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  1. Due to the terrorist attacks that happened all over the world, the United Nations decided to make an anti-terrorist group called Farbe. Farbe would be a group of children from all over the world raised to fight and prevent terrorism attacks. The children would be taken in, stripped of their previous name, and be given a color for their new name instead. Then they will be transported to the facility prepared in United States. At first, it was unsuccessful. The children that they chose were either unable to go through the training or died in the process of preventing an attack and died. Sometimes the attack wasn't even prevented.

    Then a scientific break through occurred. In the years before they turn 5, there is a probability of them being able to use magic if they have the brain requirements as demonstrated by a test they can take when they are two. There is only a 3 year period to get them to use it before that magic is unusable. The magic that they acquire is completely random.

    That cause the United Nations to change their plan. They will take in two year olds who took the test and passed the requirements. The magic that they have will determine their color in Farbe. Only 11 children have passed the test and are currently being trained by scientist in the facility.
    They are:
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Purple
    • Black
    • Brown
    • Gray
    • White
    "By any means necessary, defeat the [BCOLOR=#999999]terrorist[/BCOLOR] for a better tomorrow."
    The character sheet:

    Color: (One of the ones above)
    Gender: (Self-explanatory)
    Age: (can be from 6 to 18)
    Appearance: (Explain or give a picture. It can be anime or real. It doesn't matter but real would work better in this case)
    Sexuality: (If old enough to understand that)
    Nationality: (Try to be from different places)
    True Name: (Name they had before it was a color. Try to match it with your nationality)
    Power: (Please make it relate to the color but it's not required)
    Personality: (Self-explanatory. Go nuts)
    Skills: (Something they excel at in their training for being well rounded. It could be art, technology, athletics, ect.)
    Short bio: ( Give what they think about the facility)

    Add what you think is necessary too.

    ~Farbe Roster Links~

    Green(Sav The Zombitch)
    Brown(Zadok shadows)
    [BCOLOR=#999999][BCOLOR=#999999]Black(Lusterless Nova)[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    Champagne(Black Orchid)



    ~Deceased Colors~

    Wintergreen(Sav The Zombitch)

    1. Follow ALL iwaku rules
    2. No godmodding. There may be fights between characters that may lead to death so accept your death.
    3. Gary Stue and Mary Sue should stay far away from here. They will be scared.
    4. Once a week for posting is good enough for me if any longer please notify
    5. Being OP is okay under understandable circumstances
    6. Can be romantic but that's pretty hard to do in my opinion for this one. If you do end up doing that nothing more than fluff.
    7. No one sentence posts
    8. Have Fun!
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  2. This sounds VERY interesting ~
    Could you reserve the color White?
  3. You got it!
  4. Name:
    Blanca ( White )
    { Derived Blanche. French meaning for 'white' or 'pure' }


    Age: (can be from 6 to 18)

    Appearance: (Explain or give a picture. It can be anime or real. It doesn't matter but real would work better in this case)
    Sexuality: (If old enough to understand that)
    Open Minded. Life's too long to stick to one preference. Try a little bit of everything.

    Nationality: (Try to be from different places)
    Europe. Particularly France.

    True Name: (Name they had before it was a color)
    Winter Blanche.
    The scientists at the facility deemed her last name fit to be her new name, as it well related to her 'color'. Not only was her skin tone white, her powere also related.

    Power: (Please make it relate to the color but it's not required)
    Control over the element of air.
    She is able to control air, so that she can either make a slight breeze, or a full on tornado. Also, controlling air means she can remove air. That doesn't mean she can wipe oxygen off the face of the planet, it merely means she can create a bubble of air around someone or something, and can cease air to exist inside that bubble. In simple terms, she can stop the air flow, and cause suffocation. Lets say a missile was heading for a building. Using her power, she could manipulate the air, and cause a force to repel against the missile, suspending it in midair. She can also direct it to another direction. Back to it's source for example. Using this power of hers, she can also fly, or levitate herself off the ground. No need for walking.
    In a rainbow, there is no white. Or... Is there? Have you ever heard that on a hot day, you should wear a white shirt instead of a black shirt? The 'scientific' explanation is that black absorbs all the colors, yet white would reflect it, or pass the colors right through. White comes in many forms. While in the rainbow, it may not be visible, it is still a color. It is just reflecting or letting the other colors pass through it. So in reality, all of the colors have white in them.

    Personality: (Self-explanatory. Go nuts)
    Oh. *Goes Nuts* well I'm lazy so.
    quiet but not shy


    annoyed easily

    bored easily

    Skills: (Something they excel at in their training for being well rounded. It could be art, technology, athletics, ect.)

    Short bio: ( Give what they think about the facility)
    Winter isn't exactly ecstatic about the facility. Okay, maybe she doesn't even like it. She hate's the fact that everything that made her who she was is gone. Her name, her family, even where she came from. She was taken at a young age, and she doesn't understand anything about her past life, except her name. She's not exactly rebellious, but she's not not rebellious. You get her drift? Her name wasn't even given to her. One night, while her routine 'sneak-out', she floated over to one of the rooms, and overheard her name as they were discussing.

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  5. @princxss I like it. It's my first RP I am starting up so I expect you to be confused. Just make sure to add the personality later.
  6. Hello!

    Color: Magenta
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Nationality: Japan
    True Name: Shunko Nakano
    Power: Psychic manipulation, some are:
    • Telekinesis-Can lift objects and hurl them. He knows how to make them lock onto his opponents. He can levitate as well.
    • Telepathic Communication-Can easily speak with others through their minds.
    • Mind Control-He can barely use this power yet.
    Personality: Magenta is a manipulator. He is very much aware about what he does, and why he does it. Sometimes it's for fun, other times it's necessary. He knows he's a very useful tool to the facility. And due to his resentment of it, he plots and plans under the supervisors' noses. He gets into their heads. But he does nothing other than try to get on their good sides. Whether his sneakiness is wrong or right ceases to matter. He hides everything, and is incredibly talented with lying. Most of the time, he's a lethargic slacker who flirts once in awhile.

    Inside, he views every person around him as an enemy. There is no lone person he won't try to charm. Male or female, he has his eyes on anyone. He's excessively good at finding allies. Inwardly, he doesn't much care for his honor or well-being. This world is shit. If it crumbled to the ground, he wouldn't mind. Magenta hates how his name was stolen. His views on people change every day. In all actuality, he gambles a lot and loses focus quickly. One day he'll have a goal, and the next he's forgotten about it. He usually doesn't acknowledge his flaws.

    Magenta is excessively adaptable. He learns quickly, and is very rarely deterred. If there is a question no one else is asking, he'll go ahead and ask it. He is not biased, and he's not fickle either. He'll take anything he can get in life; he is not picky. It is rare that he'll ever lose his temper around anyone else. Frustration doesn't come to him easily. His fuse is long and it takes a considerable amount of stupidity or arguments to genuinely annoy him. His methods can be unorthodox, as he doesn't really care about the way anyone else feels.

    Magenta has thick skin and rarely ever gets offended. Jokes can be aimed his way and he'll just ignore them.

    Skills: Manipulating and lying
    Short bio: Magenta does not like the facility or anyone in it. He knows there's a world out there and he wants to get to it. He desires nothing more than to escape, but he bides his time. He doesn't exactly consider anyone there to be a "friend".
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  7. @Taguel It's accepted. I like how you went in depth about his hatred.
  8. Thank you! :3
  9. Color: Blue
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Sexuality: Bisexual, slightly prefers girls
    Nationality: Swedish
    True Name: Adam Adell
    Power: Energy (can not create energy, only use what already exists, but can transfer energy to tired people or absorb/transmit energy from other sources. For example, he can transfer kinetic energy to stop instantly when he collides with an object and the force will be applied to that object)
    Personality: Blue is light-hearted and tries to make people laugh, even if it means making a joke at his own expense. However, when someone insults him he can be straight-up rude, and if he's challenged he gets overly competitive to the point of over-committing to something he knows is a mistake. He's never had a serious relationship because he's only recently come to terms with his sexuality.
    Skills: Technical drawings (diagrams/schematics) and swordfighting
    Short bio: Blue doesn't like the facility for the most part, and sometimes he resents the responsibilities placed on him, but he realizes that the team will get a lot more depressed if someone doesn't lighten the mood.
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  10. @Lepixi Accepted! There's only one thing I want changed though. Can you put a last name onto Blue and make his true name from Swedish decent?
  11. Thanks! Edited my original post with a last name and a Swedish first name.
  12. Okay! I see it.
  13. Could I reserve Black?
  14. @Jae Yep. You got it.
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  15. I'm calling dibs on Red.
  16. May I reserve green?
  17. Oh! Oh! I can reserve grey?