Fate in the Stars

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  1. Setting: Munich, Germany, 1937
    Plot: 15 year-old Margot Krugman barely remembers leading a normal life as a Jewish girl in Germany before Adolf Hitler took over. Everyday for her is a struggle between life under harsh treatment or death in a concentration camp. Her love of her life is a man that barely remembers who she is. Will Margot survive history's deadliest moment?

    "Oh God, what is happening to us?" is what Margot thought everyday as she waited for a "Perfect Aryan" to beat her to a pulp. She was sweeping the floors of her father's cafe when she saw her 7 year-old sister, Eva, burst into the cafe crying. "The bad man saw me and he hurt me." Eva wailed out as her older sister bandage her up. Margot carried her sister's limp body to a doctor who could hopefully be trusted.
  2. Amelia, a young teen with long brown hair braided in pig tails and dark brown eyes, sat in the kitchen with a book in hand and the star of David sewed into the sleeve of her jacket. She tried not to think about what happened outside her walls, but it was often to hard not to.

    Her father was a local shop owner who was recently run out of busness by the people who once were his customers and her mother, who once was a nurse now irons clothes for the few people who still trust her. Her grandmother, who lives with them, is too old to work and can hardly move around the house on her own.

    Amelia turned her gaze hesitantly to a nearby window, almost expecting to see the local boys she once attended school with throwing mud and various other foul things at her window, but instead spoted a girl running down the street with a sibling hanging in her arm. Amelia rushed to the door and opened it a crack. "Psst. Girl. Come here." She motioned with her hand for the girl to come over. "My mother was a nurse. She can help."
  3. Margot looked unsure about the strange girl. Eva looked up and said weakly, "Is she a Nazi too?". Margot examined her carefully, she didn't look like a Hitler Youth girl or a Nazi, so she stepped in the doorway, hopping it wasn't going to wind her up in the Lodz Ghetto. She laid out her sister on a table. She saw how horrible her sister looked. She had multiple gashes and bruises. "Hurry miss," She said. "I'm not sure how long she'll last."
  4. Amelia gave a short nod and ran down a hallway. "Mama! Mama! Theres a little girl that needs help!" She shouted and turned into the bedroom her grandmother stayed in. Her mom usually helped her grandmother in her freetime. Her mother had a look of concern and followed Amelia to the kitchen where the young girl was laying on the table.

    The mother gasped a little.
    "Amelia, get the first aid kit. Now." Amelia nods and rushes off to a cupboard, opening it and pulling out a wooden box with medical things in it. The mother took it from Amelias hand and quickly began cleaning the girls cuts while Amelia removed her jacket and balled it up, placing it under the young girls head as a pillow.
  5. Margot felt relieved that somebody could be trusted in this untrusting world. She went out of the shop to find a toy to help Eva to feel more comfortable. As she went off into the street, she bumped into what appeared to be a Hitler Youth girl. "Watch where your going!" She said, punching her and shoving her into a wall. As she went away from her, she realized that it was her friend Anita. "Didn't she remember me?" She thought as a young man came by. "You alright?" He asked. She knew he wasn't a Nazi because where one of her cuts were he cleaned it and wrapped it up with a piece of cloth. "Yes, I'm Margot Krugman and my little sister Eva is being treated in a woman's shop and I was looking for a toy for her." He nodded as he pulled a stuffed bear out of a coat pocket. She noticed he had a star like her. Margot thanked him and went back to the store.

    "Eva, I found a toy for you." Margot whispered. Eva reached her tiny hands out to it and hugged the bear dearly. "It was from a man with the star, just like us." Margot knew that there was some kindness left in the world.
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  6. Maggie was with her older brother who was 15 and she was 13. Maggie's real name was margaret but preferred maggie. She was a girl with long hazel hair and green eyes with freckles under her eyes and on her nose. Her brother was a genderbent maggie. Same exact eyes and facial features with the same hair color but he was taller and had shorter hair. Her brother,Keith,Wanted coffee. But coffee,sugar,food,and tea was scarce during the holocaust..first they went to his favorite coffee place..nothing. to several stores..nothing. This last coffee shop was his last chance to get a taste of coffee. Maggie and keith entered the cafe and looked around.
  7. Amelia looked at her mother. Her mother appeared tired and overworked and far too stressed. Amelia imediedly felt a pang of guilt. She was happy they could help the other Jewish kids, but she felt bad too. Her mother was already there only provider after her father completely shut down. Now she made her do more. Amelia sighs and walked towards the door, grabbing her bag. She needed to buy bread. Exiting the house, Amielia stayed as close to the buildings as possible as she made her way down the block.
  8. Margot decided to walk home with her sister, thinking it would be safer. She and Eva walked in only to find her mother passed out on the couch. She looked to her Uncle Fred to find out what's going on since he was a doctor. "Your mother got in a fight with the Gestapo." Uncle Fred said as he took care of their mother. Seeing the state her sister was in, Margot led her sister up into her room to console her.
  9. Hans walked down the street with 2 soldier escorts. He was an officer of the SS. He was wearing the signature black uniform of the SS, a Walther pistol in his holster, and had a few medals pinned to his torso from his tour during WW1. A long scar was on the left side of his face from an injury he sustained during the war. Along with his scowl, the scar him a menacing look.

    Hans was ordered to arreat a woman who "assaulted" a Gestapo officer earlier. He strolled with confidence down the street, hands behind his back and the 2 escorts at his sides. He finally appraoched the woman's house and banged on the front door
  10. Amelia paused as she walked, looking at a menacing officer with a scar along his face. She was wondering what had happened. But she knew better then to look longer than a second or two, so she ducked her head and hurried around the back of a bakery. She was only allowed to buy from the bakery if she was unseen by the public. Knocking on the door, she waited patiently for the bakers wife to open the door to make the purchase.
  11. Margot jumped when she heard the banging. "Oh no, it's the Gestapo." She thought to herself. She told Eva to stay where she was to see who it was. It was just as she feared, the Gestapo had arrived and was beating her mother. She and Eva saw what was emotionally upsetting to them
    Trigger Alert! (open)
    Their mother had been let out into the street and right before Margot and Eva's eyes, their mother was shot.
    Both Margot and Eva were stunned. Margot escorted Eva out of the scene to wonder what to do without their mother.
  12. Warning! (open)
    After several seconds of banging on the door, Hans had ordered his men to break it open. When they broke open the door, Hans slowly walked in. He looked at the man that was treating the mother with anger. "Arrest them both. This man is aiding a criminal" he ordered to his escorts as he walked back to the door. One soldier walked up to the uncle and smacked in the face before forcibly pulling out of the house. The other soldier snatched the woman off the couch and dragged her to the door. She struggled to get free, kicking Hans in the leg by accident as the soldier dragged her out. Hans looked down in disgust at the dirt imprinted on his pants from the mother's shoe. "Hold her" he yelled at the soldier as he pulled at his pistol. He walked up to the mother and shot her in the head with no remorse. As he holstered his pistol, he noticed two young girls from the inside near the door staring in shock of what just happen. A devilish grin came across Hans face when he saw this. As one of the soldiers were about to pick up the body, Hans turned and said "No. Leave it. Let this be a lesson and a warning."

    Hans and his escorts started to walk back down the street with the uncle as their prisoner. After seeing what just happened, he didn't attempt to resist. They continued to walk until they reached where they parked a convoy truck and a car. The truck was guarded by 2 other soldiers. They pushed the uncle into the truck filled with other prisoners as well. Hans entered his personal vehicle with his 2 escorts and began to drive off, with the truck following behind, to a Gestapo station to drop off the detainees.
  13. Amelia paid for the bread and was about to walk back into the street until she heard a gunshot and she flead behind a trashcan to hide. Peeking around the side, she saw the menacing man from earlier escorting an older man away. Amelia held her breath and counted to ten slowly in her head before emerging into the street in time to catch sight of the back of the Gestapo truck with prisoners. Amelia looked around quickly only to freeze at the sight of a woman's limp body on the ground.
  14. Anastasia Rivers, a 14 year old girl with long blonde hair and a pair of uniquely colored eyes. Her left eye the color of the sea during the day with its blue green color sparkling as the waves crash gently against the shore. Her right eye the color of the night sky with a dark rich purple with a tint of blue as the stars glow brightly. Her skin a pale color as her lips were a bright red. She stood at a height of 4'11" as she walked down upon a stone path, her blonde hair was tucked beneath the hood of her red coat as her black boots clacked upon the ground. She came to a sudden halt for a deceased woman laid out within the street, her eyes still wide open and staring blankly at the sky. Eyes that were once filled with fear, were now staring at the sky for that is where her spirit flew off to. The girl knelt down upon the side of the woman and closed her eyes respectfully not caring about the blood that spilled out upon the ground. She said a silent prayer for the poor soul before standing once more and peering over at a girl with dark hair and eyes that were wide and frozen set into place as she stared at the woman upon the ground. Ana walked over to the girl and covered her eyes,

    "I assume your of relation to that woman and I don't believe it will do you any good to continue to stare at the corpse. I've said a prayer for the woman already and may her soul escape this hell we are trapped within, she is free and she is in a much better place now."

    Ana didn't know if the girl truly were related to the woman but she felt that either way it wouldn't be good for her to stay there any longer for if the Nazis were set on killing the woman who laid in the street, they would very well kill those of relation to her.
  15. Both Margot and Eva looked at the woman with the multicolored eyes, unsure what to think. Finally, Margot found the courage to speak. "Your eyes are very unique, I guess the Nazis are targeting you for having such eyes." She said. Eva nodded shyly in agreement. "The bad men took our Daddy away,and our Uncle was taken away." Eva said, trying not to let tears flow through her eyes.

    Meanwhile, a older woman in a purple dress with her orange hair and brown eyes approached the two girls, feeling sorry for what had happened to them. "Do you need a place to stay?" She asked as she approached the girls. Margot said yes and asked for the woman's identity. "I'm Viktoria Rheum." She said. "I run a Boarding House not far from here." Eva looked at her sister with not despair, but hope and said, "She sounds like a nice lady." She said as Margot asked if there was any rooms left. "Oh, yes, we do have a room open in the Lovencroft house." Viktoria said. "Pack your bags and head out when it's dark, I'll be waiting for you at the entrance." As Viktoria left, Margot and Eva headed home, able to pick themselves up and find a better home to live in.
  16. Watching silently from where they stood at the end of the sidewalk, the two smaller children tried to get their siblings to let them see what had just happened, but the more they whispered and asked the more Emma and Rolf were hushed. "C'mon, let's go around the back way. They can't see us" William said quietly into his younger sister, Mina's ear as she nodded and grabbed Rolf's hand, Giselle following suit and taking hold of young Emma. The Dane children had been hidden when the Nazi's infiltrated their farm and took the 'adults' away, including their two older brothers Aric and Robert. They still lived on the half burned down farm, but they now lived underground with Will and Mina acting more like the parents. Thankfully their home is ignored now... after all, who in their right mind would live in a burned down shabby shack?

    Before the family was broken there were eleven people living in a three bedroom log cabin on a small farm that often provided eggs, milk and butter to the town. Their mum and papa were believed to be in Aushwitz II along with their older brother, Aric. Their grandmother had been killed in public just as this woman had been, and their grandfather and older brother Robert chose to side with the enemy so they wouldn't be killed as well.

    Ushering his younger siblings in front of him, William Arthur Dane was just barely seventeen, tall, strong, with dark brown hair, grey-blue eyes and now in charge of his four younger siblings, thankfully Mina was there to help share the responsibility. Leading the way, Mina Liezel Dane quietly but quickly walked down the dusty, paved sidewalk, trying to get behind the house of the kind nurse who had given Emma medicine a mere few hours ago. The small female was thin, too thin, but there wasn't enough food to go around usually and she wouldn't let Will know about their problem so she didn't eat daily. Usually the dark, slightly curly haired, light blue eyed fifteen year old only ate twice a week, as did her sister Giselle. She didn't like her little sister doing that, but she couldn't exactly say anything when there was no more food. Glancing back at the twelve year old girl following in the middle with the youngest child, Giselle Elica Dane was a petite, pale white skinned, freckle-skinned, brave girl. She was weak and rather sick, but she never showed it. Out of the entire family, She, Robert, and her grandfather were the only blonde haired, blue eyed, 'perfect' Aryan race candidates in the family. Elle hated it and she normally kept her light hair covered with one of her shawls. Today she was using a simple white one that her mother gave her when she was five. When Mina glanced back at her the girl gave a half nod that was barely noticeble as she shifted the shawl to cover the rest of the bread loaf they had taken from the shop before. They used to make their own food, but that was hard to do without any animals and living in hiding now. Gripping Emma's hand tighter as they quietly snuck by two Nazi's strolling down the street, Giselle hoped they could at least get the nine and seven year olds home safe.

    "Can we have some bread when we get back?" Rolf Eduard Dane, a nine year old, asked as he looked up at Mina with his dark brown eyes and curly dark brown hair. Giving a brief nod to her little brother, Mina started walking a bit more casually when she made eye contact with one of the Nazi's, it was Robert. This was bad, he had given away the locations of several people she knew already and he was probably looking for them. As if nothing had happened she turned and entered into a recently emptied home, hoping he wouldn't think it was them.

    "Ow..." Emma Angelika Dane said softly when Giselle tightened her grip and pulled the seven year old with the dark curly hair, freckles, and light blue eyes quickly into the building. They had hidden in the buildings around here several times, luckily all had basements where the three youngest would be squished.
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    When the sun went down and Margot was sure everyone in town was asleep, she and her sister grabbed their suitcase and headed out to the boarding house. Upon arrival, the woman was there, and so was another girl holding a tray of goodies. "That's Grenada, she's the head chef around here." Explained Viktoria. Viktoria escorted them to their rooms and helped them unpack. "Grenada is preparing supper, she'll be done soon." Viktoria said. "In the meantime, you can go out and meet some new people." Margot replied with "Don't worry, we will." Both Margot and Eva had found the hope they had lost since their mother died.