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  1. "There isn't much to know now, is it? I wonder King Arthur, was this inaction what caused..." Assassin paused and decided to rethink his words. Sabrina had told him to behave and so he would for now, for her sake. "Saber, I'd hadn't used Monohoshi Zao in a very long time and I let my eagerness get the best of me." He took his hand off Zoa and place it back at his side.

    The young boy refused to give a name and just prefer Archer. It was most likely his class but wouldn't narrow his identity down one bit. He told them about the bridge and the school that lead to two different people with servent, either part of team A or a surviving master from this Grail War. She wanted to help someone and with school being close by from what the boy said it was the first place they should hide too. " I agree with Saber, We should head toward the school first."

    The young boy spoke he revealed whoever causes the chaos had messed with the Servant in someway. The way he spoke about informed you it wasn't a pleasant thing at all. He then waves a hand and removes the branch that obscured their view. It revealed what Assassin already knew, a burning city that was beyond repair. Sabrina was disheartened by the site of Fuyuki but refuse to let that bother her. "Terrible, why must the innocent be drawn into this madness." Leon then checked if she and Assassin objected to going to the school first. "Of course not Leon, Assassin and I just want to help." Assassin was use to having his Master speaking for him which saved him his breath at times. He just wanted to fight and was willing to face whoever was close by.
  2. "If you want a more literal answer than a philosophical one than I can't help you. I saw nothing of what transpired. However I can only suggest the cause was the holy grail." commented the boy as he pointed towards the direction of the school. "Watch out for the dragon teeth warriors, and the reanimated corpses. Kill them none of them are sentient. And no you can't save them. As I'm sure King Arthur over there can tell this dark magic has turned this land into an inhabitable cursed warzone." commented the boy further as Arthur looked down at the boy he saw him glare distrustfully at him out of the corner of his eye but he paid it little heed. "In the future who you tell my true name too." Arthur told Assassin with distaste. If the boy knew something about him he would find out about him later. Leon now that he knew what was going on ordered the group to move forward with saber at the front. They rushed down the stairs, and left the boy who made no move to follow them. As they got down to the street off in the distance one could hear the rumble of buildings collapsing, and smoking rising up not just from the main city but all over the whole district. The local neighborhoods seemed to have faired no better than the others.

    As the group moved further down the roads they had to make sure to avoid down telephone polls for fear of electrocution. For all of the destruction there was additional hazards. As they were moving down a neighborhood road through gridlock however a small army worth of skeletons appeared from near the cars, and more from the nearby forest. Arthur ran into action first taking on the first wave as a blur of motion his invisible blade gleaning as he started to carve his way through the undead warriors had no cohesion all of them were moving in just one mass of decayed flesh, or skeletons. The whole of the group were no threat to any half decent combat servant let alone the ones they brought with them but if not dealt with they may overwhelm the group. However there were also dragon tooth warriors intermingled with the main group which was a cause for alarm. Arthur had to make sure no hidden blades struck him from behind.
  3. After their parting words, Archer offered the kid Archer a nod and a wave as the group left, heading towards the school. He was sure they'd see this one again soon enough. Haadran for his part questioned Archer as they walked, saying "Archer... I'm not experienced when it comes to conversing with Heroic Spirits, but surely caution dictates that irritating one is not in good form? I understand that he seems to know more than we, but trying to get things out of him seemed rather fruitless".

    Archer in turn responded with a knowing, grim grin, shaking his head, saying, "At times, it is as you say, Master. However, there are times when such pressure is required - I would know too well, having been coy with the truth in critical times myself. And thus, our inquiries have not been in vain; far from fruitless even."

    "Indirectly, we know that this child Servant will be of use and relevance at a later point, precisely due to his knowledge. We know that some of the Servants of this war, and likely some of the ones called forth by the prior Team, have been corrupted in some way that renders them 'wrong' and contributes to this state of disaster. We also know that, because we have asked 'wrong' questions, there must be 'right' ones that the child will answer to our benefit. Not to mention what he has directly said regarding the school and the bridge."


    With this newfound perspective on the conversations, Haadran continued marching along with the rest of the team. It startled him a little, just how the environment seemed to get worse the further they advanced. Dodging fallen electrical cables and telephone poles, craters in the ground, rubble and more quickly became a habit, and it paid off in allowing the group to reach a force of moving skeleton things that charged the squad.

    Before Haadran could even process it, Saber, Archer and Assassin were in action. They were dazzling in their action and fluidity, their ferocity and grace. He was already aware of their vastly-beyond-human capabilities, but to experience them in the flesh was something else. He struggled to come back into the combat-ready mentality; this was no time to be awestruck. His rings already on his fingers meant that in a manner of seconds he had constructed as large a nested field as he could with a cry of "Deploying enhancement field!". He was willing to exert himself to make the effect substantial - due to the Curse of Gravity his allies within the field would feel much lighter and quicker, and all foes within would feel gravity's weight increased tremendously, hopefully crippling their movement; due to the Curse of Physiology, his allies would not feel pain, would have adrenaline pumping smoothly, would breathe more easily as lungs took in more and better oxygen than they were supposed to, and all foes would feel pretty much the opposite. It took him a moment to realize that he had no clue if Heroic Spirits would be affected by either of the curses, and similarly, he had no idea if these skeleton things would be affected by the second one.

    Archer for his part was remaining close to him, using his ahtlatl to launch just about anything close to the squad into their foes - rubble, abandoned cars, fallen posts, they all were reinforced and given a green-ish hue upon being touched by the cane-like weapon and sent crashing with tremendous speed and force, sometimes curving unnaturally to better hit their targets or avoid any of the moving members, his Noble Phantasm already at work. This had the benefit of both felling enemies and clearing Haadran's surroundings. Just in case anything got close enough to present a threat either to himself or his mortal charges, Archer had his tepoztopilli ready to skewer and swat away any enemies. Already there had been a few times when he'd had to stop his barrage a split second to fell some infiltrated foes.
  4. Already moving in an incredible blur Arthur felt even lighter on his feet than usual after he felt the magic coming from his ally the master of archer. Practically appearing, and then evaporating the next moment mana burst, and his high speed stat allowed him for unparalleled movement moving so fast Leon couldn't even see his servant moving anymore just the after images followed by a swath of cut down bodies as the holy blade he wielded sent a hurricane of bone dust, and blood into the sky. The oncoming horde didn't seem to stop much further. Arthur wondered if this was why the young archer was sitting at the temple. But these enemies alone weren't enough there must be some reason else for him staying there. With that in mind Arthur did his best to keep himself from going too fast. He controlled his breathing, and forced himself to pace his blows. He was quicker now but not so much that he couldn't use his instinct skill to steady his blows. One wild movement could be the one that would send him tumbling into a car, or a hole.

    Leon decided to stay out of this fight for the moment his focus was on the surroundings he wanted to make sure no monsters snuck up on him, or his allies. Arthur was handling the fight well enough he was a knight of knights he could take care of battle tactics. "Keep your eyes out for enemy servants!" Leon reminded his allies.
  5. Sabrina and Assassin followed the group down the stairs but Sabrina made sure to wave goodbye. They descended to the street and could now hear the very city falling apart. They quickly moved down the street and ran into a mob of skeletons along with some Dragon Tooth Warriors. Saber leap into battle like the knight he was mowed down a row of them with one mighty swing of his invisible sword. Assassin without hesitation followed Saber into battle. He slew skeletons with quick and simple sword swings. These were easy targets, dummy warriors. The Dragon Tooth warriors were a little stronger but poor in swordplay.

    As Assassin went to decapitated two skeletons a Dragon Tooth warrior ran at him from behind. Assassin swung Monohoshi Zao and lobbed off the skeletons heads while the Dragon Tooth made a move to stab him. He kept his sword's path going and spun around slashing the Dragon Tooth down. Assassin was enjoying this, it was a warm-up for the real battle ahead. As Assassin fought he felt the effects of Haadran curses that actually benefited him. Sabrina had her pistol in hand and pop any skeleton that got too close white Assassin took on the stronger foes.

    "Earlier you mention competition Saber! How would use servant have one among our selves." He announced to the other servants. "Would you like to count the number we slay today. I have already slain 16 and now.." He paused to cut down another skeleton. "17!" Assassin Mind's Eye(Flase) would keep him safe. Few could get past it defense or cover their weakness.
  6. "Assassin this hardly the time! Do you not see what is happening around us, and the desolation of the people we seek to protect? But very well if you must insist on one those last two count into my 28th!" Saber retorted as he kept his flow of death filled motion going. His invisible sword was less of a blade, and more of a hurricane of slashes. Stabs were too hard to do at this speed if what he could tell was true. "Saber are you ok?" Leon questioned his servant as he hoped the king was not tiring himself out this was hardly the time. Still Leon raised his hand and formed a gun shape with his right hand's pointer finger pointing straight as he chanted a spell, "Four winds gather! Shatter the unworthy! Bullet!" Leon shouted as he shot down a few of the zombies that got too close to the masters. The impact of his wind concussive bullets smacked into the enemy with the force of a cannon ball as it disinigrated the creatures. "Need not worry Master! I am anything if not durable."
  7. Having cleared up most of the intersection of its assorted rubble, used as projectiles to blast away the skeletons, Archer looked around for further elements to use. He could always rely on his own ammunition, but there was no need to go for it unless it were strictly necessary. He noticed the trees, mostly dead from the fires and the destruction, no leaves on their branches and somewhat uprooted. The remains of some modern human constructions as well... they would do.

    "Master. Move to the Master of Saber or the Master of Assassin for a moment."

    Haadran listened and obeyed, watching as Archer put down a few more infiltrated skeletons with his tepoztopilli before he dashed to the left and reached the ruins of entire buildings. He approached Sabrina since she was closest to him, staying behind her back-to-back so as to warn her if anything got too close. He didn't want to impose too much so he kept his rings at the ready in case there was a really close call, and focused harder on channeling his prana to make the gravity curse's effect even worse for any skeletons still within the field. Nonetheless, he said apologetically, "Sorry to be a bother, miss, I'll be out of your hair in a moment."

    Archer for his part would have liked to reminisce about how this small contest with Saber and Assassin paralleled in some ways the wars for captives which he had participated in while alive, but with the curse boosting his already superhuman speed, there was no time before he arrived at the wreck. He had already spotted the largest contiguous piece he could find - not something that required him calling out the name of his Noble Phantasm, but that still required more focus and effort than those he'd used before. Archer estimated it to have the total mass of about 10 cars and cover a similar area; such were the buildings of modern times that even their ruined pieces could have that magnitude.

    He cleared away some approaching skeletons first, and then spotting the part of the intersection where the most seemed to be coming from, Archer positioned his ahtlatl and hooked it to this new and enormous munition. With a singing battle cry in his native tongue, the weapon would be swung and from it the meteoric projectile would be launched with a whistling sound, in a slight curve above the battlefield where Saber and Assassin where currently fighting. Its short flight would end with thunderous noise where the most skeleton warriors were concentrated, and after the crash it would keep on careening towards where even more foes were coming from.
  8. "That's the spirit Saber!" He shouted as he cut the torso of a Dragon Tooth warrior in half. Saber was ahead of him and Assassin wished not to be bested by him. He did wonder if Archer was playing their game or not. Assassin not wanting to beat continues to lay down foe after foe while making sure to keep an eye on Sabrina. He notices Haadran moving close to her while his servant Archer let loose his "Arrows".

    When Haadran moved to her back she thought a skeleton had snuck up on her. She turned her head to see Haadran to her back. "No need to apologize Haadran, It's nice to have someone to lean on." Sabrina gun was rather helpful in dispatching skeletons but had finished her clip already. "Shit." She quickly reached into the ammo pouch on her thigh and pulled out a clip to reload her pistol.

    While she did this a Dragon Tooth Warrior had slipped past Saber and Assassin and was running towards Sabrina. She had finish loaded her gun when it had got close enough to harm her. Sabrina quickly lifted up her left hand which had her family crest around her ring finger. It glowed blue and electricity gather in her hand in an instant and shot a bolt at the creature knocking it back. "Assassin! Get this creep!"

    Assassin parried a skeleton attack and quickly defeat it. He turned his neck and seen the Dragon Tooth started to get back up. "As you wish." Assassin dashed towards the Dragon Tooth, jumped into the air and came down on him with his sword and split it in half. "24." He stood up and made eye contact with his Master. "Please don't interrupt our competition again." He said smugly as he turned to Haadran. "Please keep a eye on this one, she's a magnet for danger. It might be better if you left her side entirely." Sabrina rolled her eye and wave him off to return to battle. "He's exaggerating! Even it happens more do you think. Work at Chaldea for a year and you'll have a list of near-death situations." He then ran back to the where the enemy was most congested and slice through them all with one might swing with both hands.

    "I'm catching up Saber." As Assassin said that, Archer had sent another projectile flying over Saber and Assassin. When in landed it made thundersous sound that shook the ground and took out countless number of skeletons. "Did Archer just win?"
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  9. Saber had been doing his utmost to keep the enemy at bay he wasn't focused on this little competition that Assassin had set up. He had figured him a dignified samurai, not a childish boy with a sword. It actually made him angry, and not just due to the fact that this place was no longer inhabitable, or the undead the feebly were fighting the effects of gravity against a being far above them. They weren't here to play games. They weren't here to act tough. They were here to help other people, to save the world against an unstoppable darkness. Whatever was behind this was capable of mass necromancy, and destroying cities. This had to stop, and they were the only people capable of making it so. Arthur did all he could to keep this in mind. However he was violently kicked out of his own sense of righteousness as his instinct skill screamed at him to run. He bounced back as a large piece of debris smashed into the ground. The majority of skeletons were now destroyed by now with the combined effort of the servants, and the assistance of Leon, and Sabrina. "Assassin stay on target, and finish off the remaining enemies. We have no time to dwaddle on games." scolded Archimedes as Leon looked around. "There's still a few around like he said! Take out the remains!" Leon responded quickly as he looked at the few remaining remnants. If this was how bad it was on the outside....what was it like in the city?
  10. Haadran was almost dazed by what happened; both Assassin's swift movement to defeat the dangerously close skeleton and Archer's plan. He hadn't anticipated that something like the latter would work, but indeed it had. Archer himself was just now returning to his side, the ahtlatl dematerialized. Perhaps with such few numbers he felt that there was no need to rely on his main weapon? He still kept that tepoztopilli handy, savagely swatting away any remnants he found as he approached.

    Haadran took the time to respond to Sabrina and Assassin now - he had actually intended to do so earlier but Archer's maneuver had just blown away everything else he'd had in mind at the time. With a nervous chuckle, he said "... I can understand why there might be some hesitance from Mission Control to consider these games, but uh, if it motivates some to perform better, I'm all for it... And uhm, Miss Sabrina, if you are in danger so often, it speaks to your prowess that you're still alive. It is good to have such a competent colleague with me!"
  11. "Forever barking orders from headquarters I see." Assassin remark to Archimedes. He continues to strike down the remaining enemies but doesn't break from speaking. "Competition is natrual between warriors. From jousting, racing, wrestling, archery, martial arts, and of course the most beautiful, swordsmanship, even if most styles pale to Kenjutsu." His indigo swiftly glace over to Saber before returning them his enemy. " This is all a game between Chaldea and whoever is behinds this calamity. The winner of this will either destroys or save humanity." This was Assassin view of the world ever since adolescence. He fully understood the gravity of their situation yet his model was to always enjoy life no matter what. Even when training from dawn to dusk to slay a swallow in flight he enjoyed it. For one to be the best at games, they must practice diligently and earnestly as such masters do.

    Sabrina turned to Haadran when he finally replied and gave him a skeptical smile. "Thanks, Haadran, but I'm not sure if you're just trying to butter me up or you really meant it, either way, I'll take the compliment." She then turned back to Assassin to finishing off the last few skeletons. He even uses what he calls the false Swallow Reversal, a sword technique that even normal swordmen can do. It is simply a falling sword swing from an angle that quickly reverses and moves upwards creating a V shape. If you ask him what that move is he'll say it was the famous swallow reversal yet it wasn't his version.

    Assassin finished the last of the skeletons and returned to Sabrina who had made her way to Leon side expecting Haadran to follow. "Well, that was a nice warm up, wasn't it?" He said looking towards his fellow servant with his ever-confident grin.
  12. "This isn't a romantic novel your indolent child! This is a war to save innocent lives! I may not hold humanity to the standard of others here but to be completely eradicated spits on the legacy of all. Tell me Assassin is your name so worthless that you consider it a gambit on the grand scheme of a chess board? I would hope not otherwise you are no heroic spirit that deserves recognition." growled Archimedes with disgust as he stopped talking there was a cold anger left behind as if Assassin had no more than spit on his grave. As Saber finished off his enemies he looked around carefully looking out for possible sneak attacks but resigning himself to the fact that this was simply the start of the game. "Perhaps but Sir Haadran needs to make sure not to over use his magic. It was pointless here the undead were pitiful targets. They were only a threat due to the amount of them. The city is no doubt teeming with the left overs unless they're moving out to infect the rest of the world. Maybe they're looking for the kid, or the other surviving servants. Either way this needs to end. I will no tolerate the destruction of the world. Nor this city." Arthur said with frustration as he looked over to the city after rejoining the main group. "If the enemy has an archer we should stick to places with cover. How much further to the checkpoint Archimedes?" Leon asked the surveyor as the scholar quickly informed them that they were two miles away. If they ran, or had the servants carry them then it would be a quicker arrival. But he said he did detect two servants in that area. Not of danger levels like the kid but still formidable ones. "Then we have our objective. Are you two ready?"
  13. "Aaah, no no no, please, I'm much too bad at flattery, so rest assured of my truthfulness...", so said Haadran while following Sabrina to reach Leon. At this time, he dispelled the fields and it felt like a weight being lifted off his shoulders. Haadran didn't like having to improvise on the fly like that - it was far more inefficient than careful planning - but he understood the necessity. He pondered for a moment over Assassin's words; everything as a game, huh? He'd heard things like that before... seldom with good intentions, but it was not his place to judge. Heroic Spirits by their very nature had perceptions that would at times be incomprehensible to modern men.

    "Good work to all, but it's a bad omen that things like this can happen so far from the epicenter of it all... Ready to continue", so did he call out to their leader while approaching, yet he visibly winced at Archimedes scolding Assassin. He sighed and rubbed his temples, murmuring a note of gratitude to Saber over the mention that he should not overuse his magic. The King of Knights was right, of course, but with proper planning it could be largely mitigated.

    Archer on the other hand had just been quiet and inspecting their surrounding area while listening to the multiple conversations going on. He had his arms crossed and more than anything seemed somehow at peace by now. He glanced at Leon and nodded, declaring "Master of Saber. A distance of that many cuahuitl is triviaI, and as such I can offer an... express transport service, but I am unsure if any would be willing to partake in it. If there are none, lead us as we proceed on foot. My ahtlatl will be ready to provide covering or retaliatory fire if needed."
  14. "What I'm worrying about Archer is the other Archer's noble phantasm. Think of it like if it was the Israelite King David. His attacks are said to automatically hit people. One of them kills the person. If he attacks us, and we can't stop him then we're doomed. Of course it could be some other sort of deadly archer. I'm not worried being attacked. I'm worried about the who, and the whats." Leon responded to Archer quickly as he pointed to the dead city off in the burning hellscape. "If there's an archer still left then they're coming from there. Saber can't traverse that quick enough even with help. And none of us are particularly good defensive fighters so hard walling is an unlikely prospect." commented Leon further as Saber sighed, "I...could potentially destroy the city. Or least a portion of it. However Excalibur has locks on it. Most of them have be fulfilled just by being here. However I'm not sure if I have all of them. Plus it would tire me out exceedingly. I would suggest we just focus on getting to the school first." Saber said calmly but with some unease. "My only regret at the moment is that we doom what remains by taking to much time."
  15. Assassin was left unfazed by Archimedes words but was surprised by his reaction. "To think my words could set such a calm and collected man off. I care little for my legend and never asked to be recognized. When I bleed to death at Musashi's feet I thought It would be last time I'd walk the planet and in a way, I was fine with that. I never asked to be remembered and I thought I would be lost to history like many other samurais before and after me. I care not if you recognize me as a heroic spirit, only that recognize my skill and talent." He then turned to Saber. "Always."

    Sabrina was shocked Archimedes. It seemed he did on some level have respect for his fellow heroic spirits and by extension, the world itself or at least that's what she hopes. He had to like some aspect of humanity or he wouldn't have made machines to defend Syracuse and would only focus on his own safety. "Well, I ready when you guys are." She then looked to Assassin who eyes were searching his surrounding in case s stray survived. Few understood him and by his own emission his views on the world question even in his era. His only regret in life was that he lost his fight with Miyamoto Musashi. He blames the sun for getting in his eyes but even Sabrina doubt the validity of the story. Assasin once mentioned that he had Mind's Eye in life as well but still the sun was able to hinder him. With a natural born ability like that he should have been able to avoid the killing blow.
  16. "I am sure the King of Knights can take a hit or two, and is sufficiently fleet that it would be only that. In the interest of avoiding this scenario, however, I precisely offer a faster way to get there.", so said Archer with a smirk; and, as if to demonstrate, he manifested his ahtlatl. With it he picked up a small pebble and immediately launched it towards their destination. He deliberately chose as small pebble as possible to ensure that the possibility of it being seen during its flight were as minimal as possible.

    Haadran paled somewhat at the idea of being thrown all the way to their destination, but he had to admit that Archer's idea made a weird sort of sense - it was definitely the quickest way to get there, and left them exposed for the least amount of time. That said, it also meant that however short their flight was, they were very exposed during it, which made an enemy Archer like Leon suggested a concern. While trying to parse this all, along with Assassin's declarations, he spotted that there was still a car left...

    "Captain. I'm uh, hesitant to accept the idea of being shot to our destination just by my lonesome, but it's feasible we could reinforce that car enough for it to be some protection... I understand it's unorthodox, but it'll get us there much faster than we could on foot. I'm sure Archer can angle our trajectory so we're going as close to the ground as possible... Miss Sabrina? Any input?"
  17. "We have no caster with the power to lighten the impact of car smashing into the ground full force. Even if we reinforce the metal then we will risk the chance of the whole blasted thing blowing up if it lands wrong. It'd be quicker if we just hotwire the car. I have some experience doing so but there's grid lock. Let's just keep going on foot. Unless either of you have some sort of magic I'm unaware of." Leon said plainly as he looked at the buildings from far away. Why did clairvoyance have to be such a giant pain in the ass? It made moving around in open locations against experienced snipers more difficult. The best case is there was no sniper, and he was being overly cautious. Worse case there was a caster augmenting the enemy. "I mean no disrespect to Archer but the plan would leave him behind as well. And while Archer is well...and archer he is not the standard bowman of the class's renown. It may be more difficult to get a good hit in especially with all the debris."
  18. "I'm going to have to agree with Leon on this one. We really should get a truck since theirs 6 of us. How about having Archer get higher ground? The Archer class has far superior eyesight than any other class. He can get us a better look at our situation instead of us going off that little boy's directions." Sabrina suggested to Leon and Haadran as they walked the road? "Then it could be dangerous for Archer. It really comes down to what Archer is capable of."

    As they moved past the building Sabrina got a better look at this city. She had never seen this much destruction before. She hoped that the citizens were able to make it out, at least some of them. It reminded her of burning villages, accompanied by the scent of burning flesh. "I wonder how many people actually made it out of this? I imagine this was all the result of a Magus trying to reach the Root and ended up corrupting it in the process. I fell like this is all because of human error in the end."
  19. Archer would listen to Leon with some amusement, a smirk and a raised eyebrow, nodding now and then with eyes closed at Sabrina's comments. He offered a shrug and addressed them both, saying "Being left behind is hardly a problem when one can dematerialize, wouldn't you say, Master of Saber? Even without it, I am most at home in these ruins, where ammunition is plentiful for me. I must concur with the Master of Assassin on the need for higher ground, but I'm not sure where it might be found around here."

    Haadran for his part, sighed and rubbed his temples. Leon had a point regarding the landing. It might be possible to get Archer to launch them in a way that the car would land as it should, but that might take too long, depending on how much information had been given to him while being summoned. While Sabrina was right that a truck would be a better fit for the group, given how messed up the roads likely were, trying to go on a transport like that would likely take too much time. Knowing this, he said "A-archer, it's fine, the Captain's right about the landing part - I'm sure that with time your technique would let us arrive without trouble, but time we don't have much... Miss Sabrina also has it right that a truck would be more comfortable, but with the state of the road and the abandoned cars, we'd have to try and plow through them. Let's just continue on foot, if we find any high ground on the way, Archer can use it to inform us of the situation, and the his ability will be useful to clear the way..."

    Upon hearing Haadran's words, Archer looked at him and nodded with some resignation, ahtlatl ready to help clear the way as he said, "Let us traverse these wastes, then, lest time slip us by. We follow your lead, Master of Saber. I presume you'll have the King of Knights with you on the vanguard, which means Assassin will cover the rearguard?"
  20. "I suppose it would be best if I went first wouldn't it? Very well come along now don't fall behind any of you." commented Saber before Leon could respond making the young master feel a bit snubbed but it wouldn't do to bring it up at the moment. They had lagged behind long enough. If Leon brought up the fact that his servant was taking the initiative by ignoring his command all he would be doing is telling Arthur to stop thinking independently. That was not something Leon could afford to bring up besides Arthur was right Assassin for all his talent was not a front line fighter like Arthur. And Archer was...well an archer. It just made Leon sighed internally and nod. "Let us just all get moving I feel time is becoming more dire....I feel like a broken record. Caster can you tell us the quickest route to the school? We covered some distance but we don't need more hordes coming at us." Leon said as he waited for the others to get into formation behind Saber as the young king led the group through the corpse covered road.

    "Alright then I can do that give me a moment to collect a little more data." Archimedes told the group through their ear pieces. It didn't take long for Archimedes to scan the area, and await the results. Thanks to that however Arthur managed to lead the group through the rubble relatively easily. Though the area still told a disturbing story as the buildings were alight, and or destroyed. Bodies thrown about, and the earth reeked with dark magic. It was like something out of a actual horror story. However it was all real right there in front of him. Leon hoped that the world would be better once all was said and done.

    Leon kept pace with Saber while giving him room in case he needed to move quick. He felt uneasy though the area around him was relatively too quiet. There was no screaming, and no movement other than the sound of the group moving forward. The school was getting closer, and Leon could feel a large magical presence coming from it. There must be some sort of servant there possibly more. Archimedes chimed in and said so himself. It wouldn't take much longer to get there.
    "Prepare for servant combat. At least two servants are detected in the school area. Do not waste the element of surprise-" Archimedes began as he suddenly grabbed Leon and pushed him back towards Assassin as he brought Excalibur to bare against a sudden attack. It came out of nowhere a thing jumped out at them from the sky quicker than Leon could process. The thing must've been the assassin the kid mentioned because just the sight of the servant felt wrong now that Leon could confirm the prana coming from the thing was like a servant. However it was clouded by a black aura, and it reeked of the same evil energy from the curses plaguing the place.

    The 'assassin' was wearing a shaggy ripped up black cloak with a slim emaciated looking figure. It's black clothes were outlined by what looked like bones. His main weapon were the metal claws attached to it's fingers. It's face was masked by the black aura but he could see a demonic looking face underneath it and a helmet it wore that covered it's face. It's eyes glowed red but Leon was not sure if it was due to the magic around the thing, or it was natural. The last thing to note was it's olive colored pair of pants, and bizarrely shaped boots. The creature tried to gut Saber like a maddened beast slashes were thrown at him at an insane pace as the sudden assailant tried to quickly kill Arthur in a blur of motion only for Arthur to block the blows and force him back. Then when Arthur tried to attack him in return once he forced the thing onto it's back foot it jumped into the air with a incredible feat of speed, and quickly landed on a nearby building before vanishing in a blur of motion again.
    "Keep at the ready that thing...It is not gone yet it's waiting for a chance to strike!"