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  1. I've had this one in mind since Kuwait, but I didn't know how to make it into a role play... until now. Earlier today during a boring ass commander's call, it hit me like a freight train and I immediately stopped listening to a word the major was saying and let my mind start rapidly connecting the dots.

    I want to do a hybrid. That's right, I said a hybrid. Part-single authored story, part-role play. The format would go as so... I open the IC with Chapter 1, which is nothing but me writing about two guys in the Air Force that have been deployed to a fictional air base in Kuwait. Chapter 2 is a compilation of posts between myself and you guys, narrating a story taking place back in the States at the same time that events in Chapter 1 are taking place.

    The story continues with that odd/even cycle. I'll write Chapter 3, which picks up on our boys doing their thing in the desert, and then we continue with the role play in Chapter 4. As things in the even-numbered chapters (the role play) begin to slow down or the scenes begin to change, I'll draw the curtain and post up the next odd-numbered chapter.

    Your characters can be related to one of the guys that are deployed, friends with them, or they may even have no clue who they are. But things that happen in odd chapters can affect even chapters, and things that happen in the even chapters can affect the odd chapters.


    Who's interested in helping me out with this unique idea? I want to make this the first... "Hybrid RP". :dude:

    P.S. You don't have to know anything about the military or any associated lingo. That's my job. So don't get scared about this being "realistic".

    If you have any questions, ask away!
  2. This sounds... Insane...insanely interesting. In case you weren't aware this is me showing interest. :)

    So just how would the even and odd chapters affect one another? Would the events in Kuwait be known by those in the states?

    PS. No worries there. I know military and the lingo.
  3. Minor things like Skype conversations between the characters, rumors going around about the "war", and news reports from the field (and even from current events back in the States) could all affect the psyche of our characters, which would, in turn, give rise to new conversational dialogue for some scenes or the thoughts within the third person narration.
  4. I am interested :) I think I will want to play some character that is family or friend to a soldier there.
  5. Awesome. I can work with two players minimum. Go ahead and post up some character sheets in this thread if either of you still want to join. To anyone else that may be interested in joining, you're welcome to do the same. I'll put up the first chapter now.


    Alright. First chapter is up. If you're the next one to post, please tag the top of your post as "Chapter 2" as that's what you'll be starting.
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  6. Yay, okay, I can't post right now since I have to go to school now, only two hour delay this time :(

    But I will tonight :)
  7. I think I want to play a character that is Tyler's friend, a close one that also knows Jacob(maybe Adam?) Let me know if this will work or if anything needs to be changed. I wasn't sure how old Tyler was either so if she is too young to do much, then maybe I can play another one too.

    Name: May Lunetta
    Gender: Female
    Age: 9

    Average height for her age, she is very athletic and full of energy, but recently May had developed a sleeping disorder, so it is common for her to have a sleepy face during the day sometimes. Her light brown hair reaches her upper back when let down, but it is usually tied up into a braided-bun by her mother.

    She is a slight tomboy, and inquisitive about things that make her curious. May is more outgoing, but in the gentle way rather than obnoxious annoying way. Many remark at how mature she is, but she can be mischievous when only with her friends or with family.

    Likes: sushi, Sprite/Sierra Mist, lemonade, Oreo McFlurries, fries, steak, kickball, soccer, Taekwondo, chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes with no gravy, manga

    Dislikes: Spicy food(except some wasabi on sushi), and hamburgers(strange I know)

    -Her mother and stepfather are kind and loving, since the stepfather was there when she was still in her diapers, he is basically her father to her
    -She is good friends with Tyler
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  8. May sounds like a great character to introduce! I pictured Tyler being around 9 years old (4th grade). Sorry that I didn't specify that in the chapter. One of the bad habits I have with writing is a lack of precise character description and age reference.
  9. Okay that works :) Want me to post or wait for BellaSage?
  10. You're welcome to go ahead and post.
  11. Name: Tiana Fowler
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19

    Her skin is lightly tanned and her beautiful blonde hair curls delicately around her neck, sometimes tickling her by accident. Tiana usually has a calm face that doesn't really show much emotion, but she reacts quite suddenly to anything worth reacting to, so most see her as friendly or hilarious to watch. She is slightly shorter than average and has a slim body. Her eyes are a light brown and very expressive even if her face isn't.

    Calm and quiet when undisturbed, Tiana can be very focused and serious when something important is happening or she is studying. She is very picky and unpredictable in what she likes. Sometimes, something she likes will suddenly be something she doesn't care much about. However, her friendships and love life are not like that, as she is a good friend to have.

    Likes: It changes a lot, but she definitely likes coffee and pretzels no matter what, she likes nature and mostly warm places like tropical forests and beaches

    Dislikes: jerks and transportation like airplanes, smaller boats, and crowded buses, she likes the subway, however

    -She is really good at singing, but never really pursued it seriously
    -Her parents are real strict and rigid about things, so she doesn't have too much of a social life
    -She lives close to the university, so they had her commute from home
  12. Let's go ahead and wrap up Chapter 2 with your next post, Kalista. We'll pick up Chapter 4 (the next RP chapter) with the college students at the Star Bucks with Huber, and May and Tyler in class at school. I'll might also bring in another scene, but I'll have to get the feel of how the story is going first.
  13. Sign ups still open? =)
  14. Probably :) I suggest to just put up character sheet for him to approve, there doesn't seem to be restrictions other than realistic characters.

  15. Sure, Elsa, you're more than welcome to join.
  16. I feel like I should rp as a male, just to balance out the genders lol would anyone be opposed if I did?
  17. I'm cool with that. I'm writing up Chapter 3 right now, by the way. I'll have it up in a few hours or so. If you want, you can open us up with Chapter 4 after I post.
  18. No opposition here, Queen Elsa :)
  19. Not sure, the GM is researching so that the role play has historical accuracy so it might be some time :(
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