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    "Now, we move on to our final point: Magic.

    Some of you say that the Awakening is truly magic, truly a gift unto mankind by God or evolution. Others of you, even though it is EVERYWHERE, doubt magic's capabilities. You dismiss it as stories told by primitive people to explain things that they don't know. You turn to science and technology for explanation for things that you know. Well, hopefully this speech has so far helped you all in your views.

    As the Science Fiction author Arthur C. Clarke said in his essay Hazards of Prophecy: The Failure of Imagination:

    Even earlier statements exist, such as that by the author Leigh Brackett from 1942:

    And a related statement:

    This is why we exist. To bridge that boundary between what is Science, Magic, and Theology. All of you are representatives from the United Nations' Science Foundation, the Church, The Mages' Association, or one of the Megacorps. You all disagree on many things, such as how to use magic, is God real, can these things make us truly better? You all are biased to what you study! You can't tell if anything that we try gets us closer to our goal of understanding the universe. This cooperative organization is blocked by each groups' own prejudices and views. I, however am a Christian, an Awakened, and a scientist. I can give you something:

    Yes, we are getting closer. We are bridging the gap between science, magic, and God. The Fuyuki Grail, which the Association and the Church both claim ownership of will get us even closer. In fact, several of the participants have made wishes to get to "The Root" before, but now with the Awakening, I believe we can be closer than ever.

    I'd like to make a closing statement. This Grail war is an opportunity, one for all of us to study pure, unfiltered magic at its maximum potential. We should use it as much as we can for progress.

    -Doctor Geng Chao, Bridging the Gap, a speech given to the Institute for Science, Religion, and Thaumaturgy.

    "The Grail Wars are an interesting subject. A Nigh-Omnipotent artifact that summons spirits of Historical and Legendary to fight for a wish for seven mages who summoned them. The incredibly interesting fact about these is that it was started in the Fifth Age by three families who belonged to the Mages' Association. At the time, the Association was the only place to learn magic.

    Anyway, back to the Grail. Now, this Grail War almost always turned bad starting with the Third Grail War, when the Grail itself was corrupted by Nazi forces who took it. The Fourth Grail War was a disaster, bringing magic to Public Knowledge when a Cthulhu-esque being rose out of a river, and the town had to be rebuilt from scratch in the end. It wasn't until the Fifth Grail War, however, that it became a prominent symbol of the Magical Community.

    Now we are coming up on a Sixth Grail War, and we can only hope something doesn't go wrong for the good of the world. If the Horrors return because of this, we can only pray that we are ready."

    -Chapter 5: On the Grail, Of Magic and Men, Father Alexander Adler

    "Free the Grail! Free the mages! Free the Grail! Free the mages!"
    -The protest chant of the "Three Families" branch of Ink Mages

    Prelude: A Sign of Things to Come

    Doctor Alton held the Soybucks cup in his hand as he made his way through the airport terminal. He had ordered actual coffee, because God knows he needed it. He just suffered a 14 hour flight from the Midwest to Tokyo, Japan. He took sips from it occasionally. His blue suit jacket that he wore made him look like a businessman there on work, but inside of the briefcase were guns and ammo. A crossbow, a Yamaha Raiden, a Terracotta Arms AM-47, an Ingram Valiant, and an Ares Predator V. He had a bit of trouble getting through security with them until he showed

    The MagLev ride to Fuyuki was long, but it was faster than any of the alternatives. He arrived at around 9:00 at night. At the station, he had rented a Ford Americar, one designed with Runners in mind that could hold weapons in the trunk. He spent some time loading his things into the car before entering the address into Gridguide.

    When he arrived at the house, all was quiet. He parked the car, and stepped out into the fresh air. The lights of Neo-Tokyo twinkled around him. It gave off a calming effect in this small neighborhood. He held the letter up as he walked towards the Tohsaka House.


    Dear Doctor Alton,

    My name is Rin Tohsaka. I am the head of the Tohsaka Mage family in Japan. I have a job for you. Yes, you, idiot. The Sixth Holy Grail War is occurring, and I am gathering a team, because I myself can not compete. We decided to hire you because you are completely unconnected to the corps or the Mages' Association, and you have proven yourself in combat. You are to fully support your team, and the Three Families. Attached is the Sign-Up sheet for the event.

    This event will pay ¥1,000,000. Please reply with whether you are going to accept or deny ASAP.

    -Rin Tohsaka

    Kellyn sighed, shaking his head, and stepped towards the door.

    ((And so, the Sixth Holy Grail War begins. Welcome to the Sixth Age, Chummers. We're all meeting at the Tohsaka household first, and then we can explore together.

    @Clyde @The Tactician @DeadAxl, this is now the IC. Post your introduction. Clyde, get your CS up ASAP!

    For Kellyn's Americar, think a Dodge Charger, but edited like Sam and Dean's Impala.

    And shitty first post, I know. I'm sorry. i don't do well making first posts.))
  2. "Christ, can't these Japs make any sort of decent booze?"

    The sound of bottle clacking together rang throughout the runned down and darkened bar as a light-skinned American dug through its ("Fucking disgusting" in his mind) collection of various sakes and beers. Excluding the man, the bar was devoid of any sort of life, closed due to some sort of holiday or another for the night. Not like any employee or bar patron would be allowed to stay if it was opened, given the nature of his task for the night.

    "Fuck it, guess I'll have to check one of the stores on the way home after blowing this place..."

    He wasn't exactly sure why the bar needed a fresh demolition job, not that he particularly cared. All his smuggler contact had told him was that the owner had been causing local thugs some trouble, and the pay would be good. Add in the fact that he could indulge his love for explosives, and the young man was perfectly content.

    "Maybe I can set them off with one of my spells... That'd be a great way to let Tokyo know that Alexander Dresden is town."

    The sleeve of his armored jacket (he didn't trust the average Joe to not try popping him for being a foreigner) rose up his forearm slightly to reveal the point of a blazing fire tattoo as he reached into his pocket to grab a pack of cigarettes. He smirked as he walked out of the establishment's back door and stuck a cigarette between his lips, lighting it with a weak burning spell as his tattoo glowed momentarily and taking a drag of it, before replacing the pack into his pocket. His hand brushed against a paper envelop, a letter with beautiful handwriting, and his eyes perked up. He checked the time, 8:10 PM, on the old wristwatch he wore and swore, "Fuck! I've got to stop screwing around!"

    He had somewhere to be, somewhere that he couldn't be late to. Running into a nearby alley that had was a decent ways from the bar, the twenty-four year old mage pulled out a small commlink he had been given for the job. With a few button presses, a signal shot out from the device and he took a deep breath to soak in the beautiful sound of flames ripping through metal and wood echoing in the nighttime silence.

    "Awwww... That never gets old," For a moment, the blonde almost seemed to shake in absolute joy and pleasure before his mind began to clear as he remembered where he needed to be, "Fuck, right. I need to go meet up with Miss Matou and see what kind of people the other two families recruited..." God, he hated working with new guys on such a huge job, but it wasn't like he could deny the payout over just that. Plus, what little he had spoken with the head of the Matou family, she seemed like a nice enough woman.


    Quietly, he hummed away as he walked up to the Tohsaka residence after parking his Yamaha Growler bike in a nearby alley. It looked like he had arrived just on time, given the other guy approaching the front door before him. Noting the briefcase, the mage cocked a brow. Either the man was a suit from the corps or he was hiding some sort of weapon in there, and given the circumstances, Alex could guess the latter as being more likely. Probably looks better than the duffle bag I lug around...

    "Oi, you one of the others?" He had already followed the man most of the way to the door, but even if somewhat redundant, it was better to ask and open up some form of conversation now. He kept his voice calm and friendly, hoping to not startle the man and cause him to do something... reckless.​
  3. *4 months before the beginning of the 6th Holy Grail War*
    *In a mechanic shop located at the outer limits of the Seattle Sprawl*
    *8:49 PM*

    Jack wiped the sweat from his brow, leaning back as he screwed the last bolt into place on the vehicle he was working on. He looks up at the clock, frowning slightly as he waves to his boss, the owner of "Celia's Shop". The woman, covered in more grease than Jack, walks over, a wrench in hand. She looks over his work under the hood of the car he had been working on, a simple black Chrysler-Nissan Jackrabbit that had some problems with it's transmission. Celia Gave him a slap on the back, and a friendly smirk. "You missed a bolt there, but other than that, it's not too bad of a job. You did good, kid. Why don't you head home for now? I'll finish up here and close up shop." He smiles at her, shrugging as he wipes his hands off on his pant legs. "Thanks, boss." He nods, heading to the back of the shop to change clothes. He does so in quick order, tossing his work clothes into his locker, stretching out a bit, before grabbing his pack and heading to his car. "See you later, Cel." The two wave to eachother as he gets into his GMC Phoenix. He hits the ignition, and drives down to his place deeper into the heart of the Sprawl. He gets a call on his commlink, and when he answers, a familiar voice pops through his car's speakers, quite angry for some reason. "You asshole! You were supposed to meet me an hour ago!" He cringes from the yelling, Somewhat prepared for this tongue lashing. "Yeah, yeah, I'm sorry, Ally. I thought I texted you that I was gonna be late!" This only brings a heavy sigh as he's sure Alice, his Fixer, is pinching the bridge of her nose right now. "Well, whatever. Something new came up, Azzy. I got a few hints of something big that might be happening soon over in Japan over the Matrix. I checked the facts on it, but the biggest thing is that supposedly a few local mage families want to win the thing. Bad." The large man frowns in confusion, as he turns the corner. "How bad?"

    In response, a number is sent to his Image-Linked eyes, which almost makes him drive off the road in surprise. "Holy shit, one mil?! With that kind of money, we could stop running for at least a couple years!" A chuckle comes out of the speakers, followed by the girlish voice. "Yeah. Which is why I took the liberty to get the info all downloaded and ready for you to read once you get your bug muscly ass over here."


    *1 month before the beginning of the 6th Holy Grail War*
    *Narita International Airport, Tokyo, Japan*
    *3:47 PM*
    Jack exits the main terminal with what looks to be a rather jaded and pale 11-year old catgirl at his side. The size difference between the two gain a few odd looks, but they go mostly ignored by the two. They make their way to the side entrance of the airport, as they had Azrael's car delivered as well. As they get in, the girl pulls out an retrofitted laptop, tapping rapidly on the keys. "Alright, Azzy. I'm sending the co-ords to your Image Link. So you don't get us lost." Azrael gives a snort, but starts driving anyway. "So let's go back over the details of this War thing. You said something about seven mages?"

    His companion goes over the basic information ((What's in the OOC intro post)) to Azrael, skipping over some of the minor details. By the end of it, the two have arrived at their apartment, each carrying appropriately-sized luggage. Once inside the moderately-sized room, Jack sits down on one of the beds, running his hand through his hair, somewhat confused. He stares at their luggage, mulling over the information in his head. "So seven mages, seven servants, seven teams... And we're hired on for these... Three Families? I mean, I'm not one for magic, so hopefully I won't be too useless, but... Why offer so much nuyen for this? Is this Grail really so valuable?" This remark gains him a bonk on the head from Alicia, who has a serious face on. "Of course it is, you big hulking idiot. It's a whole damn wish! One thing you could ever want, at the tips of your fingers!" Azrael frowns, rubbing his head a bit. Of course he wasn't hurt in the slightest, but it's just part of their relationship. "One month. In one month we're supposed to meet the Three Families, as well as the rest of our team. You better not screw this up, Azrael."


    *1 month later*
    *Tohsaka Residence, Japan*
    *9:05 PM*

    The GMC Phoenix pulls up behind the Americar, and Jack steps out of the vehicle as soon as he has it parked and off. He's in his Runner gear, his Ballistic Mask attached to his belt. He walks over to his trunk, opening it up, and pulling out a massive case that clearly weighs quite an impressive amount. He slings it over his shoulder, as he approaches the two in front of the mansion. He lets out a low whistle as he reaches the two. "Damn, that is an impressive place. So, you two my teammates?"
  4. Kellyn instinctively put his hand on the knife concealed in his jacket when he heard the voice. It had startled him a bit.

    It took him a second to realize what he was saying. Kellyn loosened his grip.

    "Yeah. Doctor Kellyn Alton, sniper and overwatch." He said calmly. "Better known as Peacekeeper." He held out his hand as if to shake it, still a bit nervous. "You must be Dres, our Mage."

    "Yeah, it is." Kellyn said. "I'm the Tohsaka hire, Peacekeeper. But please, call me Kellyn." He said, with a nervous laugh.
  5. "No, we're the Emperor's glorious neighborhood watch, looking for filthy metahumans," Alex snorted as the orc approached, taking in the man's dress with a keen eye. "Well, at least you look like you're ready for a run, unlike Suits here," As if to emphasis who he meant by the name, the runner cautiously took the other man's hand and gave it a shake, "But at least he's not a wageslave, right?" The sleeve of his jacket shifted up, displaying an array of tattooed symbols running along the forearm, "Anyways, like you said, Peacekeeper, I'm your mage for this job. Don't worry about my name beyond Dres until after our first fight, best I don't waste mine or your time in case someone gets taken down during the chaos."

    "And with that, we turn to Macho Man Orcky Savage. What's your name, muscles?"

    @The Silver Paladin @DeadAxl
  6. The orc, who for some strange reason was missing a lot of the typical orcish features, raised an eyebrow at the two. He gives a simple two-fingered salute. "Name's Jack. Jack Reacher. Three Families hired me on as muscle for this little urban war that's been brewing, no pun intended, so I guess it's my job to keep you guys from getting shot to hell. Azrael's what I like to be called in the Shadows, but if you prefer, Jack's fine too." He pats the heavy case strapped over his shoulder with his free hand. "And this here is my weapon of choice. Not the case, of course, but the beauty that's inside it." He cracks his neck twice, a smirk coming across his expression. "Well, since I'm the guy who's gonna be tanking bullets and whatnot for you, hope we can get along. Oh, and there's one other person I brought with me. She's a bit abrasive-" He gets cut off by some sort of loud noise that only he can hear, before shaking his head, and waving at his car, motioning for whoever was still inside it to come out. The passenger side door pops open, and out steps a girl who appears to be 12 years of age, with cat ears and a matching tail. She brushes a strand of her blonde hair to the side with an annoyed expression as she stomps over to the group, giving the Orc a punch in the gut. He reacts as if this hurt him at all, grabbing his abdomen, giving her a slight frown. "Hey, that hurts, you know?" She gives him an annoyed expression. "Don't lie to the guys, you big idiot." She turns to the others, sizing the two up. "Yo. I'm Ally, this muscle-for-brains' Fixer. I'll probably also be working as your coordinator for this fucked up fiasco of a job." She pulls a similar looking letter from out of her shoulder bag, showing it to the others.

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  7. "Eh? Some twelve year old girl with a thing for pussy is our coordinator? Somehow, I feel like I'm some sort of fighting pet being put into a contest..." Running a hand along his mohawk, Alex sighed as he realized that the group was becoming rather... large. Large enough that he felt uncomfortable about their prospects of being able to stay in the shadows like actual runners, "Fuck, this really is going to be a huge thing..."

    "Well, best we just head on in if the door is unlocked..." The man's hand lashed out and smacked Kellyn's arm, gesturing to the door afterwards, "Oi, Suits, make your sells pitch and unload some vacuum cleaners."
  8. Kellyn sighed. He looked at the small catgirl. He then looked back at the crowd. "My fixer's back at the CDC in Washington DC." He then looked at Dres. "Mortimer of London Argentum Coat. Custom fitted. Had to get it for my job at the CDC, frequent meetings and such. I wear it to all meetings now."

    "Right." Kellyn knocked on the door. As he did that, he shouted "CDC SPECIAL DISEASES UNIT!"

    Several locks behind the door disengaged, and a girl stepped out.


    "What is it, Kell-." She said, staring at the crowd. She started with Kellyn, dressed in a nice suit, with his har combed and quaffed. Then, she saw Jack, in his runner gear, and then her eyes moved to Dres wearing a bulletproof vest, a mohawk, and tattoos, and then her eyes landed on the catgirl who looked like a 12 year old. She stood silent for a minute, with a strange look on her face.


    I think she needs a moment...
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  9. "... What the fuck, is every woman in this fucking country going to look like a high school or middle school student?"

    Unlike the woman standing before them, Alex doesn't need a moment to find a way to insult an entire nation of highly prideful women.​
  10. The girl, previously identified at Ally, smirks at the guy in the armour, looking him over. "With that look," She replies, "I think it'd be more accurate to say you're some sort of circus attraction being put on international television for the amusement of billions. Where DID you get that awful hairstyle, anyway? You know the National Punk Convention is in Seattle, right? You sure you aren-" She's cut off by the appearance of Tohsaka Rin.

    The pair both raaise their eyebrows at the woman who is the head of one of the Three Families. Jack tilts his head sideways, and Ally crosses her arms with a frown. "Y'see, THIS is why I didn't let you go alone. Not only are you a lug-brain, but you're also susceptible to the finer sex." This comment earns her a sharp glare as she misceviously grins, chuckling at the Orc. After a few seconds of silent staring, he steps forward, bowing to the woman. "Greetings, Tohsaka Rin. I am Jack Reacher, also known as Azrael. This is my Fixer and very close friend, the one who originally contacted the Three Families, Alicia." The girl steps forward and offers a small curtsy. "I was the Heavy Weapons specialist you hired on for The Praetors."
  11. "At least I don't look like I'm the next star in some pedophiliac hentai flick, you fucking midget. It's called having a style that doesn't make me look like a little weeaboo shit," Alex bit back as he kept his eyes on Rin, clearly not needing to focus on his target in order to score a critical hit to the self-esteem, "Anyways, Schoolgirl, name's Dres. I'm the Mage, and no, there is no one else better among the Ink Mages."

    @The Silver Paladin @DeadAxl
  12. Kellyn just stood watching this exchange happen before he gathered his wits.

    "A-anyway, Rin, we're all finally here. Except for the hacker, if we even hired one." Kellyn said, brushing off his jacket.


    "Right, come in. There's tea in the Living Room if you want some." Rin said calmly, gathering her wits. She looked unimpressed. "Miss Einzbern and Miss Matou have not arrived yet, but you can all help yourself."

    Kellyn watched the argument. "I've never actually met a catgirl before. This is a new experience for me." He said, calmly stating his position.
  13. "Seems like a shitty first time then, and thanks, Miss Tohsaka" Alex bit out, walking into the house and heading towards the living room. When was the last time I've had tea? Probably during that job with the Mexican donkey show... He hid his shiver due to that particular memory rather well, taking a seat on one of the empty couches and stretching out to relax, "You know, it's funny. It's usually me who's late, not the employer."
  14. The girl gives him a little smirk, before overdramatically swooning. "Surely it's the style that lets you get all the punk ladies. And while I unfortunately look like a weeaboo, I'm not the one who'll get their balls chopped off and served to them as chili if he doesn't watch where he throws his shitty insults. Besides, looking like a weeaboo is much less terrible than having that dreadful hairstyle. I bet the only reason you run in the first place is to afford all that hair g-" She is cut off, this time by Azrael, who brings her onto his shoulder with relative ease. "Like I said. A bit abrasive, though it looks like she's not the only one." He shoots a quick look at the mage, before shrugging. Ally, simply crosses her arms and pouts. "You never let me have any fun, buzzkill."

    Azrael shrugs to the fellow in the suit. "She's got Neoteny, which makes things like this exchange be somewhat awkward." Ally slaps the back of his head after he divulges one of her little secrets, pouting again. "Dumbass..." She mutters.
    He raises an eyebrow at the comment about a hacker. "Wait, we DO have a hacker, right? I'm not all too comfortable with running, shadows or no, without some cyber security." He gives a worried look, frowning a bit as he looks around. He looks to the woman who is their employer, shaking his head slightly. "No, thanks. Not much of a tea guy myself. I'll take some juice or soda, if you've got it, though."
  15. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize tapping a fucking paper-mace tail to my ass to prepare for a future in skin vids was the hot new thing. What's next, you're going to pull out a ball gag or something?" With the way he was talking, it seemed Alex didn't need to cast flamethrower spells to keep causing decent burns. "Also, if you're going to admit that you unfortunately look like a Nippon-senpai samurai worshiper, then why the fuck do you keep do-..."

    For a moment, the mage paused, staring at his orc companion as he absorbed what the man had just said. Suddenly, a grin began to spread from cheek to cheek as he began to snicker, "Nekoteny, that's your name now, Nekoteny. Until that shitty weeb apparel is burnt by one of my fucking spells, you're stuck with that name, Nekoteny."
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  16. Kellyn and Rin just stood there awkwardly watching this exchange occur. They were both completely silent.

    Anyway, if you followed Rin inside, she would walk down a hallway. The house was nice and spacious with luxurious accommodations. On the wall were several pictures:

    You assumed that the Young Colonel Sanders looking guy was her father. There was a large painting hanging in a wall of Rin standing back to back with another man:


    Other figures stood in the background, ready for combat it seemed.

    Finally, you entered the Living Room:


    A teapot and teacups were set out on the table. Several papers were scattered around the room. The living room seemed nice enough.

    "We do have a hacker, he's just... Running a bit late." Rin said, a bit nervous. "Anyway, sit down, have some tea, and... I'll go get you your juice." She seemed a bit nervous, having these strangers in her house.
  17. The neoteneous girl climbs down off of Azrael, patting her clothes off once she's on her feet. She gives the man a bemused look as she pulls at her right ear. "First, they aren't fake, ass-hat. Second, maybe I will, if it'll get you to shut that oversized mouth of yours. Third, I can't believe ANYONE ever missed you in the shadows with that shitty hairdo that would make an attention-whore seem modest. I mean, holy SHIT, have you looked at yourself in the mirror? Oh, I'm sorry, they all probably BROKE from your ugly-ass mug. And Nekoteny? What kind of name is that? What are you, some kind of weeaboo?" Azrael wouldn't even try to stop her tirade, simply dragging her along into the house, following Rin. Azrael rolled his eyes, astounded at how perfect of a match these two were. He follows Rin down the hallway, taking a quick mental note of the paintings, raising his eyebrow at the larger one. He felt connected to it, somehow. He shakes off this feeling, however, and follows Rin into the dining room.

    He takes a seat nodding to Rin, waiting for her to get back. Once she does, however, he responds in kind to her. "Ah, that's good. Though, I hope he isn't TOO late. So, Lady Tohsaka, what's the deal with this Holy Grail War, and why is this supposedly secret mage war being damn near televised on a global scale?" He frowns as he takes the juice, giving a simple 'thank you' before leaning back in the chair, and setting the massive case down beside him. "I mean, if it was this big secret event since way back when, how come it's suddenly being thrust into the public view like some kind of sport?"
  18. "Must have been the previous head of the family... Nice beard," Why such a fact would garner respect from the Ink Mage, no one knew. It seemed to just be one of the many oddities surrounding the magician who was now taking in the next picture, this one of Rin. His eyes widened in recognition and his head turned to the real Rin, "Oi, Miss Tohsaka, is this what I think it is? Why the hell are you hiring me if you've got experience with this sort of thing?"
    "Wait, you don't know?" Before he could respond to the 'little shitty cat' or get an explanation from Rin, his attention diverted to Azrael and his eyebrows cocked up in surprise, "Well, you're not a mage, so I can understand, but still, not doing research beforehand?" He took a seat on a couch, leaning back to relax before giving the explanation, "Essentially... It's a bloodletting battle royale established by the Families between seven of us mages, using special summons for the task in order to reach the Holy Grail. Winning the competition and actually claiming the grail is supposed to grant the winning pair of master and servant each a wish... Sadly, no one's done it to my knowledge, and it's gone fucking insane in the last few encounters..."

    "And as for why it's being televised..." Compared to the hateful scowl and low growl that the mage was currently exhibiting at the thought, the barbs and frowns seemed almost friendly, "Tohsaka probably knows more... But the fucking megacorps are to blame for this bullshit. Taking our traditions, pissing in them and shaking them up, and calling them the same fucking thing but now with merchandise..."
  19. "Precisely." Kellyn said. "If you haven't seen the ads on TV, or around the Matrix, it's a corporate battle, essentially. Ads are featuring all of the teams. Quite funny actually. We're just shown as shadows, because they don't know who we are. They probably will soon enough, though. We'll have to register. Can't wait until we're going to be action figures or something. Trids made about us." Kellyn laughed as he stirred some sugar in his tea. "Watch as they paint me as some hero or something. I'm a kid from Denver who went to Princeton, and only rose to prominence with the CDC during that massive Doomsday Cult raid in Shanghai last year." He quietly turned back to his tea, feeling like he had said too much.

    Rin turned to Alex when he mentioned the paintings. "That man is Tokiomi Tohsaka, my father. In that other painting, that's me with my Servant Archer from the last Grail War, that's why I'll help guide you all through this. You all will be handling Saber, one of the most powerful servants one can summon. I'll assist you with the summoning process."
  20. "That still doesn't answer my question, Tohsaka," Alex fixed the woman with a steely glare, "Why are you not the mage this time? It's incredibly risky bringing this many outsiders, and given my association with a group who professes to distrust the Association and the corporations, it seems even riskier to bring me in... So what's your aim?" Years of fending for himself had taught the mage one simple fact about working with someone of a greater position than you; that person was always looking to screw you over.​
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