.


    "C'mon! The hell are ya?" Evan asked himself. He was getting close and noticed the Cerberus at the far end of the street. "Bingo." He smirked, making his way towards the beast. That is until a few lower class demons appeared. "Ah for fucks sake. You guys wanna fight? Lets fight." He said, taking out Slayer. These demons were low class so he didn't have much trouble laying waste to them. The last on was about to attack him, but a bullet to the head proved to be too much for him. "Better luck next time guys." He smiled. Now onto the Cerberus.

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  4. The girl had become accustomed to Archer’s speed, but many times in the beginning the Servant would startle her appearing so fast. Having him around had grown into a comfort. The tall man hadn’t been her first choice of Servant but after time the young Magus accepted him. It wasn’t easy at first as she was the type carved being in control and summoning a different Servant than planned had taken a toll on her plans. Archer was a good guy, a true hero type, and that dedication and attitude managed to win Rin over.
    ‘Always keeping watch,’ Rin thought before her eyes narrowed—not at Archer. The distress in his voice told the Master it was urgent. She crossed her arms and made her way to the television. Panicked voices shouted from the screen. Those green eyes were still glaring, watching the video carefully. When the Cerberus made flashed across the screen, she gasped, hands balling into fists.
    “So it starts.” Rin said without realizing. On the heels of her feet she spun, looking up at the tan Servant, “We’ve got a battle to fight.” She hurried to the door and slipped her shoes on. It was time to take off. She couldn’t help but wonder if Shiro was watching, if he knew what was going on.


    The snarling beast was in his sights. It was almost too easy the scenario had the Servant cackling. The devices on either of his wrists geared up, serrated blades spinning with eager bloodlust. He and his Master were in midair at that point. She couldn’t see beyond his wraps if he was smiling, but the girl knew better. He was. He almost always was. His wicked sharp teeth were hidden in those yellowed wraps.
    “Do you see it?” The soft voice asked. It was the voice of a passionate jazz singer, in his opinion—not that he ever heard the child sing.
    “Yes,” He pressed forward and then the duo was landing. That hadn’t been all he’d seen, not that it was necessary his young Master was made aware. There was another Mage in the vicinity. The last thing Avenger wanted was her getting distracted with him. It was better the two focused on their work. Besides, he wanted to be the one to destroy the nightmare terrorizing mankind.

    When they landed those swirling bladed arms stretched out long, dashing for the Cerberus. Nagi was careful to keep Avenger invisible as she recalled the news cameras.

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  5. Oh Shirou was there alright, with a sword in hand thanks to his projection magic. He was in Station Front following the path of destruction that the Cerberus had left in its wake. Destroyed buildings, cars, dead bodies galore. They were either torn apart or eaten. Wasn't a pretty sight. This made Shirou's blood boil. Who would send out a monster just to kill innocent people. Oh how Shirou knew so little. Anyway, the teenage boy continued to follow the path.


    Archer nodded in agreement. It was actually kind of glad they were going to fight this beast. It had been a while since he was in a battle. Guess this would be a warm up for him. With Archer speed both servant and master made it to Station Front in no time. Now on top of a building just below the Cerberus the next thing to do was to form a plan of attack. It would be reckless just to attack it head on. No one knew what it was capable of....besides ripping and eating people. Archer could sense another servant and master close by as well. Were they here also to kill the beast?

    "Hmm....what is this?" Cerberus asked as looked behind him. It could sense someone trying to attacking him, although he couldn't see the person. "Show yourself coward!" He roared as he raised himself up on his hind legs and slammed his front paws in the the street which caused a violent earthquake like wave to rush straight forward.

    It was pretty intense. Even Archer who wasn't on the solid ground could feel the force. "Hmph.....so he is pretty powerful." He smirked. Something else caught his attention as well. A young man dressed mostly in black was walking straight up to the Cerberus.

    Of course that man was Evan. With a cocky smile on his face he casually just started walking up to it while whatever civilians were left were running the in opposite direction. "Time to kick some demon ass." He said.
  6. Seeing Shiro below, Rin nodded to her dutiful Servant before leaving his side. She trusted him to do what was needed. Archer was powerful enough to take on the beasts, wasn’t he? She hit the ground and rolled, continuing her momentum before breaking out into a sprint. Pacing herself, she shouted her ally’s name, “Emiya-kun!”

    The bloodthirsty Servant thrust his arms forward, diving into the beast. It was a fast, smart creature, and he was on guard, eager to see if the monster would dodge the attack. He could sense another Servant nearby and that encouraged him to take a quick glance around. His eyes landed on a tall, red-clad dressed man. Avenger hated men like that. They were pretty and pompous. Not the kind of men he liked his young Master hanging around. He bet she had not yet realized all the other Magus around her. She hadn’t ordered him to make allies, and if he was going to off them, he’d have to be quick.

    Nagi was in a full sprint with the creature in her sights, and in spite of Avenger burning up some of her prana, she managed to form a ball of energy and shoot it at the Cerberus. She took in a deep breath, lungs on fire from the run. She watched her attempt to attack, hoping it would make an impact.

    Avenger caught sight of ball of energy and instantly recognized the familiar prana: it was his foolish Master’s work. She would be wise to stay back, as far away from the creature as possible. She highly lacked the skills required in destroying a demon such as this and if it made a target of her, she would surely be run down and torn apart. He cursed.
  7. Shirou was still rummaging around the city. Mostly trying to find and help any injured people. No luck however. Mostly everyone had fled from the battlefield....the ones that were still alive that is. Upon looking for any survivors he began someone shouting at him. "Wait. That voice sounds familiar." Shirou turned around to see Rin running towards him. He wasn't really surprised being that he kind of knew that she would eventually show up. "Tohsaka! I'm guessing you know about the giant three headed dog on the loose." He said.

    Archer still observed what was going on down below. He was still waiting for a perfect chance to attack. He prepared himself for when the time was right. "I am the bone of my sword. Steel is my body, and fire is my blood. Unknown to death. nor known to life. Have withstood pain to create many weapons. Yet, those hands will never hold anything. So as I pray, unlimited blade works." He chanted as two duel blades came out of his arms. Now he waits for the perfect time to attack. He knows that the Cerberus could probably sense him so he would wait for that foolish human aka Evan to grab its attention in before attacking.

    Cerberus could feel a surge of in his left hind leg. Someone had stabbed him there. "Coward! Reval yourself and fight like a real warrior!" He yelled and slammed his leg into a cement wall, destroying it of course. He wasn't sure if had gotten his attacker since he couldn't see him.

    "Hey dipshit! Over here!" Evan shouted from behind as he was only about a few feet away from him. Cerberus turned around and noticed the human. Was this the one that attacked him? It couldn't be. He was human after all.

    "A human, trying to pose a threat to me? How amusing."

    "Wow. I've never seen a talking mutt before. Ya know in a dog show you definitely take first place."

    "You dare to make a fool out of me?!" Yeah, Cerberus didn't take that very well and shot off this large beam of energy at Evan pretty much destroying anything in its way. "Hmph. Foolish human. You shouldn't talk if you can't live up to your words."

    "Ugh.....dumb kid. trying to play the hero." Archer said to himself. He had thought Evan was killed, but his eyes widen on what he saw next.

    "Easy there Fido. How bout I take you out for a walk. you need the exercise after all the people you've eaten." Evan spoke once again. He was on the back of the Cerberus. Just how did he get there? Must have some good speed. He jumped off the the beast and fired his pistols at him. Cerberus' skin was too tough for them to pierce so they just bounced off. Didn't bounce off his right eye though.

    "AGHHH!! You will pay for that you worm!" Cerberus roared.
  8. The sound of Shiro's voice filled the brunette with a whirl of relief and, involuntarily, she smiled, waving a hand. It was when she found herself pathetic that she cleared her throat and dropped her hand, fixing her pleated skirt as professionally as she could. Her green eyes narrowed and she crossed her arms upon approaching the redhead.

    "Of course, Emiya-kun, what else did you expect? Archer has done a great job at keeping a close eye on any possible threat."
    That smug smirk of hers was all aglow, but deep inside the girl pitied him. Shiro was too good a man, and that weakness would surely be his downfall. Her thin hand tossed a strand of thick, chestnut hair over her tiny shoulder.

    "You ought to stay close, you know?" Those green eyes fought to hide concern, "There are things in motion that threaten your very being; or do you not know that? Hmm?" The girl looked almost too proud of her empty threat. Even so, it was hard to argue.


    Nagi's eyes, wide and ready, landed on a fellow human who was taking on the Cerberus in a manner that her sad excuse for an energy burst couldn't even match. It was a simple Magus technique yet one she was not well practiced.

    A gasp escaped from her mouth when the monster returned the man’s attack. She collapsed, watching in horror, swallowed by despair. She could feel Avanger steal more of her prana away and she could only pray he would destroy the beast before it murdered anyone else.

    When the man revealed he was okay, ready to fight back, Nagi stood on the shaky legs, happy no blood was spilled. She didn’t want to distract him, but she had to do something, be of help somehow. She released another blast of prana, aiming for the Cerberus’ eyes.

    “Watch out!” She shouted, hoping the brave man would hear her.


    Unknown to his young Master, Avenger wasn’t going to use his swell of prana to fight the Cerberus below. Oh no, his target was the other Servant. He knew the red-clad man could see him, as Servants could all see one another, but that wasn’t going to stop him. He geared up those unforgiving razors on his wrists and dashed forward. The Cerberus was between them and the cruel Servant’s goal was to trick the Archer. He launched his thin, mutilated body through the air and found himself less than a foot away from the other Servant. He grinned all too deep, excited with the pleasure and knowledge he’d soon be wearing the Archer’s blood.
  9. Sensing that a servant was mere inches away from him Archer quickly jumped out of the way and got some distance from the other servant. "You're pretty quick." He said to the servant before getting a closer look at him. This servant had markings all over his body. There was only one type of servants with markings like that. "Those markings. You're an Avenger class. Pretty abnormal to see your class in this world." Archer said, a smug smirk on his face. "This should be interesting." He readied his duel blades. Archer knew for a fact that he was going to fight and it was about damn time.


    "You insolent fool! Quit moving!" Cerberus yelled. The battle between the beast and Evan continued. Evan managed to do some formidable damage to the three headed dog and it showed. The Cerberus had plenty of gashes and cuts on his body plus one head was now limp due to being stabbed on the top of it. It was also running out of breath. Evan was winning but that didn't mean he didn't get his fare share of marks. His clothes were ripped and torn pretty good and he had scrapes and cuts on his arms and legs as well as the gash on his head which caused blood to drip down his face. you probably would too if you were thrown into concrete walls. Evan's next move was to get the beast in a open area. Do more damage. He remembered a large parking lot not too far from him. It also had a broken power line. Make he could give Cerberus the shock of his life. "Are you getting tired? I'm just getting started. Come on you three headed freak!" Evan yelled as he shook his butt at the Cerberus and slapped it. The demon dog just got more pissed as it chased after him. Just what I wanted. Evan ran down an alley way. As he did he saw two teens talking to each other.

    "Things are in motion? What are you talking about? Aren't the Holy Grail Wars over? Stuff like....this shouldn't be happening now." Shirou said. Boy did Emiya know so little. Looks like now he would have to bee schooled again. "Is there, another war that I don't know about?" He then asked Rin, though his answer would have to wait. There was, someone yelling at them.

    "Hey! Get the fuck out of the way!" Yelled Evan as he jumped over the two, still on the run. Cerberus wasn't too far behind. Shirou had an Oh shit look when he saw Cerberus running full force at them. Though the demon dog wasn't concerned about them for the time being.

    "You're mine chosen one!" Cerberus roared at Evan.
  10. “Cunning child,” Avenger replied with those thin lips pulling back over his bloodlust grin. The devices gears up again, blades swirling eagerly. He moved forward in the air throwing another attack Archer’s way. He knew killing the Servant would only do so much good, as it was the Master he’d have to rid of. But first, he had to danger the protector before he dismember the Magus. It was all too thrilling a notion and he shuddered with excitement. The blades neared Archer’s arms first—Avenger knew he’d be lucky to get a drop of blood on his first attack. It would equally fun to see how fast this pretty boy was.


    The redhead never ceased to shock her with how little he knew and it was a mystery how he was still breathing; however, the very thought pulled forth memories of the time she had to resurrect him. Rin all but planted her face into a palm, “Oh geez, you really are an idiot, aren’t you?” It wasn’t uncommon her to unleash cruel words—the only time she appeared sweet was at school, and even then she had a way of keeping her distance or maintaining authority over her peers. “The Holy Grail war may be over, but now—“ her explanation was cut short when a man went bolting past them with the Cerberus on his tail. The girl cursed, ducking in defense, “Chosen one?” Growing up she’d been given much knowledge she would need to survive these wars. Her mind whirled, Could it be…?


    All Nagi could see was that creature tearing the man up—she had to do something he really would wind up dismembered and she couldn’t let that happen. She waved her hand, calling her Servant forth. Her stomach didn’t drop until she realized Avenger had no intention of responding.
    “Crap! Where is he?!” She spun on her heels, eyes searching before they landed on his eerie figure in the sky. Just what was he up to? There wasn’t time for his agenda, whatever it was. She had to act—they had to act—and now. Glowing blue runes spilled over her bronze arms and legs just before melting into the ground below and flashing reds and golds. She chanted the words needed to formulate her spell: Nocturne Pulse.

    Avenger was pulled from the air with a blinding force, ripping from his battle with Archer, and before he knew it he was before the Cerberus, devices meeting the first layer of its skin. All he could see was the whirl of sky and then blood.

    ~Curse you, child!!!~

    ’Avenger, this is no time to screw around! We’ve got a battle to fight’!

    ~I am not yours to control so foolishly!~

    ’I am the Master, am I not?’

    The prana around her would only last for a few more strikes and then it would be depleted. The mental conversation was almost as exhausting. Nagi had no choice but to make every hit count. She moved her body, her fists flashing.
  11. Archer prepared himself for the upcoming attack he was going to receive, but nothing happened. Getting out of a defensive position he looked to see that Avenger was gone. Where could he have gone? It probably had something to do with his master. "Hmph. Guess his master had other plans. What a shame." He said to himself with a smirk on his face. Archer was quite dissapointed and annoyed. He came out here to fight and now both opportunities were gone. "Oh well. You get some you lose some I suppose. Guess I should find Rin." He spoke to himself again. He could sense her not too far away and began jumping the rooftops of the city buildings to find her.

    Cerberus could feel a shock of pain in his back as Avenger's devices penetrating the first layer of his skin. He didn't care however. His target was Evan. After the many insults this guy has said to him he was going to pin him down and enjoy tearing him limb from limb slowly savoring the taste of his flesh. Luckily for both Shirou and Rin Cerberus went right passed them. He didn't even go as far as to step on them in the process. Standing up and moving his hands from covering his face, like that would any good, the redheaded teen looked around. No three headed dog or man in sight. "Man that was a close one." He breathed a sigh of relief. "What did you mean about the chosen one Tohsaka?" He then proceeded to asked.


    "Here we go." Evan said. He had made to that open area he remembered. To his right was the broken power line with some of the electrical wires on the street and not to far from it was a broken fire hydrant. "Heh. How fucking convenient." He told himself. His sword turned into a grapple as he grabbed some of the wires and moved them over to the puddle. "Hope this dog is as stupid as it looks." He ran behind the shocking puddle as the Cerberus caught up. "Hey! Over here!" Evan yelled. The Cerberus still bind with rage charged after him not seeing the puddle. You can take a guess what happens next. Cerberus gave out a loud as and giant electrical shock coursed through his body. "Ha ha. Guess that was the shock of your life. Now to end this." Evan readied his sword. The blade began showing a white aura around it. The more he charged it the bigger it got. "Lights out freak!" Evan yelled and rushed after Cerberus. In the blink of an eye all of the monsters limbs were cut clean off. The demoic dog gave out one last roar before collapsing to the cold hard street, his limbs scattered around him.
  12. She let out a moan, stumbling backwards. Nagi all but collapsed as her body was completely drained of prana. Using Avenger had hopefully earned the man some time, but she couldn’t be sure. She called out for Avenger telepathically. The Cerberus was a true nightmare on the loose and if it came back that way she’d be in serious danger as she was in no condition to fight.


    The young Magus didn’t have time to try and explain the “Chosen One”—she had to make sure the monster was correct. Not only that, but she had another agenda in mind. If she could convince him to become an ally, it could make surviving the Demon Wars a heck of a lot easier. Her brows furrowed as she nibbled at her thumbnail. She snapped back to reality, “No time to explain, Emiya-kun.” She whirled around on her heels, “Archer! Where are you?!” Her words broke through the heavy air. Why wasn’t he attacking the Cerberus? What happened to him?

    Before Rin could shout for Archer again she went flying into a demolished wall, skin splitting on her legs and arms. She cried out in pain as the slices from the invisible attacker moved up to her face. She released a powerful wave of energy, but it wasn’t enough to get the Servant off her. She cursed, screaming, “Stop it! Stop!”


    The smell of blood filled Nagi’s nostrils and she opened her eyes wide. The connection between the Master and her Servant was stronger, and the spill of blood was one thing they both required for gaining more prana. She had gotten separated from her Servant in all the chaos, and screamed, “Avenger! Where are you?!” Her gut dropped as warning he was up to something sinister.
  13. With Cerberus out of commission, Evan walked up to the beast, that smug smirk still on his face. Somehow the demon dog was still alive.....for the time being that was. "....Game over, freak." He said to the beast, placing his right foot on his face and pushing deeper in the dirt and ruble that surrounded them. Too weak and with no legs to attack with all the Cerberus could do was just lay there and growl in defeat. "Awe what's the matter? Too much of a sore loser?"

    "Don't think this over chosen one. My master will find out and you will die.....just like your father and whore mother." The Cerberus.

    "Whore mother huh? Well then how bout you go meet her then. Oh wait, you're going back to hell where you came from!" Evan took Slayer and drove it into the Cerberus' skull in into his brain putting him out for good. He wasn't done yet however. He could sense two more presences not too far from him. "More demons? This just keeps getting better." Evan muttered and off he was again.


    "What the?" Shirou eyes widen as witnessed Rin being attacked by.......nothing? Whatever it was it was invisible. Was it another servant? Readying his sword he was about the attack the air I suppose but he could see someone in red dashing towards them. It was, "Archer!" Shirou cried out.

    "Get away from her." Said the servant as he tackled Avenger and brought him back into the streets. "Emiya. If you have any brains you'll take Rin and get far from here. I will handle this." He told the redheaded boy and he summoned his blades again. Shirou nodded as he get Tohsaka and helped her out of the alleyway.
  14. Blood seeped from Rin’s arms and legs, but also her mouth and nose. She managed to hold herself up, not taking chance to show a simple sign of weakness. When Archer had arrived, attacking whatever had been all over her, slicing her up, she gave him a look of thanks and of warning. Those green eyes warned her Servant that she was unhappy. Like many other Masters, Rin could be very domineering and condescending. Out of the alleyway she was able to get a good look at her wounds. One thing that did put that pompous smile on her face was the fact Archer had not yet wasted all her prana.

    “Maybe he isn’t so useless after all,” She said, laughing to herself before applying a minimal healing spell on the shallower cuts. Her stern green eyes raced to Shiro, “Emiya-kun, that man... the one chasing the Cerberus… the creature called him the Chosen one. We must speak with him.”


    Archer’s force and speed impressed the deranged killer—the white-haired man was more than just a pretty face. That frail body, rigged bones and al, went flying against the pavement, skin tearing. When Avenger stood, all that be seen from his thin face was giant smile holding too many teeth. Rin’s blood had energized him, turned him on. He licked the device on his wrist, tongue sliding along the blades, swallowing up the blood.

    “Very sweet Master you have there, pretty boy.” He spoke with all too much pleasure. The prana that flowed through the girl’s blood was much more intoxicating than his own Master’s. Nagi may have been skilled, but she wasn’t the best Magus.


    Nagi could barely keep her eyes open as more and more prana bled from her body. The only source could have been Avenger—but just what was he doing with it? From the looks of things, the mysterious man had killed the Cerberus. What on earth was Avenger doing that could drain so much of her energy? All she could do was relax against the cold pavement and try to communicate with him.

    ~Avenger? Avenger!~
  15. What Evan was sense was more than just demonic power. It was something different. He quickly shrugged it off as he continue to make his way towards where ever these forms of power were. However something else caught his attention. A person just laying in the street. A light blue haired women, probably around his age maybe younger. She was top heavy too. With Cerberus dead it wouldn't kill Evan to check on some people around the city or at least some people he ran into. Walking up to her he checked her pulse. "Still alive huh?" He said to himself. It looked like she was to keep herself from going out of conscious. Evan lightly shook the girl to snap her out of it. "Hey. Hey wake up you idiot. This is no place for someone like you."


    "Alright we'll look for him in a second. I think you should rest right now. Were far away from whoever was attacking you." Shirou replied. "Maybe now you can tell me what the hell is going on? Is this some sort of new Holy Grail War or is it something completely different?" He then asked. Shirou was half right. There was a new war that was beginning, but this war would be completely different from the Holy Grail Wars.


    "Oh she can be far from sweet. She can be annoying sometimes, but I will do all I can to protect her." Archer replied with. He lunged at Avenger with his incredible speed with blades ready to pierce the servants dark tattooed skin. Though Archer was not so sure of the outcome of this battle, at least he would give Shirou and Rin some time to get some distance from the insane epic hero. He was also praying the redheaded idiot wouldn't screw up on such a simple task.


    Jet was up on top of a roof of an abandon warehouse located by the harbor in Fuyuki City. It was basically his hideout, well him and his demonic followers. He was snapped out of his meditation when he realized that Cerberus was defeated. He could sense the person that killed him and lightly smiled. "So the other chosen one has finally shown himself. So the demon wars begin. Splendid, Shinji where are you?" He spoke to which his apprentice appeared before him. "Have you had any luck finding the location of the statue pieces?"

    "I may have found one." Shinji replied with. From the sound of his voice and the look on his face he didn't seem to happy. "Where I use to live. There was this huge underground cellar. From what your minions have been saying there might be a piece located there."

    "Your home? The Matou Residence?"

    "It means nothing to me no more."

    "But that was your home. Where you lived, where you thrived. Where you were murdered by."

    "The past is the past! I don't dwell upon it."

    "Are you sure you're up for it? This will mean...."

    "They mean nothing to be anymore. They're just cattle, readied to be slaughtered, and I will do so without hesitation."
  16. Nagi all but jumped out of her skin when Evan shook her, she hadn’t even realized she was blacking out. Without any prana left, it was hard to focus, much less sustain. She swallowed hard against her dry throat and sat up, blinking, “The demon, is it dead?” She’d realized her words came out of nowhere and she shook her head, “I mean, you’re the guy who was fighting that dog thing, right? Is it dead?” If he were standing here it to be dead or incapacitated or who knows what, but whatever the case, she felt a sense of relief and took in a deep breath.


    The Servant howled in pain from Archer’s attack, but the cry held all too much pleasure. He licked his thin, hungry lips, “You’ve got some skills, boy.” The gears on his strange arm devices switched directions, speeding up and he moved forward, cutting through the air, aiming for the other Servant’s throat. The idea of his blood against Avenger’s blades excited him uncontrollably. His opponent was fast, smart, just the kind of enemy Avenger craved.


    Rin looked back, seeing Archer fight off the insane Servant, before she met Shiro’s stare and sighed. She brushed her cheek, smearing a trail of blood across her face without realizing it. Where to begin? It wasn’t easy explaining his to Shiro; if reason didn’t match his high moral standards, he could sometimes grow naïve. But he had to know, he was a part of it after all. Her green eyes glared, “This is the dawn of a new war, Emiya-kun. This will be nothing like the Holy Grail Wars… This is going to be much, much worse… And that guy earlier, the one chasing the Cerberus is going to be our key for victory.” Should she get into the explanation of the “Chosen One”? It might be too much and she lacked confidence she could explain it simply, “We need to get him to ally with us, okay? I’m sure he can explain more.” She was already moving back towards the street, in spite of the invisible attacker, planning to find the Chosen One. “C’mon.”
  17. "What the Cerberus? Of course I killed that piece of shit. Wouldn't be standing here if I didn't and sure as hell wouldn't be alive." Evan replied with. He didn't have many options. He wasn't just going to the leave this girl lying in the street. Who knows if there were any more demons around here. She definitely would be slaughtered if left here. "....Shit." He sighed. There was only one thing he could do. "Alright. Up and at it....whoever you are." He said as he picked up Nagi up bridal style putting her left arm around his neck. "Do you live around here?" He asked. Maybe she had a place not too far from here that he could take her.


    Archer jumped back as fast as he could. Sure he had speed, but Avenger surely had more strength than him. In his mind he was trying to win but to keep the servant occupied on him until his master and her idiot friend could find a safe place. At the same time he was wondering if Avenger had a master of his own. Then again who could control him? Even tough he head was cut clean off he still had a cut on his neck, a little blood dripping out. "Hmm.....you're not bad yourself." He responded with, still with that confident smirk on his face. Who knew how long he could keep this up.


    "What the guy yelling at us? You sure he going to want to ally with us? He didn't seem very friendly." Shirou said. Then again the guy was trying to keep them from getting killed by the giant demon dog. What they didn't know is that Evan didn't really know too much about the Demon Wars either. Well he knew a hell of a lot more than Shirou did. All that the redheaded boy know was that now he was apart of this new war as well and from what Rin had just said it was going to be a much uglier one though you could probably tell by the carnage that Cerberus did. These demons had no care that human could see them. They were just more target practice. "Wait. Do, servants also play a part in this war too?" He then asked. He figured what attacked Rin was a servant so he wanted to make sure.