Farthern Legends

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  1. In a far away land known as farthern ther is a small fox trianing to become a warrior. This fox has the potintial and the tenasity to become one of the greatest warriors there ever was in farthern. Now lets go into this land and see what this fox is up to.
    Eclipse is seen sleeping in his bed being almost mid afternoon, he had missed almost half of his training day. " Damnit! " He said as he rushed out of bed and put on his training clothes which consist of a white shirt, brown pants, black gloves, and heavy boots. As soon as he got these on he rushed down stairs to the kitchen and grabbed him some of his mothers freshly baked bread she allways makes in the morning. " Damnit i need to get going. BYE MOM! " He said as he rushed out of the door with a wodden sword, he isn't allowed to weild an energy sword quite yet, and rushed straight to his training teacher's yard , Mr. Guild , Mr.Guild standing in the front yard waiting on Eclipse would be tapping his foot on the grass in a impationt mannor. " Well you are about thirty minutes late. Do you have any excuses for this Eclipse?? " He asked as he looked down at him. " No sir i don't i just over slept is all. " He said alill dissapointed in himself. " Well then in that case you can do twenty laps. " Yes sir... " He said as he put his stuff down and started to run around Mr. Guilds house.
  2. She woke, the sun blinding her and she rolled over instinctively, falling to the floor with a dull thud and a whining 'ouch!' After standing and inspecting herself for potential bruising, she nodded approvingly and pulled her nightgown off over her head, shaking her red-brown hair out and adjusting her ears. Then she remembered her father's appointment today. His prodigy, the one with the wooden sword was coming again and she shook her head, sighing. He didn't even have a real sword. She opened her closet and grabbed her energy swords -- she always duel-wielded -- before heading out of her room and to the kitchen. She'd woken up late, but it didn't matter. She'd never met this kid anyways.

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  3. Just as eclipse finished his laps he panthed lightly as he looked to his teacher. " Is that it...? " He asked out of breath and exuagsted. His teacher said . " Yea thats it eclipse you can take a break.... for now.. " He said as he allowed his student to rest for the time being.
  4. Taryn jogged out, giving her father a quick peck on the cheek then looking to the kid before her. He certainly wasn't much to look at, but her dad usually did go for the underdogs. She sighed and put a hand out to shake the new kid's.

    "Hey, I'm Taryn."
  5. He looked to Taryn as he held his paw out. " I'm eclipse. " he said as his left fox ear flicked lightly.
  6. Sure, he wasn't due back for a few days, but that didn't stop him from getting back early. His sword rested lightly on his back, his ears flicking lightly, detecting small sounds. Sounds like the kid is training today. Wonder when Guild will give him a blade; a real blade. Patch had been an underdog too, and just like now, Guild had taken him in. Only, literally; he'd been abandoned as a kid and though he still had no idea what the old guy saw in him, he admitted living in the old barn was better than surviving on the streets.

    Patch walked through the gates, turning his muzzle toward the boy and Taryn. He smirked only slightly, tail flicking. "Tread careful, kid, she'll bite your paw before you blink an eye." He said, walking up and chuckling.
  7. Taryn took this kid's paw and smiled brightly, her hair falling into her face before she pulled away and began wandering off. She had things to do, people to see. When she heard Patch, her head snapped up and she raised an eyebrow playfully, her tail swaying gently. Patch was... something, to say the least. Interesting, yet infuriatingly attractive to her. What she felt for his wasn't a crush, but perhaps a borderline between respect and attraction. She smiled a bit and stuck her tongue out at him before moving away through the trees and disappearing into the misty noon.
  8. Oh yeah sure! Drop me off on the middle of a freakin island. See what happens to me. I was the kind of warrior that was though to have no potential. I honestly thought I wasn't meant to be a warrior until now. It just took the right setting, the right training, and the right people. The tattoos on my left arm aren't for style. They are the symbol of warriors. Great warriors. And it was no thanks to my trainer that I had became one. But I finally got in contact with that jerk and he's coming back to get me,,,,I've been on this pirate infested island for months now....not to mention I pretty much got rid of all of them.... I saw the helicopter in the distance. I decided to keep the weapons I had earned here. My tribal knife and of course my bow and arrow. The guns I were holding were stolen by me. I took them. I needed them to survive this retched place...so I dropped them. All of them to the ground. I was able to drown out the chopper sounds and here the clatter of the guns falling to the floor. The men that had helped me bowed to me one last time as I hopped onto the chopper. I saluted them as I got in. I sat down looking straight at my trainer who was clapping slowly at my success. "Who the hell do you think you are Steve!? Jesus!!! Who drops their student in the middle of an island filled with rebels and pirates. Wondering every day if I would wake up dead or alive. What kind of trainer are you!?" I yelled. My trainer simply sat there with a smile on his face which pissed me off so much more. "You needed that rush Jason...that is what brought the true warrior in you out my friend." Steve said. I was about ready to bash my knuckles into his skull, but I had to lay off....at least until we got back Farthern.
  9. Eclipse picked up his wodden sword as he looked to guild. " Ok im ready. " He said as guild raised his left hand. " First possition! " Guild said as eclips held the sword over his head his left elbow bent in a 45 degree angle and his right at a 50 degree angle he spread his feet apart to where they were atleast two feet apart. " HAI SENSAI! " He said as he got into possition. " Now i want you to practice your slashes and maybe i will give you your sword today. " He said as he smiled. " YES SIR! " Eclips said as he started to execute his slashes with ease.
  10. The kid was good, better than most his age. Netter than Patch had been at that age. Plenty of potential. He turned to Guild, bowing slightly in respect; he'd spent plenty of trips abroad and what he hadn't learned here he'd learned out there. "Master, good to see you again."
  11. Guild smiled. " As well as to you too Patch. " He said as he watched over eclipse observeing his form and makeing him adjust his feet slightly.
  12. "Your pupil has gotten better, Master. Your training still doing it's job." Patch said, smirking slightly and watching Eclipse with an approving gaze. Kid was good, for sure; and had plenty of time to make a life for himself.
  13. Guild walked to Patch and whisperd. " He don't know this but he has a great future and im going to give him his blade today. He has earned it. " Guild said as he watched eclipse.
  14. Patch smiled at Guild's words, looking at Eclipse again. He remembered when he'd been presented with his blade; it had been the greatest day in his life. "He'll be more than happy, Master. Perhaps...." he paused, thinking. "Perhaps he could travel with me, to the coast. There's a battle there, small, but at risk of growing. It needs to be quelled before it gets out of hand." He nodded to the boy, "He needs the experience and he'll be completely safe. And it'd be better if I didn't take this one alone."
  15. Guild thought as he nodded. " Allright then he can go.. Eclipse! " guild said as eclipse stopped. " Come over here. " He said as he motioned for eclipse to come. " Yes sensai? " Eclips asked as he ran over to guild. " You are getting your blade today. " He said as eclipse's eyes lit up with joy. " REALLY!? " He asked in a hyper tone. " Yup. " Guild said as he brought the blade out from behind his back and presented the fine edge of the energy katana blade. " Wow... " eclipse said as he just stared at it.
  16. Patch's smirk grew, reaching and touching the hilt of his own blade. "Well, Eclipse, take your blade. You're one of us now." He said, dropping his hand and chuckling. "You've earned it, kid."
  17. Eclipse hapilly grabbed his blade and practiced swinging it at enemy's infront of him imagining sliceing through their necks with each slash.
  18. After a moment, Patch smirk darting forward and freeing his blade, meeting Eclipse's. "Come on, Eclipse, show me how much you've learned!" Now that they were an even match, it was time for the first real spar the kid could have with his katana.
  19. Eclipse smirked as he took a five point stance and brought his blade to his side with elegance and swiftness. " Bring it on. " He said as he layed his ears back against his head ready to spar.
  20. "Haha!" Patch said, twisting his blade to the side and standing with his left side toward Eclipse. "It's proper to let the younger move first, young fox; your move." His grip was loose on his blade, relaxed almost; he'd picked up other fighting techniques on his travels as well.