Fate of Fantasy Norindul (OOC)

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  1. Post all your OOC shtuffs for the rp here. =D Talk about whatever and work out story plots.
  2. *Dies*
  3. fakdjsfa;jkldfk;lfalsdjk;asd; I love this crowd... XD
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  4. *screams*o-o
  5. Crap I deleted the wrong post XD
    That said
    something like:
    I do too we should make a group
    (Not sure why, just want a group XD)
    Finally I think I'm done.
  7. Group? o:
  8. Yep tab after forums. I guess its for roleplay groups or chats, or just to keep a bunch of people together or something like that, maybe just as a group of friends
  9. I'm sorry I tried but I can't stay up any longer, I'm going to head to bed, good night everyone. I'll be back in about 8 hours from now.
  10. I forgot all about groups..... XDD

    Anyways Ima do a Tyler Post!

    Then MAYBE a Griffin post we will see...

    Also role of Current GF will probably come open soon so hit me up if you are interested. I only say this because I have heard like NOTHING from Mikasa since she took the role.
  11. Oh, mkay then I shall stay up for that then if I can.
  12. > . >
    < . <
  14. O.O Which one?
  15. [rainbow]Do you wanna build a snowman?[/rainbow]
  16. I can't see this O.O Was so tempted to put cat-like- typing detected but I decided against it, not worth a negative point on something I was only joking about XD
  17. I'm using marquee tags around text that's colored with a rainbow.

    Do you wanna build a snowman? <--- My previous message. XD
  18. Oh, my response
  19. hehe... tyler said Zeiry was cute >.> *win*
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