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Farbe: Ruined Colors. A superpowered role play.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Zadok shadows, Apr 14, 2016.

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  1. Hello everyone imagine a future where countries the world over developed their defenses and immersed themselves in their technology to the point that every country, every rebel force, every terrorist group, had the potential to destroy cities the world over.

    In a world that's completely armed to the teeth it becomes like an open keg where any small disturbance can be the match that lights it all off.

    A group of sovereign nations feel point of view and think that a precaution measure should be created. Something that goes beyond weapons. They need something that is superhuman.

    These countries secretly form an alliance that combines their best minds and resources to create a team that could surpass any threat of technology by a terror group or a rogue nation. Geneticists use advanced biotechnology and samples of a radioactive subtance that had fallen to earth decades ago that have remained unknown to the public to create superhumans after many errors.

    They only had enough of the material to successfully create 14 subjects, who have been training in military and combat tactics as well as a variety of other subjects to boost creative thinking to give them enough edge on the battlefield because a creative mind can often out wit those around them. Each of the subjects are in the middle childhood to adolescence. The older ones have already seen battle and have experienced loss. The younger ones continue to train. Each subject has been given a code name in the form of a color.

    So hello if you have made it here then congrats this is a basic plot of a story I have often been apart of for some time and now am trying to lead it myself. I feel that this could be a good group role play as our characters develop opinion on if what there doing is write. If they feel like slaves, and other morals that may pop up when the time comes. So if your interested please post your interest or message me. I will be working on a character profile sheet soon.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.