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  1. And how it's become an acceptable in America.


    Okay, let's be honest here. Have you ever caught yourself calling someone a fatass or telling someone they need to lose weight in a not so nice way? Because you feel you're helping with motivation? Because that's how you were taught? Because you don't think it's helpful since it's among peers?

    I have made personal assessments where all I can think is...what has happened in this person's life to cause them to let go? How can anyone be okay with being that way? Would i say anything of this out loud? Hell no! It's cruel and can really take a toll on a person mentally! But I am guilty of thinking it and I go through it with my mom.

    I gained weight for being on prednisone but lost a big chunk of it yet it hasn't stopped her from calling me a fatass or if I lose weight, I'm too skinny so I'm like STOPTALKINPLZKTHX because it makes me so uncomfortable o.o...

    So have you experienced this? Do you do this to others? Thoughts? Questions?
  2. Nope.

    I only have two friends whose weight is at a concerning level any ways.

    One of them constantly makes Fat Jokes to himself (which he started, we were avoiding the topic until he brought it up), so it's more just jokes among friends then any sort of criticism.
    +He's far stronger, fit etc than me despite his appearance. So in all honesty even if he appears worse it's me who needs the diet. XD
    ++And no I don't mean I'm completely unfit. I mean this guy is an Electrician for a living whose idea of vacation is going up north to hunt Deer.

    The other is unstable enough to get violent over losing a board game, so I'm not going to dare enter the weight territory with him.
    Honestly I've never been fat shamed.

    I've been teased for other things growing up, voice, autism etc.
    But never weight.
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  3. I myself am rather skinny (and actually I was underweight for a brief period of my life), so, no, I've never been fatshamed.

    That said, I also never fatshame others, because I understand that losing weight is something that's very difficult to do, and that, generally, people don't just "let go" one day and suddenly become fat. Weight is a tricky thing, and there are a ton more factors involved than just diet and exercise -- and a lot of those things can be out of a person's control, as explained rather well in this video.

    Some people are just naturally inclined to hold onto more weight, while others are naturally inclined to hold onto less of it. I, for example, have a naturally high metabolism which means that I'll pretty much always be in a "healthy" weight range, even if I have shit eating habits and never exercise. Others, meanwhile, can try their absolute damnedest to be as healthy as possible, and still have a hard time losing that weight. If you're overweight, your body considers that to be "normal", and so, not only will your body try its hardest to stay "normal", but, even if you do manage to lose some of the weight, your body will try to get it back as soon as possible. Weight loss is not an easy thing to do, and someone who is overweight is not like that simply because they're lazy.

    So, really, the concept of fatshaming is honestly kind of awful, because, I mean... do you honestly think that fat people don't already know by now how unhealthy it is to be overweight? I mean, I'm sure there are overweight people who honestly just don't care, but I'm sure there are also overweight people who do care and get told all the time that they're unhealthy and that they should be ashamed of themselves for "letting go" (even though that probably wasn't a thing that just happened all of a sudden) and that they really need to eat better and exercise more, even if they're already trying to do that and it just isn't working for them.

    Not to mention, even though being overweight does objectively come with health risks, they are, at the end of the day, just health risks. If someone is overweight, that doesn't necessarily mean that they have diabetes, for example, just that they're more likely to develop it. So, it's perfectly possible for an overweight person to not really have any health problems, at least not for the time being. Meanwhile, there are lots of ways for skinny people to be unhealthy that people just don't seem to think about as much just because we as a society seem to be conditioned to think that one's health is directly dependent on one's weight and that skinny = healthy and that fat = unhealthy, even though it's much more complicated than that and there are way more factors involved in how "healthy" someone is overall.

    So yeah... fatshaming? Bad. Don't do it. If a fat person hasn't already heard someone say that being overweight is unhealthy, then I don't know what rock they're living under, but, they could probably do without some stranger telling it to them again -- and they probably don't need the mentality of constantly needing to blame themselves for their weight when it may not be entirely their fault, and they may have already done everything they could hope to do to fix it.
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  4. I was raised with the fat = bad mentality, so it takes a conscious effort to NOT be fat-shaming both towards myself and other people. @____@ My mom was always complaining about her weight and trying a million different diets. And she and my grandmother would always point out my weight both when I was skinny and after I gained a lot.

    I am always having moments where I see someone and think they are too fat to be wearing a certain thing. Or days where I feel "ugly fat" and I think I am some sort of blubbermonster who shouldn't leave the house.

    Realistically, I know that someone's weight is meaningless unless that weight is affecting their health to the point that they can't do normal day to day things. Being fat doesn't even = being ugly, cause I know plenty of beautiful people who are fat. But the conditioning runs deep and you really have to work at changing thought process. O_O
  5. I've been on both sides of this, because I am indeed a fat fuck. However, I have no sympathy whatsoever for the majority of people who cry about how people are fat shaming them, because the vast majority of fat people are fat because they eat too much and/or don't get enough exercise, plain and simple. Sure, it's mean for people to make fun of you for any given thing, but acting like it's discrimination in the same ballpark as sexism or racism or so on (which is how I've seen most 'fat positive' people trying to cast it) is ludicrous because it's something that you can change if you don't like how it impacts your life (which does include how others treat you). Some people naturally lean toward being underweight or overweight compared to the basic healthy weight for a given height and build, but no amount of "I'm just big boned" or "but my genetics" explains obesity, much less morbid obesity. Weight gain and loss for most people (as in everyone who doesn't have an actual medical condition like hyperthyroidism that causes their metabolism to slow to a crawl) is governed by a simple formula known as 'calories in, calories out.' If your caloric intake exceeds the amount of calories burned by your basal metabolic rate plus whatever activity you do, then you will gain weight; if your calories burned exceed the calories taken in, then you will lose weight. It's usually pretty slow, especially if you're doing it in a healthy and sustainable way, but it can in fact be done by the vast majority of fat people even if they're poor as shit and can't afford pricey health foods.

    It sucks that people make fun of others for being fat to be cruel rather than out of concern for their health, but honestly in the long run fat shaming is on the right side of this equation. We should not be coddling fat people by saying nobody should treat them negatively for being fat, we should be telling fat people to grow a thicker skin atop that blubber or put down the cheeseburgers. We should not be trying to cast fat shaming as something similar to misogyny or racist remarks, we should be telling fat people the potential impact of their horrible choices and urging them to change it. We absolutely should not be trying to glorify fatness as if it's a good thing, we should be treating it like the epidemic problem that it is. We should not be promoting quackery that says being obese is perfectly healthy and doctors who say otherwise are just discriminating against fat people (which, luckily, I've only seen coming from the extremely far left progressive wing of nutjobs who few people take seriously), we should be giving the accurate facts and statistics of the health risks of obesity to all people who want to pretend it's okay.

    I probably sound like a dick to those of you who are all aboard the "fat shaming is wrong" train, but it's the damn truth. I am a fat motherfucker. I know personally what kinds of health impacts being fat can have. I know personally how fat people will delude themselves into thinking that all that joint pain isn't actually an issue, or that the fact that they get winded by walking up one flight of stairs is not a problem, or that eating enough food for 2+ non-obese people is normal, so on and so forth. I also know how hard it is to lose weight, because I've recently started down that road myself after getting tired of dealing with all the issues that being a fat sack of shit comes with, including the snide remarks and mockery from random asshats on the street. Just because it's hard doesn't mean it's impossible or an irreversible medical condition or that fat people should be treated like some protected class that it is impolite to comment negatively on. Fat shaming can get into some actually awful territory when it gets to harassment levels, but telling someone that they're fat and it's bad for them and they should get out and jog? Bravo to those people who speak that truth despite the moronic social stigma against it. I can only hope that this tide of ignorance and misinformation known as being 'fat positive' dies the ignominious death it deserves so we can get back to trying to fix this fucked up obesity epidemic that has only been getting worse for the past couple decades. Fat shaming may be bad, but the 35% and rising adult obesity rate and 18% and rising childhood obesity rate in American are worse.
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  6. I've never fat shamed. Which is odd because I thought I have at least once, but thinking back, I never did. What I probably thought of are quick funny fat jabs at my friend who he's like "I'd punch you but that was timed so well XD"

    I do have a friend who's on the bigger end of the spectrum (Though I debate if it's actually fat or just bulk. But with his new job he's loosing quite a bit of weight... Or at least skin so perhaps it was more fat than bulk) But he came to me to somewhat be his diet watcher. He'll want something like Snapple and I'll just be like "You sure? You quit drinking that and ice tea for like 2 weeks and lost 10 pounds" And he's like "ugggggggGGGGGGGG... I don't NEED it >.<" Of course I never outright stop him if he does. It's more of a "You sure? Okay, if you say so."

    And on to him fat shaming, not directly (That I know of anyway). But he created a character named Wallace (calling it the ultimate fat man name just on how you can say it and how it's like all lower throat) And even created a fat voice. His Wallace voice and personality is FUNNY XD But as laws of the current world state, the only person allowed to fat shame is a fat person, which he falls under so yeah XP (Not that i'm complaining)

    The odd thing is two of my fatter friends used to be quite skinny and active. Then they quit being active, started eating more, and became bigger. (One used to have abs apparently) And the other (The one I mentioned above) his fatness was more because of medication he was taking at the time. Granted his diet was screwed and the pills aren't much of an excuse, but they are what started the downhill for him.
  7. Ok, I'm thinking people here might have different interpretation's for "Fat-Shaming".
    If so we should get this out of the way right now, so we aren't accidently making assumptions of the other persons rationale's and mentalities on this topic.

    My Interpretation of "Fat-Shaming" is when people go out of their way to comment on someone's weight for purposes of being mean/cruel.
    In other words, with the intention to hurt. Someone simply going "Dude, you're gaining some weight and could drop some pounds" I don't consider fat-shaming, that's being a concerned friend or a Doctor doing their damn job.
    But someone going "Holy shit dude you're fat! Lay off on the Woopers Mr.Fatzilla!" I would count as that however, because you're shaming them for being fat rather than trying to address an issue.


    While I'm on this, I should probably clarify that I find being too thin is also unhealthy. If I see a friend whose skin and bones, I'd also be concerned about their health. Thankfully none of my friends are in this boat however.

    Also. Funny Story Semi-Related to this Topic (open)

    One day me and my friend (The one mentioned above whose an Electrician) were playing Halo 3 one day through LIVE, specifically a custom game mode called "Fatman".

    This game for those unaware is a variant on Infection that goes with a specific Foundry Custom Map. The Map is one long tunnel that twists and turns, and in the tunnel are a ton of puzzles and obstacles. The 15 non-zombies are required to solve these puzzles to move further ahead, or else the "Fat Man" will catch up to them and kill them. The "Fat Man" is the 1 Infected, set to the slowest movement speed possible, armed with just a gravity hammer and is invincible. That way it takes him a damn while to catch up with everyone else, but the players can't kill him to gain extra time either.

    So naturally in this game a common phrase to shout is "Hurry up! The Fat Man is coming!". So I was shouting this while playing as well, and my Mom overhears, and she's aware that my friend is also in this game. So out of the blue she kicks the door wide open and yells at the top of her lungs "ANTHONY! STOP CALLING ERIC FAT!". To which I could just hear him laughing at the other end because she completely misunderstood the situation and in an attempt to protect his feelings had just called him fat.
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  8. Never has something screamed "first world problems" harder than the fact that we (as a society) now feel as though a new form of discrimination has appeared for people who consume in such overabundance, and live in such lax a manner, as to become bulbous in form.

    Seriously, this is a first world phenomena. Go some place where starvation is common and this isn't a thing, because they don't have the overabundance of food stuffs to end up with a problem like this. Go back in time to when some medieval/renaissance rich people were fat and this wasn't a thing, because it wasn't common and it was a sign that you had a great deal of wealth. The reason this is such a big deal now is because obesity has become a worldwide epidemic that is causing enough impact as to lower our average life expectancy as a species. This is going to go down in history as one of the greatest health issues of our generation, one of the most virulent and unstoppable plagues we've ever had to face as a species: Excess, and a lack of self control.

    While I don't see bullying as an effective tactic to convince people to change, I don't feel any sort of sympathy. It's one thing if you're overweight and you don't give a shit--I don't give a shit either, let's go play some video games or watch a movie or something. If you delude yourself into thinking that there's nothing unhealthy with it though, then I generally don't consider you any better than the anti-vaccine nuts, or the people who think all GMO's are automatically evil.

    Just realize that your actions and lifestyle choices have consequences, and live with them, and I generally won't care. Realize that the world doesn't care either. If someone makes a fat joke, don't give a shit about it. Better yet, laugh: If you can't laugh at yourself in the mirror, then there's probably something there you hate.

    Because while it might seem like the world hates fat people and mocks them a lot, realize the world pretty much mocks everyone constantly. Christians get it, Muslims get it, atheists get it, skinny people get it, white people get it, black people get it, fans of people in Buzz Lightyear outfits get it, and so on. So go ahead, have a laugh at yourself once in a while. Don't let other people control your perceptions of yourself, and don't expect other people to change their perceptions of you, and your life will get much better. Cuz' if you're looking for reasons to hate yourself or people who will hate you, you don't have to search very far.
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  9. Yeah, this is an important thing to clarify.

    I'm not trying to say that there's nothing wrong with being overweight -- as the drawbacks are obvious -- and if I knew someone who used to be a certain weight and they were suddenly gaining weight, that might be cause for concern. But, if I just see someone who's fat with no prior knowledge of their health history, I won't comment. Like I said before, fat people surely already know about the health risks -- and they could do without the constant harassment, especially since, for many people, it isn't that easy of a thing to fix.

    I see "fat positivity" as deciding that overweight people deserve some respect as human beings and that they don't need to constantly be harassed about their appearance, and I think that's a wonderful thing. Especially since there are a lot of factors that go into someone's overall health, meaning that someone can look a bit chubby but still be a rather healthy individual -- healthier than a lot of skinny people, even.

    Yeah, there's also this, definitely. Although, I'd say it even goes beyond "skin and bones" skinny, as even someone who appears to be a "healthy" level of skinny can still lead a rather unhealthy lifestyle. Really, what bugs me about fatshaming is that, although weight plays into one's health, society seems to place a disproportionate focus on weight in regards to health. Aside from doctors, I've never really had anyone tell me to change my eating habits or exercise more -- even if they see me eat half a bag of MnM's in one night or if they know me well enough to know that my only source of exercise is walking from class to class. If I was fat, though, I can guarantee that this would be brought up, and that someone would tell me to change my habits.

    I think it's safe to say that a lot of skinny people really don't have the healthiest lifestyles (I know I can't claim to be a health nut) and are probably setting themselves up for other, less outwardly visible health problems later in life. Fat people, though? We expect that if they have any respect for themselves, they'll immediately stop eating all fatty foods and dedicate the next few years of their life to exercising all their calories off. So, not only is it just straight up not easy for a lot of overweight people to lose their extra weight, but it seems that we also tend to hold them to higher health standards to begin with. Because, if it was a skinny person ordering enough food for 2 at McDonald's, we'd be a lot less likely to make any snap judgements about them than if it were a fat person, even though we know nothing else about this stranger's health history or how often they eat this sort of food, etc.
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  10. I don't fat shame but I certainly don't believe that "radical self love" is a healthy mentality.

    Should you except yourself as not being some perfect specimen? Yes. Should you always try to improve on
    your health and the way you look? Yeah!

    I've had two friends from highschool, one weight about 450lbs (a guy) and a girl who was like 270lbs.

    Both of them have gradually and impressively drop large amounts of weight. Both of them are true
    examples of what you can do when you really put yourself to the grindstone and make changes
    to your life.

    Personally, it pisses me off to see people who get mad at everyone else for fat shaming them, but
    they don't do anything about changing that aspect of themselves. I have to deal with Type 1 Diabetes
    every damned day of my life. No cure. No way to ease it. Even when you put fourth your full amount
    of effort, it can still end up being disastrous for you in the end. Type 1 is one of the ugliest diseases you
    can have in your life, and people get all offended if they are honest with you about your weight.
  11. Can't say I ever had a positive opinion on overweight people. My family has always been immensely active - sports, gym, hiking, jogging, etc. so obesity or general fatness has always been considered lazy, uncaring, and so on. I've never said anything to overweight people, and have occasionally had overweight friends - but considering my attitude toward them, I used to be pretty insensitive. I wouldn't insult anyone now - maturity and all - but I'm not about to tell you how beautiful or excellent you look, because you probably don't. I don't lie.

    People can be overly sensitive sometimes, but it depends on the person. Thankfully, some of them have a sense of humor.
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  12. In one way, I think 'fat-shaming' is bad. Of course, they are going to be people who have a harder time to lose weight and look skinny. They might also have some health condition or have to take some sort of medicine everyday and as a result, are naturally fat. If I recall correctly, I remember watching a documentary (I forgot the damn fucking name orz) about these people suffering 'Gigantism' or something like that, and there was this woman who was clearly overweight. However, the reason why she was overweight was simply because of her condition. She even said that she forgets to eat and her mother has to remind her from time to time to eat.

    However, in another way, I think it as another 'first-world problem'.

    Seriously, I hate it when I see some obese people bitch and moan about how society won't accept their bodies when the reason why they are fat is because they overeat everyday. Although I don't say that in front of them, but it's really their fault for having a crappy diet/exercise routine. And also, when I say that you should seriously lose some weight because you are going to get health problems, don't take that as me 'fat-shaming' you. I'm saying that you may suffer from serious chronic illnesses if you keep up with your diet and shit.

    I bet if I were to state my view across on some big social media sites like Tumblr/Facebook etc, I'm probably going to get inundated with backlash and criticism...

    They're probably gonna say 'OMG HOW DARE YOU NOT TO SUPPORT THE BODY-ACCEPTANCE MOVEMENT FUCK YOU' etc etc, but I don't see that movement as a movement to accept people who are literally eating their lives away. I see the body-acceptance movement as a movement that persuades people to not shame those who have-let's say-facial scar from a fire accident, a survivor of breast cancer, person missing a limb due to a birth defect etc.
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  13. I think this might be the startings of a good RP.
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  14. Nope. Never fat shamed a person. Its rude and disrespectful especially to strangers. Have I seen it? Oh yeesssss. I don't even have to be around people to see it. Look at all those dietary magazines. I mean its one thing if you truly want to cut weight in order to be happy with your image or for health reasons, but its quite another to do it because the media tells you to. My aunt is a really big girl. Does she want to cut weight? Yup. Can she cut weight? Nope. They're tumors and they are life threatening to operate on because of her age. Its sad how many people will make rude comments to her just because she appears to need to, according to them, "cut back on fast food". Its sick.

    Meanwhile I am a slight person and have to listen to thin shaming from my own sister. I am naturally thin from a high metabolism, but its certainly doesn't stop her from harassing me anytime she sees my eat something. Every time I have something like chips she's all "You know there's fat in them right?". Good gawd, she's in her 40s and harassing me like a teenager! Then when I confront her about it she points out that she's caught me a couple times looking at the nutrition labels on boxed goods. Like...yeah. Sometimes I'm curious about additives and fillers in what I'm going to purchase. So what? Its a good practice to get into especially considering a lot of "wheat breads" are just caramel colored white bread. :/

    And yup, obesity is a thing, a very serious and terrible thing, but leave that to the people that have it and their doctors. Its a very stressing situation and they don't need the guff of strangers to make it even harder. Let the certified people do their thing.

    So I think the moral of the story is don't be a jerk.
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  15. Experienced it towards myself? Not really no.

    Seen it happen to others? Oh yeah. all the time. My ex was on the larger side. Mind you, for her it was mainly curves. No big belly or nothing. But people were on her and called her a fat ass and tried to push her down all the time. It's a ugly thing, watching people behave like a bunch of fucking hyenas when they smell a weakness.

    Fat-Shaming, as in people picking on a kid for being fat= Bad. No way around it. No matter your excuse, if you are attacking a person for their weight and appearance you are an ass. If you attack someone for being different then you, putting them down for their looks, you are doing a bad thing. Bulemia and the like is a big problem with young teens. Verbal abuse is a really, really damning thing and no roundabout logic will ever make accept it. You are not on the right side of the equation (Sorry Jorick! Hijacking that one). You are not even in the equation, you are a guy who decided to scribble dongs over my math test!

    But as Jorick said, there is another part of this. Obesity is a problem. Its a health concern. And its growing more and more common. I used to be thin and slender, then metabolism said "fuck you" and slowed. I gained 30+ kilos in a few years. Mainly because I didn't exercise, and I ate like I was still a skinny teen. Granted, as a tall guy, I never very visibly fat. But I know what it did to my body, I knew I had to make a change. I do not think we should cobble people with weight problems. Alot of the time, the thing you really need, is a rude wake up call. It is not the "Fuck you fatass." That doesn't solve shit. That is one person being an ass, nothing else. But, you need to shake people out of their comfort. YOu need to be able to tell someone. "Hun, You have a problem".

    And changing your habits and getting out of fast food habits isn't easy, I know this. I fully symphasize with people with body issues. Society as a whole hits you with enough stuff to cause some severe self loathing. Younger peers are notoriously bad against outliers. Bullying happen, peoples life are in some cases ruined. This is a tragedy, true. But its not excuse not to take care of yourself. If someone is 140 kilos and below 180 tall, that person can feel proud all she or he wants, he is still a walking medical liability. Sure, genetics do play a part in it. If you are born to overweight parents, you are more likely to be overweight yourself. You might loose fat really slowly, despite working out a lot, while for others its super easy to lose weight. Again however, it is not an excuse. Everything worth doing, is worth the effort. And whats more worth then giving yourself a healthy body?

    "But Hellis. If I get in shape, havn't the bullies helped me?" No. No they didn't. They didn't offer the support. They didn't help. They were just attacking people over their own petty self insecurities. If you get in shape, it is not becouse of them, it is in spite of them. It is despite their actions. It's for yourself. Calling people a fatass isn't ok. Being inconsiderate of everyone around you makes you a selfish asshole, nothing but. "Fatshaming" is in disregard, not alright. But again, as Jorick said, it is nowhere as bad as Racism or Mysogony. And again, as Jorick said, It's not "Fat Shaming" to tell people they might need to cut down on the food and take up jogging. That is not fat shaming. That is concern for another humans well fare. Truth

    I am all for positivity. I feel society pander a disgusting, everyday pressure for people to look a certain way. That we need to be embrace that people are different, not everyone CAN get a certain figure or be the mass marketed ideal. What everyone can be however, is healthy. And while I get the whole body positivism things: The way to hell is paved with good intentions. Most people I see harker to it, show images of people wholikely should have all sorts of medical problems due to their weight. I don't wish for them to feel bad, or be down. But I do wish people to realize that sky high cholesterol value is never a positive thing. That creaking joints is never a good thing.

    Feel good about yourself sure, but don't kid yourself.


    Don't comment on peoples weight unless shit is obvious or you know the story behind it. Be sensible about it. But don't coddle people either.
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  16. I think this is really at the heart of the issue. In the end, shaming is just one strategy for getting people to change their behavior. Knowing what causes someone to actually change involves actually getting to know someone. Shaming strangers or people you don't know very well about anything is generally incorrect. I think it is important for people to hear that being obese is something that they will suffer for if they don't combat it, but they need to hear that from the right person and for the right reasons.
  17. Shaming people should never be a option in this case. Body issues is something people struggle with. Chances are you are gonna do much more harm then good. Basic empathy should tell you that Shaming someone over their body: Fucking disgusting behavior. I know people have a hard on for saying "people should grow a thicker skin" as a go to excuse because they refuse to take responsibility for their own behavior. But the kicker is that the psyche is a very peculiar thing, and that verbal abuse have real consequences. And that its not about having thick skin, it is about having the basic fucking decency not to act like a complete, utter tosser and consider the people around you before you speak.

    That said, telling someone they need to move more isn't shaming. Telling someone their weight is a longterm liability, isn't a problem. It can be harshed, and you might want to pick your moment.


    On another note. To all of you here who are exercising and fighting your own battle against your perception of self. Stay strong! It fucking sucks, but it get better.
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  18. I've never fat-shamed anybody, nor have I ever been fat-shamed. That being said? Fat-shaming only makes things worse. People who fat-shame are straight-up cunts, plain and simple.
  19. Just to be clear, my previous comment wasn't saying shaming was a good strategy. That being said, people are not going to universally understand that it isn't a good strategy, and they will certainly use it. Some will mean well, some will mean harm, and regardless of intention people do need to be ready for others to mess up. Saying to grow a thicker skin is harsh, but it is part of the solution.

    Though, it is an asshole thing to expect that to be 100% of the solution. Once someone learns that shaming isn't a good answer, they should change, but this knowledge isn't held by everyone. Additionally, there are going to be assholes that insist on shaming anyway, and people need to have the tools to handle them. I don't want to blame the victim, but I want to empower them to defend their esteem.

    And the above sort of goes into why I think this comment is too extreme. There really are people who do this because they think it will make people care about making a difference in their health. Although in a perfect world it would be common sense that shaming isn't an optimal tactic, we do not live in that world. We live in a world where having the best intentions does not translate into the best actions. Rather than assuming anyone who shames others for being fat is a "cunt", informing them of better alternatives might be a better alternative. I think this is important because the one thing worse than allowing bad people to do bad things is allowing good people to do bad things.
  20. Never, not once

    Unless I'm referring to a slow driver, or big big truck because they're 'fat' but obviously it's not the same thing.

    If I was to cuss anyone out for being 'fat' I would be the biggest goddamn hypocrite, not because I'm fat, but because my mother, while not obese by any measure of the term, is definitely on the bigger side, and I've never really looked at her as 'fat' and...blah words why don't you work well?

    I guess I just, I look at it and say 'hey you should work on losing some weight, I don't want you to suffer health issues.' But I've never been like OH GOD YOU'RE FAT, THAT'S DISGUSTING LOSE SOME WEIGHT LOSER, it's not something I put much stock into, I guess I just don't think about it much.
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