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  1. What Holy Grail War? I don't know any Holy Grail War.

    Basically, I want to start a Fate miniseries about the stories of Heroic Spirits, as opposed to plain old Holy Grail Wars. I'm in the middle when it comes to understanding the series.

    So here are the plans:

    A. Characters. Historical Events. Simple. Of course, we can deviate from history or legend. We will do it to a great extent.

    B. There are some Grails that the Chaldea Gate have failed to claim and destroy. This is the story of one of them, this anomaly in time and space.

    Also if you choose B a Servant from a future time from the area can be summoned because time travel gigs.

    And now for the setting ideas:

    1. Tales of the Shinsengumi
    YOU FUCKING THINK. I mean, yeah. This is about the Shinsengumi doing their thing. If A, it depicts Okita Souji's final battles and it's a classic samurai gig. Ah feudal dramas~ who doesn't love them? If B, Okita Souji and three other Shinsengumi members partake in a Holy Grail War, 3 rebels do too.
    It's 4 to 3 and is actually unfair but hey, you know someone's gonna die from TB.
    For some reason, the Shinsengumi look like the Knights of the Round Table(perhaps even Merlin) in terms of appearance. Yeah we're upping the Saberclone thing.

    2. Samadhi through the Burning Bell
    This occurs after the end of Kiyohime's legend. I'm still contemplating if this is a good idea due to the shortness of the Legend.

    3. Dawn of Hassan
    Not compatible with B. Basically the birth of the Hassans and the creation of their techniques. I need someone skilled with... Assassin history to aid me.

    4. The Golden Fleece
    Not compatible with B. Basically the story of Jason and the Golden Fleece. The Medea here will be Medea Lily. It's time to board the Argo everyone.

    5. The Mother that never was...
    Jack the Ripper. An on the loose serial killer who primarily targets women. What are her motivations?
    I'm probably considering throwing in Sherlock Holmes for this, maybe I will if he is added to Fate/Grand Order soon enough.

    6. Mentor to Pupil
    Not compatible with B. Chiron the Centaur teaches his students how to do things.

    7. The Mightiest Disciple
    Not compatible with B(I might change my mind). Scathach teaches Cu Chulainn everything he needs to know.
  2. Bumpeth

    Also if people are willing to help with things, especially lore basis(I realised that my Shinsengumi lore knowledge is not very strong), that would be great.
  3. I'd love for Type-Moon to get Ufotable to adapt some of the servants origin stories in some kind of miniseries or something, but I doubt it'll ever happen. Well at least I can look forward to Heaven's Feel.
  4. Garden of Avalon comes pretty close.

    Grand Order somewhat does this.(French Revolution and stuff.)
  5. True but I was thinking more of an animated miniseries. God knows we all want to see Shirou/Archer's future origin adapted. That and I wouldn't mind seeing Gilgamesh's tale told since the mythology in that kind of interested me.
  6. I'm considering the Golden Fleece one. Will make a seperate thread soon.
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