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    In the land of Fuyuki, seven Masters and seven Servants battle for a long tainted prize
    But amidst the chaos of the Fifth Holy Grail War
    Nine individuals gather on the other side of the world
    To fight for a miracle of their own.

    The date is February 4th, 2005
    The location is La Mancha, California, a modest city with its own history of war
    And the prize...

    Is a single wish.​

    Rules and Words of Warning, white
    • Don't be a bully, we're here to have fun and also kill each other.
    • No godmodding, autohitting, controlling other peoples' characters, etc. We should all know how this works by now.
    • Along with your own characters, you can control some NPCs like your character's parents and such, but don't abuse this.
    • This is an elimination game, meaning your character will likely die. However, everyone try not to end the RP without getting past day 1, and especially don't manage to die without summoning a Servant.
    • The Holy Grail War and the supernatural world are supposed to be kept secret. While you can kill civilians in broad daylight, destroy every building in your path, and stand at the top of a tower cackling madly about how you've enslaved the local populace, you're going to have to deal with the consequences.
    • The setting runs on Nasuverse mechanics/rules, so if you have something that contradicts the Nasuverse, it probably won't be allowed unless it's super minor and inconsequential. For those lacking in information, feel free to ask and such. We're all nice people, and I'm sure we have a panel of experts somewhere.
    • You're not always right, and I'm not always right. Keep that in mind.
    • Please note that the aforementioned panel of Nasuverse experts may or may not call both you and I out on any lorebreaking shenanigans.
    • Now that the OOC is officially up, I will no longer advise players with weak characters to strengthen them. It's up to you to make them powerful enough to take on the challenges presented to them.
    • That said, no Dead Apostle Masters, Masters with guns, or Masters who are canon characters. It makes it too easy to be powerful. If you wanna be strong you have to be creative about it in a way that makes sense.
    • Canon Servants are acceptable, except for the ones who are just woefully unbalanced or ones with stat sheets that lack stats, skills, or Noble Phantasms.
    • Everything in your CS is what you have and can use. If it isn't there, you can't use it unless you obtain it in game or it's a day-to-day skill like literacy. That includes general magecraft, which is listed below.

      Magecraft Shields: Protection, however one’s senses are amplified. Eg Protecting against blinding will make your eyes water, protection against suffocation will increase the smell, etc.
      Night-vision: The ability to see in the dark.
      Basic familiar creation: Creating familiars. These familiars are only for spying. They cannot speak, use magecraft or fight.
      Formalcraft: Drawing magic circles and using catalysts to perform rituals.
      Basic suggestion: Suggestion using the eyes to make magical energy flow into the targets body. This magical energy is stagnant.
      Basic Bounded Fields: Intruder alert, Soundproofing, Taking control of the mana in area.
      Basic Bounded Field Removal: Removal of intruder alert, soundproofing, and taking in the mana in the area.
      Locking: Locking doors with magecraft.
      Threads of Consciousness: Using one’s consciousness for scouting. Basic magus detection magecraft.
      Make body lighter: -
      Make body heavier: -
      Floating: Manipulation of mass and air currents.
      Looking through familiar: Transferring one’s consciousness to a familiar
      Basic clairvoyance: X-ray vision, operation of a crystal ball
      Geis: Officially a type of curse of coercion. Basically makes someone do what you want them to do unless that action threatens their life. A black magic.
      Fixing glass: Fixes glass, up to a couple of hours.
      Making a mystic pass: What it sounds like.
      Contracting: Making a contract with something.

      No you don't need to put the list, you can just put down "General Magecraft". Also to anyone better than me at this, if I missed anything in that list please inform me.

    Setting, white
    The setpiece of this Grail War is La Mancha, a fictional American city (whose name is completely incidental I swear) located somewhere along the coast of California. It is a reasonably large city split into two sections, an island and a mainland, by the Pacific Ocean. The halves are connected to each other by two bridges located on the north and south ends of the island.

    The mainland is the oldest part of the city with all the things you'd usually expect to find in a town - general stores, standard fast food restaurants, seedy motels, etc - and is typically treated as nothing more than a short rest stop before entering the 'real' city. It is surrounded by wilderness and fenced in by mountains to the east, making the only entrance to the city via the highway running north and south. The island on the other hand is fairly and fairly modern. Lots of skyscrapers, apartment complexes, hotels, and all sorts of specialty shops and attractions line its streets - even the adult kind, if you're into that stuff.

    Places of Note on the Mainland (open)

    • The Church: The place where you go to ask questions about the war or take refuge in when your Servant kicks the bucket. Center of town, just before the renovated section of downtown. The first of the city's four fallen leylines.
    • City Hall: Located a few blocks east of the Church, built over the corpse of the old city hall. Go here if you want to argue about government policies or some such.
    • The Airport: Located on the south end of the city. Not a big international-type airport by any means, but definitely a reasonably sized airport that connects to a good deal of bigger airports.
    • Paciencia Town: A residential district with lots of old refurbished houses due to its status as a former mining community. It isn't actually a second town, but instead could be called a suburb of sorts, one of La Mancha's two. Located along the edge of the wilderness. Has an overgrown path leading directly to both entrances of the mine.
    • The Wilderness: As mentioned previously, shortly to the east of the city is a long stretch of forest leading towards mountains.
    • Abandoned Mansion: Formerly the home of the resident town eccentric, this old mansion has long since then been abandoned to the elements due to being hidden deep in the forest outside La Mancha. Its interior has not been touched in any way, old furniture and paintings and such still remain. Rumored to be haunted, and most people are driven to turn back once they step through the gates. Spooky. Second of the city's leylines
    • Paciencia Mine: An old, decrepit gold mine dug in the closing days of the Gold Rush, nestled in the mountains past the forest. It has managed to somehow withstand the test of time and not collapse into itself. It has two entrances, one located at ground level and one located a bit higher.
    • La Mancha Underground: After the town was left in ruins back at the dawn of the 20th century, city officials decided to build over the ruins of the old town. These ruins have now become a veritable network of basements and passages nestled underneath downtown. Entrance to the renovated section of the underground is via the daily tours, while entering the less scrupulous areas can be done by going through the basements of older buildings and using certain manholes. It also smells really bad and floods somewhat during high tide.

    Places of Note on the Island (open)

    • The Bridges: The aforementioned two bridges connecting the island to the mainland.
    • La Mancha Radio Tower: The single tallest building in the city, positioned right in the center of the island. The top floor is open for anyone to visit, and has a view of the whole city, even some of the mainland. If you have enough change for the binoculars, that is.
    • North Point Lighthouse: Located on the north tip of the island and situated nicely atop the town's focal leyline. Also right beside the lighthouse is a cliff that's a fine place for dates and watching the sunset if you're into that sort of thing. Or duels to the death framed by the rising and setting of the sun.
    • La Mancha Central Park: A large park located on the island's northeast. It's your typical large park with hot dog stands and park benches among all the plants. The fourth and final leyline.
    • The Harbor: A bit south of the lighthouse you'll find a harbor full of boats. It also has one of those pier amusement parks, if that was relevant.
    • The Beach: Located along the west and southwest edges of the island, Not much special about it. It's just a beach. A pretty long beach, but a beach nonetheless.
    • Long View Cove: It's a suburb that looks almost exactly like the ones you see on TV. It is located on the southernmost point of the island and is the last and largest of the two suburbs in the city.

    Might draw up a shoddy map on paint later. We'll see.

    Character Sheets, white Consider these a rough guideline on how it should look. As long as you have all the mandatory fields in your CS, it doesn't matter how you arrange it or if you add anything to it.

    Master (open)

    Hair Color:
    Eye Color: Optional
    Blood Type: Optional
    Likes: Optional
    Dislikes: Optional

    Circuit Quality:
    Circuit Quantity:

    List magical and supernatural abilities here


    List mundane skills here

    List possessions here

    Servants (open)

    Dislikes: Optional
    Wish: Optional

    Strength: Getting tired of saying this. No A or A+ STR without enhancement skills.

    Class Abilities
    Name, Rank and Description of the skill

    Personal Skills
    Name, Rank and Description of the skill

    Noble Phantasms
    Maximum Number of Targets:

    Character List, white
    Team Saber
    Servant: Yamato Takeru
    Master: Aaron White

    Team Lancer
    Servant: Guan Yu
    Master: Ryudia Wolf

    Team Archer
    Servant: David of Israel
    Master: Loek von Wallstein

    Team Rider
    Servant: Hercules
    Master: Charles Dorvain

    Team Berserker
    Servant: William Wallace
    Master: Arisa Senmatsu

    Team Caster
    Servant: Moses
    Master: Saisha I Nazari

    Team Assassin
    Servant: Hassan of Serenity
    Master: Marice Gottwald

    Team Shielder
    Servant: Sir Galahad

    Team Avenger
    Servant: Ravana
    Master: Mankur Nakir

    Team Surviving Servant
    Servant: Pythagoras of Samos
    Master: ???
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  2. Leftover Servant- Caster (open)

    Name: Pythagoras of Samos
    Master: None
    Class: Caster
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Height: 180 cm
    Weight 67 kg
    Armament: None
    Likes: Math, Himself
    Dislikes: Jocks, You
    Wish: To improve the probability of his end goal by approximately .001%

    Bio: Caster was born on Samos, the Greek island in the eastern Aegean. In his tutelage of ethics, magecraft, and the like, Caster was taught by an assortment of individuals, from Creophylus and Pherecydes to Delphic Priestesses and Magians to Phoenicians and Chaldeans. In his travels to seek out knowledge, he was also instructed by Egyptian scholars, and through a combination of Greek and Egyptian teachings on magecraft came to become one of the practitioners of the art referred to by the modern-day Atlas Academy as “Alchemy.” Instruction from various Egyptian magi coupled with his own innate talent for the art, making Caster a precursor to the existence of the Atlas Academy some centuries later.
    Following his travels, Caster moved to Croton in Italy to escape public overbearance and political tyranny. At this time Caster married Theano, a lady of Croton, who bore him a son and three daughters. His followers established a select brotherhood or club for the purpose of pursuing Caster’s teachings, though the contents were kept secret. Among the practices of this brotherhood were beginnings of the Eastern Alchemical practices that are today practiced by the aforementioned Atlas Academy, serving as a philosophical, spiritual, and political group. Public backlash on account of Caster’s own sheer esoteric attitude led to eventual suppression of the Pythagorean order, with a mentality similar to how a high school populace will backlash against that one nerd who thinks he’s so much better than everyone else. Following this backlash, Caster fled to Tarentum and then to Metapontum, where he starved himself to death.
    In the previous instance of the La Mancha Grail War for the 727th Holy Grail, Caster was summoned and survived near the end of the war, seeking to obtain and utilize the Grail for his own ends. Though he participated in combat a total of zero times, the brash nature of the other competitors allowed him to stay firmly out of the limelight and let the other six attack and kill one another, whilst cleaning up that which remained. Acquiring the power of the Grail, he betrayed his own Master at the last second and directed the power of the Grail's artificial miracle towards his desire only. After all, artificial miracles like that cup are hopelessly limited. In that way, he gained a status of incarnation in the world. With that, he was able to remain anchored to the World, his Territory remaining unnoticed thanks to his own efforts whilst he laid in wait for the next arrival of the Heaven's Feel. The last war was simply the necessary prep time work for this one. With this, his actual plans will come into motion.

    Strength: E
    Endurance: E
    Agility: D
    Mana: A Plus
    Luck: A
    Noble Phantasm: C

    Class Skills:

    Territory Creation: B
    Capacity to make a zone that is advantageous to one as a magus. Able to build a "Library," specialized to mathematic calculations. The Library is an "area of innate observation," meaning that “anything” in it at any given time is treated as having been observed/being observed by Caster, as is his right.
    His current Library is situated in the North Point Lighthouse, where it has been since the last Grail War.

    Item Creation: D Plus
    Allows the creation of items that carry magical energy. Caster specializes in tools along the principles of Eastern Alchemy, but other items such as medicines can be made, albeit at lesser quality.

    Personal Skills:

    Eastern Alchemy: A
    Covers abilities such as Thought Acceleration and Memory Partition(7 Partitions). An art based in use of math to understand and actualize phenomena, learned through a combination of Greek and Egyptian influences. His learnings and subsequent teachings can be considered precursors to the organization known as the Atlas Academy, so for simplicity's sake this skill is named "Eastern Alchemy."

    Arithmetic Observation: -
    The capacity to, via observation, reduce something to mathematics. Upon Caster's observation of an existence/phenomenon/etc, it is reduced to a set of equations and numerical values, shorthand for reality and the total disclosive sketch of what was observed, that are then treated as "recorded" in Caster's mind. These can then be used for standard calculations in line with the philosophy of Atlas, or through Single-Action use of prana to perform the equations while skipping unneeded processes. For Caster, this has reached the point where "anything" can be reduced, even conceptual or magecraft principles, due to his own observations’ sheer breadth that ranges from Pythagoran Tuning and Hammers to the theory of harmony of the spheres.

    Echemythia: A
    A skill which refers to a Pythagorean virtue of silence. Chief among Caster’s teachings was a way of life based in keeping a stable mind free of temper, confusion, and fascination. A rational state of mind distanced from any turbulation, comparable to the skill Vitrification if it were to value “unhindered rationality” over “tranquil serenity”. Shuts out mental interference of equivalent or lesser rank. However, the higher the rank of this skill, the more esoteric and objectively annoying one will act, making mutual understandings difficult to come by. In other words, the first-rate skill of a nerd. This skill can be seen as the reason Caster was driven out of Croton.

    (World Anchor: N/A
    Not a standard skill of Heroic Spirit Pythagoras but rather a status spawned from the end of the last Grail War. While it does not change Caster's ability to survive or utilize his magical energy any more efficiently, as the skill Independent Action can, he is nonetheless treated as anchored to the world, such that this copy of Heroic Spirit Pythagoras has a status of having a "natural place of origin that is Earth". As a result, he is anchored to the world such that his existence cannot innately be dispelled by it, as it is "natural" for him to be present. This of course does not mean he gains any form of increased durability, resistance to attacks, and the like, rather just that he is able to "survive without a Master", though prana must still be replenished if used.)

    Noble Phantasm

    Name: Pythagorean Theorem
    Title: Numerical Recreation of the Eye of God
    Rank: C
    NP Type: Anti-World
    Range: -
    Maximum Number of Targets: -
    Description: While named after the theorem that seems to be the main source of renown for Caster, this is rather a Noble Phantasm based in the underlying principle of that theory than the theory itself. A status of attempting to observe the world, the culmination of Caster's nature and belief that numbers are the ultimate reality, and imposing that ideal of numbers upon reality, hence its designation as Anti-World. This is the crux of the Heroic Spirit Pythagoras. This Noble Phantasm thus takes the form of a status with regards to the world around Caster, beginning once his Territory is deployed. For every day that his Territory exists for, all areas adjacent to existing areas of innate observation become new areas of innate observation. However, Caster’s Territory is not treated as expanding; it is merely the areas of innate observation that do so, gaining the status of being observed by him. Even if his Territory is somehow destroyed, this effect will not fade once the process has started, and expansion will continue regardless.

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  3. Alrighty, everyone! It's already confirmed, my wish will be granted!

    You know what that means! Post-game tea party!

    You're all invited! It'll be happening on Night 3, once I finally manage to fool Caster into eating a poisoned cake! Be there, or else!

  4. Yay! It's up! I like the setting a lot! =D The very idea of an island sounds so nice right now! *glares out at the snow*

    I'll be rewriting my characters once my hand needs a break from drawing.

    And awesome character, Convex! This'll be fun!
  5. My new Servant

    Yamato Takeru (open)

    Appearance: He is a tall man with short raven black hair, and dark grey eyes. During combat he wears a suit of traditional Samurai armor, but outside he just wears a t-shirt and some jeans.
    Name:Yamato Takeru
    Master: Aaron White
    Class: Saber
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Armament:Kusnagi, inactive, in this form it can only cause wind to blow in the direction it swings.
    Wish: To be with his wife again

    Strength: B
    Endurance: B
    Agility: B
    Mana: C
    Luck: C
    Noble Phantasm: B

    Class abilities: (http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/Skill)
    Riding: Rank B, Most vehicles can be handled with above average skill. However, cannot ride the likes of Phantasm Races such as Monstrous Beasts.

    Magic Resistance: Rank C, Cancel spells with a chant below two verses. Cannot defend against Magecraft on the level of High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals. (Because she herself does not have any Magic Resistance, Nero boasts a low level that is unbecoming of the Saber Class)

    Protection from Arrows Rank B: An increased defense against ranged attacks by predicting the projectiles' trajectories through exceptional means, such as hearing the sound of air being cut, or sensing the killing intent of the enemy. As long as the enemy is within sight, Saber can track down the ranged weapons and defend against them. Doesn't wrk with super long distance attacks, or those with a great AoE.

    Bravery, Rank A: The ability to negate mental interference such as pressure, confusion and fascination. Not usable under the effects of Mad Enhancement. Increases the power of Melee attacks.

    Eye of Mind(True) Rank B: User bears a heightened capacity for observation, refined through experience. The ability grants an effect of offering resistance against penalties caused by visual obstructions.

    Noble Phantasms:
    Quote:"The Grass Cutting Sword
    Rank: C
    Maximum target:1-100
    Description: A regal-looking katana balde, it is Saber's main weapon. When activated, it allows Saber to manipulate the powers of the air and wind and bend them to his will. With this ability comes a variety of possible attacks. The wind can increase the range and sharpness of the blade, enabling it to devastate a large area with a single swings. It enables him to summon great gales to batter enemies, or walls of intense air pressure to defend himself against attacks. The limit to what this power can do is based on the creativity and power of Saber himself

    Name:Fire Strikers
    Rank: C
    Maximum target:1
    Description: A pair of Fire strikers, these allow Saber to set anything on fire.

    And my much revised master
    Charles Dorvain (open)

    Name:Charles Dorvain, The Paladin of Gales and Madness, The Sloth Knight

    Servant: (Can be left blank for now)

    Alignment: Neutral Good




    Hair color:Blonde

    Eye color:Light blue

    Blood type:O+

    Likes:Relaxing, doing nothing, challenges, photography, Fighting in real battles

    Dislikes:People who get in the way of his shots, those who mess with his friends, doing anything outside of fighting


    General Magecraft:
    Body Modification:Allows one to temporarily strengthen their body, making them stronger, faster, and gives them better reflexes.
    Formalcraft: Drawing Magic circles and using catalysts to perform rituls
    Basic Familiar creation: He can make basic familiar, mainly for espionage and information gathering. They are usually in the shape of animals native to the area, so for the city they'll be pigeons, squirrels, and rats.
    Basic Bounded Fields, and Bounded Field Removal: Setting up and removing of Intruder alert, Soundproofing, Taking control of the mana in area.
    Looking through Familiar: Transfer of ones conscious to a familiar
    Threads of Consciousness: To use ones consciousness for scouting and basic magus detection
    Basic Clairvoyance:grants ability to see through walls and operate a crystal ball
    Contracting:To forge a contract with something
    Floating: Manipulation of mass and air currents
    Night Vision: To be able to see in the dark
    Magecraft shields: Protection, but it amplifies ones senses.

    Elemental Affinity: Wind

    Mental Interfeance Magecraft:
    He is well versed in the use of Mental Thaumagetry, casting spells that focus on disabling the enemy with fear, weaking them mentally with paranoia, or driving them insane with madness. The latter of the three is usually done as a result of multiple encounters with him. This is usually used as a secondary offensive as well as a diversionary or escape tactic. It's hard to fight someone, when you are also warding off your own inner demons at the same time.

    Elemental Magecraft:
    Wind is his main combat affinity, he uses this magic the most and is highly skilled in it. He can uses it offensively by making it into highly pressurized bullets and blades, as well as using it to suck the oxygen out of an area. Defensively, he can make walls and domes out from condensing the air pressure. He also bears a variation of this Magic in the form of Vibration magic, which focuses on violently vibrating the molecules in the air, which can cause intense pain to those caught in the area of influence, but as of yet isn't that lethal.

    He bears many different types of spells in his Magic Crest, which spans from his left arm to his right arm, spanning the width of his shoulders and a good portion of his back. Wind spells mostly on dealing lots of damage at a fast pace, so it bears a lot of single action, one line, and three line spells. His mental interference is mostly for diversions and weakening of powerful enemies, but requires more time to cast, so it has many three line and five line spells.

    Mystic Codes: He bears 3 Mystic Codes: A western longsword which bears Ehwaz and Sowilo runes, strengthening the blade and giving it a fire attribute. This allows Charles to set the blade(and any wind attacks that can be launched from it) on fire, increasing their damage in exchange for penetrating and cutting power. His other one is a shield that works more into his affinity. It bears Ehwaz runes to increase its durability, and can have wind magic pushed in to it. This expands it's defensive range of coverage, and can be overcharged to send gale of highly pressurized air towards his enemy. Finally, he bears a cross pendant which serves for Prana storage, he currently a rather sizeable amount of Prana in it, thus allowing him to use to power spells when he himself is eiither out of or trying to conserve his Prana.

    Equipment: Normally wears casual clothes, A switchblade, Cigarettes, a book of some kind, and a camera. Bears a sizeable amount of money due to his family, but hardly touches it unless he needs it. Throwing knives, in case the switchblade doesn't cut it, A smart phone, and a rather high end camera.

    Non-Magecraft Related Skills: Very exceptional skills in sword and shield fighting, as well as hand to hand, moderate skill in archery. Rather adept at pickpocketing, his favorite hobby. Very good at cooking with cheap ingredients, He is an olympic gold napper, able to sleep through anything, unless it threatens his life. In such cases he is able to wake up instantly to avoid the threat with hardly any drowsiness whatsoever. A very good photographer, as it is his passion.

    History: Charles lived a rather normal life, for a magus that is. His family, while not one of the oldest mage families, was still rather old and was given proper respect because of it. Charles him self was a bit of an oddity however, because he had almost no interest in Magic, yet was very skilled in it. To him, magic was just another thing to learn in life, and to be honest it bored him. Until he joined the Mages Association and began to participate in real combat. For some reason he couldn't explain, when ever he was in a fight where both sides were trying to kill or maim each other, he began to feel well and truly alive, putting a hundred and ten percent of his abilities into the fight. And so it has been that he began to study magic seriously ever since, so as he can gain a combative edge against the Association's enemies, not for their sake, but so he can make sure he comes out on top. When the Holy Grail War came around, he was the prime volunteer in his family, as he was eager to see what enemies awaited him in this new battle field.

    Wish:At the moment he doesn't have one
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  6. Which Caster?

    Please don't bully math man, Tatsuacchi. He's a really hard worker, des. ;~;
  7. You, Rajiinslayer, even though I overhauled Aaron, you still want to be allied?
  8. I think we should settle that in the RP, so maybe have them have a meeting in the IC, then we'll see how it goes from there.
  9. Also, the name is The Stain?
    I feel like you need to rename...
  10. Btw, I'm taking Beowulf unless anyone objects.
    On second thought: I'll take Saber.
  11. Summoning demons in the way you're thinking about summoning demons isn't possible, but I'm sure PhantomZero will address that in critiques.
  12. I know, I made a Servant for Solomon as a Caster so I had to research those kinds of things.
  13. We talked about it, I was kidding. I made it so Aaron can't even read the Key.
    Still not kidding about the name though.
  14. Does 90% of this group keep hopping to new threads, Phantom?
  15. Name: Star Princess Super Ultimate Hyper Meganova Maria-sama-san-senpai-chan, AKA "Marice Gottwald"
    Servant: Assassin
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'3
    Hair colour: Blonde
    Eye colour: Blue
    Blood type: B
    Likes: Cake, Tea, Sweets, Shaved Ice, Food.
    Dislikes: Lewd things, Bugs, Mud, Thunder.

    -Quality: A
    -Quantity: B?
    -Origin: Purity

    Unnatural Abilities
    Succubus LVL??: From the instant she was born, Marice has been an existence closely related to the mythical being known as a "Succubus". She is a bothersome creature, and while her actual heritage would suggest her Succubus powers be exceptionally weak, she showcases extraordinarily strong Succubus blood that puts her on a level beyond that of humans. She is equivalent to a Half-Succubus, and is able to freely use all of the abilities that would ordinarily be associated with that parentage. Her Succubus blood could be said to be in perfect harmony with her Human blood, turning her into the "Perfect Half-Breed", able to utilize the maximum of her abilities from both sides.
    Mixed Blood Abilities (open)
    Inhuman Physical Abilities: Reflexes, strength, coordination, all of these and more are boosted by the power of her Succubus ancestry. She's in a completely different league compared to ordinary humans, and would likely be able to hold her own against a Servant if given a chance. Rather than succumbing to her instincts, she is able to wield her power "Perfectly, and without any distractions", suggesting the sheer strength of her serene mind.

    Dream Manipulation: The long-distance manipulation of a specified target's dreams. Effective enough to function even when used against Magi, but those who specifically ward themselves against her are able to repel her influence easily. While noted as being "rather draining", Marice is able to easily profit if she can manage to take even a little bit of her target's energy.

    Instantaneous Recovery: The regeneration ability of Succubi, which manifests as an exceptionally efficient self-healing ability. Because it is the ability that takes the most power on Marice's part to use, she must actively meditate in order to retain her serene state while using this. What this means is, while she CAN regenerate in the midst of battle, she must take a moment to be still or she risks beginning to lose herself to her instincts. Notably, only the highest class of Half-Breed Succubi can attain this ability, and it is said that once one is able to accomplish it, they are just a step away from becoming the very being from which they draw their strength.

    Energy Drain: The special ability of Succubi to drain the energy of men through a particular method, increasing their magical energy stores in the process. While that "particular method" is ideal, it is also possible to preform a less efficient version of Energy Drain through the victim's dreams. Oh, but as a pure maiden, Marice doesn't actually use this technique properly...

    Maximum Super Absolute No-Lewd Territory Zone: AKA "Mystical Purified Flesh Fortress: All The Evils in the World Amount To None", the special ability of Marice's body, which rejects foreign impurities and protects both her body and mind from becoming corrupted. Less of an actual special ability, this power is more like the result of her body "Absolutely trying its hardest", and is limited by whatever condition Marice's body is in. When she is heavily injured, the strength of this ability wanes greatly, but conversely grows immeasurably strong when she is in perfect condition.

    Using this power, she is able to maintain a pure, serene state of mind at all times, and is far less affected by threats such as Mental Interference or Curses. While she is not immune, her body proves exceptionally resilient against all but the deadliest of toxins, and she can quickly build up a resistance to any poison she is forced to endure over an extended period of time. The same goes for illnesses, to which she owes for her having never once experienced the troubles of flu or pox.

    Western Magecraft: Having come from a prominent western Magus family, it's only natural that Marice would have been taught the principles and techniques common among Western Magi. However, once her family realized that her body would not allow such an impure influence as their family's Magic Crest, she and her training were abandoned. As such, her training was never truly finished, but she did manage to pick up on enough basics to understand the fundamentals of Magecraft. This manifests in three ways,
    -The Deployment and Understanding of Bounded Fields
    -Proper usage and understanding of different forms of Magical Energy
    -Usage and Knowledge regarding the Creation and Applications of Magical Familiars

    While she lacks a Magic Crest, and was not extensively trained on the topics of Western Magecraft, she possesses enough magical talent and raw power in order to make it work when necessary. Her abilities were honed slightly by her second Teacher, but the incompatibility between the two styles means that even now she cannot call herself much more than a novice.

    Eastern Magecraft: The techniques of her true Master, which could hardly even be called Magecraft in the first place. A style of Martial Arts, which nonetheless manages to create mysteries through the usage of one's body, spirit and energy. Having inherited both his will and his technique, Marice possesses both the strength and technique to eventually become a "Peerless Martial Artist", although her lack of experience is what's holding her back currently. This particular style has five basic forms, from which all other usages are derived. These are,
    -Form of Flowing Water, Sensitivity to the Life Energies of All Things. Covers detection, communication and concealment.
    -Form of Fearsome Earth, Strength of Will to Move Mountains. Covers rapid movement and physical strengthening.
    -Form of Gentle Fire, Purity of Heart that Overcomes All Tyranny. Covers healing, protection and contracts.
    -Form of Playful Wind, Flexibility of Spirit that Seeks Ultimate Peace. Covers boundary creation, as well as awesome attacks.
    -Form of the Raging Demon, Wrathful Body that Tames All Evils. Purely combative, covers the manipulation of fighting spirit.

    While they may be named after elements, it's worth noting that none of the five forms actually make use of any of the four elements. Each form has its own style of fighting associated with it, and the combination of all five was said to be able to grant the user "Immeasurable power." While her mastery as it is relative to her training could be called prodigal, she has a long ways to go before she has the ability to call herself a Master.

    The weakness of her and her Master's Style, is that it is heavily reliant on one's physical condition and training as well as their ability to make use of their magical energy. When their body is heavily damaged or in disorder, or when one finds themselves running low on magical energy, the effectiveness of these forms will begin to falter. Additionally, while the speed in which they can be deployed could be seen as an advantage, all techniques originating from this style rely at least a small amount on body movements. In times when one's body is restrained, or where free movement is restricted, the usage of many techniques may become impossible.

    -Martial Arts/General Combat (High skill, but low experience.)
    -Solid stealth skills (Basic presence concealment, hiding in plain sight.)
    -Good talker (Can diffuse tension, persuade foes in a pinch.)
    -Movement (Fast runner with skills suited for escaping trouble quickly. Can swim and climb.)
    -Very basic weapon use
    (Edged, blunt, thrusting weapons)
    -Able to speak, write and understand Japanese and English.
    -Basic cooking ability, can prepare simple dishes and "Convenience foods".
    -Expert in Meditation

    -Invincible Super Magical Ultimate Divine Mantle, Excelsior
    -Ultra Omega Giga Super Ultimate Divine Spear, X-Calibre
    -Ultimate Dark Demon God Killer Chain, Lucistar

    -Grimoire of Ultimate Legendary Fates, Phantom's Moon
    -A change of clothes
    -1000~4000 Yen
    -A roll of bandages
    -Hygeine products (Including both a Hair and Tooth Brush)
    -A pocketwatch
    -A towel
    Magic Items (open)
    Invincible Super Magical Ultimate Divine Mantle, Excelsior: A poorly named item of dubious magical quality, serving as a light-weight repulsor of simplistic non-magical assaults. It protects against stabbing, punching and bullets, but not much else. Oh, and it's basically useless against something like a Servant. She stole this from somebody, but who...?

    Ultra Omega Giga Super Ultimate Divine Spear, X-Calibre: Yet another poorly named item, this spear-like Mystic Code is actually a well-disguised flying apparatus. Utilizing its wielder's prana, this spear flies through the air quickly and is surprisingly comfortable to use. Uniquely, due to the specifics of how it flies, it is extremely easy to wield even by somebody with minimal upper body strength, making it a reasonably useful weapon in its own right. Completely controllable by the rider when being ridden, but cannot be controlled remotely. She stole this from somebody, but who...?

    Ultimate Dark Demon God Killer Chain, Lucistar: A protective charm that, when supplied with energy, offers some protection from magical attacks. Its power isn't that high, honestly, and it's kind of low-class as far as magical items go, but it seems to be the strongest magical item in Marice's possession. Takes the form of a cute, jewelled earring. She stole this from somebody, but who... ?

    Wish: A biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig strawberry cake.
  16. More like old GM left, so I took up the reins
    I did.
    Don Quixote.

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  17. I'll join somewhere after figuring out who's what and what's open. The roster doesn't have all nice, matching names with the open slots and whatnot.
  18. I know, it's also a region in Spain, and Spain is where Don Quixote takes place.
  19. One Master. If Rider's player doesn't show up then Rider as well.

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