Fate Stay Night(A battle royale)

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  1. For those of you that do not know what Fate Stay Night is, I will explain it to you.

    Fuyuki City is the setting for a secret and violent war among competing magi. For the past two centuries, seven sorcerers have gathered and engage in a battle royale known as the Holy Grail War, each gambling his or her own life to obtain the holy grail, a legendary chalice capable of granting wishes.

    The seven sorcerers, known as Masters, are aided by seven beings known as Servants, reincarnations of legendary heroes from all time. These resurrected souls possess superhuman characteristics and wield powerful artifacts or abilities called Noble Phantasms, symbols of their heroism during life. Only one Servant can be summoned in each war from one of seven classes: Saber, Archer, Lancer, Berserker, Rider, Assassin, and Caster, each representing their distinctive role in battle. The Servants are summoned by the power of the Grail itself and aid their Masters in doing battle, protecting them from harm and killing other Servants or Masters. In return for their aid, the Servants also seek their own wish from the Holy Grail, should their Master become victorious.

    Sorcerers, Masters, Magi, Magus they're all the same. There are only seven of them in Fuyuki City, and are the only ones that possess magic. Each master can summon a single servant which will be at random, many prefer the Saber or the Berserker servant/classes due to their powerful abilities; but only the more powerful Masters can summon those of great fortitude.

    Now, this isn't one of those, cast a spell at random. Fireball, blah blah blah. It's more complex than that. Within each body of a Master, there are what's called magic circuits. They run all throughout their body, and there are different kinds of magic. Such as controlling one or more of the seven elements, reconstruction, deconstruction, projecting(very difficult), enhancement, etc. If there are anything else you can think of, I'd suggest running it by me before posting it as a character sheet.

    There is only one high school in the Fuyuki City, and I'd like the ages for the masters to be from 17-25. That being said, I would like it that everyone either make a regular human being, or one of the seven masters AS WELL as a servant. There can only be ONE servant for EACH master. And whoever claims their servant first, gets to keep it, nobody else can take it afterwards. For example, if someone were to take the Saber servant, you can no longer pick that one.

    As for the backgrounds for the servants, you will need to take a legendary hero, and twist their stories to make it fit with this RP. Also, only the master can discover the past lives of their servants, and often times, their servants do not share their background with their masters nor do the masters. It's very complex, but if I see anything wrong within the RP, I will tell you.

    I think that's about it, if you have any questions, please ask. C:

    Character Sheet:

    Servant's Name:
    Servant's Class
    Servant's Bio:

    Please understand that there is NO meta-gaming or god modding. Please and thank you! ONE MORE THING!! The Master has a similar personality to the servant that they summon. Don't forget that.

    Also, Maguses Are NOT the same as humans. They can withstand more hits than a human, they can lose more blood than a human, and they are also a tad bit more stronger and faster.

    As for the servant, they are incredibly stronger than body humans and maguses.

    ALSO!(I apologize) Only the eldest of the children from the family can inherit the powers of a magus and contain the command seals for their servant. Command seals are three seals that form on the Masters left forearm/hand when the servant is summoned. With these, they can command their servant what to do, and they will have on choice but to do it. As for the servant, they normally will always obey their master as if they were their king/queen. Upon using their last command seal, the master is no longer in control of the servant. Command seals can also call upon your servant in great danger. Many of the servant's armor is made up of magic, as well as their weapons. Although, even their existence remains due to their master's mana. That being said, if the master dies, then the servant has nobody to listen to and will disappear, just as if they were dying; but they can hand over command seals to another person to obey them and hopefully win the grail wars. The master can do this as well and get rid of their servant.
  2. Maya Ibuki

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    Age: 18
    Appearance: With long blue-black hair, she has a fine, curvy body. Although a little masculine for a girl, she does resemble a beautiful, young woman.
    Bio: Born under a rich family known as the Ibuki family, they are fond for their strong magics. Although, as much as Maya tried, her magic was still weaker than the previous maguses. She is the eldest of her sister and brother, thus, she enherits the abilities of the magus and is apart of the battle royale. Their family is harsh about their teachings of magic due to their wanted wish for immortality of their family. With a greedy family, and parents that a cruel with siblings that resemble this, she often does not want to go home after school, and does not mind dying in the holy grail wars. Although, even herself wants a wish, whether it may be something for a love one or not, she believes that it'll come of great use by the time she is capable of wishing for it.

    Servant's Name:
    Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and Power
    Saber wished for the Gods and Goddesses to rule once more, being all destroyed due to the people's lack of prayers. The prayer's of the people is what kept them alive, and since the prayers remain dead, they no longer survive, being turned into stone. Athena enters the war in hope of having them rule once more.