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  1. So, seeing as how there's been a lot of debate-ish type threads lately, I figured I'd cut a break from the usual and ask people about their favourite things from foreign cultures. Any things: Philosophies, religions, TV shows, people, inventions, languages, weapons, architecture, mythologies, et cetera. It can be serious or silly, just share what you love about cultures other than your own!
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  2. I've always found Asian cultures to be pretty interesting :) More specifically Japanese and Chinese culture. As if my love for anime and video games wasn't proof enough XD I also seem to be very attracted to Asians :O Oh Lord!
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  3. Reading about old European cultures is pretty entertaining.

    Not to be a weeb but some of the Japanese stuff is nice, their climate, landscape, architecture, and history as well as religion are interesting. Liking their culture because of their products is a little too consumer-whoring for my taste.

    Sad to see cultures die for the sake of multiculturalism though.
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  4. I have found Celtic culture to be specifically fascinating, especially in the case of the British islands. Because I am alos studying the Middle-ages right now, I have a real fondness for the Anglo-Saxons.

    All that being said, I make no attempt to hide my love for Roman culture. Considering that my diet is largely based around breads, cheeses, and olives, I wear no facial-hair, and my ideals on how someone present themselves, I'm almost Roman already.

    And yes, I have a set of Lorica Segmentata.

    I'm worse than the weebs.
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  6. I appreciate people more than their cultures...

    That said, Japan's culture is fascinating and intoxicating. Being in Japan is wonderful.
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  7. I'm busy to type too much, but I'll say that the things I usually appreciate the most from a foreign culture is the music. African, arabian, chinese, japanese, egyptian, european, american, medieval, from the different decades starting from the 1900s... Browsing through them surely I'll find something I like.
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  8. I'm Chinese but I love learning about Japan and Korea. Some good shit happened and it makes me froth at the mouth. Have to say Korean dynasties sounded way too similar to each other though. Goryeo and Goguryeo lol.
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  9. I like a few cherry picked aspects of Japanese culture.
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  10. Native American Master Race, Dirty Other-Cultured Peasants
    But Egypt and Japan are also cool. I think India is an amazing place as well.
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  11. I'm fond of the Israelis myself. Israel has some really cool places and culture. The Masada, Jerusalem, the Wailing Wall, the amazing food(and candy...), and the whole Hebrew culture.
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  12. Always had a healthy admiration for eastern european cultures-- namely, Russia. Especially the literature.
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  13. I've always found Japanese and Egyptian culture to be really interesting, as well as Native American cultures - Algonquin specifically because I grew up in that area and my godfather (more-or-less) is Algonquin as well, as far as I know.
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  14. I always found old Norse stuff pretty compelling, including the Varangian Guard. I tend to really like native American stuff and wish our European ancestors grew up alongside it instead of largely subjugating it. I really enjoy Canadian history and like to feel connected with my heritage, and I tend to focus on 20th century conflicts as fields of personal interet in history. The world changed in such a short period of time and it's incredible what technological advances we made.

    I would love to make a roleplay about 1980s mercenaries toppling a fictional country.

    I want to visit Iceland, and I would love to revisit Europe and visit the ancestral homelands I know my family stems from. I also really want to meet my online friends that way.

    I also want to visit the arctic in Canada sometime, preferrably in summer. I do want to visit all territories and provinces at least once. I plan on spending Canada Day 2017 in Ottawa for the 150th anniversary.
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  15. @Gwazi Magnum they are asking you to shitpost
  16. For the record, I love cultures.

    Japan has awesome fish dishes.

    India has awesome spicy dishes.

    The Philippines has awesome meaty dishes, tons of beer, and even more karaoke.

    Italy has awesome wine.

    Canada has awesome poutine.

    Hawaii is a lot like the Philippines. There was this one place with the most amazing garlic fried rice.

    I associate culture with food. That, or fighting. I love both. I love training with other fighters from different styles/cultures. I love eating different foods from other cultures.

    Don't care as much about history, fashion, or art. Just show me to the nearest local restaurant and save all the touristy restaurants for some other rube. I'll just walk around town and find my own food, thanks.
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  17. Oh no you're asking about favorite things. Its so hard to pick and choose with all of known history to choose from! I roll around in art historical articles a lot.

    Um, one of my earliest fascinations was with long houses. Its a really simple concept, but I've always lived in houses with rooms, so the idea of sharing one giant room with a bunch of people was neat as a child.

    The Egyptian Empire was one of the first cultures I really bit into outside of schoolwork. My middle school branched into the Greek and Roman Empire around that time. That was when I had first historical/cultural heartbreak. The Library of Alexandria. It still hurts so...bad. *dramatic crying* SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE LOOOOOOOOOST!!!!

    Since, I've rolled around in early 1900s America, Victorian England, and a few time periods of Japan; notably Sengoku and Meiji periods respectively.

    Specific bits I like from cultures are:
    - Meiji Era weapons - Its amazing how many other, more brutal weapons will become popularized when you ban swords.
    - K-dramas - You know no drama like a k-drama. Game of Thrones may have popularized killing main characters here, but Korea's been filming that trope for years. And it gets you every. single. time.
    - Public baths - Remember the long house thing earlier? Yeah, but now its a bath! 8D And I don't mean this in a pervy way at all. I just find community fascinating. If you go the the ones in Tokyo there's these really cool murals of Mt. Fuji that get repainted regularly. And there's only 2 artists in all of Japan that paint them.
    - Greek fire - I watched a documentary about it once and its still amazing.
    - Early 1900s American entertainment - Like vaudeville, sideshows, magicians, silent movies, fortune teller booths; it was quite the time.
    - Regional lords of the Sengoku Era - There's a good reason why this time period is done and redone in anime. There's so little concrete information about them so what's left over is a bunch of amazing stories that are just fun to think about happening in real life.
    - Greek/Roman Gods - Who doesn't love to hear about them?
    - Shinobi - And I don't mean the trope in black or Naruto. I mean the real people from Iga and Koga. They did a lot of neat and *cough*dishonorable*cough* things.
    - Turin Erotic Papyrus - I had no idea it existed until recently. Can I mention it, idk? Its a neat discovery.

    Edit: The post above reminded me of Korean food. Yummm.
    And thank you Japan for all the celebratory sushi.
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  18. An illustration of how she and I (she's Korean and I'm Filipino) are fascinated with Japan's culture.

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  19. I love learning about other cultures. Freaking love it. Modern AND Historical civilizations. History and Culture was my second favorite class. (Even though I am kinda shit about remembering facts)

    My first culture obsession was Egypt. This started cause a lot of my favorite bible stories were set in Egypt. I always thought it was incredible how their artifact from ancient Egypt managed to survive the test of time.

    My second culture attraction was China and then later Japan. Even when really little, I was attracted to Chinese architecture and artwork. Especially their watercolor art. It's delicate and beautiful. And there are SO many great myths and legends! And then I dove in to Japanese culture when I started watching anime, like every weeaboo nerd does. XD

    More recently I was doing a lot of research on old Norse stuff. And mooooost recent was about the Romani!

    My favorite thing to do is make an authentic recipe from different countries and peoples. It's a challenge AND delicious!
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  20. Favourite thing about foreign cultures: HAVING AN EXCUSE TO EAT ALL KINDS OF FOOD AND BEING THE FATASS I AM (jkjk -cri-)
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