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  1. There is one war. A war that not many people know of. The demon war. It only happens once every one hundred years. Two people are chosen to wage the war. One with a heart that desires truth a justice and one with a heart that desires power and destruction. Along with the chosen two comes their followers. One type can be a master and servant while another type can be a demon forger. The two teams, one being good and the other being evil will wage war against each other to summon the demon God Pluto. In order to summon Pluto they must find the six parts of the Pluto statue in and put them together which will be scattered around the battle field. each part contains a tremendous amount of both mana and demonic power. Once summoned, Pluto will make whatever the chosen one's heart desires a reality. The last demon war was the deadliest one. It nearly wiped out an entire small country. Luckily good prevailed in that war and peace was restored. Now a hundred years later. descendants of the the two chosen ones from the sixth demon war and preparing and readying themselves for the next one. Who will join them? Where will it happen? How much blood will be shed? How many innocent lives with be slaughtered? Most importantly, who will win?


    1. No godmodding.

    2. You have to have some knowledge of the Fate series.

    3. Write a least one paragraph. Yeah I'm not an advanced roleplayer that goes into super super detail but I'm also not fond of one liners either. I think one paragraph is good to a handle.

    4. You can have multiple characters. Just make sure you can handle them.

    5. Try to post at least once every one or two days.

    6. If you have to drop out let me know. Just don't drop out and not say a word.

    7. Romnace is allowed. However if you plan on doing a sex scene fade it to black or do it in PM.

    8. Canon and OC characters are allowed.

    9. Demon forgers can not have servants. I mean they can summon demons. Having servants also would just make them overpowered.

    10. Follow the Iwaku roleplay rules as well.

    11. If you have and suggestions or ideas to better or progress the plot let me know. This is also what this thread is for.

    12. Can't think of anything else but have fun. Sorry for so many rules.​

    Character Sheet​

    Appearance: (Description or pic is fine.)
    Magus or Demon Forger:
    Bio: (For canon characters. You can put a link to a profile page them if you want)​

    Servant Character Sheet​

    Appearance: (Description or pic is fine.)
    Noble Phantasm:

    Yeah I'll have my characters up tomorrow. I've gotta go to bed because I've got work in the morning.
  2. Yay! Awesome! I'll whip mine up tomorrow after work! =D
  3. Cool. Yeah I plan on doing the same thing.
  4. Oh! I guess before I begin, I better make sure it's okay to app an original Avenger. :3
  5. Uh sure I guess. I now know a little bit about him. How many characters are you playing?
  6. Yay! Thanks! >w< And I'm thinking only two or three. :3 Only one Master, one Servant and maybe another, but not sure yet.
  7. Well I'm almost done with my characters. By the way are you still playing as Sakura.....or Dark Sakura was it?
  8. I definitely plan to app her. But I think I'll make her a Demon Forger instead of a Master. :3
  9. That's fine. As long as you explain how she became one. I guess you could say it had something to do with her dark persona. Well here are my characters. I'll probably play Shiro but I don't think I'll make a CS for him. Only reason I did it for Shinji because he's a lot different this time around.

    Name: Evan Wallace

    Age: 21

    Appearance: About 6'1, has short brown hair, brown eyes, slim but a little muscular, mostly wears all black. Black shirt, black jeans, black boots, black fingerless gloves.....he likes black. Has a tattoo of the UK flag on his right arm and a tattoo of an angel and demon on his left arm. He also carries a long sword called Slayer.

    Personality: Evan is a bit of a jerk. He doesn't care what anyone thinks of him. He cocky and over confident most of the time and loves to be a show off. He usually gets annoyed by other people which is why he works alone. However he's always trying to do the right thing and has a good sense of justice.

    Magus or Demon Forger: Evan of is a Demon Forger.

    Abilities: One of his abilities is called Pandora's Void. Basically he opens up a void where he can choose from and unlimited arrangement of weapons like pistols, bow and arrows, a rocket launcher etc... Evan can also wall jump and dash in mid air. He can also sense the presence of demons and can even tell if one is disguised as a human.

    Bio: Evan was born in the UK to the parents of Clair Wallace and Drake Wallace who is the descendant of Sullivan Wallace who was one of the chosen two in the fifth demon wars. His father was killed by the demon when he was five. Fearing that they would come after her and Evan Clair fled to America where they would hopefully be safe. They did stay safe and lived a very peaceful life for about twelve years They couldn't hide forever. Evan came home to find his mother laying in her own pool of blood. With her dying breath she told him who about his father's past and about the demon wars. Filled with anger he set off and found the demons wiping them out. He didn't know how he got this, but he was able to sense the presence of demons. Ever since then he's been hunting and killing demons. His next job brings him to Fuyuki City. What he doesn't know yet is that this is where the next demon war will take place and he's going to play a very important part in it.

    Name: Jet Ibuki

    Age: 23

    Appearance: Here.

    Personality: Jet is a very calm and collective never letting his emotions get the best of him, though he can get pretty angry when pushed to his limit. He's also a very ruthless and cold hearted man. All he craves is power and will stop at nothing to require it.

    Magus or Demon Forger: Demon Forger

    Abilities: Well he has the ability to summon demons. Anywhere from just a low level undead to something powerful like Cerberus. Jet can also teleport to any distance, easily an effective move to use when fighting. He can also make demonic doppelganger of himself.

    Bio: Jet is a descendant of Koji Ibuki, one of the many demon forgers that fought along with the demons in the fifth demon war. Jet is from a long line of demon forgers. His ancestors form a cult called Legion centuries ago, but they have been long forgotten. Jet grew up learning the way of the sword and learning how to summon demons. He prayed they he would fight in the next demon wars. However he didn't expect to be one of the chosen two. Now he sets off to Fuyuki City, forming his army of magus, forgers and demons that will destroy anyone that get in their way.

    Name: Shinji Matou

    Age: ?? They never really say.

    Appearance: He looks something like this. Still has his blue hair though.

    Personality: Even though he's now a demon Shinji still has his nasty temper and is even more violent then he ever was. Like Jet he's is also very ruthless. He's pretty sick and twisted when it comes to killing innocent people. He gets a kick out them when they're screaming in pain and begging for mercy to which he shows none. Although when anyone from his past is mentioned he can go into an uncontrolable rage.

    Magus or Demon Forger: Well, Shinji is neither. He's a demon.

    Abilities: Being just a demon Shinji doesn't really have any abilities except being able to teleport thanks to Jet teaching him. He also extremely good at archery.

    Bio: Pretty much after being killed by his adopted sister Sakura Shinji has basically been rotting in Hell. He swore to himself if he ever had to chance to escape his torment he would make everyone that rejected and betrayed him pay. His prayers were somewhat answered when he met a demon forger named Jet who freed him from his torment and offered him redemption and revenge. Like his father before him Jet taught Shinji the ways of the sword. In return Shinji would join him and help him win the demon wars. Now back in world of the living as a demon Shinji is hell bent on causing all sorts of chaos and destruction. He's also going to kill the ones he once called family and friend.​
  10. Awesome!!! =D Love the characters! And I'll be sure to embellish on her being a Demon Forger. :3 I'll try to post up my charas soon!
  11. Alright. Looking foward to it.
  12. Name: Sakura Matou

    Age: 17


    Personality: Sakura has become broken and violent, growing into something that cares none for humanity or justice. She is a shadow of a girl who once loved and dreamt of becoming saved by Shiro, but now she has fallen to all the darkness within her, consumed to win at any cost whatever war she might be fighting.

    Magus or Demon Forger: Demon Forger

    Abilities: Coming soon!

    Bio: On the brink of her insanity brought through the abuse of her family and the jealousy of Rin, Sakura gives in to her dark powers and allow herselk to change into something terrifying. After the battles and attempts to summon Avenger, Sakura has given up the way of being a Magus and found other means for getting what she desires. Originally, she had planned to resurrect/summon the True Ancestors, but the ritual failed and resulted in her bringing forth a demon. Since that moment, Sakura Matou has been exploring this alternative to summoning Servants.


    Name: Nagi Yuukari

    Age: 19

    Appearance: She has short and semi-long light blue hair cut in layers and fairly wild. Her eyes are a deep teal and her skin is lightly bronze. She’s not very tall, reaching only about five foot three, but is rather top-heavy. The rest of her body is fairly slender.


    Magus or Demon Forger: Magus


    Nocturne Pulse – A curse specially design to control the actions of Avenger for a short time. Requires a good source of prana.

    Vendetta – A short spell that allows her super human speed and invisibility, only flaw she is not invisible to Servants’s and is nude while using this.

    Bio: Being the last Magus in the Yuukari family, Nagi has been chased at a young age by a rival group of Magus who have vowed to eliminate all heirs to the Yuukari magic. She wasn’t terribly young when her remaining family had been tracked down and slaughtered. The only thing that had kept her alive was a human who had witnessed the assassination and rescued her. Before they could escape the murderous clan of Magus, the man was killed. The only way Nagi survived was by using her prana/mana to protect herself with a spirit shield, but the use of magic with the dead around her created a summoning portal. It was then that she met Avenger.


    Name: Blackheart

    Class: Avenger

    Master: Nagi Yuukari

    Appearance: His hair is dark red and long, face wrapped in bandages, as is his face. Chains coiled around his every limb and his arms and legs are locked in strange devices. He isn’t very tall, only reaches about 5’8” and is creepily slender with cut muscles.

    Personality: Avenger’s True Identity is unknown. The only source of information he has given his Master is the name Blackheart. He is far from skilled in human social life and harbors a bit of a god-complex and enjoys worship/praise. Avanger has a way of never making things easy for his Master and is sharp-tongued, eager to spoil her plans and replace them with his own.
    Avenger is not a foolish Servant, but a cruel one. He cares none for the age, sex, weakness of his opponents and exacts absolute death no matter the circumstance in ending a battle. Because of this malevolent Servant, Nagi has had to learn Nocturne Pulse, a specialized curse used to control him for a short period of time.

    Quick Stats: (any not listed are C- )
    Temptation – A
    Luck - A
    Riding – B+
    Magic Resistance – B

    A strange ability that Avenger holds is Shapeshifting. He can only do this when his Master holds enough prana and can only imitate people. Because his master is well practiced in curses, he is quite the opposite. He is also very slow.

    Noble Phantasm:

    Bleeding Nightmare – a deadly ability that allows him to rebirth all the wounds one has ever had and forces blood to pour from those wounds until the target has bled out.

    The Gate of Hell – his target’s conscience and subconscious is captured and pulled through two large, bleeding doors where they remain trapped in their own state of Hell.

    Attached Files:

  13. Awesome character bios. Poor Sakura. Maybe Shiro can show her the light again. I did mention I was playing Shiro. I just didn't make a sheet for him. Oh and you don't have to make one for Saber either if you don't want to.
  14. Thank you! :3 I think I'll be apping Rin instead, and that sounds great! Oh, I forgot to fill in Nagi's personality! I'll be sure to paste that on! XD
  15. Well then I guess I'll play Archer. No not Archer from the FX series. XD. Er....does Archer die in the novel as well? Well I know he does in the anime. anyway, I'll get working on the IC thread.
  16. Yaaay! I'll get my intro post rocking! >w< And as for Archer dying... I think there is a route that results in his death, but I can't quite remember sorry. :|
  17. That's alright. :) I can probably guess it's the Fate since that's the route the anime was based off of and he does die in that one.
  18. Archer dies to Berserker in the Fate route. He dies to Gilgamesh in the UBW route. In Heaven's feel, he gets mortally wounded in a fight with Assassin and Saber Alter, then... you can find out the rest yourself.
  19. Correction. He got defeated.

    But Archer KILLED Gilgamesh. By a headshot. He only dies due to No mana, as he lived so long after independent action.