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  1. So just as the title says, I am fishing out interest for an Apocrypha style grail war. The war will be a PVE thing so nitpicky balance and the like will be toned down quite a bit due to not necessitating the same level of balancing inherent to PVP. The players will all be on the side of the Association/Church going against a GM/CoGM controlled team of renegade heretical magi who have stolen and re-instituted the grail system.
    Character sheets, mechanics, setting, map, etc. will all be provided if sufficient interest is generated.
    So, anyone interested?

    Before you make a sheet or anything take these into consideration
    Prana Values: The total magical energy your going to be toting around.
    E: 400 Prana
    D: 800
    C: 1200
    B: 1600
    A: 2000

    • [BCOLOR=transparent]+ Values indicate that the prana stat indicated is doubled.[/BCOLOR]

    MASTERS - Circuitry
    E: 8
    D: 16
    C: 24
    B: 32
    A: 40
    +=Add 20 circuits

    E: 5
    D: 10
    C: 15
    B: 20
    A: 25
    +=Add 10 to quality

    For magic crests(They store magical energy), their values go like this:
    Magic Crest
    The amount of magical energy that one can store in them scales off how old they are.
    Every generation = 100 bonus prana stored.

    The list for master circuitry is based off of these two people
    Rin(An extraordinarily talented magus, so I assumed both her quantity and quality for circuitry were at the A rank.)
    Circuits: 40 A
    Quality: 25 per circuit A
    Output: 1000

    Alice Kuonji(Someone whose numerical output is not revealed but rank is. Using her I set an upper baseline).
    Circuits: A+
    Quality: A++

    Please use these two people as a guideline for scaling your character.

    Servant Sheet (open)


    Class: Saber, Archer, Lancer, Rider, Assassin, Caster, Berserker

    Gender: Obvious

    Appearance: This is what your character looks like via image.

    Appearance Details: Written description of your character that covers what cannot be seen by the image such as height and weight, etc.

    Alignment: Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, Lawful Evil, Neutral Good, True Neutral, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Mad, Runaway Mad Enhancement

    Personality: Feel free to fill in as you like

    Bio: Heroic Spirit's biography

    Weapon: Some Servants may use non-Noble Phantasm weapons in combat, like Alexander the Great and his Spartoi. If your Servant uses a Noble Phantasm as a weapon state that here as well.


    Strength: Damage. A rank STR means one attack can destroy a small house.

    Endurance: Damage one can take. In RPG terms, it indicates the HP stat.

    Agility: Dexterity or reaction time, not necessarily physical speed. Cu Chulainn is described as the fasted heroic spirit, and yet has a lower rank in agility than Hassan I Sabbah.

    Mana: How much Prana one can handle.

    Luck: Ability to defy fate.

    Class Skills:
    Saber –
    Magic Resistance: Sabers are given a high amount of magic resistance. C rank is seen as low for a Saber class Servant.
    Riding: The ability to ride vehicles and mounts.

    Archer –
    Magic Resistance: Can nullify magecraft up to the rank.
    Independent Action: Can survive without a Master or no magical energy from the Master. How long depends on the rank.

    Lancer –
    Magic Resistance: Can nullify magecraft up to the rank.

    Rider –
    Riding: A high level of riding is necessary. The TMwikia states that A rank is necessary; however, this isn’t necessarily the case. That was just something that was put in Karna’s CMIV profile. However, Karna’s profile in Apocrypha did not contain that statement, so it seems to be invalidated.
    Magic Resistance: Can nullify magecraft up to the rank.

    Caster –
    Territory Creation: Can take over a space and make it suitable for one as a magus.
    Item Creation: Ability to make items infused with magical energy.

    Berserker –
    Mad Enhancement: Depending on the rank increases parameters in exchange for taking away sanity. The higher the rank, the more like an automaton one becomes.

    Assassin –
    Presence Concealment: Servers ones presence as a Servant. Depending on the rank it’s possible to be undetectable; however, when you attack it the rank will drop for that instant.

    Personal Skills: Certain abilities a Heroic Spirit may have, such as Charisma, Artistic Talent, etc. Keep close to the legend; modifiers are temporary rank ups, not a rating of how good it is. Absolute limit of 5.

    Noble Phantasm(s): Limit of three. A lower number is highly preferred.


    Title: Usually an explanation like "Sword of Promised Victory."

    Rank: E-EX. Plus modifiers are possible, and indicate temporary rank ups, or an indication of raw power.

    NP Type:
    There are different types of Noble Phantasms; but the main three are Anti-Unit, Anti-Army, and Anti-Fortress. Anti-unit refers to anything that can be used against a single target. This includes armor, a single target attack, supporting moves such as healing, or something that affects the self.

    Anti-Army refers to Noble Phantasms meant to deal with groups and more.

    Anti-Fortress is like an Anti-Army but stronger; it is made to deal with fortifications and can change the terrain. These are rare.

    Here are some other types of Noble Phantasms that are less common
    Anti-Unit (Self): Where the effect is directed at oneself, like a shapeshifting Noble Phantasm.

    Anti-World: Something that shouldn’t been common, these Noble Phantasms have the potential to destroy the World or alter the fundamental laws of the world(Something like stopping time or warping space fits into this). This does not mean they can destroy the planet.

    Range: 1 is minimum, 99 is maximum.
    Refer to this:
    - refers to no range at all.
    0 refers to the range being oneself.
    1 refers to grappling distance.
    4 is the maximum reach of a spear.
    10 is usually the maximum range for a centralized bounded field.
    50 is usually the maximum range for mounts.
    99 is basically the highest range.

    Maximum Number of Targets: 1 to 1000
    Maximum Targets refers to the amount of people that will be affected by the Noble Phantasm. Anti-Units primarily will affect one target as the name states. Anti-Army will affect more than one. The largest amount that has been seen is 1000. Unlike range; there isn’t an interval since this is how many possible targets are affected.

    Master Sheet (open)

    Name(s): Names

    Gender: Obvious

    Age: How old is your character?

    Personality: At Least a fully developed paragraph.

    Appearance: Image of character(If possible)

    Appearance Details: Written description of the character unable to be portrayed by the image alone such as height and weight.

    Biography and Family History: The history of their lives, and the lineage of Magi they are from. List how many generations old the magic crest of the family is.

    Number of Magic Circuits: E-A

    Quality of Magic Circuits: The amount of magical energy each single circuit can sustain. E-A

    Magecraft: Includes all magecraft and magecraft related abilities like High Speed Aira the magus knows as well as that in the crest. If it's not here then your magus does not know it.

    Mystic Codes and Equipment: A magus' tools. Usually either an amplifier, or limited effect type. Equipment would be items totally unrelated to magecraft.

    Non-Magecraft Related Skills: Mundane skills that have nothing to do with magecraft directly. Any skill of particular special note is included here; being good at stabbing things, repairing electronics, or the ability to cook well are basic examples.
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  2. Wow Fate RP. I would love to join.
    Sounds great.
  3. Interested
  4. I am interested as well, although I'll be gone for the next week. I'd like to reserve one of the two Rider spots if we do get enough people.
  5. I'm also interested, although I am curious as to whether or not the Servant's character sheets will be hidden.
  6. Same here. Two factions and all. I in.
  7. Joining in. :3
  8. I'm surprised the interest gained traction a bit.
    Since your all going to be on a single team of servants and masters I currently don't see much point in hiding stuff unless it's for the GM team. However there may be scenarios of players going rogue and stuff so I will have to think about it.
  9. So, we're all on one team? For a sec I thought it was a 7v7 RP.

    Ah well, this'll be good. If possible I'd love to reserve an Archer Class Servant. I've been trying to use this one concept for a while...

    I think the main point of Apocrypha was for two factions to battle it out. After one side loses all its Servants, the other side can safely continue the Holy Grail War smoothly.

    Or use Servants for... things that aren't the Holy Grail War.
  10. Sure you can go ahead and reserve since I don't see many people joining this judging by current level of interest. Also that answers your first question since a 7 v 7 would need 14 players discounting masters which would be an absurdly high amount to wish for.
  11. I do apologize for my insistent curiosity, but will we be playing both Master and Servant?

    I do have a few ideas in mind for the remaining Servant classes and while one might be a OP in most regards, its limited to how its Master acts.
  12. Seeing as how we will have a dearth of masters and perhaps not even seven servants, I encourage both master and servant creation but I won't necessitate it as I can always come up for a reason for the servants being tethered to few masters.
  13. Understandable. I suppose I'll go with my original idea and reserve the lancer spot unless someone else wants it.
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