Fashionably Late

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  1. And by late I mean just too lazy to make an intro thread. Eh whatevs at leas I eventually did it. :lol:

    The nickname's Bure (not a hut in Fiji but a barrel in Serbian language) been called Bure Evil on multiple occasions. Puns always make me laugh. Anywho, a friend from another forum dragged my ass here told me sit down and observe the work of gods. So that's how I got here.

    Did I use "Hey newbie" thread? I sure have. As stated above I am one lazy dude.
    Started RP-ing sometime in January and I really need to improve my phrasing and grammar as well as develop a certain writing style.

    I love Rock and Metal music and prefer team oriented RPs.

    Just your average 18 year old, nothing more, nothing less. Slightly ignorant and stubborn too.
  2. hello and welcome i hopeyou injoy the site
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  3. Hallo there Bure, welcome to the community! :D
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  4. Hey and welcome to Iwaku, oh and seriously, you're never too late to join. HAPPY ROLEPLAYING!
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