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  1. Farbe Due to the terrorist attacks that happened all over the world, the United Nations decided to make an anti-terrorist group called Farbe. Farbe would be a group of children from all over the world raised to fight and prevent terrorism attacks. The children would be taken in, stripped of their previous name, and be given a color for their new name instead. Then they will be transported to the facility prepared in United States. At first, it was unsuccessful. The children that they chose were either unable to go through the training or died in the process of preventing an attack and died. Sometimes the attack wasn't even prevented.

    Then a scientific break through occurred. In the years before they turn 5, there is a probability of them being able to use magic if they have the brain requirements as demonstrated by a test they can take when they are two. There is only a 3 year period to get them to use it before that magic is unusable. The magic that they acquire is completely random.

    That cause the United Nations to change their plan. They will take in two year olds who took the test and passed the requirements. The magic that they have will determine their color in Farbe.
    ~Farbe Roster~

    Green(Sav The Zombitch)
    Brown(Zadok shadows)
    Black(Above Rapids)
    Champagne(Black Orchid)


    ~Deceased Colors~

    Wintergreen(Sav The Zombitch)

    Schedule (open)

    As a member of Farbe, there is a set schedule you must follow at the facility.

    6:00~7:00 Daily morning routines including breakfast
    7:00~9:30 Individual Magic Training or Skills Training/Education
    9:30~12:00 Individual Magic Training or Skills Training/Education
    12:00~1:00 Lunch and Break
    1:00~4:00 Group Training
    4:00~9:00 Individual Magic Training
    9:00~10:00 Nightly routines including dinner

    Clarification and Notes for the Schedule

    Magic and Skills training is from 7:00~12:00 technically. At the facility, we split it into two parts so we can get the magic training in and the skills training everyday in that five hour time frame.
    Group one for magic training is: White, Yellow, Red, Brown, Magenta, Green.
    Group two for magic training: Orange, Blue, Purple, Gray, [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Black[/BCOLOR].
    Magic training is individual while skills and education will be a group class.

    Group training will be to train the colors to be able to work together and see how their magic relates to one another. Here they will do exercises as said by the head scientist.​

    Rooming (open)

    Each color has their own room. Their room has their own bathroom and walk in closet. Their rooms aren't that big and are very barren since they are allowed one luxury item.


    They can usually wear anything as long as it's not too revealing and related to their color since it’s for identification purposes. The only time they are not allowed to wear what they want is when they are going into training. Then they are supposed to wear their colored jumpsuits for flexibility and mobility during training.

    The facility is in a cross shape with a building on the end of each hallway. On the ends of each hallway there is either the rooms for Farbe, cafeteria and the exit, skills building, and the training building. The inside is very bland.

    When you enter the training building you first enter the area where you change into the jumpsuits. Everybody changes in the same room. The United Nations didn’t think that part out. After changing, you will walk into the huge training room used for group trainings. There are multiple doors on the side of the walls and one of the doors leads to a member of Farbe’s room where the equipment for training is already set up.

    The housing building is one hallway with doors on the side each leading to a room.
    The cafeteria is towards the front right before the exit. No one can go through the exit unless you are a scientist/staff member or going on a mission. There is a medical ward but only for scientist. The members of Farbe are expected to build up their constitution.

    The skills building is one big room when you walk in. It’s sectioned off for each category you may train in. The categories are: athletics, arts, academics, and economics. This is it since the only reason for the skills is so that the members of Farbe are well-rounded when they go on a mission which they should do flawlessly.

    There is also an upstairs that is accessed by an elevator. This elevator needs a keycard which is owned by the scientist. No member of Farbe knows what it looks like up there.​

    Punishments (open)

    If you do not comply the punishment are as follows:​
    • Skip two meals and have half the amount of sleep for extra magic practice
    • Luxury item taken
    • Lecture from head scientist
    • Used for a "Surprise" experiment
    • The last punishment is a target for the other Farbe members to use their magic on but no one has gotten to that point yet.

    This is approved by the UN.
    (If confusing please ask questions in the OCC)
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  2. Yellow, yellow

    Utilizing his lunch break time to explore as he often did, Yellow tromped down an empty hallway, curious eyes fixating on every door or split path he passed by. He'd learned long ago that it was never a good idea to open strange doors, but the urge was still very much there. He knew the accessible hallways and passages by heart, but there was still so much mystery behind locked doors and... Well, that elevator. None of the colors knew what was up on that top floor, and to Yellow it was almost maddening. He was a very curious little boy, especially with the facility being the only home he knew. He wanted to know everything about his home, at least...

    With a small childish sigh, the little one decided to make his way back to the lunchroom before their next training session. The curiosity was starting to get to be too much for him, and that was never good. He didn't want to be punished for peeking behind closed doors, again... After lunch was group training! He loved group training more than any other time of day. Dinner time was a close second. Working with the others was his favorite part about life at the facility, even if it was a bit dangerous. He knew his magic wasn't the most useful as it was, but he never felt that way when he could help the other colors.

    Knowing it was too late to get something to eat when he finally got back to the cafeteria, Yellow instead hurried over to the closest color, sitting down as close to the other as he could, one hand gripping at their sleeve, while the other rested on the table. It always felt so nice to be close to another person.

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  3. Green gave a small sigh. She absentmindedly picked at the food on the tray before her, deep in thought. As per usual, she was on the lonely side of the table. Not that she minded, of course. Being the social outcast was something she had grown used to, anyway. Well... Except, of course, there was Yellow, that little ball of sunshine(literally)... Him and Red were definitely the two she got along best with, and the two she was most fond of in the whole team.

    Though, that wasn't what was on the sixteen-year-old's mind. Sure, she didn't mind being in the facility. She even liked it a bit. It was just.. Always having to watch others get hurt. Heck, even having to hurt others, terrorist or not, caused her heart to ache. Was this really all that they were made for? Was the violence the reason for their existence? All they were capable of? She didn't know, though she hoped not. And she'd never dare ask.

    However, she was yanked out of the gruesome and heart-wrenching thoughts by the tug of a child's hand, causing her to blink and glance to it's origin. She smiled when she saw Yellow, subconsciously. "Hey, kid.. How ya doin'?" she asked kindly, smiling at the boy.
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  4. Magenta was not above harming his "teammates". He bode his time well, but in the end... would he truly be working with any of them? Maybe if he felt like it. They were machines for the scientists, considered as nothing else. They existed to hurt others. Being able to listen in on others thoughts was the first technique he had developed. It was beyond useful, yet, the only power the scientists knew was his telekinesis. There were an amount of information he had refrained from telling anyone, and he just hoped that he'd be able to hurt them enough later.

    The power... to do anything I want.

    That was why he trained every day. He desired to hear the thump as they hit the ground and the sickly snap as their bones broke. Nothing would make him more ecstatic. His smaller goals faded in and out. But the major one? Get out. Sure, he could have fun along the way.

    The cafeteria was a place he commonly avoided. Interacting socially with the other colors sometimes caused unnecessary empathy. He didn't like that, thus chose to slap on a smile and speak only when they approached him. He was too busy, occupied with his own plots, schemes and thoughts. There was no need to work as a team. Soon he might be the strongest of them. If his plans didn't work, he'd just off himself. There was no use in sticking around if he was only going to be used. Would they cry for him? Probably not.

    He walked into the cafeteria, that absentminded smile on his face. He moved passed Yellow and Green, pretending that he didn't see them.
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  5. Yellow, yellow

    Yellow smiled back up at Green as she spoke to him, idly shifting some in his seat. "I'm okay. I've just got back from exploring, again. I wish there was more to look at, but I guess I've seen all that I can around here... I still like walking around, though. Oh, but, are you okay? You were looking sorta sad..." Yellow replied, his grip on the older one's sleeve tightening. "Did someone upset you? If anyone was mean to you, I'll get 'em back for you. You gotta be nice to girls." He added, sitting up straight and puffing out his chest in attempt to look bigger. He did mean what he said, despite being so much smaller and weaker than everyone else in the facility. He fullheartedly believed he had to help protect the ladies, despite it being the ladies that were actually the ones overprotective of him.

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  6. Brown, brown Brown walked into the Cafeteria. It was before training so he was wearing his brown trench coat and black baseball cap with some jeans and a tee shirt.. His body still felt sore. Brown was caught a few days ago trying to hack Into the elevator late at night in an attempt to see what the higher ups were hiding. Brown excelled in computer programing during the skills training. Farbe understands that at times its easier to disable the security of compounds then trying to barge through. He had gotten an ear full from the lead scientist before brown had punched him square in the jaw. There were defiantly times where brown should know when to stop, and that that was not one of those times. He was taken to a lab where they preformed one of their experiments. He called it torture. Brown wanted to believe that it didn't get to him, but his hands wouldn't stop shaking.

    Brown didn't like sitting with the others. It wasn't that he didn't like them. Its just that he knew that if he got too friendly with them that he would rope them in to trouble, but he knows that he cant go through this life alone so he talks with them and help them, but he dosent let them get involved with his plots to find out more about farbe. Of course yellow was the exception. He still remembered when he first joined the rest of them in the facility. He knew that this place could breed fear in a person. He made a promise to yellow that he would always be around if he needed a friend. Brown had kinda became a protector of yellow during some of the training simulations.

    Brown sat down next to yellow and took a bite from an apple and gave him a grin. "hey kid I tried to get through the elevator but they caught ol brown. Don't worry though we'll get it next time." Brown looked up at green and smiled. "hello green. your looking well." the same coundnt be said about brown. He had a look being tired and fatigued on his face.
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  7. Purple, Purple Purple looked around the cafeteria. It was always so empty. Of course, she really couldn't complain, and she wasn't. It was only an observation. She supposed the problem was the fact that it looked like it was built for many people, other than the simple 11 that they were. Oh, well. Her outfit of a black, short-sleeve, t-shirt and some comfortable yoga tights fit her form quiet well. She felt that her tennis shoes were awkward and bulky in contrast of her tights, but she dealt with it. She had also managed to tame her curly, brown hair into a nice, high ponytail.

    Purple made her way to the bar for a piece of fruit and a drink, and after getting her apple and soda, she started back toward the tables. Although her outfit and the hip-hop pace of her walk, she was actually very exhausted. Sleep did not come easy to her the past night, and that was very odd. It usually took no time for her to drift off into dream land, but last night was different. It was odd. Then, when she finally got to sleep, her dreams were full of odd little pieces of information that looked like nothing of importance, and nothing she would have to report. If anything had truly jumped out at her, she would have reported it immediately, but these were just the usual silly dreams.

    She did remember a face, though. It was a man. An older man with dark brown hair and bright, brown eyes. He looked familiar to her, but she couldn't place him. He seemed to smile a lot, and had some very strong features. She also picked up some of the words he was saying, German words. Why did he look so familiar?

    As lost in thought as she was, Purple didn't notice that she was walking straight for Magenta. She didn't even realize that she was walking at all. Her mind was caught in her little daydream and she only snapped out of it when something collided with her and forced her soda to the floor. She looked up, confused and unfocused.

    "Oh! Sorry, Magenta. I didn't see you.." she apologized, quickly bending down to get the soda that she had dropped. Luckily it wasn't open, but she knew it would be spew when it was opened and the taste would be flat. Nothing was worse than a flat soda. "You alright?"
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  8. Green, green

    Green watched this caringly, giving a small nod. "Ah, I see.." she mused. "Yeah, it'd definitely be much more fun if there was more to explore, wouldn't it?" she replied honestly. If we were restrained to this prison.. She gave a small smile, silently adoring the child's concern. "No, I assure you everything's fine. Just thinking, was all," she assured with a smile, laughing lightly. Playfully, she ruffled the boy's hair with her free hand. "That's sweet, Yellow. I'll remember that," she replied, grinning. The boy always knew how to lighten her mood(I'M SO PUNNY), something she admired about him. Plus, I mean, c'mon! The kid was downright adorable. Ever since he had arrived, she felt responsible for him. She couldn't let these monsters get him killed on some stupid mission. However, she was once more pulled from her thoughts when Brown approached. Smiling shyly, she offered a small wave. Though, she seemed to brush off the compliment; as she always did. "That's sweet of you, but I doubt it," she replied. She looked him over with slight concern. "Anyways.. Are you alright? You look a bit worn out," she commented, pouting slightly as she typically did when her teammates were upset, worse-for-wear or harmed.

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  9. Gray, gray Puppets ever single one of us them. Naming each of us them for a different piece of the color spectrum, where has our this world come to? Forcing their us own children to fight the war meant for the men and women of their own countries. If they wanted the world to crash, and ultimately burn, why but us them to the challenge of protecting all of those people? Those worthless, sheep like, people, who do nothing in the end but point and taunt us them! We They are their protectors, damnit! She frowned internally at the darkening direction of her thoughts. Yes, she was partly unstable but she didn't think like that.. Did she? The gray haired teen paused in her walk to the cafeteria and failed to understand those thoughts. The stringed puppets scientists did conclude she was slowly losing stability of her mind, probably from the time in this accursed hellhole, and demanded recommend she take with Purple, Green, or Blue. But that would be unwise unnecessary, she had no intention on pushing her problems to them children.

    She was the bloodiest of them all Gray. And the closest to being the eldest amongst them all. And unluckiest in the power draw, hell's bells even Red was better off and he held the key to radiation. I She was capable of radiation and more but held back for reasons even the scientists would understand and those bastards guys were the prompt of the bullshit madness! The one who understood why were had to go through this because the adults were so pathetic and incapable of protection that they need to train their own children as soliders weak.

    Gray punched the wall beside her with her right, causing an fist imprint in the metal wall which quickly filled with a flick from her left hand. "Tch." Even with a simple short train of thought, she could hear its twisted and darkened version echo in her mind. Electromagnetism was her only and precious power, she was sure, but she could still hear its version of her thoughts and they made her feel so odd. And it made her want to have a decently timed therapy session with Purple and Green, because sweet Jesus some happiness would give her some happiness assurance.

    With an out of place thought, she just shook her head to get rid of the crazy idea of what ever it was wanting her to get a therapy session and walked through the doors of the cafeteria. And hopefully to either Green or Purple.
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  10. Red had finished his lunch earlier, he had to eat his lunch in his room, for safety reasons. He couldn't eat with the suit on, and his room was the only safe place in the building for him to take the thing off. He rolled his neck, letting out a breath of air, "Aaah...I love these..." It was a sort of radiation-proof biscuity-sausagey concoction. Too be fair, they were the only thing he'd ever eaten, so they were the best by default. He took another bite, thinking. "I wonder why no one else likes them...Even Brown the Serious spat it out, and Cheery Green lit hers on fire," he thought, finishing off his enormous lunch and standing up. He was a walking nuclear reactor, so he needed over a 100 times the calories of a normal human. Placing the helmet of his suit back on his head gingerly and delicately activating the seals. After that he sent his plate down a Safe-transport Carbon Tube, then stepped through the door to the rest of the facility. He planned to meet back up with the others, so he headed back to the lunchroom, the metallic feet of the suit clanking against the floor of the building. He hated that, it was loud enough that everyone knew when he was coming. It also meant that getting up for the bathroom in the night was a facility-wide event. He glanced about as he came closer trying to spot Yellow before the little one made him into his personal atomic jungle gym. He could faintly here conversation from the lunchroom, the suit actually didn't effect his hearing much, despite what he told his fellow Colors. Sometimes they got to him, especially Gray. For the most part, he loved the group to death. That was the main reason he didn't just take off the suit and melt this place into radioactive sludge. Finally, he clanked his way to the lunchroom and pushed open the doors. "Hey guys. How's lunch?" He asked the group, his voice made slightly grainy by the suit.
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  11. Yellow, yellow

    Yellow grinned as Green ruffled his haired, his eyes sparkling from the affection. Almost literally, with the way he sometimes subconsciously controlled the light around him. It was what gave his normally brown eyes a yellow tone. He expression only brightened further as Brown sat next to him, looking towards him in excitement as his free hand latched onto the new arrival's sleeve. His smile fade, however, when he noticed just how under the weather the man looked. "They caught you..? Oh... Did you get punished?" He asked lightly, his lips forming a worried pout. "If they hurt you, I'ma be mad at them. I can be scary, you know! I'll have to get back at them for you, too! ---But, but, you look really tired, so you should be resting..."

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  12. Orange, Orange Orange entered into the cafeteria holding a stack of books on various subjects such as science, religion, and military strategy. All three differing in great ways, but she could see the importance and connection of each of them. She set them down on a table near but apart from the group that had congregated in the eatery. She smoothed out her uniform from the wrinkles from carrying all those books and pushed her raven black hair behind her ears. She walked by the group, offering a quick wave before obtaining a sandwich.

    They all seemed to be jovial in their conversation, bringing up their conflicts and their will to resolve them, something she could have had in her home... or maybe not. She brought down the book resting on the top of the stack and opened it to where she left off. Chemical Reactions, the header of the page read. She felt like she needed to know what underlying themes that might cause her power to be, what she considered, latent compared to everyone else's. Sure, a small fireball might help, but to what extent? She kept to herself, eating her ham sandwich, not giving a damn about the irony of what she chose to eat.
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  13. Brown, brown Brown looked at Yellow with a smiled. He didn't mind that he grabbed on to his sleeve. He took a candy bar from his pocket and gave it to yellow. every once in a while Brown was able to swipe some things from a guards lunch. "Its ok Yellow. They just preformed a surprise experiment. Ive got a lot more miles on me but other than that ill be ok. Just promise me that you wont follow my example. Do as I say not as I do. Trust me you will never regret it." He smiled at green. "don't be like that green. You always look good." Brown tossed the apple into a trash can. He looked up to see some of the others. "looks like white and actually came to the cafeteria today. Looks like I owe red twenty bucks if we ever get out of this place." Brown looked back down at his hands. They were still scarred up from his sessions with the scientists.
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  14. Red glanced over at Brown, "Seriously? That might be the first bet between us I've ever won..." He said. Red wasn't a gambling man, not by choice, but by sheer sucking at making bets. "Anyway...Lunch, huh." He always felt isolated from the other members of the group, maybe it was the six inches of metal between them, maybe it was the fact that he was a walking nuclear bomb, or maybe he just felt that way for no reason. He tried to scratch his head through the suit, which resulted in a metal-on-metal scrape sound. "Sorry. Just put the helmet back on. Forgot it was there. "You know, sometimes the doctors come down with stuff, the flu, fevers...Cancer..." He said, hinting at Brown, who was well aware of what hia powers could do.
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  15. Green, green

    Green smiled in relief when Brown issued Yellow a warning. It was definite that the child needed it, and she knew her and Brown were likely his two biggest influences. Which, was a large portion of why she tried to avoid doing anything inappropriate, or that would be a bad influence. "He's right, that's something to avoid," she agreed, shooting Brown an apologetic and sympathetic look for what she knew the scientists must have put him through. Though, she hid it before Yellow could see and question. She merely blushed at the statement, laughing lightly out of embarrassment. "Daw, you're just sayin' that," she replied with a sheepish grin. She glanced over at Grey, sympathy crossing her features. "It's good she showed. It'll do her some good to be out and about a bit," she mused. "Poor thing..." She muttered, sympathetically. She glanced over to Red, whose presence had somehow gone unnoticed by her. She gave a light laugh, glad that there was further evidence the team all had each other's backs. "Be careful, Red... The power of suggestion is strong," she implied, a subtle hint to not let Yellow figure out that he was implying he'd harm the scientists.

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  16. Meanwhile, somewhere in the middle east.

    Rorke was in a bunker below a seemingly normal office building. He was in a colorless room with a another man. The only way in or out was through a solid metal door. The man was tied to a chair, his hands and legs bound by rope. This was the fourth time Rorke had done this. The other man was an English counter-terrorism agent who wouldn't break, who wouldn't tell Rorke what he wanted. Rorke sighed and looked at the man. "This is the fourth time, fourth time, we have done this. You will tell me where they are right now." Rorke put a kabar (a type of knife) to the mans neck. "Or this will happen again." Rorke began to slowly push the knife against the mans throat. The agent held in his breath, knowing the slightest twitch could kill him. "I don't know what you are talking about!" The agent said between gasps. Rorke noted the beads of sweat on the mans head and his eyes were unconcentrated. These were sure signs the man truly knew nothing. Rorke was about to to finish him when a man with an ak-12 opened the door. "Sir, Everyone is in place." The man said calmly. Rorke pushed harder on the knife and slit the agents throat. "I'm on my way." Rorke replied. He and the man walked to out of the room and up some stairs to a makeshift control room. A projector connected to a computer was pointed at a wall. There were 3 others in the room. A guard, one controlling the computer, and another manning a camera that faced another wall. The man that entered with Rorke stood in front of the camera and waited for his queue. Rorke looked to the man at the computer. "tell them to execute." He said. The projector came to life. Displaying a live feed from the top of a building in Paris. The Eiffel tower and the Seine river can be seen clearly and unobstructed. The camera focuses on a tour bus driving past the tower. The bus suddenly lurches forward, gaining speed. The jumps off the road and rams through a fence. The bus speeds across a field towards the tower. It strikes the leg closest to the water. Not much damage is done initially but then the bus explodes into a firey inferno. Like a daisy cutter, the explosion is parallel to the ground. The leg is heavily damaged and the burning fire of the bus only makes it weaker. It groans and the support gives way. People run and scream as the tower slowly begins to fall. It crashes the ground and the tip of it lands in the Seine River. The feed stops there. The people in the room cheer and shout "allahu akbar" among other things. Rorke gives a half shout too. He then points at the man infront of the camera. The man begins making threats to countries and peope and talking about the recent bombing of the Eiffel Tower. It was being recorded and Rorkes men were going to deliver the tape to every intelligence agency in the world. Rorke himself left the room. He didn't like being near cameras. He stepped outside and lit a cigar. He said to himself. "Another landmark tomorrow."
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  17. Red would've responded a little more subtilely, but any movement he made was accompanied by a loud clanking. He gave a nod, which made a clank twice, once as his head bobbed down, and another on the upswing. "What? My powers aren't in anyone's head. Not like the District Lady who came that one time. The one who talked in our heads and broke her toe on my foot, remember her?" It had happened a while back, and Red had wound up in trouble for it. She'd allegedly been the first person who'd gone through the Farbe system, back when it wasn't government funded and was more of a side project by some congressional-scientists. "What do you all think we'll be doing in training? I swear, one more obstacle course and I'll..." Red glanced at Yellow from the corner of his eye. "Be very disappointed, I almost got stuck in the last one..." He'd been intending to say that he'd melt the whole thing into sludge, but not in front of the kid.
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  18. Yellow, yellow

    Yellow brightened some more as he was handed the candy bar, reluctantly releasing the sleeves of the two so that he could eat it. "Thank you!" He chimed as he unwrapped the rare treat. "--I won't do nothin' to get into trouble, I promise..." He muttered with a stubborn pout. He was never allowed to do anything that could be fun. With a soft sigh, we returned to his giggly self, happily taking a bite of the candy bar. Noticing Red was near, he turned away from the table to see him, smiling. He liked Red and his suit. It reminded him of a big bulky robot, so it was fun to see. "What's cancer?" He asked idly as he listened to the conversation, his head tilting to the side. "Is it like a cold?" He asked, then taking another bite of his chocolate. "Or is it badder? If it is, I think the scientists deserve a bit of bad for bein' mean to us like they do. They can't punish us for gettin' themselves sick."

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  19. Orange, Orange Orange kept her ears attuned to the conversation. She had remained silent and no one invited her over. She stood and approached the group, clutching her hands behind her back. "Cancer is a typically treatable malignant growth of unchecked cells that can cause significant damage in the body. It is treated with radiation-" she gave a quick glance to Red, then back at Yellow, "and poisonous chemicals in a process known as chemotherapy. It can also be caused by high levels of radiation. I suggest you read a book that I read when I was your age. I can find it for you in the library if you wish." She sat down at the table, abandoning her books for the moment as they were only offering a high school level of answers, and none that she can use at the moment. "The flu is a virus that is not curable and is only treatable. One can be made immune to the flu by taking a vaccine." Damn, I'm too dry for this group of kids. She noted how they were trying to protect Yellow from the evils of the world, but she feels that the more he knows, the better he will fight.
  20. Red had this one, he was one of the group's best liars, even if had an unfair advantage. "Cancer, dear Yellow, is like a cold, except you sneeze out seriousness. Brown was sneezed on by a person with Cancer, which is normally called Seriousitis, and that is why he's so serious." He talked loudly, knowing that Yellow wouldn't be able to hear Orange over him. "Orange also is afflicted. It's a shame, really,"
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