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  1. So yah, I'm playing Fate/Extra with Archer in my second play through right now and got an inkling to do an rp of it.

    What I am expecting:​
    • You have played Fate/Extra or at least finished the F/SN visual novel (all three routes)
    • I don't expect much past not giving one liners, I'm fine with less than stellar grammar as long as you try and don't mind me asking for clarifications or offering suggestions,
    There are probably other things but I guess they aren't that important. If I think of more expectations I'll post em.

    About me:
    • This is my third to last week of my fall semester, so things may be a little slow on my end at first. Beyond that I'll try to post at least once a day or at least every other day if I get caught up in doing things.
    • I don't know how dire I must post this, but I am a 19 year old male. Sorry if my QT Severa picture got your hopes up.
    • I live in California.
    About the RP:
    • So basically the setting of Fate/Extra, if the school seems to small/boring we could try to makeshift it to something like a city I guess, we can brainstorm this.
    • I'm kinda wanting to be a servant, but if you want to play one as well we could double. I've never really doubled before but I'll try my best.
    • On that topic, I would enjoy it if we both play as characters not already present in the Fate series, barring CCC and Apocrypha.
    • I guess I could do romance, but I will tell you I have no idea what I'm doing if I have to write MxM or FxF. You know what? Just expect anything I write about romance to be bad, but I'll try.
    • I'm more partial to pms, but I can do a thread if you want. Since I'll be too lazy to want to move the thread, if you think we'll end up doing the more sexual form of mana transfer then let's just stick it to pms.
    • That said, if you (the RPer) are under 18, I hope you are ready for dolphins and CGI dragon like stuff instead.
    I'm not sure too sure of what else I'm missing (first time putting up a request), but if you have any questions just ask me here. I'm completely open to brainstorm any ideas you wish to add or change.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.