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  1. I want someone who can RP over something like skype, or if done on chat/thread, can be fairly active for long stretches at a time. If done on skype, quality is still important, but posts will tend to be briefer(ranging from a few lines to maybe a paragraph or two). I want to be able to sit with someone for an hour or more a day and have a story really get going. My schedule is pretty open, so I can accommodate most people.

    I will most likely play a male.

    Any plots and genres welcome. I do like adventures though.

    Nothing really off limits.

    I'm very flexible.

    I just really want to sit and tell a story with someone, no matter what it ends up being. Please have at least some idea of what you'd like to do. We can talk and figure something out, of course. Go ahead and PM or respond :)

    Also, I did just write up an insanely long intro for a post-war apocalyptic world where humans and beings of magic have fought for decades. The world has magic, but more in a Lord of the Rings than Harry Potter way. My character is a dark, brooding demon type. The intro was conceived with your character being a good girl human. However, as you can see from the intro below, it is extremely open ended. I am already starting this RP in chat with one person[Hi Lily! I promise I'm not replacing you <3], but I think it might be interesting to try this RP with a few people to see how it varies between persons. The intro is below. Warning: it is a wall of text. I'm not usually so verbose, but I wanted to really establish the world and my characters background.

    The war had lasted decades, but to some, it never really ended. To the humans, the war was mostly a thing of the past. Sure, the world was torn and broken from it, but the humans had always managed to find a way to survive before; why should this be any different? But to the Malki, the war had not ended. It still continued to this very day. Each moment was a struggle to sustain themselves. The war had taken many of their own and even after defeat, they were still hunted. The humans were not satisfied with merely taking power; they wanted dominance. They wanted every last one of the Malki extinguished.

    They would not rest until it was so.

    Mikael was one of the last Malki surviving. Although to say he was surviving was pushing it. He had lived in constant turmoil and struggle. Being one of the unlucky to be born into the war; it was all he had ever known. Some of the elders had spoken of days past, but it was all faint memories. To Mikael, they were just stories... stories few were left to tell. Stories of a prosperous past, where Malki and humans lived in harmony... Before the incident. Little had survived of the story, but from what Mikael knew, the humans had betrayed the Malki. They used lies and propaganda to spread hatred for them across the world. Soon after, the war broke out. While powerful in magic, the Malki were not prepared for the human's ruthless blood lust. Their machines and their devices of war were insurmountable. The Malki fought a long and devastating battle, but it was not nearly enough and they ultimately lost any semblance of an upper hand. Those that remained were now in hiding.

    Mikael lived with a small group of misfits, four of them total. They never stayed in one area for long; no place was truly home, for no place was truly safe. The humans were ravenous in their quest to find the last of them and kill them. Thus, his group was cautious and careful. Any wrong move could be their last, and they all knew it well. Separated from their families at an early age, all they had was each other.

    There were the twin boys, Remus and Darren, and a sole female, Malone. The twins were the youngest, mere infants when Malone and Mikael found them. Malone and Mikael had only a handful years on them, though. The two of them were from the same settlement back when any form of community still existed for the Malki. Only children, they were still trained in the ways of war. It was a necessity. No one could survive in the harsh landscape without training. And it was on one of these training missions that they met the twins.

    Mikael and Malone had been sent out with two of the elders on a routine scouting mission. The job at hand was to survey the known human borders in search of any activity and report back. Tensions had been low recently, so not much was expected on this trip. They made their way out into the wasteland without anything of real significance happening. It was just another ordinary mission, for all intents and purposes. They reached the border, with still nothing to report. It was looking to be a good day. A normal perimeter check always brought relief to Mikael's soul.

    Everything was normal, until they saw the smoke...

    It was off in the distance. Not much of it either. Maybe a small campfire?

    It was enough to give away it's location however. Enough to attract attention.

    Mikael, Malone, and the elders approached it quickly, yet carefully. As they neared, it became apparent that it was a small campsite, if it could even be called that. As they drew even closer, they noticed the tell-tale signs of fellow Malki. After some careful observation and debate, they had made the decision to go in and investigate fully. What they found were a scared husband and wife caring for a set of newborn twin boys. They couldn't have been more than a week old. While apprehensive at first, the family was soon convinced to return back with the scouting party, to join the rest of settlement.

    What came next is still mostly a blur to Mikael.

    Mikael's next vivid memory was waking in a cave, lying on the cold hard ground with Malone at his side, leaning over him. He looked up at her and remembered seeing a great pain in her expression. Kritan was confused and inquired for answers. She explained to him how the lowered tensions between the humans and Malki was a trap on the humans part, to get the them to lower their guard. They had been preparing for a great strike against them all the while. A strike that occurred while they were out scouting. The airships came in mass, armed with bombs beyond counting.

    Their target was the main settlement, but thanks to the smoke trail, Mikael and Malone's scouting party had become a target as well. The strike was fast and decisive. Malone explained how the main settlement was gone. She also told Mikael how he had been knocked unconscious by the blast of a nearby bomb directed at them. How that same blast had taken the elders. Mikael inquired about the family they had found. It was then that he heard the soft wimpering. The crying of two baby boys.

    It was then he knew.

    The parents were gone, and the poor children orphans. They were all alone, with no one else left in the world that they knew off. It was possible other settlements might exist, but a far as they knew they were the last of their kind...

    And so this was how the rag tag group of misfits came to be. It had been years since their meeting, and they had grown extremely close. Mikael and Malone took on the roles of paternal figures. And with no one else to turn to, they turned to each other for companionship as well. As they grew a strong bond of love formed between them. They became the protectors of each other and of the group. And the twins, while younger, soon became useful in their own ways. No longer infants, they took on their own roles supporting the group. Together, they suvived day by day, as a family.

    And so it was that today was another day like any other. Together they were out scouting for a new location to settle down. The humans had been getting closer in recent days and their old camp would not be safe for much longer. They needed to relocate. Mikael and Malone held the lead, keeping a careful eye out for any signs of danger. The twins, Remus and Darren, followed behind closely, although playfully. Despite the graveness of their cicumstances, the twins always manged to find the best of any situation. A journey meant the chance to find wild berries or maybe a stream to sit and fish for awhile or maybe they could even do some hunting. The possiblities were endless. Even with the constant threat of death, they knew how to keep a positive light on things.

    As the traveled through the forest, nothing seemed out of the norm. Everything seemed as it should. Mikael should have known better.

    It wasn't long before the trouble started. It began with a loud crack, thundering through the forest. Not the crack of a tree branch. This was the crack of something much more powerful. Something deadly.
    Mikael and Malone had fallen to the ground instantly, out of instinct.

    Remus followed suit.

    Darren tried, but it was too late.

    The warm blood began to flow from the wound in his stomach. Darren's face held an expression of shock and pain. It was an expression that soon went pale as his body collapsed to the ground.

    He was dead. There was no mistaking it.

    Remus tried to rush over to his brother, but Malone held him down in place.

    Another crack pierced through the forest.

    Mikael felt the air rush above him. He looked over at the remaining others. Everyone was alright, but visibly shaken. Malone was doing her best to keep calm, but the fear and grief in her eyes shone through. She looked at Mikael as if pleading with him to make it better, to get them out of there.

    But there was no time.

    A gentle tumbling sound came next. Almost like a pebble falling down a hill. By the time Mikael realized what it was, it was too late. He had jumped to his feet and was directing the rest to follow when the explosion happened.

    It was a grenade.

    The blast threw Mikael back to the ground. As the dust settled, his eyes scanned around, checking for his companions. First he saw Remus, leaning against a tree, blood dripping from his mouth. Mikael could see there was still life in him, but it wouldn't last long. He had only a few minutes. A few meters to Darren's side lay Malone; face down with a sizable chunk of wood impaled in her leg. Mikael crawled over to her as quickly as he could while remaining low to the ground. When he reached her he rolled her over onto her back. He looked down into her eyes, and Malone looked back up with an expression of feigned calmness.

    Mikael saw it for what it really was.


    Malone knew there was no getting out alive.

    Mikael refused to accept defeat, though. He grabbed her by the shoulders and started trying to drag her out of there, but Malone refused. She pushed his hands off her.

    "Run. Run now."

    Those were the last words Mikael heard before the second tumbling occurred.

    Another grenade. Close.

    Mikael realized in time to start putting out a defensive barrier around himself. In time to start, but not in time to finish.

    The blast shook the ground violently. Where Mikael and Malone previously sat, there was now just a crater. Malone was obliterated instantly by the blast. Mikael's shield, on the other hand, was enough to keep him intact, but just barely. He was thrown through the air abruptly and landed against a tree a few dozen meters away. He was dazed as his body crumpled to the ground, hidden in some bushes. In the distance, he could make out the faint footsteps of the men approaching the crater. Two, maybe three men.

    One of the men spoke. "Is that all of them?"

    "I think so. Two dead over here, the last two blown to bits," responded another.

    Mikael's eyes closed and he blacked out.
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  2. I would love to rp with you! I'm open to anything just like you are. I don't like the post-war apocalyptic genre. I've tried it many times but just can't get into it >.<
  3. I'd like to role play with you, but I'd probably rather do a fandom or some other idea than the one you wrote up, if you'd be interested.
  4. Becky & Severux: The post war was just an intro that I spent awhile writing and was really happy with. However, I am open to pretty much anything. If you want to respond here or talk in PM, we can discuss details of a specific story and start something :)
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