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  1. Hello! Wolfsin here with the introduction/interest check with one of my newest ideas for a longer term group RP. Know right away I'll have a good bit of control over this RP, and some characters have a slightly preset module to go with them. I am very flexible however and if we can come to awesome compromise I am more than willing to change things for the better of the over all plot line. All this being said, please enjoy the introduction to the story!



    A great many years ago, a land of unnatural fantastical beauty existed. the land was filled of Magic, however vague and mysterious, and the songs of heroes still remained pure with the olden instrumental. However in each tale of heroes and heroins, there is also a villain. In this case the world was threatened by a dark sorcerer that had consumed himself in the visage and soul of a demon Lord. The dark magician's meddling would easily be the undoing of the world, of history in and of itself, but a group of heroes found their courage and faced this evil wizard head on forcing him to retreat. Before the final blow could be laid the Sorceror sealed himself within a tree and went into a deep hibernation. One of the heroes knowledgeable of the Dark masters magic convinved the others to seal their souls within a vast spectrum of magical energy. They were each fathers or mothers and he promised that one day the world would call for the heroes to return, it would not be the same as it was now, but they would have their own stories, the blood of Heroes would lie thick with those that inherited it, and when the time came they would be summoned to reverse the damage of the dark sorceror.

    year 2016:


    The World has found itself consumed in industry and progressive technology, the age of heroes, of magic was lost in the tides of time. However a breach in the world still sizzled with energy as the time neared. In the middle of a city park a tree sat, old and rotten but somehow preserved. A crack ripped through the mid of the tree and soon a body reached from its depths, a seal was broken and the magic of old activated with the revival of the Dark sorceror in the current time. Those blessed of heroes and inherited magical blood now are torn from their normal lives, their duties as teenagers and such to go to school and learn, and progress in society has been ripped away from them in a second as they awake in the lush green brush of a hill offside to a beautiful forest. The roar of war echoes in the distance, and those that have lived a pampered life are now upon a world they are completely alien to.... However... Not so Alien..

    "To prevent the catastrophe of our mistakes, of our inability to stop the sorceror, we are now forced to lay all the responsibility upon the sons and daughters that share our blood..."

    Races available without question:
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    Wood Elves
    High Elves
    Fae Type
    Rat folk
    Cat Folk
    Frost Feron*

    Note: Coming up with your own race is acceptable if I approve it!

    (Those with * are limited as to how many there can be.)

    Roles that must be filled:

    All Preset roles are taken!

    +This does not mean that you can't make a character. I will find a way to work your character in to the story No matter what, so don't be discouraged by this.+

    Note: The story is now in Norindul the fantasy world so no need for futuristic stuffs. =)

    Characters that belong~ When you choose your characters you need to decide whether you want them to be a long time part of the fantasy world, or if they are an Alien that got sent here to complete a task designated by fate. The difference obviously is comfortably. Someone who has lived here all their lives will be fine, but the ones transported here have a lot to learn and have to adapt and learn to fit in, as well as deal with the constant nagging fear that they may be stuck here forever. So make sure to choose which one you are. Do you Belong or are you and Outsider.

    Also If transferred here, then your new form would take the visage and likeliness of the mystical creature or patron your soul best represents. So you go from normal human to ..... Elf or Centaur, or Fae.. and yeah will make for a lot of fun =D

    How the Story will be Run: I will be running this Story along with two other mods in chapters. Each chapter will have a hidden main plot that is hinted at either in the finale post of the last chapter, or in the Intro post of the chapter. I award players at the end of chapters for remaining consistent and making me love your characters. I expect ALL players to help me write this story. Use common sense and create and use npcs and your Enviroment, create enviroments to enyhance your story. There is no preset map for this story. We are making the map. I do have a List of Gods. This is very free sandbox world that I am allowing you to have fun in. When i feel it necessary i will move your characters where I need them to be and force them to make decisions that will effect the course of the story. =) That being said at the end of this is a List of the chapters so far with summaries.

    Character Sheets/Signup: (Please be sure to look at the rules)

    OOC Discussion:

    IC Story:


    Chapter Summaries:

    Chapter One-
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    Tyler Griffin and Sera were once the greatest of friends. However life kicked some of them where it hurt, and the result was that they drifted. Tyler became a prominent Soccer star in Highschool, and ended himself up with the beautiful high class lady Anabelle. Many other characters came into the mix, and relationships were built. Aezeirith Tweedle a young genius to the established family met her first crush, The Twins found "friends" for once. Katherine Monnete and Kain met and began their own game. Griffin having liked Sera for an unbelievable amount of time, was tricked by his crafty little sister Kanari into taking Sera to a concert. The two were getting very close when out of the Tree a Dark shadow appeared. The sorcerer from the tree slaughtered a group of policemen,a nd the sky opened up in response to his arrival. A white flash as if the world was all at once gone, and then the chosen heroes were gone.

    Chapter Two-
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    The chosen all woke up in a lush green field. nearby a battle was waged and knights faced against raiders. In the forest tragedy struck as a troll devoured a girl and sent the majority of the teens that had been transported into a frenzy. Tyler and Griffin teamed up and drew the beast away where they fought it and suffered great wounds before they were saved by the General Godric. Meanwhile Zeiry wakes in the garden of an old hermit and is escorted to a tower of white and gold. She is taught to accept that she is a mage and has entered incredulous training under the pure lady Asciel. The Twins awake in a room of their own, they are brought to another room where they meet their Father.. Who is in fact no one else but the Dark wizard Seridis, the evilest man in history recorded, and the most powerful necromancer alive. The twins learn a great deal from this man.

    Others meet, and little Kanari is separated from her brother where she meets the lady Neve, who teaches the girl of survival and discipline. Eventually this places them in a city of learning where they meet the mischievous blonde rival to Neve, the Lady Stelemara. Through efforts and deception Kanari goat the guard to accompany her to the lair of a Grand Blue Dragon. One of the legendary creatures of Norindul. When they arrive a battle ensues and tragedy strikes. A general appears upon a Black armored dragon that is bigger than any of them. A battle occurs and Neve and Stella reveal themselves as a Frost Feron, and a Phoenix. The two fight the Dragon and The Blue Dragon does her best to regain her power to help. All the while a Girl Aneira struggles with the inner dragon within her. She is revealed to be a white dragon, but she does not know how to control this power yet. The battle looks grim until a Storm like no other forms and a streak of lightning changes the score entirely. A Thunderbird appears out of nowhere and devours the beat in lightning. The General becomes a pain at this point and uses his lance to fight back. Finally the Grand Blue Dragon enters the sprawl and the Black Dragon is forced to retreat entirely. It is revealed the woes of Neve and Stella and they are forced to say good bye to Kanari as they go before the gods to face judgement. Kanari agrees to be trained by the Thunderbird, whom goes by the name of Zera.

    Meanwhile In the High Kingdom of Dyanus Dissent rises. Godric arrives just in time to save the princess Alyssa Highreign as she inspects the mangled and ruined corpse of the high priest. A message no doubt, The lady calls a council and it is decided that Godric will set out to find the children of Prophecy. Alyssa must continue to battle this never ending battle of politics and pray for Godric's swift return. The Twins progress in their studies and continue their conquest for power and acceptance. The main heroes continue on their journey but Tyler is gravely wounded. They are saved by a Gnome who takes them in and brings some light upon their situation, naming them by race and explaining enough to give them idea where to go. Some are interested others are knocked out, and some just hate this place. After Tyler is healed they set off to go to a city wityh Gold given to them by Hobbler the Gnome Druid. it is at this point that a task happened in the shadow sets into motion. Hobbler is assassinated the those of prophecy do their best to work out a way to escape the assassin. Unfortunately before they can finally escape they are all wounded badly, and Griffin and Sera are lead to believe that Tyler and Anabelle fell to their untimely deaths at the bottom of a waterfall. Sera and Griffin narrowly escape the threat, due to a large pack of wolves attacking the assassin at last minute so that they can run. Griffin nearly dies of poison but is saved before it is too late.

    The great Wolf Lobos sends his scout Luna to find Tyler and Anabelle, as they are in desperate need of their help. The forest is threatened to be burned to the ground and only the heroes of Prophecy can save them now. Kanari is in haven where she will train. Zeiry's trial is soon. The Princess receives an official invite from the King of the High Elves. Aneira is directed to a Grand Golden Dragon for answers, And griffin and Sera must leave their deceased behind to search out answers for Sera.
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  2. omfg I want to be the bookworm and I will turn into a bombshell badass o - o
  3. But with the bookworm, could I make her more quiet and shy then nerdy? I mean, she will totally be a nerd but I want to make her adorable nerd.
    Or did you want it a boy????? o - o
  4. XD if that is what you want then you are for sure welcome to it Doomy haha. Ill pm you about some specific opportunities concerning the Book worm role =D Also yes you can make the character as you want them definitely =D
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  5. I'm interested but I'm not sure which role to take lmao. Any ideas?
  6. You should be the beauty queen girl O:
  7. I hate those types of characters >.<;
  8. If you wanna go for a darker role as a male then shoot for the Best friend one. Or we can come up with one of your own honestly this was just presets I thought of they aren't super set in stone either =D
  9. OMG. I love this idea!~ <3<3<3<3<3<3<3
  10. Awesome! any idea which role you might want to shoot for, or if you wanna work out your own role?
  11. I HATE IT >:(

    Just kidding. I'm quite curious what you mean when you say the "Current Girlfriend" role is interesting. Might be interested if you would kindly share with me what is so interesting about it :P Otherwise, the best friend role has an immediate appeal because it has the work 'dark' in it.
  12. Sad face Mikasa v.v sad face XD

    Kitsune~ wanna play both of them? =P
  14. Welp Ill pm you mikasa bout that specific role, and you AKA bout the twinzies though they are really free creative characters.
  15. Awesome! :D I'm excited. ^^
  16. So i will be gone for a bit My tooth is ending me right now and I need to go to the ER to get pain meds and saviour shots. because.... OWWWW v.v Loves ya all guys and Ill chat with ya in a bit reply to pms and ill get back to you when I get home.
  17. Get well soon!~
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