Fate/RP anyone?


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I know what you're thinking. Holy Grail Wars? Who cares!

This game's summoning system and start-setting will be more similiar to Fate/Grand Order than Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, Fate/Extra, Fate/Strange F- you know what? I think you get me. I think you get me.

Your servants don't die permanently, you'll have multiple Servants(eventually), your Command Spells regenerate once every eight hours, and...

... no this isn't easy mode. It isn't even close to easy mode.

I'm essentially using the plot of Fate/Grand Order with one added possibility - we can summon characters found in various roleplays on this website, provided that they have fulfilled possible conditions to become a Heroic Spirit.

In addition to time-travelling from Fate/Grand Order, I will include alternate reality jumping, which will allow us to explore alternate realities which might include those as depicted in various roleplays on this site. Some of these alternate realities include alternate tellings of history, such as a scenario where Arturia never pulled Caliburn.

So... how is it? It's a work in progress. Do suggest some things.