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    GMs: Gowi, DruSM157, DeadBeatWalking

    "Advanced roleplaying should focus on developing interesting and complex characters that become part of plot-lines which catch the imagination and inspire the writer behind them to exercise creativity. It is mature, humorous, imaginative, tragic, terrifying, passionate, and rife with descriptive language and characters with real personality and relatable cares. Quality posting is far better than needless novels, yet one should never neglect detail when one feels the need. However, while word and paragraph requirements ought to be unnecessary, single paragraphs cannot contain enough detail to suffice."

    Okay! Here's the gist of it:

    Alright, I think given my moodlet as of late it would be a relatively good idea to build up a sort of interest check here. For those interested this would be in the field of adept/advanced level of writing. The role-play in itself would be an open sandbox with limited linear scripting.

    Alright, so the description tries to hatch you in due to the fact you like Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire, which is not too obtuse as this type of game is inspired by something the likes of Sini and others did on other sites and I would like to take the time to acknowledge that and thank them. But… right, to business then. Fatal Souls as a concept is the struggle of medieval society, politics, and conflict; but I have taken the time to make this more than Westeros with another paint skin—but enough so the lore required to acknowledge isn’t exhausting and not to mention that I started designing this long before I read or saw the world of Westeros.

    Ultimately there’s a lot of room for a writer to forge and it is a big sandbox open to ideas.

    As a sandbox, I don’t want to demand who people are such as using any of the default great houses or whichever. With this RP there could be so much angles you’d want to write and that could vary from a sellsword story you want to tell, or a political upheaval arc, or something that your imagination has suggested that isn’t either of those two.

    The GMs role outside of tell their own respective stories will be helping guide the setting with linear events since the likelihood is we aren’t getting every great house of the main continent (Orlandis represents our Westeros).

    Of course, what you write may and will affect others. This isn’t an authoritarian show so everybody can create a possible outcome that has weight. If a former crowned prince is suddenly off in the ocean doing “stuff” then that will have impact. As expected player-on-player interaction, cooperation, etc. is all encouraged.

    Even though this is a Sandbox there is Plot!

    These are the events either about to unfold or starting to:

    • “We have only seen one winter like this before, and it had us cross the Echoes while it was as hard as stone. This time another migration dawns, and it comes riding with swords and spears. Fewer and fewer of our scouts are returning, but those that do report the same, there rides a masked demon at the front of the horde, and they ride for The North.”
      - Edvard 'The Troll' Balkr

      Along the Northern coast, the crackle of forming ice dunes serve as a constant reminder of what is to come. Hundreds of years ago, the Black Winter froze the Sea of Echoes, allowing the Noririans of Vintarland to migrate across the icy wasteland to form a new life in Orlandis. Now, the Sea of Echoes appears to be freezing once more, and there is talk of a figure called "The Masked One" who leads many of the Vyntic clans of barbarians, and plans on bringing his people across the frozen sea. Although fought back for centuries, Northmen have only rarely had to face these savages on land, and never in large numbers and scouts report that his clansmen number into the thousands.
    • “Terijas and Euritia have rivaled for years, as both have the blood of Dierk the Conqueror in their veins, and now it has hit its apex. Both go to arms, as if both of them seek conquest like their ancestor, as they hope to revitalize that accursed empirical throne…”
      - Ser Egon Vayle

      Description coming soon here.
    • “May they cry like babes as we embark upon them and watch as we take back what is rightfully ours. The elements favor the bold and there are none bolder than we.”
      - Cathaoir 'The Cruel' Marlowe

      The words of the leader of the Stormbroken bite like venom as the known enemy to the realm, Cathaoir ‘The Cruel’ of House Marlowe prepares an assault of which has not been seen in hundreds of years. Looking envious of the remnants of the Hinterlands on the mainland, Cathaoir names himself “King” of the Stormbroken; a rare title for the druidic chiefs and clansmen who inhabit their land, one of which that hasn’t been seen nor heard since the time of an Empirical King of Orlandis. This is more than a raid of cultures, but a calculated show of power and something much more frightening: a stormbroken invasion.
    • "They come in the light of day. First, they demand a fee for 'protection'. If you can't meet that fee, they slaughter you, take your wife for themselves, and sell your sons to slavers. That doesn't even compare to what they do if they come at night."
      - Moussa Black

      Few sellsword companies in The Verge can match The Ivory Hand. With a constant supply of recruits from Atularis, and a size comparable to a small army, the lack of knights has never been a problem in the south. The founder of The Ivory Hand, Ordono Qaizos, recently died in his sleep, making his second-in-command, Wilas Valian, the new leader of the company. There have been reports of the group extorting homeowners, shopkeepers, and even low lords of the south. They have started raking in exhorberant fees, as well as making large profits from selling captives and criminals alike to slavery in Atularis.
    • More on this later.
    • More on this later.

    Of course I'll compile more information for this and ultimately the OOC thread.

    So begin the uh... Q&A.

    Also, I have RP apps to write for in other RPs and stuff.
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  2. I'd love to roleplay this! What are the requirements for a character sheet? Just basic information or will it be more detailed than that? :)
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  3. Right, well, that depends on if they intend on building a great house or not I suppose. The old format was this:

    House Name – (ie: Veron, Meras, etc.)
    House Words—(“glory to the brave”, “shield to the weak”, etc.)
    House Sigil
    Current Members
    Courtiers and Vassals
    Background Information—(history, etc.)

    Name—(ie: Alexander Veron, the IV)

    Though, I do wish I had more of an example to show you and more cohesive information upfront. If you have any specifics you need answers, I will be available to help with that.
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  4. Thanks for the information! (:
  5. Is there any way that those maps could be shown another way? Possibly in spoilers on the signup/ooc thread? I can't see the maps at all- they're too dark and the lettering is too small for me at least, but another alternative would be cool to have.
  6. I'll see if I can appropriately resize it, but for the moment I'm trying to work on the information beyond it.


    Map (open)
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  7. You get some love for crediting me.
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  8. DeadBeatWalking insisted on me showing up, how far has this gone?
  9. Hi, so I'm interested in this. But I'm not entirely sure where to put an application for all this. Or do we not have an official OOC yet?
  10. Gowi is still working on the OOC but there's already quite some info available. The links are a few posts up.
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  11. I hope everyone's interest stays with me until I have something finished OOC-wise for you guys. I'm working as cohesively and quickly as I can.
  12. I am a massive fan of Game of Thrones and have been looking for a roleplay to give me my fix of its style. I will be sticking around this as long as possible.
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  13. Sup Gowi. Remembah me? (Am also working on another RP... if you know what I mean *wink wink*

    Besides Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones is one of the best medieval motion pictures I have ever seen. My viewings, however, have been restricted to sneaky surveillance sorties of about five minutes long. Too many blud n' beewbs (lel) apparently. But if it were less... explicit I would have plowed through a single season in a day. Am absolutely amped up! Making a character already with sketchy skeleton on the OOC prebuild. Can't wait!
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  14. I of course am open to Q&A if you need that out of me! =)
  15. Hmm.. I have a few ideas, but I need Dead.. DEAD!
  16. (Thaaanks for the like :P)

    Some questions (may add to this):

    What exactly are ancestral weapons?
    What makes a great house different from a minor house? Will there be separate sheets for each?
    What is a house specialty?
    Must individual characters serve an existing house?
    How do we establish house relations before the IC starts?
    How are we to design our family crests: GoT style, or traditional medieval coat-of-arms style?
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  17. gorgenmast (House Anselm/Seeker Heldan) reporting for duty.
  18. Nifty directory:

    Family Crest Search - Make a Coat of Arms

    Also an official GoT-style generator by HBO:

    Join The Realm

    Note: open this in Google Chrome. Also, you can't get a URL of the final output, but after you download it you can upload it onto here from your computer.
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