Fate Stay Night 2014

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  1. Because I know there are Nasuverse fans and Type-LUNATICS out there in Iwaku.

    Let's hear it, you guys!



    OCTOBER 2014!

    Tell me none of you saw these previews and didn't cry.

    My wife started laughing because I showed her these and I started to tear up from the man-feels and the sheer level of GAR.

    Oh man, Saber and Rin look so beautiful - I mean, they are already hot - but this ufotable, Fate Zero-level animation is just GORGEOUS.

    I don't know who is doing the music, but let's all pray to the Dead Apostle Ancestors and King of Heroes that Yuki Kajiura is back on board. Though in a pinch, I'd take Kenji Kawai because he did a great job on the 2006 adaptation.

    And just for the record:

    UBW Good End, ftw

    Shirou x Saber x Rin, OT3!

    Now if we only got a Tsukihime anime.

    Because you know, we've been waiting for one to come out for like a million years.

    Because we've never had a Tsukihime anime yet.
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  2. I'm not in it myself, but congratulations to the fandom. Looks like it's going to be pretty great.
  3. Well Since Fate/Zero was so successful I'm not surprised.
  4. But see, eveyone loves Fate Zero's protagonist, Anime!Batman...I mean, Kiritsugu. No one seems to have any love for FS/N's protagonist, Shirou.

    Instead we all just love the girls because they are badasses up the wazoo.
  5. Yeeees, I want to cosplay Rin SO BAD. I was thinking of her because this summer I cosplayed Rise from Persona 4 (my avatar) and for some reason she reminds me of Rin. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fate Stay Night. I'm so ready.

    Also LOL anime!Batman, I am cackling
  6. hey, kitsugu vs kotomine took place in a room that looks identical to the auxillary batcave in The Dark Knight

    he's totally anime!Batman

    also, i cosplayed as Archer

    it made me feel awesome
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  7. I still like KNK better than FSN. But the fandumb kind of ruined the franchise for me after awhile. Though to be fair, I like "Fate Prototype" a lot better between Ayaka and Saber. I'm just that way. I also cosplayed as a male Saber in suit from FZ because I can.
  8. I go FSN/FZ > Notes > KNK > Fate Prototype > Tsukihime. Carnival Phantasm is in there somewhere, but its just off-topic that its a completely different category altogether. I would love to see a Fate Prototype made to completion or, even better, a Fate Apocrypha. My lack of love for Tsukihime will doubtless get an effigy of my burned. I say bring it on.
  9. I-I like Shirou! ;~;

    Although I do see where people who don't quite like our red-haired protagonist come from. He spouts some pretty stupid lines and kind of acts like an idiot, isn't as conventionally 'cool' as some of the other characters in both series, and seems kind of one-dimensional if you haven't read the VN.

    Anyway, concerning ufotable's Unlimited Blade Works, I'm still a bit disappointed that the rumor about Nasu putting together a new storyline were debunked, but it's probably for the best. Out of the three, UBW's close enough to Zero in tone and addresses many of Kiritsugu's themes, which is a good thing considering it looks like a good deal of its fan-base (English at least) have only seen Zero and the 2006 adaptation. Unfortunately it doesn't deal with Sakura's dilemma, but it doesn't bug me too much since we'll have the Heaven's Feel movies for that.

    All in all, I'm super excited and I'm sure it's gonna be absolutely great! Though I hope they manage to find a good way to resolve Saber's character development. And also get Kajiura to make beautiful musics. That too.
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  10. As long as it doesn't end up being like DBZ Kai
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  11. yes! someone else who realizes that the anime adaptations ignore a lot of the stuff that made shirous recklessness NOT one dimensional!

    though to be fair, an adaptation ought to stand on its own

    alas, isnt it sad, shirou?
  12. Heaven's Feel is going to be turned into a film by Ufotable. Which means that it is incapable hands, unlike anything made by DEEN.
  13. Well, a good deal of Shirou's character development in the VN is mostly internal monologues and narration, and you can't really go about obviously displaying something like that without violating the whole "show don't tell" rule. So you can't blame 'em too bad for losing context in the transition from written to visual. Though on the other hand, the adaptors should've at least tried to make an effort to at least try to minimize context loss.
  14. again

    isnt it sad shirou
  15. Episode "O" was 47 mins of Rin Tohsaka. Rin is best girl. I was happy.
  16. i maintain that Rin is best girl only when Saber is with her

    in bed


    also fate zero retconned things such that she was a pretty badass 5 year old
  17. I just wished all the promo pictures of Rin didn't look so bad. Her nose is just WEIRD in all of them compared to everyone else.

    Also anyone hoping to see lancer fight all the other servants at least once? I'm also pretty sure assassin talks about repelling all the servants as well, so maybe we can see those fights too.
    Spoiler (open)
    This at least lets us see rider do something in this route before dying quickly in the beginning.
  18. so i wonder

    in 2018 are we gonna get the ilya route?
  19. She doesn't need a route of her own.

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