Fatale, Femme.

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  1. Prologue
    Still waters outline an vast and beautiful looking island that resides out in the middle of nowhere. Silence surrounds the place with a compliment of a cold, eerie tone. On the island coasts and jagged cliffs are armed men patrolling the edges of the land, looking out into the waters for any sign of a disturbance. A slight breeze blows over the island as palm trees and plantlife sway very faintly. The armed men remain silent with faces of stern demeanor and focus. They pack fully automatic AK-47's and standard Beretta handguns. Right underneath the rocks and cliffs of the north side of the island, four heads emerge from the water with extreme stealh and silence. Black paint smear their faces as they arise with silenced ARX-160's. They swam all the way from the south side to flank unaware troops. They equip their gripped rappel climbing gear and begin to ascend upon the rocks. The first troop reaches the top, and grabs the armed guard and throws him off to the rocks below, impaling the armed opposer and killing him instantly.

    SEAL1: [radio] "Overlord this is Bravo...we're green."

    Overlord: Roger that Bravo, the package is in the main building in the center of the island that resembles an observatory. Rules of Engagement is Return fire only.

    SEAL1: "Roger, out."

    The rest of the Navy SEALS climb up as they get in position and moves as a unit towards the center of the island, cutting through trees and forested areas. They spot a few armed men patrolling about, but they remain undetected so they continue to move on. Bravo gets a radio from Alpha, another SEAL unit that has also infiltrated the island.

    Alpha: Bravo what's your status?

    SEAL1: "Alpha we are en route to the package."

    Alpha: The entrances are all blocked by patrols. We'll never get through without being made.

    SEAL1: "There has to be another route, no way he'd build that place and only have topside as the way out..."

    Alpha: We don't have time to search for another route. We're going to stir a diversion. Just be there when it's time to infiltrate.

    SEAL1: "Alright Bravo let's move!"

    The Navy SEALS move onward towards the observatory where they stop about a hundred meters away and begin to scout all of the enemy infantry. Two to three men were at all three entrances and rotating very frequently, making it impossible to slip past without notice. Bravo team inches closer slowly using the bushes and trees to advance their stealth mode. Once they get about several meters from the hill the observatory rests on, they radio in to Alpha team.

    SEAL1: "In position."

    Alpha: Stand by.

    In moments barking can be heard coming from somewhere in the bushes. Dogs barking. The armed men rush up to the edge of the railing and looks out in the dense and vast jungle to see where the source of the sounds are coming from. They raise their weapons and aim out into the forest, while slowly creeping down the stairs to the observatory. While that occurs, Bravo team uses their rappel gear to climb up the side wall and over the railing, where some men can be seen inside with their back turned to the SEALS. Bravo team enters in the west entrance and two of the SEALS sneaks up and knifes two men in the throat. The armed men searching for the barking radio in a disturbance to the central HQ on the island. A loud siren echoes through the land as the SEALS go on alert.

    SEAL1: "Alright men!!! Stay Frosty!"

    Just then a fleet of armed enemies run from around the corner towards the SEALS and raise their weapons.

    SEAL2: "Tangos!!"

    SEAL2 instinctively fires his weapon and puts two enemies down as the squads joins in. Their suppressors cause no sound and sense a siren rings as well, they are virtually silent in killing the opposition. They press on deeper into the building as they encounter more enemies and more opposition, taking them out with precision. Armed foes begin to surround the Bravo squad as the SEALS form a circle covering all areas and begin to fire at foe after foe, dropping enemies as their blood and brains splatter across the steel walls of the observatory. A large sound can be heard as silo-like doors begin to close down slowly on the entrances to the observatory.

    SEAL3: "Shit!! We're trapped!!"

    SEAL1: "Alpha team's out there they'll get us out! We need to press on!!!"

    Intercom: "Why??"

    The SEALS stop dead in their tracks and heed the voice on the intercom.

    Intercom: "You're trapped...I mean, there's nothing to press on to but death as there are multiple dozens of my men waiting to blow you to smitherines...titanium force alloy blast doors that are impenetrable..did you think you'd just barge in here and save the day? Hmm? Please guys...you came to the wrong playground boys."

    Just then about 20 armed foes rush in and surround the Navy SEALS, their rifles aimed right at their heads. They say nothing, just ready for one of the SEALS to make the wrong move. But this wasn't a standoff....not like in the movies. There was no hope or chance for redemption. Before moments the 20 armed men pumps lead into the four Navy SEALS, as the SEALS fire back in retaliation only wounding about two of them. The SEALS fall slump to the floor motionless. Lifeless.

    Outside, the investigating foes have all been distracted as the Alpha team approaches the now closed blast doors. One SEAL shoots out the camera on the south entrance as they begin to devise a plan to infiltrate the blast doors.

    SEALA1: "Bravo...the doors are closed...we need access........Bravo!....Bravo, how copy? Shit. They're not responding."

    Alpha team brings forth C4 and places it right in the middle of the titanium door and begins wiring the trigger. The other three provide recon and cover fire for the point man. After the C4 is set and ready to go, the point man treks a few yards away from the doors, followed by Alpha team where they continue to look out for any opposition. The point man blows the trigger in which the C4 explodes but only chars the door.

    SEALA2: "Shit! We can't stay here!"

    Alpha team then moves around to the west entrance where Bravo team entered, only to find it also closed and locked by titanium shutter doors. The enemy guards begin to circle back towards the observatory in wake of the sound of the explosion. They approach with intense focus and fury, looking for whoever duped them into the jungle.

    SEALA3: "We gotta move!!! Tangos closing in!!"

    Suddenly the doors begin to open back up as the outside forces close in on Alpha team. As soon as the door gets to a point to infiltrate, the SEAL team begins to roll under and crawl under the doors, and one by one they stopped in their tracks to the sight of dozens of enemy forces all aiming their weapons at them.

    SEALA4: "...Shit."
    One of the enemy troops carries the bloody dog tags of the SEALS to an undisclosed office in the building. Where a man sits in a chair with his back facing the door. The troop enters in and places the tags on the desk, smearing blood on the desk as he does.

    Man: "So America thinks they can just up and send a squad to take my scientist huh? Well, the price of the ol' great nation I suppose...make sure there are no stragglers."

    The troop bows and leaves as the man continues to smoke his cigar. The man then opens up the sheet of fabric in front of him revealing a large facility where dozens of troops and workers all transport components and fragments of some type of device into the center of the massive facility. The man smirlks and taps his cigar as he watches upon the plan unfolding before him.

    Man: *begins to whistle America's National Anthem*

    Location: Sri Lanka
    Time: 1340 hours

    I step into the ring and begin to place my bets. All of these poor people around me, not having much else to do in this slummy part of the area. Elders and fresh faces alike begin to throw in their currency as I sit there looking into the ruckus with my mirror tint shades on. I focus my eyes particularly on one middle aged man, just quiet looking into the ring a well. He has two others with him, bigger men. Bodyguards. I take out my lipstick and roll around my lips. The sun was beaming out here, and I had to blend. This tank top and cargo shorts made me look too common, ironically to blend in nowadays you had to be different. After bets are placed, it was time. Two chickens were thrown in the ring and ready to tear each other apart. This was a dull part in my mission, but if I had to dweel around sweaty, stinky, civilians all day then whatever. I lean back against the building in front of the cockfight and fold my arms.
  2. 01:10 Hours
    Seattle, WA
    Byeong-jang Kwon Hyun-Rin (Discharged)
    707th Special Mission Battalion, 'White Tiger'

    It had been nearly two and a half years since the Kwon Family has left South Korea to settle down in the United States, namely Seattle in the state of Washington. Former 707th Special Mission Battalion Sniper Kwon Hyun-Rin, also known by her English name 'Yolanda', has felt like there was something missing in her life. Did she miss being in the Military? Being a White Tigar in South Korea was like being a member of Delta Force in the United States. Obviously, the world she was in now was no place for a trained killer. For that reason, the former Special Forces Operative was now a Free Lancing Soldier of Fortune. Her older brothers were all married and had kids, her older sister was expecting her first child and her younger siblings were all attending college while her parents opened up a Restaurant. During her six-month break, something in the news caught her attention; a team of Navy SEALs were listed Missing in Action after going dark on an extremely dangerous mission and the Department of Defense is hesitant on sending in another team on a Search and Rescue Mission. Yolanda herself just saw it as another Job Oppurtunity. For a Sniper to go in solo would be suicide however, so she would have to group up with other Mercenaries, an idea she hasn't paid much mind to, because she was used to working solo. Maybe it was time for her to look for a Mercenary Band that is currently recruiting...
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  3. 06:40 Hours
    Location: New York City

    Katrina was walking though the world's most outrageous and in her opinion overrated city, New York. It was a rainy day, much like any other day in the city really, and Katrina was making her way to a small coffee shop for lunch. She pulled at her rain coat, pushing the damp material over herself to cover her body. Muttering 'pardon me' and 'excuse me's' as she was shoved from person to person in the crowded street. Turning left at Times Square she managed to look up at the huge electronic billboards long enough to see a news report about a dangerous mission to save a scientist from somewhere. Though not much else was said, because most of it was not released to the public, mainly for safety reasons. Katrina had ward something about the scientist that was kidnapped by a man no one quite knew. Her co-workers had been chatting about it in the break room one day. Her thoughts were gone by the time she reached the tiny shop, as she pushed the door open and the warmth and smell of coffee and fresh pastries filled the room. She took a seat at a little corner booth and opened to newspaper. Ordering a small pumpkin latte and a freshly made donut. When her order had arrived she thanked the girl and sipped the latte happily. Trying to focus on the newspaper in front of her seemed pointless as her mind kept wandering back to those men. Kat shook her head as she swallowed another sip of latte and sighed. "Never send a man to do a women's job"
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  4. 0630.
    Ft Carson, CO

    Sweat caused her PT uniform to stick in uncomfortable places as she ran up the jagged, rocky hill. She passed gasping, red-faced soldiers that-in her opinion-could use some more exercise. The grounded slated upward even more, and her thighs burned from her 5 mile run to this heinous mound of dirt. Her Captain could be heard from somewhere in the rear, trying to motivate the other soldiers in pushing themselves past their limits. She charged harder, breathing getting heavier, legs feeling continuing to burn, but she relished in the challenge of it all. A male soldier from her platoon came even with her, and in Emma's eagerness to prove herself better than her male counterpart she kept up with him.

    "Is that all you got, Thomsen?" The male panted, a pained grin on his face. He was hurting just as much as she was.

    Emma didn't say anything, but instead pushed even harder up the hill. The top was nearing, and she wasn't going to be beaten and give into the stereotype that women were weaker than men. In response the male soldier also ground his feet in more and charged after her, but it was too late. Emma was faster, and more lithe than her counterpart and beat him to the top. Stopping to take a short rest, Emma put her hands on her knees.

    "What I got....," Emma panted, "....is better than.....what you have....Barker."

    With the rest over, she began down the opposite side of the hill to wait for the rest of her platoon leaving Barker and his wounded pride in a cloud of kicked up dust.
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  5. I look on at the raging chickens going at each other while I look at the man I'm shadowing. The two huge bodyguards of his stick close to him as if they're glued to him. I fix my shades as I stroll over to his location, drawing his and the guards' attention. One of them almost stands as the target grabs his shoulders and sits him back down. I put on my civilian demeanor as I approach him.

    Me: "I'm sorry, you look like you know a lot about this place....I actually need directions to the Hilton Colombo I'm staying there...well, planning to stay there and I need to check in."

    The man just stared into my shades, not saying anything from a minute.

    Me: "O....kay! So how about you just point on this map?"

    I pull out a map of Colombo and I unfold it and hold it in front of the three. My target looks at his men and nods, allowing one of the guards to point on the map of colombo a few clicks north of where we are now.

    Guard: "You will see two tall buildings."

    As the map is fully spread out, I use my left hand that's touching the map to drop a micro sized chip. It's wheat color gives it the appearance of a bread crumb...ironically which is what it's called. As I point in the direction I think is the hotel, while my hand is pointing over the head of the target I slyly release the crumb into the target's long hair. I thank the gentlemen for their help and I go back to watching the cockfight as my chicken I bet on loses terribly.

    Me: "Great..."

    I begin to walk towards the roads in search of a taxi, looking at my watch, I press the side button as a small beeping commences, activating the chip that I planted in my mark's head. I pick up audio as well as GPS location displaying on a grid on the face of my watch. The man and his detail rise from their positions and begin to leave the group of gamblers, looking at me from across the road. I pretend I don't see them and just look downward acting like I have no idea where I'm going, but I knew exactly what was coming.
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  6. 09:00 Hours
    Kwon Residence, Seattle, WA
    Byeong-jang Kwon Hyun-Rin (Discharged)
    707th Special Mission Battalion, 'White Tiger'

    As Sunrise had come, Yolanda woke up and came downstairs to find that her Family were getting ready for Breakfast. Nothing made Yolanda more happier then spending time with her Family. Her Eldest Brother, Bryan, was not living with the Family anymore, as he had a Family of his own, where he is married with three lovely children and live in the Renton Highlands. Her Older Sister Yuna and her Brother-in-Law Jun were temporarily staying with the Family, as they were getting ready to rent an Apartment in Alki, but needed a temporary place to stay in the meantime. Yuna was also pregnant with her first child. Although her second oldest Brother, Vincent, was younger then Yuna, he was already married as well and has a daughter. Since he wasn't staying with the family either, Vincent himself was staying with his wife and daughter in an Apartment in the area. Even though Yolanda had plenty of money herself and was financially stable to move out on her own, she stuck around in the Kwon Family Home because she hasn't found a place that she liked yet, even she was currently looking at some high-end houses that are on the Lake Washington Waterfront in the Newcastle area, which was close to where Bryan lived with his Family. Lastly, her two younger siblings, Sarah and Brendan, were still staying with the parents, as they were studying at the University of Washington and didn't want to stay in the dorms. Since it was weekend, Brendan and Sarah didn't have school. Her parents, Auron and Lulu, left for work shortly after cleaning up the dining room and leaving Yolanda, Brendan and Sarah to do the dishes. Sora also had work, so he kissed Yuna goodbye before leaving as well. After doing the dishes, Yolanda noticed that there was something off with Sarah. "Sarah, you okay?"

    "Yeah, I'm fine, sis'." Sarah tried to brush it off, but it wasn't like Yolanda was going to just let it go.

    Brendan left to go to the Library so he could study with a few of his friends who were also attending UW while Yuna just went into the Guest Room to go to sleep. After all, childbearing was no easy task. What Yolanda did know that Sarah was dating, but her boyfriend wasn't exactly the friendliest guy, but of course, being rebellious towards her parents, Sarah continued to date the 'Bad boy'. Yolanda knew, but stayed out of her sister's affairs. However, today was going to be different. She also noticed that Sarah was covering something with her hair. When Yolanda herself moved it over, she saw a bruise on the side of her little sister's face. "Did he hit you? Be honest with me, Sarah."

    Sarah, on the other hand, just started crying and leaped into her sister's arms. "Yes...He actually hit me yesterday..." she wept into her sister's shoulder.

    "Its okay, I'll have a talk with him."

    In reality, Yolanda was actually going to give him a brutal beating.

    --11:30 Hours--
    Half an hour till noon, Yolanda and Sarah rode her Motorcycle down to Alki Beach Park to have a talk with Sarah's Boyfriend, as it was evident that he had been abusing and beating her. As she parked her Motorcycle, she took off her Jacket and gave it to Sarah. By the time she had gotten there, Sarah's boyfriend was playing beach volleyball with a few other friends. When they saw her coming by, they tried to act all macho, but really, it was just making them look bad. As Sarah watched, Yolanda walked up to the group of five men, tying her hair into a ponytail as she did so. "Who's that?"

    "Some bitch."

    "We got your back."

    "She comes over here, we'll teach her a lesson."

    "What do you want?"

    "Your life...I was thinking about taking it."

    "Is that right?"

    "Yeah, but I don't do well in tight spaces, so going to prison worries me. Shouldn't have bruised her face."


    "No one messes with my sister..."

    "Well go ahead, keep that bitch, I'm done with it."

    The exact response triggered Yolanda to not only punch him once, but three times. As the other four tried to attack her, one would get elbowed clean in the face, another would get his nose broken and flipped, a third would be hit in the throat and the fourth would get the worst of it; kneed in the groin, elbowed in the face and an uppercut to the chin. When the boyfriend tried to attack her, Yolanda would retaliate by grabbing his arm, break it, then kicking him in the knee before fracturing his ankle and then elbowing him in the face twice. Afterwards, she grabbed the Volleyball and then hit him in the chest with it at full force, causing him to scream in pain. She then pulled out her knife and got ready to stab him. "Hyun..."

    Instead, Yolanda just deflated the ball with her knife while giving him an eye-piercing glare. "You come anywhere near my sister again...You won't live to see the light of day again..."

    To intimidate him further, she pulled out her Handgun and stuck it in his face. "If you ever come near my sister...This will be the last thing you will ever see."

    As he whimpered in pain, Yolanda holstered her gun and put away her knife before getting up to her Motorcycle with her sister. "Well...Now you know what I do for a living. I know I'm not the best sister in the world...But I still love very much."

    Sarah smiled before giving Yolanda her jacket and helmet back. The sisters then headed home to go spend time with Yuna.
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  7. Location: Edwards Air Force Base, CA
    Time: 10:17

    "Well that's over with."

    After stacking her papers together on her office desk, Joanne miserably turns her head to her office computer. Now that all of her paperwork was done, it was now time for her to do some well-put to use computer based training. Great, its not like she has anything better to do right? Like fly planes, for example? Frustrated, Joanne stares at the computer screen intently. The ball of her mouse moves slowly as she moves the pointer on her computer screen towards the web browser. The web browser opens when she clicks it. And the browser page starts to load....and load....and load...

    Why do the computers and the internet here have to be so slow? It's like they're trying to make this work take longer. Joanne lets out a deep breathe as she rests her chin in her hand. Queep Days were the worst. Pilots get up early in the morning just to come to work to not do the one main job that they're supposed to do. Computer based training, paperwork and getting tasks from the higher ups. That was what summed up Queep days, the days when being a pilot felt more like working a normal desk job. I'm supposed be in the air, damn it. Disgruntled, Joanne drummed the top of her desk with her fingers as she waited for the browser to finish loading. Sometimes she wondered whether joining the Air Force was the right choice. Sure the pay was great, especially since her recent promotion. Whenever she actually does get to fly, she forgets about her doubts entirely. But that was because she was making a difference by rescuing people and getting bad guys. Almost every part about flying was a joy. She even liked transporting important goods when she had to. Doing all of those things actually gave her a sense of purpose. Joanne blinks as the web page finally finishes loading. A sense of purpose that she didn't feel at all sitting here at this desk. After staring blankly at the computer screen for a moment, Joanne tries to relax as she leans back in her chair. Lunchtime was still two hours away. She realized as she looked up at the wall clock lazily.
  8. 1130
    Ft Carson, CO
    592nd MP Co HQ

    Emma was in her office, shared with the two other medics that were assigned to her company-SSG Loyd and SPC Perry. She trusted them with her life, and the same applied to them about her. It had been six months since they had returned from their deployment and Emma was going through a list of those who needed to make dentist appointments and do a post-deployment evaluation. SSG Loyd was in a meeting with the CO so it was just her a SPC Perry in the 10x10 room.

    A female soldier stopped in the door way, cover in hand.
    "Hey, Perry. What are you doing for lunch? A bunch of us were just headed up to China Buffet. You wanna go?"
    Perry finished something on his phone before putting it in the breast pocket of his uniform. "Sure. The one off Powers?"
    Turning to Emma, Perry was relaxed as he addressed her. "Sergeant Thomsen, do you need anything before I go?"
    Emma didn't bother to look up from the list. "Be back by 1300, and make sure to bring Weld with you to schedule her dental appointment."
    "Roger, Sergeant."

    As the two left, SSG Loyd walked back in from his meeting. He slapped his cover on the desk and sank into a chair. He was average height, and build, with black hair and brown eyes. He had a tan that suggested there was some type of Indian heritage in his family. Running a hand over his face he looked at Emma who was now highlighting names.
    "Did you get a list together of everyone that needs to make an appointment?" His question was business-like, but his tone sounded weary and frustrated.
    "Working on it now Staff Sergeant. Perry went to lunch, but he's bringing back Weld so I can get her in at dental."
    Loyd nodded. "The CO wants the list by end of day."
    The SSG's demeanor got Emma's attention, and pausing from her work, she asked her superior: "How did the meeting go?"
    Normally Loyd was cheerful, albeit a bit cocky, and always seemed sure of himself. Today, he seemed withdrawn, like his mind was off in a distant land. Emma didn't want to assume anything, so she skirted around being completely blunt about her suspicions.
    Loyd was staring off into space, looking lost in thought. It took him a few moments to return, and answer her.
    "Just political bullshit, as always." A weak imitation of his normal mischievious grin formed over his face, but didn't reach his eyes. Emma could tell he was hiding something, but didn't push the subject.
    "You wanna grab some lunch?" Loyd asked, changing the subject.
    "No, thanks. I'm just going to hit the gym."
    "Of course you are," he chuckled, rising from the chair. Fitting his cover snuggling over his head he left the office.

    After Emma stood over Weld and watched her make her dental appointment, and everyone was let go from formation Emma headed to the bricks. When she arrived, she stripped off her uniform top, and turned on the TV. Sitting on her bed she started unlacing her boots while mindlessly listening to the news.

    "After being sent on a Top Secret Mission the SEAL team is presumed MIA. It is speculated they were searching for the missing scientist that also has disappeared. There are no comments from the Commanders at this time."

    Emma stopped pulling off her boot and stared intently at the anchorwoman. This shit was getting out of hand, and she was tired of doing paperwork. Looking over at her re-enlistment paperwork, Emma sighed her body rigid. It was time to nut up, or shut up.
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  9. 13:30
    NSA, Fort Meade, MD

    Kim sighed. She had always been more of an outdoor person, so she had no idea why she had accepted NSA's offer to work for them. Maybe because whenever they needed their eyes on the scene, they sent her. But that didn't make up for the fact she had to stare at the computer screen for hours and hours. She was usually a patient person, but she still got bored after doing the same things day after day.

    "Stop slacking, pull your own weight." her manager complained to her, slapping her head while walking past.

    Kim scowled after her, but snapped her switchblade closed and put it back to her pocket.

    "By the way, you might get out in the field soon. Did you hear about that failed mission not a long time ago? NSA wants those scientist, and since it'll be military operation, they'll probably sent you. Though you'll still have to finish that." her manager tried to cheer her up. It worked immediately. The promise of a cure for her boredom had her focus on her task at hand with a grin on her face.
  10. A taxi pulls up as I wave my hands to it and I get in. I look over at the men as they bear their dark eyes into my soul, my mirror tint shades hiding the look in my eyes. I smile and wave like a giddy tourist as the man smirks and nods his head at me.

    Me: "Idiots."

    The taxi driver looks at me, waiting on my directions.

    Me: "Hilton Colombo."

    The driver pulls off as I look upon my watch at the red dots on my GPS module. I can hear their entire conversation, as they converse of nothing but drugs, guns, ammo, and a few ladies in their company tonight.

    Guard1: "Ēṟṟumati iṉṟiravu, tuppākkikaḷ poruṭṭu irukkum maṟṟum ammo kiḻakku celkiṟatu, maṟṟum maruntukaḷ mēṟkē cella... Maṟṟum peṇkaḷ eṅkaḷ uṟaiviṭam varum."

    Man: "Etuvum tavaṟu naṭantāl atai pārkka, nāṉ itai iṉṟu vēṇṭum."

    The taxi driver hears the conversation and begins to look back at me in curiousity. I look into the rear view mirror and slowly shake my head, notifying him that it's in his best interest to mind his business. He complies and focuses on the road again, not a word coming out of his mouth. Smart man. I could use my GPS to trace and see where they were going to be at tonight, either way was a win. I find their residence...well his residence, then I'm sure I'd have some evidence of the illegal trading he's involved in, or I find where the goods where being shipped, I could just shut down the entire operation right there. The taxi pulls up to the beautiful Hilton Colombo and looks at me for wage. I hand over 100 Rupees as the taxi driver seems well satisfied with the payment. I exit the taxi and I head inside to the gorgeous lobby. It was quite astounding, as way the city, but business calls. I walk up to the front and request my room.

    Me: "Hi there!! I had a reservation for a room my name is Iemma Lawless...here's my card and I.D."

    I hand over the forged I.D. and card as the clerk looks at the two and looks at me, before smiling and responding.

    Clerk: "Yes we have room ready for you! You are liking it here?"

    Me: "So far, it's been great!"

    Clerk: "You are very pretty, why travel alone?"

    Me: "I'm sight seeing...I'm one of those free spirts ya know?"

    I take my things back and shuffle them into my backpack. He hands me my keycard and some brochures in case I wanted to see more, which won't be necessary. I turn off my watch for now as I walk to the elevator and up to my room on the 11th floor. The door opens and I walk down the hall to my room and unlock it with the keycard. I open up into a small, but very quaint room. Private and intimate....just how I like it.

    I set my bag down and turn my watch back on to a lot of wind and radio music. They must be in the car. I open my backpack to take out my suppressed XD9 handgun with a semi-automatic nail trigger and reflex scope, codenamed "Ninja". I kiss my dear gun and I place it under my pillow. Listening to the audio feed I wait and close my eyes for the moment when it was time for me to act.
    NINJA (open)

    TheNinja.jpg TheNinja.jpg

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  11. After getting into a fight with a Wolfpack, Yolanda decided to go do some target practice to keep her skills sharp, because by the time they had gotten home, Yuna was sleeping. Then again, of course she's tired; she has another human being developing inside of her and childbearing isn't exactly the easiest thing in the world...Well, at least until the second time around. Sarah just stayed home to care for her while Yolanda just went to grab her Guns to go out for some target practice. While getting dressed, she wondered. Was beating up Sarah's Ex-Boyfriend and his friends the right thing to do? Or was it her protectiveness and emotions that got the better of her? After all, she did stick a Gun in his face and borderline stabbed him. She tried not to think about it as she loaded things to the trunk of her car; which was a 2011 Nissan GT-R R35. Being a Soldier of Fortune always has its perks. However, Yolanda doesn't always trust in the power of money, even though there are times where she does have a pressing need for it. She made the most in her family. At least another thirteen years and maybe she could becoming a Professional Sports Shooter. She would probably have to buy an Estate, because she had a big collection for just about everything. But finding the right house may take some time. Maybe hiring servants because she had plenty of money to throw around. Because she didn't want to buy a new house right away. In the mean time, she had rented out an Airport Hanger to keep her things locked up because even the biggest storage unit wouldn't be able to house her massive collections. After she got dressed, she grabbed her favorite weapons before getting ready to drive down to the shooting range.

    2011 Nissan GT-R R35

    -Remington 700
    -Beretta 92/FS

    Clothing & Accessories:
    -Under Armour T-Shirt
    -Tactical Pants
    -Drop-Leg Holster
    -Tactical Belt
    -Magazine Pouches (Handgun)
    -High Roller Watch
    -Dog Tags

    Shooting Accessories
    -Ear Muffs
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