Fast Foods!

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  1. America! Home of Fast Food Restaurants on every corner! 8D No matter how bad it may be for you, we still eat it anyway because its good and we like good! >:[


    What is your favorite Fast Food place and why?

    How often do you eat there?

    What's your favorite meal to get?
  2. KFC! Snackbox with a drumstick.

    Not very often though, I know it's unhealthy and I'm trying to shed some unnecessary weight.
  3. My horror and distain for fast food knows no bounds. My fast food experiences take place at taco trucks and booths at farmers market.
  4. I can't eat at fast food restaurants unfortunately. Most everything there contains gluten and I have to eat gluten free. It's a rough life. However, Chipotle is really awesome about being gluten free and very aware of Celiac Disease. So I eat there a lot. It's not super cheap but it's fast and delicious. I can also eat BK fries and shakes so sometimes I have that and it's glorious.

    Also sometimes I eat McDonalds fries even though I'm not supposed to...

    But I make sure that is a very very rare occurrence. Because I'm really not supposed to eat anything there.
  5. I love McDonalds, but it's so unhealthy xD
    Sadly there are no McDonalds in the small town I live in, before I went there around once a week, sometimes more sometimes less. But now I can't go because it's pretty ridiculous to take the bus into the city when the bus ticket to there and back will cost more than the food xD So I will probably only go if I happen to be in the city to visit a friend or something like that.
  6. Uhm. I don't eat fast food. . _.
    Red Mango count?..
    Cuz those frozen yogurts.
  7. I don't like a lot of fast food. Mc Donald's is gross, A&W is gross, KFC is gross, Taco Bell is tasteless, Burger King is gross, The only good thing about Dairy Queen is its Ice Cream.

    Really, I think the only fast food place I've eaten at that I enjoy is Fat Burger, named so because their burgers are HUGE.
  8. Your local kebab-place.

    Now that I read through this thread it reminds me I haven't had any fast food for years :P
  9. Taco Bell


    Look at the picture!

    Burger King

    The food in pic and their chicken tenders.
    Mmmmm...Chicken Tenders

  10. My absolute two favorites are Panda Express and Chipotle. XD
  11. Chipotle. Or Jimmy John's if I'm in the mood for sandviches.
  12. I don't have a Chipotle anywhere near where I live. I've never been there but I have heard stories. I want to try their food so much!

    Still, this is about my favorite. I am a big fan of Wendy's classic Frosty. So creamy and delicious. Like if ice cream had a baby with a milk shake. <3

  13. Panda Express: Their honey walnut shrimp, steamed rice and rangoons are my favorite; Jack in the Box: Ultimate cheeseburger, their churros and of course, their curly fries; Mc Donalds: I fucking love their pancakes. no joke, I'd kill for those pancakes and their hashbrowns; DQ- their icecream; Chipoltle: Chicken quesadillas!; Steak N' Shake: Oh my god, I love Frisco Melts, and their fries are awesome, and I love their shakes- especially their turtle caramel fudge shake.
  14. My favorite fast food place is Subway, and I eat there like once a week. My favorite thing is the Big Philly Cheesesteak.. so good <3
  15. Popeyes. I always get the two piece chicken meal with a mashed potato and biscuit. Best damn fried chicken. If there isn't a Popeyes around, I head to Raising Cane's which is almost as good as Popeyes. But since I'm a New Orleanian, if I'm going to eat out than I head for the nearest po-boy shop and get myself a shrimp po-boy and hush puppies.