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  1. Ok so I have been dyeing to do this pairing, I have so many ideas that I want to try and I am always up to hear other peoples ideas! I write 2 to 6 paragraphs depending on my inspiration and my posting is a bit sporadic. Some days I will post right away other days I post every once and awhile due to lack of inspiration or because I am busy. One thing I must say is that I see James as the bottom...you might be able to convince me that it's a versatile relationship with a good plot.

    Fassavoy plots/Pairings

    This plot is inspired by this picture
    James is the eldest son of the Mcavoy family, which were well known in the aristocratic world in England. His family came over from Scotland in the early 1800's to strengthen their ties in the porcelain trading business. For years the eldest son of the family always took over the business and now it was James' turn to begin his studies in Business. Though he never really showed any interest in the family business, he instead had a passion for history and literature which his father did not approve of. His father contacted a high middle class tutor from Germany, Michael Fassbender, and paid him to come over to tutor James. He is a rather young scholar, in his late 20's but is well known for being able to get through to rather stubborn students. At first James is a bit defiant in his studies, but Michael makes a deal with him, he would take some time to tutor him in history and literature as long as he continued to focus on studying business as well. The two became increasingly close and Michael couldn't help but begin to get a soft spot for the young aristocrat. He was much different than his pig headed and rude father, he was kind and even a bit shy, preferring to spend time in the library rather than going to social gatherings with his family. After only a short time James begins to realize he see's Michael as more than just a tutor... he begins to actually have feelings for him, another man! He is disgusted with himself and tries to pull away from Michael but his tutor has grown attached to his student and refuses to let him pull away, which is how their relationship begins. (I was thinking that maybe Michael has lost a loved one before and that is why when he begins to get close to James he refuses to simply let it slip between his fingers I really really want to play James in this one)

    Cherick Plot/Pairings

    inspired by this video
    DemonErik x Charles
    When Charles was very young he was woken from his sleep when he heard the sound of someone playing the piano. Given the fact he was the only one in his family who was capable of even remotely playing the piano he went downstairs to investigate. he was met with the sight of a handsome man sitting at the piano playing one of his favorite pieces. Charles was not afraid, and when the man noticed him he simply stood his ground, staring at him curiously as he tried to make sense of the words that he picked out of his mind. The man told him how he was special, and how he was not alone then showed him that he had powers as well. Charles knew that this was no normal mutant but the sense of finally finding someone remotely like him overjoyed the young boys heart and every night he would return to the study to play piano and talk to his new found friend. However when he turned 12 the man simply stopped appearing and it broke Charles's heart. It wasn't until he was in college that he saw him again. he was studying late at the library when he heard his name being called out to him mentally. When he looked up he saw Erik standing there, waiting for him to come to him. he wanted to resist because he was abandoned by this man but he found himself following the other back to his own dorm where he was ravished by the demon. Thus begins their messed up borderline abusive relationship.

    Assassin AU ErikxCharles
    (not an original story idea of mine, I just really really want to do it)
    Erik and Charles were allies (and lovers) a long time ago until they were both ordered to kill each other by their superiors. Erik's acceptive of this decision, cause no matter what had transpired between them, it's still his job to eliminate a so-called threat.
    Charles, however, doesn't want to kill Erik. He wants Erik to understand this, because he loves this man had trusted with his life for years. Erik threatens to kill him no matter what their circumstances may be. It forces Charles into a position where he has to fight his lover in order survive.

    I will add more​
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  2. I would love to do this with you! I would definitely play michael!
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