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  1. Fate of Fantasy Introduction: The Prophecy of Norindul, blue

    A great many years ago thrived a land full of unnatural and fantastical beauty, rich with magic - however vague and mysterious it might seem - and songs of old heroes that still scented the sweet air of every pub and city street. But as we all know, each tale of heroes and heroins must have their villain. In this case, the world of Norindul was threatened by a dark sorcerer whom consumed himself in the visage and soul of a Demon Lord. The dark magician's meddling would have easily become this world's undoing . . . had it not been for a very bold group of heroes that mustered enough courage to face the evil wizard head on. Fortune seemed to favor the heroes, but before our silver-haired champion was able to lay his final blow the sorcerer sealed himself within a magically-protected tree, entering a state of deep hibernation which no being upon Norindul - hero or otherwise - could break the evil wizard from. But one of our heroes, knowledgeable of the wizard's dark magic, convinced his allies to seal their souls within a vast spectrum of magical energy. With the help of Divine Magic, each hero submitted to the power of a spell that would force their souls to continuously reincarnate, understanding that one day the world would call for the heroes to return and finish what they could not the first time around. And when such a time comes that the dark wizard awakens from his slumber, the heroes of old would become anew, wrenched from their time and to another . . . Or so the Prophecy has been Written . . .

    Current Day: 2016, purple

    The world has found itself consumed by industry and progressive technology. What once thrived as the age of heroes and magic has been lost in the tides of time. However, a breach in the world still sizzled with energy as the time neared. In the middle of a city park stood one tree, old and rotten but somehow preserved. A crack ripped through the mid of the tree and soon a body reached from its depths, a seal was broken and the magic of old activated with the revival of the Dark Sorcerer. Those whose souls belonged to the heroes of old are now torn from their normal lives, their schools and duties; they are ripped away in the span of a second, to a world unlike any they've ever seen . . .

    The Heroes awake in the lush green brush of a hill offside to a beautiful forest. The roar of war echoes in the not too far distance, and those that have lived a pampered life are now upon a world that feels completely alien . . . Yet, as it would happen, were once the Great Saviors of . . .

    "To prevent the catastrophe of our mistakes, of our inability to stop the sorcerer, we are now forced to dial back the clock and finish what we started. This is the only way our souls can find peace . . ."

    Roleplay Information, red

    Current Races Available:

    Dusk Elves
    Moon Elves
    Star Elves
    High Elves
    Wood Elves
    Aquatic Elves
    Aviary Elves
    Drow (Dark Elves)
    Various Fae Races
    Frost Feron*

    Those with * are limited as to how many there can be.
    Please inquire about any race you may want to play to learn more of their lore in this story.

    Available Roles:

    Characters That Belong: These are people and creatures who live in the world of Norindul and have the comfort of knowing their environment and having allies already.

    Characters Who Are Alien: These are the descendants of Heroes Old, who have been ripped from the modern world back to Norindul in order to fulfill their prophecy. They know nothing of Norindul, their abilities, and will have to find allies as the story commences. Physically and racially speaking, they will resemble their original form in the times of old and will most likely switch from human to another race, such as elf, fae, centaur, etc.

    *Note that you can play nearly any type of character you desire in either one of these roles: good, evil, lawful, chaotic, a mix of races or merely human*


    1. Posts should be done as needed at least once a day if possible. latest once every two days. (Special cases let me know)

    2. All Iwaku rules apply, no god mods and almost all fights will be figured out prior to the scene. Some cases however do not apply and can alter the story in interesting ways. Do not destroy important things without asking first please.

    3. IF a single person is blocking the progress of more than one player at a time for more than a day I will hijack their character vaguely and move the story. This is so that things do not become stale for consistent players. (IF you have an issue with this concept please contact me.)

    4. One paragraph minimal for posting. get all cs approved and work with me on how you would like to incorporate your character. This also means plots you may desire.

    5. Use creativity to mold the world. use (non Important) npcs to further your posts. its a world so there is bound to be more than just you and your rp partner. (If you mean for an npc you use to become Long term then p[lease contact me concerning what you have planned.)

    6. All Npcs unless otherwise agreed upon, I may kill, use manipulate etc.. to further story plot if it is convenient and helps me accomplish what I want done. (Not Npcs talked about otherwise)

    7. Have fun with this and lets fill the world of Norindul with some epic characters that may never be forgotten.


    Dark Magics:

    Principles of the Noctera Magula Ensein~
    The "darker" side of Magic in Norindul originated to defy the standard belief that Magic should always originate from the Mana in the air rather than by another force. Everywhere in the world there is Mana, a substance that is harnessed by specific mediums to conjure up a spell by combining a force. Dark Magic, however, requires a different fuel; life energy and souls, the kinetic energy and sacrifice thereof are used to create something out of impure energy taken from another living source. The simplest of dark arts magic might sap the life from a flower, while the most powerful spells might require a city to be sacrificed in a circle of power.

    Dark Magic is a broad spectrum that encompasses the following Arts:
    Necromancy; The ability to command and tamper with the necrotic forces that be. Summoning orbs of dark energy, or undead minions, or resurrecting the dead against their will.
    Siphoning; The ability of stealing vitality to empower and buff yourself.
    Shadow Craft; The Art of taking the Darkness around you and solidifying it. Crafting it to accomplish your means.
    Demomancy; Summoning and conquering demons.
    Hexes; Placing curses and blights upon a foe through incantations and other situational methods. Most are quite riddling and require a person to go against their very nature to become cured from hexes.
    Domination Magic; Taking over the will of another being and forcing them to do something they normally would not.
    Soul Tampering; tampering with the soul of Mortals either by absorbing it or by breaking it a part. This is the harshest and least... stable form of the Dark arts and is forbidden even by most dark arts practitioners.

    The Price:
    Depending upon the infraction of the spell you cast, you infuse a little of your own energy and life force to craft each spell. In order to empower that spell you have to give up more of your energy. Doing so can shorter your life span in a way varying of how harshly you use your magic. By crossing the boundaries of the Dark Arts, you meld your mind with the other realms and are subject to insanity and multiple personality disorders, as well as visits from creatures attempting to make a contract with you for your body. Such creatures include: demons, demon lords, shades, specters and hags.

    It is extremely rare for one to practice both Light and Dark Magic, due to the cost of each being counter productive upon the other. The price is the number one reason that most Necromancers attempt to bind themselves to their Phylactery and inhabit an undead immortal body, such as a Lich. No longer bound by the rules of their magic, they can experiment freely with the full extent of their power. However, only 2 Dark Practitioners have ever survived the procedure of becoming a Lich in all of history.

    Arcane/Mana Magics:

    Principals of Arcane Magic~
    Arcane Magic is the foundation of taking the mana that is ever present in the air and bending it to your will.

    Mana is a force that lingers everywhere in Norindul, an ever lasting source of power that possesses the power to grant wishes in the forms of spells. Mana is essence born from the Goddess of Magic Serianna, an ultimate embodiment of knowledge study and power, she created Magic as a way to take the knowledge of the world and turn it into something tangible. A means to give those unskilled in martial ways a way of living, a purpose for their lives. Mana is that gift, but it is up to the spell casters to bend that mana into what they wish.

    Arcane Schools Include~
    Divination; The Art to predict what is to come, to influence your nature and the chance of something through the art of scrying and other such fundamentals.
    Evocation; Mostly constituted into elemental forms of magic, this is the damage dealing spell type. Though not always related with the elements. Any spell that can be used to form mana into a physical magical threat is Evocation.
    Conjuration; Tapping into the outer realms of spirits and the like, and other planer creatures you can summon them to your side. This also constitutes forming things from nothing, material from mana. Summoning swords armor etc.
    Illusion; Illusion is just as it sounds. Creating traps and mirages blurring yourself or copying yourself. Using anything and everything to trip up the mind of those watching you perform this brand of magic, and in the worst cases using it to kill someone through their mind.
    Abjuration; Warding Magic. This is what one might consider shields, or defensive based spells. One can help add resistance destroy resistance, buff or debuff. Abjuration is the shield.
    Enchantment; To bend or influence the world around you, this is the use of the most evil of the Arcane schools. One can use this magic to influence another decisions, to control the outcome of something, and over all dominate the will of another creature. This is also one of the hardest schools to master.

    Most mages can only operate under two of these schools, perhaps three. In best cases, the Mage might even be able to master almost all of them, but the years of knowledge and dedication make that task something most will never achieve. Outside of the base of schools rests the type of arcane specialist that resolves themselves outside of the Arcane schools. The Creation mage.

    School of Creation magic; This is what occurs when one is able to grasp the arcane schools, not as academic learning styles, but rather as additions of knowledge. They grasp magic at its raw base and are not able to think of it in a systematic calculation. They can take all schools and bend them around them, combine them reform them. Nothing is beyond this type of mage who understands all for its base and not for its value. The creative wizard, the follower of Lariaht.

    Serianna- patron of Schools
    Lariaht- patron of Creation

    In terms of Arcane magic these are the two Goddess' to follow.

    Principals of Aura Magic:
    Aura magic is the fundamental mixture of Mana and KI energy. It is used to help enhance physical attributes with physical power bred from this unique mixture of mana and KI. You can use this power to enhance attacks with your own Aura. Read certain events through the Aura of others. Use your aura as a weapon, or a shield, or a shield that happens to be a weapon. Aura bypasses almost all arcane magics because of how raw it is, but it is ten times more limited, and there has never been anyone known to master aura and Arcane.

    Divine Magic:

    Principals of Divine Magic~
    For those who have not been graced with power over the forces of Nature, or the whims of Arcane magic, some might say they are insignificant. However possibly one of the rawest and most powerful forms of Magic, is the Divine. Divine magic at its core is the recognition and connection with a deity that one has chosen to devote themselves to. Through dedication, prayer and over all faith, one can "move mountains" with the power of a God or Goddess behind them.

    Divine Magic is the pure will and essence of casting a blessing that might serve the God the Practicioner has chosen to devote themselves to. Each God has different tenets, and following those tenets brings one closer to their Deity. Similarly, each Patron can be "categorized" by an affinity - Lawful, Chaotic, or Neutral. Different Domains of Divine Magic are available to each sect, so as to agree with the morals and tenets of that general alignment.

    Lawful Patrons~
    Practitioners who follow Lawful Gods or Patrons will find that their abilities are tailored to the overarching goal of preserving life. As such, they are unable to access Lawful Domains of Divine Magic, and any spells they learn from a neutral domain are limited in a manner that restricts them from directly destroying or inhibiting the life of another. As Lawful practitioners, they are gifted access to the Healing and Light Domains where Chaotic practitioners are not. They are also able to learn spells from the Empathy, Clairvoyance, Physicality and Summoning Domains; however their potential to master any of these Domains is significantly less than their potential to master Lawful Domains of Divine Magic.

    Chaotic Patrons~
    Practitioners who follow Chaotic Gods or Patrons will find that their abilities are tailored to the preservation and advancement of self, over society. As such, they are unable to access Lawful Domains of Divine Magic. As Chaotic practitioners, they are gifted access to the Purging and Perception Domains where Lawful practitioners are not. They are also able to learn spells from the Empathy, Clairvoyance, Physicality and Summoning Domains; however their potential to master any of these Domains is significantly less than their potential to master Chaotic Domains of Divine Magic.

    Neutral Patrons~
    Practitioners who follow Neutral Gods are the most diverse of Divine Magic users, who seek to serve no specific moral purpose other than what benefits their individual nature. As Neutral practitioners, they are gifted access to all Domains of Divine Magic; however, their potential to master Lawful or Chaotic domains is significantly less than their potential to master purely Neutral Domains of Divine Magic.

    Domains of Divine Magic~
    Light; Unique to Divine Magic users is the ability to use blessed light in ways others cannot. Many spells are dedicated to the manipulation and use of light to defend and protect - often times defending with light will inflict some sort of damage on those who threaten the caster.
    Healing; A complex and extensive domain, healing abilities can range anywhere between healing small wounds, to stabilizing a dying creature, to purifying toxins or disease, and at the highest extent reverting the body of a severely injured or near-dead creature back to a recent state of being. The line is drawn when a creature dies, as Divine Magic cannot effect or alter what is dead in any way.
    Empathy; Anything pertaining to the alteration of emotion or how thoughts are conveyed from one person to the next. This includes abilities such as compelling hostility, spreading an aura of good fortune, calming a crowd, inspiring the truth, etc.
    Clairvoyance; This domain encompasses all spells and magics which enable the perception of things or events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact. Such abilities may include the detection of magic or magical items, poisons, concealed persons, foresight into future events, the detection of internal psyche and untapped potential, etc.
    Physicality; While the potential for this domain is nearly limitless, all Patrons of Light set rules and boundaries for what their blessing may actually grant a practitioner of Divine Magic. Spells that affect the physicality of a creature may be used, for example, to move inanimate objects or temporarily become an incorporeal mass of untargettable dust - however, no Patron of Light will allow a Divine Practitioner to alter the physicality of another living creature in a destructive manner, as they ultimately seek to preserve life.
    Summoning; A truly neutral domain which either lawful or chaotic followers can perform, these spells allow a practitioner to summon celestial spirits which will aid them in their endeavors.
    Purging; This domain encompasses all magic which can be used to purge or wipe something from existence.
    Perception; This domain includes the alteration of perception, an act of divine punishment that strips you of being able to trust your perception, including abilities such as being able to haunt someone with their sins, keep them from seeing or hearing something, etc.

    Divine Blessings~
    While the Domains cover a broad spectrum of the abilities available for Divine practitioners to master, each God or Patron may also grant "Divine Blessings" to their loyal followers, which allow the practitioner to access realms of magic much more closely related to the will of their chosen deity. These gifts are rarely given and usually for extreme feats of servitude to the Patron, making them equally powerful and spectacular. (For example: A Cleric that Follows Settirus, the Chaotic God of Murder, Poison and Secrets, sets up a grand scale secret assassination, thus pleasing their God. In return, Settirus may gift them the blessing or favor to silence someone forever, use telepathy, or in extreme cases a spell of death itself that can kill on touch and leave no traces behind to incriminate the practitioner.) Each Patron will offer different blessings when such favor is earned.

    While this description is the Basis for all Divine Magic, it excludes a very grim truth about Divine Magic at its core. In truth, the Magics labeled as "Dark" could be considered Divine, just by their nature. Dark Magic draws power from the worship of Demon Gods and utilizes that power to create atrocities; to defy laws set and agreed upon by Lawful, Chaotic and Neutral Gods. While those of Norindul consider Dark Magic to be an independent study far from the association of Divine Magic, it can in truth be considered nothing more than the fourth sect of Divine Magic.

    (For anyone looking to practice Divine Magic, please get ahold of me as the GM so I can help you with your Domains/Abilities, which will be determined by the God or Patron you choose to follow.)

    Natural Magics:

    Principals of Natural Magic~
    Besides Mana, the world itself is a living source for power, a natural conveyor of energy that releases the love and essence of nature itself. For those that have learned to use Nature as a weapon such as Druid, and Fey types... This magic is the tempest of the world. Nature is unforgiving, raw, founded, and over all adaptable, and so will be the one that uses this type of magic.

    Nature does not have schools, but rather it has domains that one can live by. The more that a caster understands the nature of their domain, the better off they might be to use its raw power.

    Domains of Nature~
    Growth; Growth is the manipulation of plant life in order to entangle, batter, trap and otherwise impale or disfigure your enemy. it can also be used to create make shift druidic homes and the like. The most constructional Domain outright.
    Animal; A Caster of natural domains might choose to bond with animals instead. having the innate ability often to speak with animals, they build a strong connection and from this connection they learn to take the visage of the creatures they befriend. The strongest of Natural casters might be able to still cast other spells while in their wild form.
    Environmental; For this Natural practitioner, the force of nature is a weapon all its own. To use a given thunder storm and call from it, powerful lightning bolts, directed at the enemy, Or to create natural fire out of dry brush, just by willing it. This is the caster that uses the rawest form of the elements and nature and batters enemies with it, whenever they aren't trying to regulate nature that is.
    Preservation; This druidic caster can use its bond with nature on a High level to call animals to its side. Creatures that inhabit the zone the druid is in will fight for him in clusters. It is because this druid uses spells to heal the land, to help it fight back on its own. This druid can mend and shape natural forms, and fix things. A true guardian of balance and the way that Nature can run its course.

    A follower of this type of Magic would likely follow Xanthrimius.

    Characters, orange
    Character Sheets:

    (if any)
    Age: (If you transform to a specially aged race then place your original human age and then how that translates in Special years. EX: 19 Human/ 121 Elven.)
    Creature Race:
    (Human, Elf, Fae, etc)
    I Belong/I'm Alien: Are you from the future. Or do you belong to the world of Norindul naturally?


    Appearance: (Detailed description of your appearance to cover what can't be told in pictures)
    Personality: (Detailed Description of your characters Personality)

    Strengths: (What you are good at/agreeable with)
    Weaknesses: (What you are NOT good at/disagreeable with)

    Current Relationships: (Who in the RP are you connected to/How.)

    Skills Modern: (IF this applies state what you were good at doing in the year 2016)
    Skills Fantasy: (this will be filled out as you progress the story and give yourself more of a standing in the fantasy world of Norindul.)

    Equipment: (You do not have to list this but I would like to at least see your weapon or combat of choice here, as well as if you are wearing armor and such that might give your character more depth.)

    Abilities: (You can list this or not list it right away but as you gain spells and specific skills involving whatever you choose to profession in you have to list them here so that you can reference this for your abilities.)

    Background: (This has to be complete but can be however in depth you want it to be. So long as it notes relationships and infatuations and such int he past that might mean something in current story.)

    Misc: (You can put Themes, Voices, symbols... other fun stuff and whatever here.)

    Tyler aka Tirian, Hero, Played by @Wolfsin
    Griffin aka Grim, Hero, Player by @Wolfsin
    Kanari, Hero, Played by @Sinopa
    Sera aka Sorai, Hero, Played by @Key Tuzi
    Anabelle, Hero, Played by @Key Tuzi
    Alyssa Highreign, Native, Played by @Mikasa
    Twins Aiden and Nadia, Rogue Heroes, Played by @Aka~Kitsune
    Catherine, Rogue Hero, Played by @Gladis
    Azeirath, Hero, Played by @DoomyCakez

    Aneira, Hero, Played by @кετรยεкí
    Azmeryth, Native, Played by @Azzy

    Eldrin, Native, Played by @Freedom
    Valur, Native, Played by @Yaoi Master Gavin
    Despina aka The Breed, Native, Played by @Red Rabbit
    Thomas aka Roth, Rogue Hero, Played by @Sepdemonium

    Chapter Summaries, green

    Chapter One

    Tyler Griffin and Sera were once the greatest of friends. However life kicked some of them where it hurt, and the result was that they drifted. Tyler became a prominent Soccer star in Highschool, and ended himself up with the beautiful high class lady Anabelle. Many other characters came into the mix, and relationships were built. Aezeirith Tweedle a young genius to the established family met her first crush, The Twins found "friends" for once. Katherine Monnete and Kain met and began their own game. Griffin having liked Sera for an unbelievable amount of time, was tricked by his crafty little sister Kanari into taking Sera to a concert. The two were getting very close when out of the Tree a Dark shadow appeared. The sorcerer from the tree slaughtered a group of policemen,a nd the sky opened up in response to his arrival. A white flash as if the world was all at once gone, and then the chosen heroes were gone.

    Chapter Two

    The chosen all woke up in a lush green field. nearby a battle was waged and knights faced against raiders. In the forest tragedy struck as a troll devoured a girl and sent the majority of the teens that had been transported into a frenzy. Tyler and Griffin teamed up and drew the beast away where they fought it and suffered great wounds before they were saved by the General Godric. Meanwhile Zeiry wakes in the garden of an old hermit and is escorted to a tower of white and gold. She is taught to accept that she is a mage and has entered incredulous training under the pure lady Asciel. The Twins awake in a room of their own, they are brought to another room where they meet their Father.. Who is in fact no one else but the Dark wizard Seridis, the evilest man in history recorded, and the most powerful necromancer alive. The twins learn a great deal from this man.

    Others meet, and little Kanari is separated from her brother where she meets the lady Neve, who teaches the girl of survival and discipline. Eventually this places them in a city of learning where they meet the mischievous blonde rival to Neve, the Lady Stelemara. Through efforts and deception Kanari goat the guard to accompany her to the lair of a Grand Blue Dragon. One of the legendary creatures of Norindul. When they arrive a battle ensues and tragedy strikes. A general appears upon a Black armored dragon that is bigger than any of them. A battle occurs and Neve and Stella reveal themselves as a Frost Feron, and a Phoenix. The two fight the Dragon and The Blue Dragon does her best to regain her power to help. All the while a Girl Aneira struggles with the inner dragon within her. She is revealed to be a white dragon, but she does not know how to control this power yet. The battle looks grim until a Storm like no other forms and a streak of lightning changes the score entirely. A Thunderbird appears out of nowhere and devours the beat in lightning. The General becomes a pain at this point and uses his lance to fight back. Finally the Grand Blue Dragon enters the sprawl and the Black Dragon is forced to retreat entirely. It is revealed the woes of Neve and Stella and they are forced to say good bye to Kanari as they go before the gods to face judgement. Kanari agrees to be trained by the Thunderbird, whom goes by the name of Zera.

    Meanwhile In the High Kingdom of Dyanus Dissent rises. Godric arrives just in time to save the princess Alyssa Highreign as she inspects the mangled and ruined corpse of the high priest. A message no doubt, The lady calls a council and it is decided that Godric will set out to find the children of Prophecy. Alyssa must continue to battle this never ending battle of politics and pray for Godric's swift return. The Twins progress in their studies and continue their conquest for power and acceptance. The main heroes continue on their journey but Tyler is gravely wounded. They are saved by a Gnome who takes them in and brings some light upon their situation, naming them by race and explaining enough to give them idea where to go. Some are interested others are knocked out, and some just hate this place. After Tyler is healed they set off to go to a city wityh Gold given to them by Hobbler the Gnome Druid. it is at this point that a task happened in the shadow sets into motion. Hobbler is assassinated the those of prophecy do their best to work out a way to escape the assassin. Unfortunately before they can finally escape they are all wounded badly, and Griffin and Sera are lead to believe that Tyler and Anabelle fell to their untimely deaths at the bottom of a waterfall. Sera and Griffin narrowly escape the threat, due to a large pack of wolves attacking the assassin at last minute so that they can run. Griffin nearly dies of poison but is saved before it is too late.

    The great Wolf Lobos sends his scout Luna to find Tyler and Anabelle, as they are in desperate need of their help. The forest is threatened to be burned to the ground and only the heroes of Prophecy can save them now. Kanari is in haven where she will train. Zeiry's trial is soon. The Princess receives an official invite from the King of the High Elves. Aneira is directed to a Grand Golden Dragon for answers, And griffin and Sera must leave their deceased behind to search out answers for Sera.

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  2. ROLE: Non-Preset Character
    CHARACTER: Princess Alyssa Highreign


    Name: Princess Alyssa Highreign
    Sobriquets: Royal Cygnet, the Bearer of Highbloom, the First Born
    Age: 20
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Affinity: True Neutral

    "I B-belong."
    Appearance: Princess Alyssa Highreign is a lady of remarkable beauty. Born of Queen Alice, First of her name, the Princess has inherited her mother's beauty and her father's charm. Like her Royal Siblings, her hair is of raven black. It reaches down her shoulders, ever so neatly brushed. Her eyes are a clear cyan, a unique feature said to be indicative of her royal heritage, for the last member of the Royal Family to possess a similar pair of eyes was the renowned Seer King.

    As First Born, the Princess is entitled to the regal colour - black. She favours the colour as she does the Highbloom, and is rarely seen in other colours. The Princess stands at an imposing height of six full feet (1.82m). As bestowed upon her, the Royal Flower, Highbloom, adorns her hair always. The Princess is never seen without a fresh Highbloom.

    Personality: The Princess is, by most accounts, an assertive individual. Tutors and Aristocrats alike have commended her calm and composed demeanour in the face of furious debates. She is also noted by many members from the large political spectrum in the Court to be an exceptionally intelligent and politically savvy.

    In the same vein, the High King is known to frequently consult her opinions on various matters ranging from economic to diplomatic.

    Court servants generally look upon her favourably, praising her elegance and grace. However, she is not without her critics, some of whom have labelled her "stone-hearted" and "condescending". While these opinions are few and far between, the Princess, unlike her Royal Siblings, have never acted on these libellous criticism.

    Strengths: Diplomacy, Tactical Planning, Economics, Archery, Resoluteness

    Weaknesses: Ingratitude, Dance, Religious Studies

    Current Relationships: -N.A-
    Equipment: The Princess has no need of equipment, for her battles are fought by those who would fight for her - and these people are many. She is, however, skilled in the use of a long-bow and may deign to use them as she sees fit.

    Abilities: Flash Forward: The Princess occasionally has visions of a certain point in the future. These visions are random in nature, but have frequently contributed to the success of the Kingdom in various ways when it happens.
    Background: Princess Alyssa Highreign, First-Born of High King Dynamus Highreign and Queen Alice, First of her Name, was born to an age of prosperity. The Kingdom's coffers were so full they overflowed with wealth. Granaries were filled to the brim such that the week-long famine that plagued the Kingdom bi-annually was averted before it could happen. These were positive signs that signalled to the Royal Priests the significance of the Princess' birth, and thus, great expectations were laid upon the Princess' shoulders.

    The Princess would grow to surpass these expectations. As a child, the Princess was much unlike her Royal Siblings, preferring to read widely and study multiple subjects voraciously. Her curiosity about the Kingdom and the world at large was so immense she would spend most of her days locked away in her room, reading. This did not go unchecked by the High King, who would promptly punish her with a forced attendance to field trips involving other noble children.

    Regardless, the results of her incessant reading and study would manifest in her exceptional knowledge on a multitude of subjects. The High King began to assign various learned sages to impart more of their knowledge that could not be gleaned from books to the Princess. At the same time, the Queen, realising that the Princess needed to learn more than just the academic subjects, also assigned esteemed noble Ladies to her to teach her about Royal Etiquette and Court manners.

    Her latent abilities were made manifest around the same time though the High King suppressed all information about her ability to see visions of the future. This ability was hence known to only a select few within the High King's faction - and eventually, the Princess' own faction as well.

    Nevertheless, the Princess was not without her enemies in Court. Despite not yet participating actively in Court, her position as First-Born threatened the political positions of other Princes and Princesses who were part of various political factions in the Court. As such, several assassination attempts had been made on her though none would succeed under the watchful eye of her father, the High King.

    The Princess was thus able to come of age (18 years). The coming of age ceremony was conducted to great fanfare, for rumours have spread amongst the populace about the Princess' intelligence, good mind and elegance. In a few words, the commonfolk saw a future ruler in the Princess and more so when her father the High King bestowed upon the Princess the sobriquet "Royal Cygnet". This was an unprecedented action that was taken by many to be a sign of the High King's favour and intent for her to be successor.

    Around the same time, the High King began involving the Princess in Court sessions. The Princess also surpassed expectations, clearly demonstrating her decisiveness and her attention to detail. One popularly cited example was the Natchwald Port Incident. In the seventh month, a boat sailed into Natchwald Port, with its passengers claiming to be escorting the a member of the Dusk Elves' Royal Family. They claimed to have sailed the wrong direction and are running low on supplies, thus they requested supplies be provided as sign of goodwill.

    Having had no prior contact with the Dusk Elves, there had been no way to prove their identities. However, it became a hot topic for debate in Court due to the potential repercussions that would come with the poor treatment of another race's Royalty, regardless of the current relationship between the Kingdom and the Dusk Elves. Some in Court were in favour of sending the visitors away with the requested supplies, while others proposed to send them away without anything. The Princess volunteered to settle the matter and the High King consented.

    Gathering the requested supplies, she visited the passengers under the guise of greeting them. The Princess was, however, assessing the validity of their self-proclaimed identities. It was through this assessment that she realised the passengers were pirates seeking to re-supply before sailing out to sea. Still, she feigned ignorance and instead negotiated with the passengers to stay the night while they prepared supplies and "gifts of goodwill". The passengers agreed and stayed.

    As night descended, the Princess did provide her "gift of goodwill" in the form of the Kingdom's High Knights who promptly put to chains every passenger. These passengers were promptly executed the subsequent day after a brief trial revealed their true identities, thus ending the Incident. While the decisiveness of the Princess' actions impressed many in Court, it also alerted just as many to her willingness to administer death as punishment.

    Regardless, the prevailing assessment of her performance was of her decisiveness and attention to detail which secured her place in the Court sessions thereafter. Due in large part to the Incident, various Aristocrats began to flock to her, thereby forming a new faction in Court. Assassination attempts began to reduce in frequency as she became more influential and more high-profile.

    Thus went two uneventful years. However, her father's ailing health and the ever-changing political landscape presents new challenges that the Princess must overcome - from the coming of age of several of her Royal Siblings, to the rise of a new faction, to the frightening visions of darkness engulfing a world.
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  3. Name: Tyler Cairnsom.
    *Chooses to Go By Tirian once they arrive in Norindul
    Age: 20
    Race: Half-High Elf
    Gender: Male
    Affinity: Neutral Good

    I am an Alien to this world.



    Tyler has always had beautiful blonde hair, icy blue eyes, and a lighter complexion about his skin. he is fit as a soccer player, lanky even some might say. His body is more toned than bulging, and his body type remains skinny and somewhat petite, yet just looking at him you can tell for his athletic size he is quite strong. His clothes differ from day to day but he usually dresses fairly proper and wears collard shirts and such with nice faded jeans, a very popular style in the day and age. His face is fairly thin and his chin is strong, his neck structured and shoulders only slightly broad. over all hes a pretty damn sexy male. If that weren't enough he has a tattoo of Wolves running rown his right arm, with tribal vines leading the way. On his left is a crest of a Cross with a moon at its center, and more tribal, and on his back/Shoulders a Werewolf faces of with a phoenix of white. Fairly into body art he has spent a good bit of the money earned from his summer time job on placing scenes he used to read about in books when he was a child as Art upon his body. Only the Crest on his left arm is an original composition of his own. Finally and just as food for thought.. (he eventually gets white hair.) yeah.. I know... cuz he wasn't hot enough already =P

    Tyler is a very cultured and polite man. he is chivalrous when it comes to women though that sometimes places him in worse situations. Through lives trials he has learned to be incredibly street smart though not the greatest in terms of survival. he knows how to get what he wants but rarely uses that method to manipulate people, not unless it is absolutely necessary. His heart is huge, and he would do anything to help a friend even if it meant sacrificing his own well being. Still he is a bit rough around the edges and sometimes has an issue paying attention to things he doesn't necessarily care about. Tyler is a free spirit but follow his own moral code almost to an etreme. He is often hassled about this by his best friend but the two are completely different people and both have learned to live with that fact. Looking deeper into Tyler you might find he is fairly insecure and quite lonely even though he is dating an extremely beautiful woman from the University they attend. A series of hardly visible yet deep scars marks Tyler up all over and he does well to hold up the mask that hides them. Time will tell how he might change but for now he remains the pure hearted slightly pessimistic average male that he raised HIMSELF to be.

    "Rise and rise again as Lambs become Lions"

    Strengths: Tactics, Most Moral Decisions, Basic Athletics, Kind hearted, Basic Combat.
    Weaknesses: Spiders, Betrayal, Survival, Book Smarts, Riddles, Extreme Morals. Lack of Faith

    Current Relationships:
    Tirian is Currently in a 2 year long relationship with Anabelle

    Tirian's best friend has been there since they were both very young His name is Griffin.

    Tirian has another friend named Sera, that he has known for quite a while but since him and his current girlfriend started dating, that friendship has somewhat faded.

    Skills Modern:
    Tyler was good wish a few different things. he played expert Chess. He was involved in Soccer, and his Grandpa at a young age pushed him into learning Martial arts, this helped Tyler to gain a liking for sword play. Which also was drawn from his liking of the popular HBO series Game of Thrones. Never one much for speaking he preferred to draw and write in his free time, and on occasion he and his best friend liked to spar both with and without training weapons. Always competing those two; and Tyler always was the one at a loss.
    Skills Fantasy:
    Very basic Sword Play from slight training in the modern day with his friend. Nothing that would really keep him alive.

    His book bag, and sketch pad/Journal. Basic school supplies really and a change of clothes for Physical Education/soccer practice.

    Not Listed yet*

    Tyler grew up to a moderate family, not always in good financial standing but also not the worst off. His Mother was quite the character, a woman that had more of a desire for a boyfriend than a teenage girl. His father had vanished from his life at the age of four; and since then, life has been fairly about survival of the fittest. Tyler being an only child never truly had to worry about much else outside of his own well being as he had written his mother off a long time ago; whether she wants to admit that or not. Sometimes she will try to assert herself as the mother but it is laughable at best. Always some excuse as to why she won't be able to come to his soccer games, and never once has she met his girlfriend. Prime example of a mother indeed.

    At a fairly young age being forced to find his own entertainment, he turned to the virtual life of MMO's and eventually online roleplay. This pushed him into games like DnD and Pahtfinder and the like. His best friend was met not long after his father vanished when he showed up in their yard and asked if he could swim in the pool with them. later on his parents pulled up and since that point The two have been best friends. Not neglecting Sera either. She was his first real friend, one that he met early on in school, but that was because he had stuck up for her one time and gotten his ass kicked for it. The two were inseparable after all that. All enjoyed the nerdyness of life. Tyler's Mom would sleep all day with a hangover; so they often had the house basically to themselves to play games and think about different odd fantasies.

    With age and experience however comes the inevitable drift. Tyler became really good at certain athletics, and being a kid that could fit with most groups he started to get recognized and adopted by some of the popular kids. This was when he met his current girlfriend,a nd when a lot changed. Through the final two years of high school the two dated and at first things were well but with lack of time and mutual interest the spark in the relationship just got dimmer and dimmer. Tyler eventually started working at Walmart as an Unloader for trucks which took up most of his time, the rest consumed by university life. As you can imagine trying to balance work life a girlfriend, College and friends left friends a t quite the low point in the totem pole. Sera and Tyler drifted from each other and Tyler and his best friend had less time to hang out. They were growing up.

    One day when Tyler was out sharing time with his girlfriend His mother kept calling his cell phone, but neither were in any position to answer the phone much less care about it. It turned out that she had gotten into some major debt with drug dealers from one of her boyfriends, and they were demanding money. Tyler was her only hope at that time and so they raped her and beat her bloddy before trashing the house. Tyler eventually got the message and found she was in the hospital, and the boyfriend was right there sitting next to her when he came to visit. Out of pure instinctual rage Tyler Punched the man and broke his nose without a thought, and the result was that his Mother banned him from her room calling him selfish and blaming him for not answering the phone.

    Time made it difficult but Tyler grew extremely cold and stopped worrying about friend or even the unhealthy aspects of his current relationship. He became a creature of instinct and rented out a small dive of an apartment that was barely big enough for him. he went to school did his home work half assed everything to get the necessary stats he needed to graduate and get into a suitable college. His friends and girlfriend followed suit but in their own ways. Since the time he was banished from his mothers hospital room he has ignored all calls and had no contact with the woman. he doesn't know if she is dead, okay, anything and hasn't thought once to try and find out. A dull life with a repetitive schedule now, and all he is doing is just trying to get by.

    Tirian's Voice:

    Snow' the male in the vid~

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  4. [​IMG]
    Name: Azeirath Tweedle
    Nicknames: Zeiry, Tweeds, Wrath

    Age: 16 in human years/ 83 in Dwarf-Elf years

    Gender: Female

    Race: Moon Elf/Dwarf mix

    Class: Mage


    Affinity: Neutral (being that she is a mage and a High Elf, she has no actual affiliation with either good or bad. Because of this, she can easily go back and forth between the sides when she chooses. Her Dwarf side causes her to have a slight violent streak, meaning she can easily fend for herself)

    "Aliens? What a stupid way to describe yourself. Do I have a big green head?"

    Family Members: Azalea and Marnus Tweedle (wealthy business man and woman. Owners of Tweeds & Dean Corp., a large corporation dealing with massive trading, fortune 500, etc.)

    Friends: To be determined

    Enemies: to be determined

    Crush: As of 5 seconds ago: Leon Graives

    Height: 5'0"

    Weight: 107 lbs

    Facial Features: A small, heart-shaped head; large, doe eyes; long eyelashes; small mouth and petite sprite nose

    Eye color: Brown

    Hair Color: Honey Blonde

    Hair Style: Medium Length, to her shoulders and slightly messy. She wears it in different styles, depending on how she feels that day, but ultimately her hair is just hair.

    Distinguishable Features: Nothing very special, but she has a spark in her eye, unmatched by any who meet her.
    In fantasy form, she grows small elf ears

    Body Type: Small and Petite, doll like; mainly skinny, but there is a strength to her that confuses most.

    Personal Style: in modern times, she usually would wear neutral colors and nothing very impressive as a way to hide from other people. Large oversized sweaters, legging, boots, simple dresses and skirts on occasion.
    Fantasy times, she wears a robe, a short white and red robe with long, thigh-high black socks and knee high black boots. Her hair is worn in 2 low ponytails.


    Personality: She is rather quiet and reserved, prefering to remain in the world of fantasy she reads in the books. Most would almos call her stolic and emotionless, but she has bouts of hyperactivity when something sparks her interest (mainly magic). She puts up and emotional wall towards most, coming off as either cold or indifferent. She can be rather blunt at times, not having much of people skills, and is ultimately very intelligent, cunning, and funny. Because of her Dwarf blood she can be very passionate and violent, easily losing her temper on the smallest things. She is extremely intelligent, finding most difficult task easy. Excels in school with 4.0 GPA and is to Graduate early.

    (All form of elemental magic)
    Light (holy magic)
    Dark Matter (Black Magic)

    Skills (MODERN): Extreme intelligence, photographic memory, and sign drawing. She has been looking at Wiccan tradition and has been reading about all the different forms aof magic and creatures. An extreme brain.
    With a strong mind, comes a strong body. She has practiced kick boxing and different types of sword play. She became strong to protect herself from the bullies that messed with her. Being small, her parents did not want her to have no defense.
    Music. She was accepted to the school, not only for her intensive brain, but for writing, music, and drawing.
    She accels in Violin, Oboe, the Cello, and Piano

    Skills (FANTASY): Her intensive fight training will help, her large knowledge and photographic memory, developing magic


    Strengths: Photographic memory, kick boxing, can easily learn magic

    Weaknesses: Creepy Crawlies, The Dark, Speaking to boys, shyness, bluntness, anger issues, clumsy; She has grown up in a rich family and has been pampered and sheltered ost of her life. She has yet to actually understand that not everyone has had it as easy as her.

    Equipment: Her backpack, a spell book from home, a couple playing cards, her cellphone, a plushie panda keychain, a box of pocky (opened)

    Recently added items
    • a silver locket with an onyx gem in the center. Rather plain at first glance, but it seems to gleam in an odd way that most onyx does not do. Zeiry has been told by Leon that it use to belong to an all powerful dragon, but who knows? Overall, she is head over heels that Leon gave something to her...
    • Leon's phone number.
    Likes: Sweets, cats, dogs, pandas, shiney things, money, rocks, fighting, reading, learning

    Dislikes: The dark, anything that crawls or slithers, sour things, the heat, puppets.

    Fears: The dark, anything that crawls or slithers, the Lich

    Favorite Color: Turquiose

    Favorite Food: Strawberry tart
    Bio: Born into the Illustrious Upper Class lifestyle, Zeiry has been raised in general wealth and happiness. She has always gotten what she wanted, but their is a darker side to rich life. Her parents were always gone on business and she grew up relatively friendless with only the house workers to keep her company. Because she was along, she formed a vivid imagination at a relatively young age, always reading and drawing about fantasy and magical world (which she was quickly teased about.) Her parents put her in fighting classes and pushed her studies, wanting her to have a strong body and strong mind. When she turned 15, she entered her senior year in high school and started to dive into wiccan and sorcery studies. She became fond of the image of a mage, being able to control all elements. Her parents pulled her from fantasy and forced her to study, but she kept up the magic in private, instantly memorizing spells and signs. The end of her senior year has come and she has graduated at the age of 16 and will be heading to college...if not THIS happened. Surprisingly, you can tell that she is much happier about being stuck in a magic world rather than going to college to become a nuclear physics major.
    (On the tops of both hands)


    *Maka From Soul Eater, English Dub.*


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  5. Role: Best friend's (Griffin/Grim) younger sister.

    Kanari (kah•NAH•ree) Pieriott
    but call me Kana.


    Dusk Elf (43%)/human(57%)

    Are Elves wrought with Perfectly black hair and dark shades. Their skin is fair white and their eyes are a more believably Black with Gold irises. Red crescent moon scars appear upon the eyes like war paint. And throughout their body different Black and red natural tribal marks wrap around them that tell stories of Dragons. The dusk Elf is said to have a part of Dragons within them though no power over them, they are the protectors and the destroyers of Dragons. Upon their flesh if you look close enough the tiniest of indents for scales can be seen. claws slightly protrude from each of the finger tips and the canines are a bit sharper with sharper pronunciation to bone structure as well. They have signature elven pointed ears, and elongated form. However, they are a very odd and rare breed of elf.


    though can be influenced.

    I Belong/I'm Alien:
    Alien I guess.


    "I have bright pink long hair, I like to either have it down and curly or up in two pony tails. I like bows, ribbons, and star clips in my hair. My eyes are pinkish red, is that odd? I am 4'2", weighs 92lbs, with ivory skin. I am usually in many different types of dresses, sometimes I wear my kitty hoody. I have a few scars and a tattoo on my back, but those are secrets ;3. My brother and mother doesn't even know about them."

    When she goes into the fantasy world she keeps her normal appearance, though she gets pointed ears, faintly scaly skin, claws, sharper canines, no pupils, and the red crescent moon is stained upon her face.

    She is sweet, naive, oblivious, childish, and energetic. She loves her older brother and tends to follow him around and do what he does, he influences her a lot. She gets distracted easily and can be very stubborn. She is also very obedient, though mainly towards her brother.

    Stars in the night sky, sweets, the color pink, lights, big brother, Vocaloids, metal,

    Complete darkness, sour stuff, abusive people and bullies, country music, the sissy metal bands, judgmental people,

    Speed, flexibility,

    brute strength,

    Current Relationships:
    "I am Griffin's little sister. How?"
    Brings out binder, flips through pages. "A process in which the male's sperm fertilizes the female's egg. After the egg is fertilized the egg slowly forms into a living being. This process takes around 9 months. Fertilizing the egg has a few names; sex, intercourse, sexual activities, etc." Closes binder. "There you have it."

    Skills Modern:
    Cooking, aerobatics, dancing, singing

    Skills Fantasy:
    Medical herbs, first aid, hand to hand combat, and navigation


    She is a bit advanced when it comes to first aid, she takes calls on it every year in school and reads every book and manual she can about it. She has a good feel on pressure points so she uses that in fighting as well (She can't make people fall to sleep or paralyzed, she only knows the more painful pressure points, the ones where it stings for a while.)

    Aura control

    "Mom is abusive. Dad was when he was alive, but he's dead now so that means a little less pain. As I grew up I looked to my big brother, Griffin, for protection, I still do. Sometimes at night I would be sent to my room after mom came home with different men, sadly my room was next to mom's and I would hear moans, yelling, beating, and other scary stuff."

    "When I was younger, life was hell when brother wasn't around, either at school or with friends, mom would burst into my room smelling like alcohol and beat me and scream at me for no reason, though she made sure not to leave any visible marks. I keep this a secret from brother, he has enough to worry about."

    "You're a mistake, sin-filled. You shouldn't be alive. They would say, the people who kidnapped me when I was 7. Well, I stormed out of my house after mom had slapped me for sassing back to her, and went to the park, which was where they captured me. I had passed out on the way for some reason, I don't know why though, I wasn't tired before. When I woke up I was in and empty white room in a chair with my hands tied by a zip-tie. The rest was a blur, all I remember was pain, people calling me evil, sinful, mistake, etc. I remember other children there but none stay as long as I did. I'm not sure how I was able to escape, I think someone cut me loose, I remember one of the people saying I was there for too long, maybe he let me out. No, wait maybe brother saved me, it's hard to remember exactly. Anyways, I've been trying to forget that but the scars and giant tattoo on my back won't let me. My parents and my old friends all look at me with pity and disgust, I hate it... "

    "Grandpa was a very nice man, pretty much the only nice man that came into the house, other than brother. I didn't spend much time with him though, I made sure of that. I had brother to look up to, but brother had no one, he was all alone. I didn't want to take the one person he could look up to away from him, so I kept my distance. Soon, though, that nice old man died, and brother is alone again. I try to comfort him as much as I can but sometimes I feel like I can't fill the void grandpa had left."

    "But no matter what I will keep a smile on my face, for him, and I will not cry. I will take care of myself as much as I can and maybe I'll even be able to take care of brother every once in a while."


    Theme song:
    Show Spoiler

    Show Spoiler

    Favorite color:

    Favorite food:
    Sata andagi

    Favorite drink:
    Chocolate milk

    It was tattooed on her back when she was kidnapped.
    Show Spoiler

    Older Kanari (open)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Mask her kidnappers wore:
    (She could only see their eyes)
    Show Spoiler

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  6. Name:
    Aiden & Nadia

    17 - Oldest twin / 17 - Youngest twin.

    Human / Human

    Dark arts/Necromancer
    Dark arts/Necromancer

    Male / Female

    Evil / Neutral

    "We are Aliens!~"

    Aiden stands at 5''11 with a generally slim build although he does have some muscles. His skin is a light shade, nearing pale that
    often makes people believe both he and his sister are sickly or just delicate. His hands are calloused from years of work and study.His posture is often slouched, hands tucked into his trouser pockets. Aiden as ruby red hair, and red eyes that fade to pink towards the outside of the irises. His hair is normally tousled, reaching the nape of his neck. There is no set length for his hair which is why few strands poke out at random points, giving it some style. Aiden's left ear is pierced and from the piercing hangs a small red sphere, wrapped in silver coils. This is his Phylactery. He normally wears a red shirt, grey waistcoat and trousers along with dress shoes. His hands are always clad in grey gloves. Always. Aiden has tattoos relating to talisman and spells upon his upper left arm along with on his upper back and torso.

    Nadia is the same height as her brother, 5''11. She is petite when one looks at her strangely enough. She has a slim figure, curvy at the waist along with long legs. Her skin, like her brothers is pale a shade that is almost delicate and porcelain like. With doe-like red eyes that fade to pink and thick red lashes framing them, Nadia is often seen as a doll. Nadia has the exact same shade red hair as Aiden and she keeps it short so its about the same length, possibly slightly longer. The only difference is that Nadia has a silk grey bow in her hair. Her normal outfit consists of a red dress that puffs out slightly towards the bottom where it reaches her mid-thighs. The pattern less dress is accompanied by a grey waistcoat to match her twin along with a grey bow around her collar. Her legs are glad in grey tights before meeting black shoes with a small but visible heel. Like her brother she wears gloves. Her Phylactery is also a necklace, with a similar appearance to Aiden's but held around her neck by a silver chain. She has a tattoo over her heart.

    Aiden in terms of personality is cold towards most people. This is mainly due to his dislike of people in general, although he does grow fond of people which is really the only way to become a friend or create any bonds to him. He is highly irritable, small things such as idiocy tend to drive him crazy even if they are ridiculous and getting angry is being over dramatic. He chooses to seclude himself to study the dark arts and most of the time necromancy. He has a deep set love for his sister, Nadia due to the closeness they share although he seriously wishes she would stop being so idiotic. He tends to knock her upon the back of the head repeatedly although he may have a slight sister complex. Aiden is manipulative as he will use anything to get what he wants be it small or big. Sometimes he can do some nice things for people. Like all people who up take the profession of a necromancer or just the dark arts he has his moments and insanity. Although in his case he is more sociopath. Although he has restraint, his insanity escapes during moments in battle or when his irritation reaches a point he cannot take it. Unlike Nadia he is more open about his sadistic nature, occasionally with sly remarks and threats. Aiden loves his sister deeply. However with his desire to live eternally he always has one constant, Nadia. He often finds amusements in pranks pulled by Nadia because they are twisted and just plane insane but work well. His favourite would be acting as if both him and Nadia are dating or in a relationship which people often retreat from due to their status as twins. Aiden does fear the moments Nadia gets angry though because while he is sadistic and loves torture, she is like a switch with destructive properties.

    Nadia is in most views, the opposite of her brother. While he is attentive, intelligent and strong willed, Nadia is easily taken over by curiousity. While she could be hailed as a genius along with Aiden in the dark arts she will barely think about what she does carefully. In appearance she gets along with most people with her optimistic attitude and bright smiles. Nadia is childish while her brother is the mature half. She pouts, cries and throws tantrums occasionally depending on the situation at hand. Like her brother though she does have a dislike for large company. She is extremely intuitive. When she is supposed to be studying her practice she tends to either fall asleep or wander off which torments her brother who needs her presence for a lot of things due to their joint powers. Since the dark arts and its practice affects everyone who takes it's mental state, Nadia is affected differently. Due to her reluctance years ago to taking it up she tries to force herself to believe she is still a normal mortal, not plagued by tormenting voices. Hence she is the 'shield' of the two twins since she has begun to believe that if she still feels pain she is mortal and a normal human. Of course, this is just insanity and paranoia backing her up for an attempt at stability. After a few minutes of reassurance of this she will switch, realizing she is not and has changed due to the practice and she becomes destructive and insane. She looses herself. Nadia is easily calmed by either Aiden, candy or the idea she is normal returning. Nadia loves her brother deeply above lots of things. He is her constant. She feels similar to how Aiden does for her. Nadia is a trickster and is the one who works out how to get people to leave them alone or to simply play pranks. Nadia does have a slight sadistic side despite her need to feel pain to believe she is normal.


    Current Relationships:


    -Control of emotions.
    -Studies/intellectual topics.
    -Formulating detailed plans.
    -Playing the piano.
    -Inhumane speed.

    -Playing pranks.
    -Fooling people.
    -Playing the Piano.
    -Finding stuff/ getting lost herself.
    -Falling from high places.
    -High tolerance for pain.
    -Inhumane strength.

    -His sister.
    -Pain, low tolerance for it.
    -Idiots, they rise his anger which ruins his control.
    -People, he hates being around them unless he likes them.

    -Her brother.
    -Water, she is terrified of drowning.
    -Not the smartest, lack of consideration/thinking.

    -Her ignorance.
    -Being told she isn't normal human/fully mortal.

    Skills Modern:

    -Computers, hacking.
    -Running businesses.
    -Avoiding detection from the government/towns
    -Preforming with his sister.

    -Taking care of the orphaned children.
    -Taking out people that come near their location.
    -Preforming with her brother.
    -Using a gun.

    Skills Fantasy:


    -Sketch book for spells, talisman etc.
    -Daggers, ritual items.
    -Necromancy book.
    -Sword - Katana.
    -His favourite snack - Pocky.(Hiding this from Nadia)

    -A broken teddy, large.
    -Music book.
    -Throwing knives/normal knives.
    -Necromancy book.
    -Loads of packs of sweets/candies.
    -A rubber duck.

    -Currently Necromancy (Nearly mastered)
    The ability to command and tamper with the necrotic forces that be. Summoning orbs of dark energy, or undead minions, or resurrecting the dead against their will.

    -Trying to Domination Magic
    Taking over the will of another being and forcing them to do something they normally would not.
    Plans to learn more types...

    -Currently Necromancy.(Nearly mastered)
    The ability to command and tamper with the necrotic forces that be. Summoning orbs of dark energy, or undead minions, or resurrecting the dead against their will.

    -Trying to learn Demonancy.
    Summoning and conquering demons.

    Plans to learn more types...


    Seventeen years ago, Aiden was born upon the 6th of march along with Nadia a couple minutes later. At first they were going to be named Sam and well...Sam but their father, the one rational parents had their mother agree to Aiden and Nadia. These years were spent in luxury, their father being a CEO for a computer company and their mother well...she was just slightly odd which is most likely where Nadia got her personality from.

    During their childhood, Aiden and Nadia were extremely close. Be it school or home, the youngest was always seen clutching the arm of her brother, following him around like a duckling. Everything that Aiden did, Nadia copied and followed without thinking about it. There were multiple times she walked into the opposite genders bathrooms although after a this occurring a couple times she was always seen sat outside, waiting for her brother.

    In school, Aiden was attentive and observant as he took basically all the information in while his sister began to fail in her subjects quite easily. In lessons she often ended up doodling random images involving, ducks, dinosaurs or zombies for no apparent reason. Her teachers were shocked and appalled at her attention span and her father was far from happy. He was furious, the media had a possibility of discovering the idiocy and inferiority of one of his children.

    Towards the ends of the their middle/primary school Aiden was the top of his class, beloved by all and Nadia was hated to a point teachers often gave up. Aiden spent his time teaching the lessons to Nadia so by this time she could pass her exams with a passing grade but few gave her the chance. Aiden discovered she was a kinesthetic learner. Their father was not happy with a passing grade and so decided against the children's choices, he sent Nadia off to a boarding school.

    Nadia went reluctantly although it was her fathers comment of 'you are not normal' that caused her refusal to end as she was dragged off. Aiden began to detest his father at this point as he took to trying to get back at him for his actions to Nadia. Over the years Nadia was gone, Aiden would hack and ruin his fathers image in an attempt to get back at him. Eventually however he neared giving up before he turned to the dark arts.

    A year before Nadia's return he had gained enough knowledge to take out his father but by this point Aiden had begun to feel the effects of insanity upon his mind. Easily he took his fathers life and his mother fled. When Nadia returned she was shocked, her brother being locked up in the apartment, a grin on his features. At this time she questioned him before she discovered what he had done.

    She failed to believe what he had done until he revive their father and made his apologize for everything. As a natural response, Nadia freaked out. Aiden was still in his moments of insanity and grew angry. Events transpired but eventually Aiden threatened to get Nadia too. He snapped out of it seconds later, apologizing to Nadia who forgave him easily. At this point he began to teach her the arts of necromancy since she decided she would stick with her twin.

    Aiden became the head of the company for a few months before people found out about their dwelling in the realm of dark arts and the twins were forced to flee. They fled to a small town far away from their original home where they took residence in an abandoned church. The people named them "Monsters" and left them alone, the government occasionally got involve and attempted to capture or kill them.

    Over the next year or two they lived comfortable in the church despite its run down state. Occasionally run away children would join them, knowing about their practice, but with no where else to go they became a small family but most died during the twins bursts of insanity. Nadia by this point still held regret upon taking up necromancy, not because of those she killed but since she didn't feel human. Her mind eventually made her believe both her and Aiden were completely normal and so life continued, now with a insane Nadia too.



    What Nadia sings/plays on the Piano a lot.

    Nadia's voice - Junko Enoshima.

    Symbol on Nadia's torso.


    Aiden's favourite song.

    Aiden's voice - Mukami Ruki

    Symbol on Aiden's torso.

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  7. WIP



    Rouge Temptress

    ♠ Name ♠
    "Call me Cat! Or... something else. I don't really care. Call me whatever."
    Catheriné Julie Monette

    ♠ Age: ♠
    "I give you three chances to guess. For each wrong answer I'll draw something on your face with this waterproof marker."

    ♠ Race ♠

    "It's unfaaaaaaair... I totally wanted to be Legolas. Why am I stuck being dead, when all I ever wanted was to be alive? Stupid game..."

    ♠ Gender ♠

    "Female, last I checked... might've changed my mind tomorrow, though."
    Biologically Female

    ♠ Affinity ♠
    "Hear my evil cackle and tremble in fear!"
    Neutral... probably

    ♠ I Belong/I'm Alien ♠

    "I come in peace, take me to your leader."
    From the Future


    "I can't decide if I should color my hair blue or pink... or perhaps lime green. What do you think would suit me best?"

    Catheriné is neither too tall nor too shart, standing about 176 cm tall without her high heels. When wearing them, around 4 -7 cm can be added. Weighing around 62 kg, Cat is of slender body built and rather small chested, though the curves around her hips are rather prominent. Her arms and legs are fine, long and slender, though she does have a lot more muscle in them than she appears to. With a heart shaped face, high cheekbones, petite nose and mouth and somewhat almond shaped large eyes, she could easily be described as pretty, or at least fairly attractive.

    Her eyes are usually appear to be either purplish or bluish gray, though depending on the light they may appear more purplish blue. Sometimes, they may also appear more greenish. They tend to have a sort of misty or mysterious look to them, though this definitely isn’t always the case. Cat’s skin is fair, almost pail so and smooth, though there is a rather noticeable scar running across her left thigh. In order to cover it, she has tattooed a Chinese style dragon curling around a deck of cards over it. Long dark waves of silky hair frame her face, with a fringe just long enough to cover her eyes (if she wants to) to go along with it. Her dark eyelashes are long and flirty, which perhaps suits her personality just fine.

    Catheriné’s clothing style… is rather interesting. One day she may have dressed completely sloppily- to the point where you’d mistake her for a hikomori, and the next day you will find her wearing the cutest of dresses with a pink wig. Tomorrow she may dress like a total Goth, only to go to school dressed like a cowgirl the day after that.

    Although she has a tendency to often change it completely depending on her mood, there is one outfit she always returns to in the end. Heavily inspired by the Japanese gothic Lolita style, Cat’s dress is black and frilly, reaching to about her knees. To this, she usually wears a pair of blue stockings, one striped blue sort of half glove which opens at the fingers, a pair of high healed, black shoes, a cute little Lolita fashion styled hat. To add to the outlandishness of her outfit, she tends to draw three dark blue spots lined beneath her right left eye and paint her nails black.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    "I am simply Wonderful~"

    Cat is a very... unpredictable character, to say at least. Suffering from rather severe mood swings, she can be energetic, happy and sweet one moment, before turning almost completely murderous or depressed the next. In a way, her personality is similiar to her way of dress. Thus, there is one attitude she generally keeps up, even if it is prone to change often. She likes to flirt and crack jokes (of which many might be considered dirty), not to forget the fact that she very much views herself as a free spirit. She has a tendency to float in and out whenever she feels like it, and the only rules she follows are her own.

    Just because of this, she can sometimes be very hard to please and easily gets bored. Cat constantly tries to find new ways to entertain or indulge herself, not hesitating to turn to drugs, sex or even violence if she has to. In a way she could easily be compared to a spoiled brat, though a somewhat twisted one at that.

    One thing Cat truly loves is playing games, and she especially likes making them up herself. It is next to impossible to make sense of her games most of the time, and sometimes it is even questionable if Cat herself understands her creations. The rules also tend to change a lot during the course of the game, and due to this inconsistency winning it fair and square is impossible. She is prone to cheating and bending rules, no matter the situation.
    Free Spirited
    Incredible Memory

    Good Cominic Relief (usually)

    Weaknesses ♣
    Terrible Loser
    Socially Inapt

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    "For all the lovely people I meet~"
    None Yet

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ♥ Modern ♥


    ♥ Fantasy ♥

    [​IMG] [​IMG]



    Levitation - Due to her ghostly nature, Cat has the ability to levitate. She is still fairly awful, however, and thus usually makes sure to stay close to the ground. Once she gets a better hang of it you better watch out! There is no telling what Cat would do with her powers. o.O
    Translucency - Not only does she have the ability to become translucent, she also has the ability to restructure her entire substance. This gives her the ability to pass through everything with a substance at will. Well, not so much at will right now. It usually happens when she doesn't want it to, and doesn't work when she needs it.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    ♦ Voice Actor ♦

    ♦ Theme Song ♦

    ♦ Face Claim ♦
    Mio - K-On

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  8. [​IMG]..Sera Pierce..[​IMG]

    › Nicknamed Sorai Tenshi ‹
    Age 18 111
    Human Star-Elf~Drow Crossbreed
    Cleric of the Stars
    Chaotic-Neutral to Good Affinity
    I am Alien


    Modern Appearance
    Sera has a track record of being sensitive about the construction of her looks, although the standards she sets for herself differ exponentially from what might be considered the societal norm. Physically speaking, she has a fit and healthy body that is due in great part to the training and exercise she subjects herself to. Her skin is pale, matching the combination of blue eyes and light blond hair she possessed before experimenting with body-modification at the age of 16. Presently her hair, which falls just below her chest, is a mixture of violet and pink - though the color changes often and without warning. Sera has 00 gauges and a stud piercing on the left side of her nose, both acquired at the age of 17. On her 18th birthday she received her first tattoo, a pair of tribal wings designed and applied to her back by her eldest brother. She plans to have two more tattoos done in the future.


    New Appearance
    Given her new mixture of Star Elf and Drow lineage, Sera, or in this time Sorai, possesses traits from both sub-races, though more heavily from her mithral side. Her eyes are a pale pink with mild golden specks, resulting from the typical red of Drows and the pale gray of Star Elves. She has pale porcelain skin lined by the traditional runes associated with Drows, which appear to be natural birthmarks a few shades darker than her base skin tone. Sorai is medium height, standing around 5ft 7in, and has a very thin, lithe figure natural to elven races. Perhaps her most outstanding feature, Sorai has waist-length hair that borrows its coloration from both bloodlines; a pale silver-white base with undertones and light hues of gold and pink.

    In modern times, Sera favors comfortable and dark, alternative-style clothing. She particularly loves leggings and will wear them beneath long sleeve off-shoulder shirts, baggy sweaters, grunge tanks and black lace tops most usually. Sera prefers black combat boots to any other shoes. At home she alternates between leggings and black or gray sweatpants, usually with a sports bra or crop-top for the sake of comfort and heat relief. When Sera and the others are taken back to the "New" world, she is forced to exchange her modern grunge-alternative look for robes, skirts, dresses and underclothes. One of the first things Sera does in this new world is gather a bunch of female clothing and tear them apart, piecing together new, suitable and practical ones for their journey. Such outfits include a vest-like white and gold top which unfortunately shows more of her chest than she desires, due to how low-cut most of the accessible materials happened to be, a long mantle which had previously been a silk dress, and a white skirt over top make-shift white legging shorts.


    Sera is very much an individualist who follows her heart and shirks the rules and traditions of modern society. She believes that freedom and self-control are invaluable traits that are rarely found in public, which constrains her willingness to be sociable and outgoing. People often judge her quickly due to her somewhat abrasive, blunt nature, and label her an arrogant introvert. In all honestly, she is very intolerant toward ignorance (especially self-induced ignorance) and has made it a point to be honest in her assessments of people and situations. She does not sugar coat anything, with anyone, except on rare occasions in concern to her close friends. Her opinions are strong but usually not unfounded, because she understands the value of research and general information gathering when forming opinions. Sera is most concerned with her belief in self-responsibility, and has no sympathy for people who choose to let others decide their fate for them. The world is uneducated and weak, and while she recognizes that she too has flaws, Sera is determined to point out the weaknesses she spots in society.


    Current Relationships

    · Sera has an older brother named Michael Piece, who adopted her out of foster care when she was 13. She continues to live with him while she's in college, and works at his tattoo parlor.

    · Sera has been close friends with Tyler since childhood, but in the past three or four years their friendship has faded, a fact she both despises and has no idea how to fix.

    Her friendship with Griffin has been somewhat reliant on their mutual friendship with Tyler, which put a strain in their relationship as Tyler drifted. She tries much harder to stay in contact with him since starting college, considerably more so than she does with Tyler.

    · As children she also came to know Griffin's little sister, Kanari, who she adores and would instantly adopt as her own sister in a heartbeat if something were to happen to Griffin.


    Sera is very analytic and mentally fit. She can assess situations in a strategic manner and usually knows what to ask or say in order to get the truth out of people. This also makes her very good at manipulating situations in order to accomplish what she desires. Her memory is very strong, and given her athletic background she has accomplished a physical prowess that enables her to do a great many things with herself. She has also developed a substantial tolerance for pain, due in part to her brother's tattooing.

    At times Sera can be very abrasive and blunt with people, which often leads them to either avoid her or start a fight. She can talk circles around people but not in a soft manner, which makes her a poor choice for trying to seduce or entrance people. Sera can be very prideful at times, and if you challenge her with intelligent and legitimately founded insults about her personal flaws, she may just flounder and respond out of rage, rather than strategically crafted wit.

    Modern Skills
    She is a great swimmer, is very light and quick on her feat, has a strong memory and can draw extremely well, especially when trying to render realistic objects or people. Sera is also very talented when it comes to analyzing situations and crafting strategic plans to solve the problem at hand.

    Star-Elf Skills and Feats
    Rapid healing abilities, attuned to the divines, guardians of the wind (keen senses), increased dexterity and speed, low-light vision, immune to light-based blindness and dazzle effects, and blessed by the sun.

    Drow Skills and Feats
    Nimble and manipulative, immune to magic sleep effects, high spell resistance, umbral scion which inspires divine favor, and a powerful aura.

    Divine Cleric Skills and Feats
    Detection of magic and magical items, detection of poison, mending of objects, purification of food and drinks, elemental endurance, the ability to stabilize a dying creature, compel hostility, cure light wounds, and the possession of divine favor and an aura of good fortune which improves team moral.


    Summon Will-o-Wisps
    : The ability to summon 10 Will-o-Wisps at one time (independent of familiar-summoning). The closest Will-o-Wisp must remain within ten feet of the caster, and all other Will-o-Wisps must remain within ten feet of another in order for the spell to last. Will-o-Wisps emit multi-colored light that will illuminate even the darkest area, and given that their illumination stems from divine energy, they cannot harm even those that are susceptible to light effects.

    Summon Familiar : The ability to summon and control a creature of your choosing. Only one familiar may be summoned at any given time.

    Mild Telekinesis
    : The ability to move or animate objects from a distance. These objects may be used to attack foes or to fulfill another command given by the caster, but will lose their animation after 30 seconds.

    Solar Flare : The ability to conjure a flash of raw sunlight which extends 20 feet from the caster. Creatures that are not completely immune to light-based effects are blinded or dazzled for up to ten minutes.

    Astral Dust Form : The caster becomes an incorporeal creature of star dust for a short period of time, during which they become untargettable but may still be influenced by area of effect magics.

    Starcall : The ability to summon a hailstorm of stars which burn the land impacted and turn those who are struck to ash. Those with a divine blessing cannot be harmed by Starcall.

    Sending : The ability to deliver a short message anywhere, instantly.

    : Renders a target area "Sanctuary", meaning that opponents cannot attack you, and you cannot attack them. In order for this spell to be used, it must be discussed in OOC and the GM will have the final decision.

    Consecrate : Fills a target area with positive energy, weakening the undead and reducing (but not erasing) the hostility of enemies.

    Mirror-Shield : Half of the damage inflicted upon a target is absorbed by the caster.

    Zone of Truth : Blesses a target area that prohibits any subject from lying while in that area. In order for this spell to be used, it must be discussed in OOC and the GM will have the final decision.

    Divine Blessing : The ability to bless or heal gravely wounded targets with the aid of celestial intervention. This blessing will not lend itself to any powerful Cleric more than once a day. Less powerful Clerics may only gain this blessing anywhere between once a week and once a month. The power and favor of the Cleric decides how many targets may be effected by the blessing; some of the most powerful Clerics can effect up to ten people at once.

    Darklight : The ability to bless an object or creature so that it exudes total darkness for up to a radius of 30 feet around any side of that object. Illumination spells and light-based effects will not penetrate the darkness created from a darklight. Those with regular eyesight should not be able to see anything in these conditions, however there are some races that can mostly bypass Darklight and see as a normal human might in the dusk hours of the day.

    Vision of Hell : The ability to create a brief illusion of hell that shakes and disorients targets. Every glimpse of hell is personalized to the target's greatest fear and would reflect whichever of the nine hells most closely associates with that fear.

    Murderous Command : The ability to
    compel a target to kill its ally. The command is not definite and can be denied if the target is strong of will or has an emotional bond with their ally.


    A bag of gold coins, given to her by Hobbler.

    A white and gold-embroidered silk sheet fashioned into a dress-like robe.


    As a child, Sera was surrounded by a family that was content with rotting in poverty. Her parents would always emphasize how powerless they all are, how society exists to beat them down and keep them in the dirt like roaches. They would skitter through the shadows, drowning themselves in drugs to take the edge off, and ranting how asphyxiation was their only solace in this cruel, unfair world. Sera despised all of them - her parents, who openly smoked and shot up in front of their young children, who taught those children to hate the world and feel powerless; and her siblings, who were too weak to defy what their parents taught them and actively seek another course, despite being older than her by several years.

    The first few years of her life went by in a blur. She hid from her family members whenever possible, having learned to despise them and the rest of the world for oppressing her. At age 6 her parents split apart, and a custody battle ensued - one she discovered, much later, had less to do with either parent's desire to keep their children and more to do with the money and child support that would accompany having custody of them. Sera wound up living with her mother, and her youngest older brother wound up with their father. Her eldest brother, who had been 19 at the time, had already moved out and was making a mess of his life far away from them. Life went on for two years, during such time Sera's mother moved them out of state, to a small suburban town known in the streets for its high drug involvement. The school she wound up in wasn't much better. Most of the kids were either pampered, privileged little pricks, or kids with families like hers, who blamed the world for their problems and bullied the poor and quiet kids, like her, as a way to feel like they had some power in their shitty lives.

    Sera was not popular at this school. She wasn't the most attractive little girl, having strong facial features that looked wrong on her childish face at the time. To make matters worse, her mother was disabled and relied on government money to get them by, so her clothing was lackluster and sometimes she had to wear the same outfit every other day. Sera was an easy target, to say the least, and despised most of the kids too much to try and make friends. So when one day after weeks of being bullied, an unlikely blond hero stepped in to take the beating for her, Sera's view of the world changed considerably. His name was Tyler, and he left that fight with far more bruises than he had been able to dish out. It'd been stupid for him to step into a fight he clearly wouldn't be able to win, and she made a point of telling him so, even at such a young age. But he shook it off and told her that he would have felt much better doing it for a friend. It took her a week to understand that the dumb blond boy had been asking her, right then, to be friends with him.

    Their relationship was natural after that. They became best friends, and were pretty much inseparable for several years during grade and middle school. Tyler, she learned, was very heavily interested in the idea of fantasy. He played games all the time, wrote fantastic stories online with people, watched a ton of anime and ran DnD campaigns constantly. She hadn't understood his obsession, not for a long time. But eventually she started to see the appeal in fantasy. Why subject yourself to your own shitty, mundane existence when amazing fantasy worlds were waiting to steal you away? She didn't get as heavily invested in fantasy like Tyler did; Sera had adopted the belief that the only way to escape sad realities was to work toward a better future. But over time, he got her into watching anime and playing games with him, and she enjoyed that time they spent together. Even his weird DnD campaigns, which forced her to act like a completely strange and unrealistic character, out loud, in front of him and other people. He brought her out of her comfort zone, at least, and she became more open minded for it. Eventually a new boy joined their little circle, and he fit in just as naturally with them as they did with each other.

    Tyler and Griffin got Sera successfully through intermediate and middle school, when her life finally began to fall apart completely. In fifth grade, two years after Sera lost contact with her youngest older brother and their father, the two returned. Her brother was a completely different person than who she'd known as a child. He had been brainwashed to despise their mother, who Sera considered the better of their two parents. When they returned, her mother fought for custody of him again, this time with proof that he had been abused and mentally twisted by their father. She won custody, and their father moved to Florida. Another two years later he moved back and began another battle for custody, this time accusing their mother of being an intense drug addict - which, in all fairness, she had become. Sera expected her mother to win the court case and for everything to go back to normal. Nothing could have prepared her for the call she and her brother received on the day of the court case. It was her mother, sobbing into the phone at her to pack her most important belongings and for her brother to do the same.
    "They're coming to get you," she'd said to Sera, then age 11. "You're being put in foster care."

    She'd dropped the phone, then, and her brother scrambled to pick it back up and see what she had been told. Sera didn't stick around to see him cry, and she definitely didn't stick around to wait for the people that planned on picking her up. She took off, without shoes or a phone or any of her belongings, and ran to the only place she felt remotely safe - she ran to Tyler's house. His mother was passed out over one of her normal hangovers when she arrived, barely contained tears in her eyes. He'd asked her what was wrong, and she crumpled to the floor in his little living room, the tears finally flooding over. She told him what happened, what was about to happen to her, and sobbed in his arms. Griffin showed up a few minutes later, and soon enough Tyler started talking about running away together, all three of them, to a place in the woods or somewhere far away from their terrible lives. None of them had a particularly happy or safe childhood, none of them had anything left to keep them there, so why not? But she knew running away wouldn't do them any good. Where would they go? How would they survive on their own? They were just kids after all. They were helpless. They couldn't run away to a better life because there was no better life for them to find. So she shook her head, told them how impossible it was. And they sat with her, the two of them, because that was all they could do.

    Eventually the case workers showed up in front of Tyler's house, her mother not far behind, clearly the one that figured Sera would be here of all places. By then she'd stopped crying - she couldn't find it in her to give them the satisfaction of seeing how broken this was making her. Sera's mother had been crying and apologizing as soon as she stepped out the door to meet them. The case workers introduced themselves, explained that she would have to come with them, and that her brother was already in the car waiting. All she could do was nod and follow them to the car. Before she got in, her mother pulled her aside, continued to apologize and tried to hug her. But Sera just shook her head and got in the car without saying goodbye to the woman that'd caused all of this. She didn't even glance in the rear-view mirror as they drove down the road, away from her mother, away from her only friends, to the only foster home available in their town at the time.

    Sera and her brother wound up in foster care for a year and a half, during which time their eldest brother had returned, now 24 years old and a year out of federal prison for a stupid drug-related incident. During those years he'd grown up, matured enough to realize that a life of crime and drug-dependency was not what he wanted for himself, contrary to their parent's teachings. He had worked for a year in a high end restaurant as head chef, and saved up enough money to open a little tattoo parlor not far away from where they were living. Only a month after they entered foster care, their older brother put in for legal custody of them. It took a year and a half of fighting, tooth and nail, but eventually he was able to convince the courts that his history of drug violations and crime was in the past and that his new established business was a very convincing point of his responsibility as a legal guardian. By that point, her youngest older brother was about to turn 18 and graduate high school; when their older brother was cleared to take custody of them, he opted to get his own apartment instead. Sera moved in with her older brother, still only 13 and not far away from high school. While she had been in foster care her visitation with Tyler and Griffin had been limited only to their time in school, but still they got her through, and somehow their friendship flourished because of it.

    Their close friendship lasted for a while, but not forever. When they entered high school, Tyler quickly became a popular and desirable friend to a ton of different cliques - all people she didn't much care for, or fit in with. She could tell that the things these people saw in Tyler were only pieces of him. They didn't know Tyler to be the dorky gamer and fiction writer. They knew him to be the soccer star, the heartthrob, the popular type of person they wanted him to be. So he drifted, and Sera let him, because what good came with clinging to people for your own selfish reasons? They still talked, but conversations were dull. They stopped gaming and writing together, because Tyler was suddenly very busy with soccer and his girlfriend and school and everything other new thing that had become important to him. Eventually Sera stopped allowing herself to be upset over it or to care that much about how things turned out. She began to focus on herself as an individual, her personal interests, and the relationship she was slowly building with her older brother.

    He had been the only one to make something of his life after getting out of prison for the very things their parents taught them to rely on. That alone is what made her comfortable enough to let him in. Her 18 year old brother had moved out and fell into the vice of drugs and crime, just like their parents, so Sera opted not to stay in contact with him. Her oldest brother was the only person she considered family anymore. While she was in High School, Sera spent most of her free time in his tattoo shop with him, cleaning and maintaining the stations, organizing the inks by color, and creating new designs for him to add to the "Inspiration Wall". Several of her designs have been chosen by his customers to get done, which works in her favor because when her designs are used, her brother gives her half of the cut.

    In High School, Sera participated in swim and track, though she made a point not to officially join her school's teams. During free periods and after school each day, she would run laps on the track and in the pool, timing herself with each cycle and pushing to beat a new personal record every week or two. Her athletic passion stemmed from the desire to lead a healthy, productive lifestyle that would one day free her from the drug-and-poverty-laden existence her parents and brother were trapped by. Sera discovered her love for art by living with her older brother, and he empowered her to build her skills so that she could go to college for what she truly loved. She made new friends through her art classes, none of which compared to the friendship she once shared with Tyler, but were enough to get her through high school nonetheless. Tyler and Griffin graduated a year before Sera, and so she spent her senior year as a ghost in the school, avoiding Prom and Senior Banquet and all other school-wide events in favor of making art and spending time with her brother at his tattoo shop. She graduated as second in her class and opted not to take on the official status and responsibilities of "salutatorian", passing it off to some other friendless nerd. Her grades and poor family situation was enough to get her into a local, private art school on an extremely helpful set of scholarships... a school, coincidentally, only a few miles from the state university Tyler and Griffin were attending together. Currently she still lives with her brother, and is about to start her second semester in college.



    Voice Example ‹
    The voice of C.C., girl with green hair. Starts at 6:20-7:40

    Theme Song

    Forum Banner ‹

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  9. Azel Sarwanth
    Age: [ 100 18 ]

    Race: [ G H O S T ╬ H U M A N ]

    Gender: [ Male ]

    Affinity: [
    Neutral ]

    I Belong/I'm Alien: [
    A L I E N ]




    Appearance: Azel's bony features are something that you shouldn't underestimate since they are deadly as any other dull weapon you can find lying around. Lengthy as a person, 6'3" to be exact, Azel towers over the average male. However, when it come to being tall, Azel's weight is beyond light and thin, only weighing about 152 lbs. Not much fat or muscle, Azel's weight is mostly carried by his dense skeletal structure. His facial features are nothing spectacular but he is definitely not ugly. He carries some scars along his hands which is unknown on how he got them to be so marked up but most of them are faded and go unnoticed to the human eye. Always wearing a frown, he usually scares off people from his "don't come near me" expression. However, Azel's eyes is what halts most people since his vibrant color of blue and yellow that should never go together yet it does upon his set of eyes. Aside from his physical features, Azel wears loose clothing that hangs off of him as if it was going to fall. Never caring for his appearance, he goes with the gawky, comfortable set of clothing which consists of sweatpants and an oversized shirt.

    Personality: Always looking a far, Azel tends to look as though he has something weighing on his mind. Pondering the thoughts that walk right into his head, Azel never lets a thought go without analyzing why he was thinking and the importance of it. Students around him always think of Azel as being the 'ingenious' boy since he always wears glasses during studies and is never called by the teachers. He is labeled special by everyone since he always seems like he does his work and leaves early without any punishment. However, underneath that false rumor, Azel actually is the norm like everyone else and only scribbles in partially correct answers and turns it in even if he only did half the worksheet though it is true that he leaves early without punishment. That fact is unknown at the current moment. With his uncaring attitude with work and the people around him, Azel pretends to live up to the lie just to satisfy himself and keep away from people. The thought of closeness lies very foreign to Azel that he never feels comfortable with human touch or the breath of a human against his skin. He coils up within his mind and focuses only on the task which he was appointed since the beginning of his middle through high school life. Monitor, analyze, and take action if necessary. He never over steps his boundaries and never lets his own morals get in the way of the rules. Like a robot, he does his job with precision even if that meant physically taking matters into his own hands. Emotions to Azel is meaningful but only when it is timed correctly and needed. Yelled, cussed, screamed, and even physically attacked, Azel never lets his emotions erupt back as his nature to calmly dissect the situation than just attack with useless energy. If he doesn't have to use energy, then Azel will do everything but use any energy to deal with situations that are meaningless to him.

    ✴ Dealing with high stress situations
    ✴ Acting before feeling
    ✴ Fearless

    ✳ Feeling - Connecting Emotions
    ✳ Fighting
    ✳ Stamina

    Current Relationships: ( Aneira Dragomir - Supposedly a "boyfriend" to her.)

    Skills Modern:
    ✳ Observing/Analyzing people - Intellectual smart at picking out peoples strengths and weaknesses.
    ✳ Camouflaging- sinking within the background (People don't notice him)

    Skills/Abilities Fantasy:
    ✳ Camouflaging- sinking within the background- Actually doing so for 1 minute.✳ Able to slip into objects and people however, unable to actually control them unless they are hurt or they surrender to him.

    ✳ Steel Wire

    Background: Born with no complications, Azel turned out to be like the rest of the worlds normal babies that genetically has no problems with health. However, what was so normal of being silent most of the time and never expressing a sense of true emotion? Azel never had it in him to express himself easily since he thought the energy to do so was useless and exhausting. Childhood to now, Azel never bonded with his parents, since they were the type to give up once they saw how he was going to act for the rest of his life. They practically left him at the age of 15 years old for "work" because they sought no interest into trying to get to know their child. Disconnected with care, Azel shrugged his parents off as if they had no purpose for him in the first place and moved on to living his life alone. Right in Junior High, Azel found himself in a position of authority. He was appointed the position of being a Hall Monitor, a unruly task yet he found it fun in his case. It was interesting just walking in the halls and noticing all the situations that he would find himself into when school was in session. It oddly entertained his mind that he could have power over students. The obsession to follow each rule and punish anyone who broke them gave him a sense of fulfillment that he decided to keep throughout his time at school. Romance, friends, and trips were never in Azel's agenda to do since the thought of having one would be annoying and problematic. Being alone, and actually living alone was something that gave Azel a sense of control and familiarity. Getting close to anyone is something Azel has a problem since he noticed it right when his mother hugged him one time. It suddenly came over him as wave of destruction when he swung his hand across her face. The feeling he was getting during the physical interaction violently shook the inside emotions. Ever since then, Azel pulls and minimizes himself from touch as much as possible. However, there is someone that has currently been attaching herself to Azel and won't go away. Unable to fully push her away, Azel has let Aneira Dragomir to follow him for right now.

    3: 37​

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  10. Announcement~

    1. I would like to ask that all pending characters that have not finished their Cs, Do so. I want to be in full motion by tomorrow night when i am home from work.

    2. My work schedule is sketchy most days, luckily i work tomorrow my normal shift of ALL DAY... v.v and then I am off for 2 days again. Normally I work a lot more than this. That being said I expect post time to be within-2 days. Don't rush but don't keep everyone waiting either . Please. =)

    3. I love the characters so far and as it stands we have covered all the roles I really wanted covered concerning from the future characters. THAT being said; i will still allow characters that are from the future as their is more than who is presented here that will be sent back in time when that happens. So don't be discouraged and think you can't join the rp as a awesome role. Im still willing to work with people.

    On the OTHER hand. I offer all players in the rp to make a second character of their choosing. This character will be one that is ALREADY part of Norindul. (fantasy world) You can talk this over with me of course and Ill let you know if your ideas are workable. BY you doing this I can create the world more thoroughly by adapting to your characters. Note: that these characters might not get played quite as often as your main roles but they will definitely be present.. and this so i don't have to run over 100 NPCs by myself v.v

    4. From here On out I ask as a title for posts above the bulk of your rp post itself, that you type the name of the area/place you are at. and below it which character you are and who your post is directed towards. This will allow us to avoid losing our spot if we fall behind and to know which posts they HAVE to read. (I encourage reading all of them of course but that can be time consuming)

    EX: The Locker Room,
    Tyler>(Tyler's Girlfriend)

    Easy right? =D

    5. Collaborate with each other do things to surprise me I may have my specific plot that I am going for, but I am not opposed to you having some fun just make it believable is all i ask. obviously going on a murder spree in the modern time is not acceptable. I want you guys to work together to make this rp epic and i will definitely be working with you as well. If I see something that will overthrow my over all plot Ill ask you to change it, or Ill compromise with you on it simple as that. =)

    6. I really love the characters so far, and im sure we all know posting etiquite. try to be aware and keep a small bit of posting order when it comes to your little groups. Keep it neat and try to cover everything make sure no one feels ignored unless the character themselves is ignoring them. No god mods, etc all that fun stuff that we all know.

    That is all i have honestly just a little thing to inspire everyone and set in motion exactly what I am looking for in this rp. =D
    I really look forward to seeing all of your writing and can't wait to really get this show on the road. Thank you for participating!

    +Jack Shepard III+
    +Game Master+
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  11. Name:
    Griffin Pieriott
    Played by: Wolfsin
    Human: 22/Elven: 119
    Dusk Elf/Human
    Dusk Elf Description:
    Are Elves wrought with Perfectly black hair and dark shades. Their skin is fair white and their eyes are a more believably Black with Gold irises. Red crescent moon scars appear upon the eyes like war paint. And throughout their body different Black and red natural tribal marks wrap around them that tell stories of Dragons. The dusk Elf is said to have a part of Dragons within them though no power over them, they are the protectors and the destroyers of Dragons. Upon their flesh if you look close enough the tiniest of indents for scales can be seen. claws slightly protrude from each of the finger tips and the canines are a bit sharper with sharper pronunciation to bone structure as well. They have signature elven pointed ears, and elongated form. However, they are a very odd and rare breed of elf.

    I never felt as though iv belonged anywhere else, but I'm an Alien


    Griffin is your typical teenager, he wears loose clothing, and baggy pants. Some could call him a slob; though he is far from it. He has Medium/long black hair that falls over his eyes slightly, and grey blue eyes. His frame is thin yet much thicker than Tylers' was. broader shoulders, more muscle. Really its best to refer to the picture above and replace the golden eyes with Blue, and not count the red marks on his face. The picture above is how he looks once he gets geared up in the fantasy world and becomes his true self.
    Griffin is an odd character. He cares so much for people, but to sum it up he is horrible at expressing that. This often leads him to missing out on things that he wants. Protective over the ones he loves and cares for to the level of it being almost a fault. Griffin is harsh and blunt, but also knows how to spin words to be nice at times as well. Very much the opposite of Tyler in terms of talking he prefers greatly to just say what he thinks, and doesn't often consider consequences, unless he knows they will be bad. Griffin is warm-hearted, but selectively so, and if you do not fall into his circle of loved ones then you might as well be dirt on the road. Still hes not so vacant; that he will not give anyone new a chance. he gives them about the same respect that they give him and if things click then maybe Griffin will have a larger circle. This aside Griffin has a flaw in his personality that longs for the power to change things, this flaw is his most defining feature and to almost everyone it also may be his most private feature as well. Griffin will do whatever it takes to fix what needs fixed, if he deems it worthy then nothing will stop him from completing his goals. no matter what.

    Wordly Separation
    Hiding Emotion
    Expressing his Feelings
    Overly pessimistic
    Loss that Holds weight.

    Current Relationships:
    Tyler~ Best Friend since a young age, Time and Experience has made that friendship fade quite a bit.

    Sera~ This is Griffins best friend to replace his "best friend" He is closer to Sera than most, and happens to have a big crush on her.

    Kanari~ This is Griffin's pride and joy. his little sister that he loves so much.

    Skills Modern:
    Sword play

    Skills Fantasy:

    To come

    A Sharp Flippy knife, Tickets to a Concert (X2), A drawing Kanari gave him, His cell phone, and a pack of Cigarettes.

    To be listed later~

    Griffin was born to a small city of drugs and violence, born in a living hell so to speak. His family life was never good and considering that his dad's never panned out for long either that didn't help. Since day one of his life His mother has been using and manipulating people, even one time He remembered that she left him in the car outside of a local bar to go inside and make some money with her body. She never came back alone and the end results for the night were never anything good either. They would all return home and she would party all night in front of him, then they would push him off into his room ram her into a wall and do what they wanted. His Mom was bipolar however so more times than not she would say something stupid or "wrong" and piss one of them off, that ended with her getting beaten.

    Oddly enough, Griffin grew pretty used to this life, and the turmoil that followed, he went cold and blank from most of it and tried his best to just stay silent about everything. That was until by some misguided fate His father came back into the picture; if only for a short while. His Mom and Dad were volatile, and he was likely the worst of the violent ass holes honestly, he was cruel and on good days he would have her crawl around with barely anything on, and hold a leash attached to a collar about her neck. It was how he got his rocks off I guess.

    About a year passed and Griffin turning about 11 his Mom got pregnant "God was such a sadistic ass hole to let another child be born to this wench" Kanari became Griffin's Focus and it helped that school was decently underway as well. Griffin had met a few people, one time having run away, god did he ever get a beating but it was fine since he met Tyler out of it. And soon with Tylers idiotic good nature another was added to the group, though honestly he couldn't complain. She was wierd at times, and none of them had the best of a life when it all came down to it,b ut they made good with Tyler leading the way with his fantastical ideas and compositions.

    When Kanari got older, and they did as well; she finally joined their little crew, just in time really for it to begin falling apart. he would never forget, when Sera came over that night, he was leaving his own gruesome scene, so it was hard for him to separate from it all. he tried to be there for her while trying to suppress his own childhood horrors. She was forced to leave, and he was helpless. It was during this time that another similar situation happened. Mother had left father again but on different terms now. Griffins father had been murdered, and it was believed to be one of the guys Griffin's mother had met at a bar, but he knew better than that. Money was quite a bit easier after that but his Mother didn't change.

    One day Kanari; being a child got mouthy and Mom slapped her hard... it was the first time Griffin ever hit a woman as he slapped her probably twice as hard as she had hit Kanari. "Don't let me ever see you hit your child like that again, i know you don't consider me your child but Kanari still is, if you do it again then you will join Dad." This was enough to send his Mother into a fit of hysterics and the guilt trip of "I am a horrible mother" he was far to used to such theatrics, it had no effect, and unfortunately the damage had been done.

    Kanari was gone for a long time, despite their best efforts to find her, well his.. She was beyond reach and Griffin began to lose hope in life completely. His Mom still continued as she wanted and things got a lot more violent from here. Griffin had no qualms with stabbing, punching, beating, and utterly destroying each and every piece of shit who laid a hand on his Mother, and she used that. Violence became the norm and Griffin grew darker and darker into his hatred of mankind. Finally a lead turned up someone had seen Kanari walking with a strange man who seemed suspicious, and without a thought Griffin went off the lead.

    It lead him to a house where a group of little girls were, and he arrived just in time to catch two men forcing a girl to post as another.... well it was enough. he didn't hestitate as he beat all three of them bloody and used his knife to stab the on three times, that had been violating the girls. he found Kanari, who was drugged up and took her from the place, not opting to tell anyone about that time, but Kanari was at least back and now he had a small semblance of hope return to him.

    Things had changed a lot in this time. the games changed and Sera having dissapeared left Tyler and Griffin as a duo. they trained with each other and competed here and their, but Tyler was never ever on par, not in those things at least. They entered high school and Griffin took interest in one of the more popular girls, beautiful girl by the name. (.....) it was a fools thought though, as he never had the courage to speak up and attempt to claim her as his own. Tyler however had it naturally and he watched as his best friend and his crush at that time became something. That was the biggest game changer.

    Tyler started working, and became a Jock of sorts. A soccer star, which drew in a lot of attention. And in Tylers new life he abandoned his old. Sera and Griffin became phantoms of the past and that was apparent. Of course Tyler never wanted to admit it and on occasion he would try to be friendly again but at least it opened up new horizons as he got closer with Sera.

    Kanari was older now, 10 and she was much more of a pain than she used to be, but he Loved her dearly. His mom was still a bitch, and had found a new tactic to try and sway peoples oppinions and make them pity her. She often threatened suicide, writing out long ass letters and placing them in spots where Kanari or himself could clearly read them. Griffin tried to shield her from this, but it was impossible. One day finding a letter directly noting kanari and how she was better off without her, Griffin found it and went off the edge. he remembered well the night that his Mother had done what she did, and went to the kitchen to find that very knife. he then entered his mothers room; placed her note and stabbed it to the wall with her knife. "There do it and get it over with, you're right I will take care of her."

    Of course, She was never so brave to pull anything like that off, and they were still plagued with her to this day. It got harder to worry about school, with worrying about Kanari, but he really had stopped caring at this point. Instead he focused his energy so that she might grow up differently and in the spare bits of free time he had, he would visit with Sera.

    Sera had grown beautiful over the years, and unfortunately he still had the same ridiculous fear of saying what he needed to. Here she was sitting a foot away from him eating Sushi and he couldn't break the distance and seal some semblance of happiness for the two of them.. it was pathetic. Unfortunately he knew the sad truth.. She once had liked Tyler, that was a fact.. and she had No interest in him, in that way.

    "Griffin.. I have a little time left so i want you to get your fishing pole ready cuz we need to go fishin before I bite the dust."

    ....."Okay gramps"

    The possibly worst time in his life had to come with finding out the one man who had been a consistent father (When allowed) throughout Griffins Life; his grandpa was found with Cancer in his lungs. It was inevitable, death would claim him in the time span of 1-3 Month,a nd this was yet another thing Griffin kept to himself and tried to ignore.. He was helpless, aklways so helpless to make things better.. That cold realization changed him but it seemed subtle. Was it really? Griffin lives a life of pain, and still does that to this day, Every day he knows could be the last for someone he cares about so he lives on the edge and finds himself always in trouble.. but he still has a heart, a genuine spirit, and it still makes his cold dead eyes let loose tears when he thinks about the words of his Grandpa, and the fact that before they could go finishing one more time.. He... became... unable...

    "I ask for anything, I am returned with ashes to chew on, to taste my own scornful relationship with God. I desire hope, Power, anything I can. So long as I can stop being helpless I will do anything for that cause."

    The Blonde guy


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  12. [​IMG]


    Niri | Neira | Dragon
    21【Human】| 274【Dragon】
    Half Human | Half Dragon
    White Dragons are proud and solitary creatures. They take pride in their scales, the purest of all colors; absent of any colorful taint. These dragons prefer high mountains and colder climates. They are legendary for their ability of producing an icy mist breath, capable of freezing everything instantly. White Dragons are neutral creatures, picking a side when time is correct. Some may choose evil over good, it doesn't matter. These dragons are distrustful towards other creatures, valuing themselves and their beautiful preservation over everything. Unfortunately, they aren't trustworthy as a result. The only exception is their mating ritual. A White Dragon yearned for a soul bound mate, an eternal bond that cannot be broken. After a dragon located his mate, they will be the only thing he cared about above himself. White Dragons are known to have the ability of learning magic loosely, fueling their power.


    Snowy White
    Falls down to the nape of her neck in unruly wisps.
    Thick; Coarse | Soft; Feathery

    Lightly Tanned
    Athletic; Acrobatic

    ➳ Tattoo of a tree on the full length of her back.
    ➳ Tattoo of a small four leaf clover on her right inner wrist.
    ➳ Tattoo of a small sparrow on her left inner wrist.
    ➳ Tattoo of a golden snitch on the back of her left ear.
    ➳ Matching tattoo of this design on both her legs.
    Her attire varied. It mainly consisted of skinny jeans, combat boots, 3/4 quarter-sleeved graphic slim-tees, and her signature leather jacket. However, she mixed up her outfits and incorporated short-shorts with tights, leather boots, and sweater shirts with her favorite graphics. She isn't exactly girly, but her friend forced her to add more girly items. Despite her effort, Aneira is a tomboy at heart. Unfortunately, she resembled a delinquent with her leather jacket and uncouth attitude. When her friend isn't looking, Aneira stashed her collection of band t-shirts and worn, ripped up jeans in her closet. When she isn't wearing her combat boots, Aneira opted for converse or sporty trainers.



    Brutally Honest | Protective | Short Tempered | Resourceful | Cynical | Intelligent | Creative | Resilient | Observant | Stubborn

    Aneira isn't exactly a sweet, innocent girl. Her sharp-tongue earned her several punishments in the past. She doesn't like revealing her true emotions, opting for a tough exterior. Her protective nature stemmed from watching over her younger siblings, Kyna and Kian. After her mother's death, Aneira dedicated her life protecting her younger siblings. Due to her uncouth nature, most men were intimidated by her. It didn't bother her, however. Aneira wasn't exactly girly. As a result, men weren't her top priority.

    Over the years, Aneira made a few close friends; two boys, one girl. Despite her behavior, she cared about them deeply. Aneira isn't the type to forge bonds willingly. However, once someone carves a place in her heart, she is extremely protective over them. Underneath her cold exterior, Aneira is surprisingly compassionate. Ironically, she is great with children and adores animals. The most effective way of connecting with Aneira is through music. She was a musical prodigy, inheriting a gift from her mother. She had the ability of playing by ear. If she listened to a song once, she could play it almost perfectly on her first try. She had a powerful voice, but Aneira stopped singing after her mother passed away. She developed a habit of singing lullabies to her brother and sister, but that's the farthest she would go.

    Aneira became wary of trusting others. She may of established friendships, but it was minimal. It wasn't exactly an easy process either. This behavior stemmed from her childhood. She loved her uncle dearly. However, he only used her to access her mother's bank account. In the end, he left, taking all of her mother's savings. Aneira hid underneath her fortified walls, vowing to never repeat her mistake. Other traits include hardworking, loyal, versatile, witty, sarcastic, and realistic.

    ☑ Parkour
    ☑ Basic Martial Arts
    ☑ Gymnastics
    ☑ Soccer
    ☑ Baseball | Softball
    ☑ Street Fighting | Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basics)
    ☑ Music
    ☑ Observing | Perception
    ☑ Running | Pole Vault
    ☑ Poker | Card Games

    ☒ Short Temper
    ☒ Reckless
    ☒ Using violence for her answer.
    ☒ Sharp-tongued.
    ☒ ‶Bitchy″ attitude.
    ☒ Kyna & Kian
    ☒ Soul Bound Mate
    ☒ Her musical instruments. (They are precious to her.)
    ☒ Patience
    ☒ Wary of trusting strangers.

    ⊱ N/A

    ☑ Parkour
    ☑ Basic Martial Arts
    ☑ Gymnastics
    ☑ Sports
    ☑ Observation

    ☑ Hand-to-Hand Combat (She used her experience with street fighting and transformed it into combat.)
    ☑ Perception
    ☑ Basic Swordsmanship
    ☑ Basic understanding of the bow.
    ☑ Butterfly Knife
    ☑ Maze
    ☑ Metal Baseball Bat
    ☑ Digital Camera
    ☑ Cellphone
    ☑ Photo of her siblings, Kyna & Kian.
    ☑ A large backpack full of wonders. (She was heading to the airport on that day.)
    ☑ Ocarina
    ☑ Flashlight
    ☑ Blanket

    Not Listed Yet


    Aneira was born in Moscow, Russia. She was raised in a middle-class family, older sister of two younger twin siblings, a boy and girl. Her mother was a professional musician, specializing in the piano and violin. At the age of seven, her father died in an unfortunate plane crash. In order to support her family, her mother gave up her career as a traveling musician. Aneira lived in Moscow for another three years before her family moved. She relocated in a large city somewhere in the States.

    Throughout the years, Aneira developed a hard exterior. She was bullied in school for her ethnicity. Instead of submitting to her tormentors, Aneira fought back. Aneira didn't have time for friends since she was in charge of taking care her siblings and cleaning the house. Her mother worked all the time, so it was inevitable. One day, her favorite ‵uncle′ came to visit. He wasn't related to her by blood, but was her father's best friend. He taught her the fundamentals of parkour and martial arts. Albeit, she was small for her age, Aneira was agile and acrobatic. She compensated her lack of strength with speed. Three years later, after her thirteenth birthday, Aneira experienced her first betrayal. Her beloved uncle, who taught her everything, was a Con Artist. He used her to gain her mother's life savings. Aneira was devastated. After that incident, her trust in humanity dwindled.

    Her lifestyle changed. Her mother was distraught over the ordeal. She was forced to take another job. A month later, Aneira's grandparents moved in, providing financial support. However, it didn't matter. Six months later, the stress drove her mother over the edge. One morning, Aneira discovered her mother's dead body in the bathroom. A bottle of pills laid next to her corpse; overdose. Fortunately, her grandmother was there to ease the grieving process. After her mother's funeral, Aneira demeanor altered. She vowed to never show her true emotions. Despite her hardships, Aneira wasn't completely selfish. She didn't abandon her brother and sister. On the other hand, her behavior in school transformed. She became rebellious, mischievous, and reckless. She wasn't the type to follow rules and punched her enemies in the face. Her grandparents was concerned with Aneira's change, but they couldn't control their granddaughter. Ironically, Aneira maintained a high GPA, excelling in most of her classes. She was notorious for her detention record, nonetheless. Somehow, Aneira graduated in the top ten, receiving a music scholarship to a nearby University.


    Russian | Irish | English

    ↳ Aneira is fluent in Russian, Irish, English & Arabic.
    ↳ She is currently learning Japanese, but she isn't fluent.
    ↳ Aneira plays the piano, guitar, ocarina, violin, drums, cello & flute.

    ↳ She maintained a faint Russian accent in her voice. When she's angered, it thickened.
    ↳ Aneira became fascinated with tattoos at an early age.
    ↳ She learned Arabic from her ‵uncle′.

    ↳ Despite her attitude, Aneira is intelligent.
    ↳ One of her favorite classes in college was Psychology.
    ↳ She never spoke about the origin of her parkour & martial arts skills.
    ↳ She carried her butterfly knife with her at all times. It was a gift from her ‵uncle′.
    ↳ She didn't make friends until she was in her senior year of high school.
    ↳ Her friends' names are Griffin, Leon & Darcie. (Warning: I don't mean Wolfsin's character, Griffin!)

    ↳ Her dragon form is smaller due to her young age. She will eventually grow to a full size dragon later in the story.
    ↳ Her eyes illuminate a brilliant aquamarine when she activated her dragon side.

    ☑ Music
    ☑ Photography
    ☑ Reading
    ☑ Sketching
    ☑ Cooking | Baking

    Theme Song(s):

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  13. Announcement to ALL Players in this rp!

    I want you all to look over the rules that were just added in. They can be found on the very first post of this thread for sign ups. AFTER you have read I want you to quote me a single rule from the list on the ooc thread. if there are questions/concerns with the rules then PLEASE let me know. Thanks guys. =)

    GM: Wolfsin
    Jack Shepard III
  14. Name: Zezreno (last name unknown. He is commonly called Zero)
    Age: 16
    Race: Human (Becomes a cat-kin)
    Gender: Male
    Affinity: Neutral dark
    Home: Earth

    Picture: image.jpg image.jpg

    (no ears and tail)
    Appearance: Generally found in dark, loose fitting clothes, and has a black tattoo that traces down from either side of his neck and disappears somewhere under his shirt. As he has never taken it off in front of others, no one knows what the full marking looks like. He is 5' 9" with a slightly leaner build than most, and due to wearing clothes longer or larger than what would normally fit, he looks a lot thinner, almost sickly and lanky at times. Whenever he does wear clothes for his size, however, he looks to be very well suited to his body type.

    Personality: Zero is quiet. Not the shy kind of quiet, the 'I'm going to murder you in your sleep and no one will ever know' quiet. He has a natural way of just being unsettling, even without saying a word or looking your way. When he does speak, he only does so when absolutely nessicary. If you were so lucky as to be deemed a friend, though, you will have earned a loyal companion. Despite his lack of words, he makes up for it in his protection and knowledge.

    Strengths: Swordplay, dual wielding, espionage, sneakin up on people, fast runner

    Weaknesses: Cant bring himself to kill others (currently) isnt very honest, has a hard time trusting

    Current Relationships: no one currently

    Skills Modern: Blade matinance, Machine matinance, Swordplay

    Skills Fantasy: none currently

    Equipment: Two thin long swords. It is rumored that he keeps a tight fitting leather and metal played breastplate on at all times beneath his clothes, even if its thin.

    Abilities: none currently

    Background: He had been born and raised in a rural area where industrialization is slow to take up. It has a strong hold there, but the town is poor not having the money as a whole to buy the upgrades for their machines. The solution conceived by city officials was to make one of the main classes in general schooling, from elementary school up, the ability to metalwork. Due to think clever conception, the town can now make and repair its own machinery and parts.

    Of course, not everyone in this town is the same, others possessing certain skills in a higher degree than others. Zero's father was an expert metal smith, whereas his mother was a mechanic. The two separated upon the child's birth, however, as the father accepted a job offer in a big city. Custody was never shared, resulting in Zero only ever knowing his mother, though, to any outsider, it would seem that it didn't affect him too greatly. He was just... Different. From birth, he didn't cry, and he didn't speak or make any sort of noise until he was 5 and a half. Even after that, in all his years, he was never one to talk very much. He escaped any pin he was put in, and most of all, he would always be found playing with the kitchen knives, or taking apart clocks.

    Due to his affinity for being able to piece things together and his ability to quickly compute, he was enrolled into schooling early so as to have higher classes in smithing and in engineering. Even through his school years, however, he would 'disappear' from class, wandering about campus with no real purpose other than to get away from everyone else and not to be so bored. Despite this, he was a straight A student in every class he had, and thus, he wasn't disciplined too harshly. After having graduated Junior High, Zero was given an opportunity to meet his father for the first time in the big city.

    Along the way, he takes a break, sitting in a park that was nearby the factory in which his father worked. As the seal holding back the dark lord was released, Zero was in close proximity, and thus had first-hand exposure to the dark lord's energy, messing him up in the head a bit. After such an experience, he was transported into a strange world, with strange abilities. He could see the auras of others, though he couldn't control it. It just happens, so he tends to be a lot more judgmental due to that. His voice was also affected, to where speaking is not only his least favorite thing, but now it hurts.

  15. Anabelle St. Cloud
    Age 19
    Human Druid Nymph
    Chaotic-Neutral Affinity
    I am Alien


    She is 5"9 and weighs in at 121 pounds, very small for her age and height. Her body possesses the curves of a woman without being overstated, and she has a very attractive body composition thanks to her several years of gynmastics. That said, she has never experienced combat or physical altercation and knows nothing of how to disarm an enemy, which makes her vulnerable and physically inept when the group is taken back to Norindul.

    Anabelle has bottle-blond platinum hair which she has gotten into the habit of using toner on to make white. Her eyes are a dark shade of steely blue-green, which stand out against her lightly tanned skin. Freckles powder her nose and high cheek bones, which accent her sharp jawline and give her face a slender, pointed appearance. Anabelle has fine eyebrows, a thin nose, and a softer point to her chin. Her lips are plump but small, and are usually painted a deep scarlet-red color. When they travel to Norindul, Anabelle's hair reverts back to its original red-orange color; all other features remain the same.


    In the modern world, Anabelle dresses to fit her financial status. Her outfits are well put-together and usually cost a small fortune, one her mother is more than willing to pay for her daughter to look classy and powerful. Anabelle adores lace and satin dresses, and long skirts with tight fitting tops that accentuate her chest and often times reveal parts of her back and collar. While on campus she has been known to opt for a pair of designer jeans and an expensive camisole, often adorned by scarves, name-brand jackets or light sweaters, depending on the season. Most of these things do not exist in Norindul, and so when the switch is made, Anabelle embraces her new nymph-like nature and begins to favor scantily-crafted dresses, shawls and wraps that hide the most sensitive parts of her body with a thin sheen of beautiful fabric.


    Anabelle is the scion of a wealthy and influential family. As such, she has been raised to understand that money and connections can get you virtually wherever you dream to be; unfortunately for her, she has not been taught how to rightfully dream or what to strive for. Her mother indoctrinated the practice of learning how to manipulate the world from an early age. Anabelle was brought up knowing that the most powerful tool a woman can use is money, and that the second most powerful tool, the one you should always rely on, is your body and the capability you possess of using it to get what you want in life. Anabelle's mother taught her to strive for more money, more power, and more trophies with which she could prove her superiority. She did not teach Anabelle about true happiness or love; those words weren't used in their house, nor were "kindness", "self-respect" or "genuity". That is not to say that Anabelle grew up without such qualities being important to her. She still aspires to find love, happiness and self-respect. But she had never been taught what those qualities truly entail, and so the forms of them she seeks are warped and twisted by her own ignorance and privilege-induced naivety.

    Anabelle sees love as little more than glorified sex; she sees men as trophies, and was raised to believe that the means which earn her trophies are not important. She has little respect for her body and what she does with it, so long as she gets what she wants in the end. That said, Anabelle is actually a relatively kind-hearted person. She does not torment those who are less fortunate than her. On the contrary, she likes to think of them as unfortunate souls that could use a little spoiling in their mundane lives. Anabelle has been known to adopt "charity cases" and keep them in her arsenal of honor badges, knowing that one day those relationships may grant her powerful connections and privileges. As a whole, Anabelle is a determined girl that has a strong understanding of money, power, and the means that are required to earn such things. She is especially talented when it comes to manipulation and scene-setting, but lacks a genuine grasp on what society deems "love" and "happiness" to entail. Though in some cases she can be incredibly intelligent and crafty, this makes it difficult for her to forge genuine relationships and will likely keep her from experiencing true, whole-hearted happiness until she learns to remedy her own ignorance.


    Current Relationships
    Tyler's girlfriend of a little over 2 years. Their relationship is based mostly on sex, given how little they have in common with each other and how little time they spend together.

    Current Enemies
    Anabelle has an ongoing feud with Sera after their rather colorful falling-out a year ago during one of Tyler's college parties. The two hate each other.


    Intensive knowledge of money, power and manipulation. She knows how to get what she wants, whether that entails using her body, sharp tongue or family name.

    Lacks a knowledge of the sincerity of relationships, both romantic and friendly. She does not know how to sustain relationships based on emotional connections, and thus resorts to manipulation of people through material means. She is very prideful and does not respond well when insulted. She is also completely incapable of protecting or defending herself in a physical altercation, and would be more likely to use pepper spray as a means of escape rather than fighting someone head on.

    Nymph Skills
    charming/enchanting, elemental influence, natural empathy, grace and agility

    Druid Skills
    woodland strive, trackless step, venom immunity, timeless body, elemental endurance, animal empathy.


    Nature's Wrath : The ability to influence plants, trees, shrubs and other aspects of nature to lash out and damage enemies. Can be especially powerful if enemies are causing harm to nature at the time.

    Entangling Roots : The ability to root enemies in place with the help of plants, trees, and shrubs.

    Bark Skin : The caster's skin becomes as tough as bark for thirty seconds, reducing the damage dealt to them by approximately half. This can be used while stunned, rooted, asleep, or incapacitated.

    Polymorph! : The ability to shapeshift into an animal form. Each animal form is accompanied by a specific set of abilities, and using an ability outside of that particular set will instantly break polymorph and turn her back into humanoid form. The act of polymorphing also frees the caster from movement impairing spells or effects, such as being snared or rooted.
    • Polymorph! Cat Form : Agility, attack speed, and damage-avoidance are enhanced while in this form. She can use Prowl to vanish and enter stealth mode, at the cost of movement speed. She may also use Rake, Maul or Ferocious Bite to wound the enemy and cause bleed damage.
    • Polymorph! Bear Form : Armor, stamina and brute strength are enhanced while in this form. She can use Growl to a) taunt powerful enemies into attacking her or b) scare weak enemies away. She may also use Rake, Maul or Ferocious Bite to wound the enemy and cause bleed damage.
    • Polymorph! Aquatic Form : Swimming speed and regenerative capacities are enhanced while in this form. She can also breath underwater and use Ricochet to send and receive sonar-like sound waves through the water. This polymorph tends to take the form of a mermaid or dolphin.
    • Polymorph! Travel Form : Movement speed and stamina are enhanced while in this form. This polymorph tends to take the form of a bird, which allows her to Claw or Peck enemies.
    Hurricane : Creates a violent storm that inflicts nature damage on all creatures within the target area. The caster must actively channel the storm in order to maintain this spell.

    Astral Storm : Creates a violent magical storm that inflicts arcane damage on all creatures within the target area. The caster must actively channel the storm in order to maintain this spell.


    Current Equipment
    A pouch of gold, given to her by Hobbler


    Anabelle was born into a wealthy family, daughter to the most influential CEO in her suburban town, and the depreciating woman she has to call mother. Her father, who owned a wealth of plentiful oil rigs across the south, what a hard businessman during the day and a loving father at night. He was home every evening to have dinner with Anabelle, to ask about her day and assure that the maids and tutors were helping her if she needed it. He tucked her in at night and hummed her to sleep, although his singing voice hadn't been the greatest in the world.

    He was both the mother and the father figure, while Anabelle's real mother hit the clubs each night and slept hangovers off during the day. Anabelle suspected from an early age that her mother didn't love her, or her father, and grew to despise the woman as years passed. The lowest point in their relationship occurred when a Texas hospital called after dinner one night. Her father had been away on business, visiting his rigs to identify which ones were fully functional and which ones lacked the proper managers, staff or materials to fulfill their quotas. Last she'd heard from her father, the night before, he was just touching down in Fortworth, Texas. That was one of his final rigs to visit, and he would be coming home in three days, just three more days he told her, just to hang on a little longer. Neither one of them knew just how long she would be waiting for her father to return after that night.

    While on the site of his Fortworth oil rig, one of the workers screwed up, and the entire site exploded. The casualties were limitless, especially to Anabelle, who lost her father and only friend on that day. She was too young to understand the explanations people threw at her, to understand what mistake the dumb workers had made that killed her father. She was too young to learn, at the dinner table, that her father was dead. And when Anabelle broke down into tears over the news and wobbled to her mother's side, looking for comfort, the cold woman shoved her away with a disgusted look on her face. "Don't cry over something like this. You're too emotional about everything, Anabelle. It disappoints me."

    That night, her mother went out to party as usual, leaving six year old Anabelle alone in the entirely too-large house to mourn her fathers death. She learned the next morning that they would not be flying out to Texas to retrieve his body. It would be shipped back in dismantled pieces, in the back of a cargo plane, like fresh meat from oversees. The funeral was a grand affair. All of her father's business associates showed up to console her mother, the new CEO of the company, the woman who couldn't even bring herself to cry at her husbands funeral. As they dropped his body into the dirt, Anabelle sobbed into her nanny's gown, and her mother looked away with thinly veiled disgust.

    Their relationship went downhill from there. Anabelle wanted nothing to do with her mother, and despised the unfeeling woman. She came to understand that her mother hadn't ever actually loved her father - it was the money that convinced her to get married. Always the money. Anabelle's mother indoctrinated her to understand many things about the world as she was growing up. Firstly, that true love does not actually exist; that there are always ulterior motives which turn love into a twisted and impure feeling. Secondly, that money is more powerful than love, or anything really; enough money could turn even saints into sex-fiends. Thirdly, that sex and the body are nothing but tools to get what you want, and that they should be used in such a way.

    Anabelle's mother was never forward enough to speak these rules to her verbally. In truth, the woman couldn't care less what Anabelle was raised to think or feel about the world - she only cared that Anabelle was obedient when given commands, and did nothing that would bring her shame. Anabelle learned these rules not through intentional teaching, but by watching her mother demonstrate those principals over and over again, until they were the only things she could ever understand. She despised the idea of turning out like her mother but happened to become as such all the same. After years of living in the presence of a walking example, Anabelle began to see the world in a meticulous, money-oriented manner similar to her mother. She was a very popular person in all stages of school, for her money or good looks she couldn't tell but didn't care to understand. It was all the same to her. An appealing body equated to power, which equated to money, which circled back to more and more power.

    Anabelle lived her life embracing those three lessons. She was privileged beyond belief in terms of money and had full access to the funds which would give her anything she desired. Men flocked to her like studs ripe for breeding, and women flanked her from behind, snatching up the trail of crumbs she left behind. It became clear to her how much money could influence people, and how those greed-forged relationships earned her connections and privileges she couldn't have even imagined existing. It was more valuable, Anabelle learned, to be kind and feign compassion where it mattered, rather than treating everyone beneath her like dirt. She made more connections that way, earned more trophies and set projects into motion that would benefit her in the future.

    Along the way, Anabelle forgot what true, unconditional love felt like. The only example she'd ever had of it was her father, who over time Anabelle began to forget about, until her memories of that feeling vanished. Love, happiness... she stopped believing in those things like a child stops believing in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. They were replaced by lust and contentment, the closest feelings she will ever believe to resemble what society calls true "love and happiness", thanks entirely to the terrible role-model that was her birth mother.



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  16. [​IMG]
    Name: Asciel "The White Witch"
    Age: 397
    Gender: Female
    Race: Moon Elf
    Class: Sorceror or "Witch" as she has come to be known
    Affinity: Neutral
    Family Members: Blasfimer Nexus (The Moon Soceror)
    Friends: Girmer "The Great Sage"
    Enemies: Those that seek to tip the balance of neutrality.
    Height: 6ft.
    Weight: 132 lbs
    Facial Features: Extremely elegant features- long, straight nose that stick up slightly on the end; Almond shap
    Hair color:(like many other characters here) White ^.^; but with odd strands of gold
    Hair style: Long and wavy, worn down her back with bits pulled up randomly and trickets decorating it.
    eye color: Amber-gold
    Distinguishable Features: Her symbol which she has on her shoulber blade
    Personal Style: She usually dresses in all white; with gold designs. beautiful dresses; she usually has her back out and has a bit of cleavage or her belly out. Over all she is extremely graceful and elegant looking.
    Personality: extremely calm and serene; she is wise and noble. she believes in balance and usually does not lean to either good or bad. She has her own agenda, and usually works is an oddly excentric way. She is deep, thoughtful, caring, and gentle. Exudes power and grace.
    Abilities: The seer; she can see everything that can happen. Elemental master; master over all elements. Dark powers; has the ability to use dark matter. Light powers; ability over sight, aura manipulation, healing. Shifter; can change form when need be.
    Strengths: All magic and preminition
    Weaknesses: Physical wise, she is weak.
    Equipment: A white staff, contructed out of unicorn horns and Ivory. Her all seeing Orb, said to be able to see all over the world at anytime. Can gaze into the future and into the past
    Likes: balance, neutrality, elegance, manners, books, refinement, dancing, singing, white and clean things
    Dislikes: unrefinment, dirty things, black, balance being thrown off.
    Fears: Destruction of both worlds
    Favorite Color: White
    Favorite Food: Turkish Delight
    Bio: Asciel came into existence from the creation of her father, created from a beam of light and set as protector of Carmintine and the Watcher of worlds. She has watched the different worlds since her existence, acting as the new watcher over the reincarnated souls of the heros passed. She is completely neutral and can do nothing, but guide and watch the heros and their progress. She has watched over the whole group for an extremely long time, watching the Hero's past and future lives with strange hope. She is unbiased to the paths they choose, instead offering them the options that are open to them. Like her abilities, her life revolves around the same way. She demands orderliness and will have structure.

    With the evil released, she has leaned towards good to return balance to the world. She has also taken a liking to the hero, Azeirath. And is going to train her to become as great of a Mage as she knows she can become.




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    Name: Girmer "The Great Sage"
    Age: 548
    Gender: Male
    Race: Druid
    Class: Sage
    Affinity: Neutral Good
    Family Members: ???
    Friends: Asciel "The White Witch"
    Enemies: Anyone seeking to cause destruction to either worlds; anyone seeking to throw off balance; the bad
    Height: a strudy 5'1"
    Weight: 121 lbs
    Hair color: White
    Hair style: Bald, except a single white curl ontop of his head
    eye color: Milky white, shielded by his massive eyebrows
    facial features: His face is extremely bumpy, covered in warts and moles and wrinkles. He has a massive hook nose and his teeth (if he even has teeth) are shielded by his beard.
    Distinguishable Features: His massive eyebrows and beard that is so long it scrapes against the ground
    Personal Style: he usually wears robes in eitther Gold, Brown, or Burgendy and never has shoes. He walks with his massive cane supporting his hunched figure. Very Earthly and simple, not needing the refinement and jewels like Asciel.
    Personality: Rather excentric and stubborn, he comes across as a crazy old man, but is actually extremely wise and intelligent. He is noble, but understands that things happen for a reason. He can be rather grumpy at times, but is over all extremely funny and enjoys simple entertainments (such as watching cocky warriors fall on their asses.), he can be confusing at times, never really telling everything at once, but he is overall a caring and kind-hearted man, wanting to protect and heal like his job calls for.
    Abilities: Shape shifter, able to change into a large array of creatures; Healing, being able to virtually heal all wounds, but cannot bring people back from the dead
    Strengths: Healing and shape shifting
    Weakness: He is virtually blind and old, meaing that he is not as spry and energetic as he use to be. His joints get sore and he has massive caterracts and arthritis.
    Equipment: His cane which he uses not only beat children, but help the wildlife grow and heal; a bag of random seeds he randomly sprinkles
    Likes: Nature, animals, entertainment, watching jerks make foolsout of themselves
    Dislikes: People, evil, young people, bad people, meat
    favorite food: Apples
    Favorite color: Green

    Captain Yamamoto , Japanese Voice

    Theme song

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  18. W.I.P

    Neverana Isole
    (Neh-ver-ah-nah) (ih-zohl)

    Neve (Neh- veh)

    Frost Feron

    Long term NPC


    I Belong/I'm Alien:
    I belong

    She has icy light blue eyes, pure white skin, 5’9”, and long black hair. She wears blood red lipstick and her hair is usually up in some elaborate bun. She is the embodiment of grace, just think of her as a geisha who serves no one.
    She is noble and graceful. She isn’t spiteful, but she isn’t kind either. She only speaks when necessary and does whatever she can to survive. She is quite merciless when it comes to those who piss her off.

    Ice, close combat, speed, flexibility

    heat, fire

    Current Relationships:
    She trains Kanari (Who she calls Sukoshi)

    Skills Fantasy:
    Medical herbs, first aid, hand to hand combat, and navigation

    Her lute
    2 bags; one that carries all of her clothes, and covers, the other full of supplies like stuff to cook with, herbs, a skinning knife, etc

    Ice, 2 forms; human and frost feron

    She has traveled the world of Norindul in her many years. When in a town or a crowded area she performs in dance or playing her lute and singing, this is how she gains currency. She has studied the lay of the land and is familiar with the many plants that thrive in it. She has also studied many of her enemies, finding weak spots and learning the anatomy (“She is quite merciless when it comes to those who piss her off”)



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  19. Name: Luna Song
    Age: Human-18, Okami 90
    Race: Okami. A Japanese wolf spirit bound by honor to there partner. They have two forms, a wolf form and a human form.
    Affinity: good
    Picture: image.jpg Appearance: dark and uncaring, she keeps her face clean of emotion. In her wolf form she has black fire with blue eyes and red markings.
    Personality: kind and sweet, she's a nice person to be around but many stay clear of her because she naturally puts off a cold air.
    Strengths: she's a swordsman and great caregiver.
    Weaknesses: she would sacrifice herself for others, she heals slower than most, and she's not as strong as she would want.
    Current relationship: single
    Equipment: sword
    Background: kicked out of her pack becouse she refused to be a murderers partner, been running since.
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