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  1. Hello! I am KJ! I will keep this short nobody wants to sit and read huge introductions. So lets get to the important stuff.

    Post frequency, quality and length: I will write no less than 1 full paragraph and often several. I expect at least 1 full paragraph in return. I am not so great with grammar myself so I'm not going to be picky about that. As long as the post makes sense and the story is good, I don't care. Also, third person past tense only please.

    I will do multiple posts a week to multiple a day, just depends on what's going on in real life. If my partner posts once or week or less I will get board and drop the rp.

    Stuff happens: I understand life gets in the way of rp, when I am busy or unable to post I am pretty good about letting my partner know that unless I can't for whatever reason. I expect the same.

    Romance: Yes it can happen but it's not generally the focus and I like it to take time, not happen all at once or even pre-determined. Just like real life people

    My preferences: I lean more towards taking the female main role but can be persuaded to take the male role. I expect multiple characters to be in use (they can be just side supporting characters or multiple main characters. I just find the story much more interesting with more than 2 people)

    I don't really rp in the forums, I prefer PM's. I forget about forums and won't check them as often if ever.

    Plotting: I have idea's bot not full on plots. I like to collaborate with my partner to flesh it out, some beforehand but more as the story progresses and we see how characters work with each other. I expect my partner to help move the plot along and provide ideas as well so it's not just me pushing the story.

    Alright, here's the good stuff

    I'll add to this list as I get more ideas. I am open to other suggestions of course​
    Fairytale inspired (open)

    So I have been way into fairytales as of late. Fables (wolf among us vid game and reading the comics) descendants (old Disney movie about the children of Disney fairy tale characters where the villains are banished to an island without magic)

    I also love the original dark fairy tales :)

    So I am really wanting to do an RP or two with the children of the fairy tale characters. I haven't got a plot idea yet but I tend to plot some before with my potential partner and more along the way.

    Monsters (open)
    This takes place in a modern world where monsters are real (Vampires, werewolves, mummies, etc....) They have made an alliance not to harm humans and remain hidden from them. There's like a high council with a member of each species who keep the law of the monsters.

    Some humans know about the monsters and help them. This primarily happens at a clinic in a small town where they treat monsters (do blood drives to get blood for vampires, have special creams for mummies dry skin, dental care for werewolves and vampires etc...)

    The basic story idea is that the boogyman (who I will play) who was thought defeated years ago (the alliance was made when things got out of hand and the boogyman was on a rampage. the monsters combined forces and took him out and formed the alliance to keep balance)

    well he's back and not happy about being defeated, dun dun duuuuun....

    The rest I will leave open to discussion and further plotting with potential partner.

    Centaurs (open)
    Basically it's a medieval era world with a few different species, humans of course, the dragons who rule the land, centaurs, fauns, the avian (people with bird wings basically), canis (those with kanine attributes, like ears and tails) and the catrise (cat people).

    They are ruled by dragons because they are the most powerful and hold the most magic. other special, especially avians and centaurs have mages but they don't match the dragons power.

    Slavery is HUGE it's what keeps society going. Everyone has slaves, either kidnapped, born into it, sold and bought, whatever. Slavery works by blood magic, all the masters need is a bit of blood and a contract and bam, they have a slave weather that person wants it or not.

    The slaves are used for general labor, whoring, and mostly to fight in the arena where they are bet on, the slavers earning a profit from the fights their slaves win.

    My character, Janeka is a centaur who's a slave, works as a blacksmith and fights in the arena. She with a few others are wanting to bring the slaves together and fight against the masters (cliche I know but we can twist things)

    The Maze (open)

    The Maze
    There is a city located in the center, at least assumed to be the center, of an ever changing labyrinth. The maze is constantly shadowed by thick storm clouds that have lightning always moving through them and the low roll of thunder has become a background noise for the city. It is basically like they are always in the eye of the storm, though sometimes they do get rain and snow and the like.
    The city itself is becoming over crowded and the farm lands surrounding the city are producing less and less food so food must now be rationed and everything recycled. Fresh water is hard to come by. Nothing is wasted.
    Each couple is only allowed one child and only if they are approved to have children to begin with.
    The era I was thinking more Victorian but I am flexible....And fantasy for sure! So whatever mythical creature you want, or human, whatever.
    The maze is full of monsters and dangers so is off limits except to the runners who try to find a way through.
    The plot would begin when a strange woman comes to the city, nobody knows who she is and she's accused of being a monster of some sort because she's an albino and a stranger who must of come from the maze. Nothing that comes from the maze is good. She's imprisoned in the dungeon to be questioned.
    your character basically would rescue her (the reasoning is up to you) and the two of them hide someplace in the city, make plans to leave the city and go into the maze.

    (I only play OC's)

    Harry Potter
    (would be really fun to do the American school rather than Hogwarts)

    Lord of the Rings

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  2. Hi KJ, I'm honestly interested in all your suggestions and would gladly take them all. However I'm really feeling for the Centaurs one. Already got an oc taking formation here. Anyways, I would really love to have you as a partner. ♥
  3. So sorry I didn't respond! I don't know why I wasn't notified you had responded
  4. The fairytale inspired or the monsters one sound's good XD. If you still looking I'm keen.
  5. yep, still lookin! Shoot me a message and we can work something out
  6. Hello,

    Due to a recent turn of events, I find myself lacking a role play to involve myself in. I'm rather interested in your Monsters role play idea, although I'm not a particularly big fan of the boogeyman.

    Actually, that's not true. I just have no idea who the boogeyman is. O.o

    If it's some sort of thing that every child in the universe is supposed to have heard about, forgive me. >.< I grew up in a house with mixed religions, although my father, who was a Jehovah's witness, was the one who taught me and my sister religion, instead of my mom. So, I was basically banned from watching any movies or other media related to supernatural creatures, holidays, other religions, and.....etc. After a while (I was about....10?) my dad loosened up a bit, so now I'm agnostic, like my mom, and my sister's Atheist. (I think. Don't quote me on that; I don't talk to her much anymore these days...)

    Just so you know, I'm not saying all Jehovah's witnesses are like this. I live less than a mile away from the kingdom hall and ages 5-10 I went there for every meeting and stayed the entire meeting. I've met plenty of Jehovah's witnesses who are wonderful people, and they don't always force their religion on others. My dad was just like that. And, really, my dad doesn't force his religion on others, just us. He specifically wanted me and my sister to be religious because as a kid, he lack faith, and he regrets it terribly, and doesn't want that for us. Took him fourteen years (He'd been doing it for my sister for fourteen years, and for me ten.) to realize that all he was doing was alienating us........

    So, anyway, since I imagine that will come up a lot in a role play like this, that's why I'm completely incompetent on most supernatural creatures. I also don't play vampires by the book; I like to make little personalized edits here and there, mainly making them less powerful so that they're only real difference from humans is that they drink blood. Why? Because the one thing my dad did accomplish was to instill in me a disgust for most supernatural creatures, so the few I do like need to be as human as possible.

    God, Idk.

    Anyway, I'm interested in the world, but not necessarily the plot. Maybe we could come up with a different plot in the same universe in PM's?

    Eh, sorry it's long. I got a bit off-topic a few times. >.>
  7. If you don't like supernatural things like that, then this isn't the best plot for you. I am looking for very traditional supernatural creatures. Would sort of defeat the purpose if the supernatural beings are only slightly different than human.
  8. I suppose you have a point there. I have a few other ideas that I can elaborate on, if you'd hear me out:

    Bold = My Preferred Role

    -Juvenile Delinquent x Therapist
    -Loser of Bet x Winner of Bet (Involves a sort of slavery system between the winner and loser.)
    -Night Circus Lead Acrobat x Night Circus New Member (Would Involve some sort of mystery involving some crimes that the night circus may or may not have been involved in.)

    Interested in any of these?
  9. Sorry, not really interested. I'm really just wanting to fill the ideas that I have listed. Thanks so much though!
  10. Alright, that's fine. Thanks for considering me, though. :)
  11. Hey Kj are still open for accepting new roleplay partners?
  12. Yes and no. I still want more but I am in the middle of moving and won't really be able to pick up another for a week or so. we can discuss though :)
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