Faraway Castle

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  1. Off, far off from where most tread, sits the Castle of Grausam. In the walls of this great stronghold a great queen rules. All should fear her and know her power. She sits upon the throne, one seat empty where a king once sat, now only a sleepy cat warms the seat. To the right of this graceful cat, often called Madam, sits the Queen in her rightful place. All of her household are gathered around, waiting for her to speak. Their mouths are shut; they know only to speak after her lips have stopped. She looks at them all with cold blue eyes, with a slight grin across her smooth red lips.

    To her right stands her most trusted advisor, and guard. He the captain, Cadmar Regio, was more skilled in swordplay than any could ever claim. But he was not just a sword swinger, no no, there was more to this man than could be seen on the surface. He was a man of deep thought and wisdom. He was decisive and cleaver, he had proved this many times. She would always keep him at her side, even if you wished to leave. ‘Do you ever think of leaving me?’

    And to his right stands a girl most peculiar. With tail and ears she is like no other. The Queen often wonders about her, and why Regio chose such a girl to stand at his right. The girl, Blaise is what she is called, is wise to hide her ears and tail. ‘Who are you really?’

    Lady turned her gaze to her children, each one unique. She now much chose, but even if not today, soon, who would sit where she does now.

    The oldest some would think. But Lady did not care for age, but for power and cunning. Krista; a young woman of 18, her fist child and perhaps the last to be Queen. Lady could see it in her eyes that she wished not to be like her mother. She rather play with pretty pictures and dance at balls. The pranks Krista pulled were more than childish, but her magic abilities were well adept. 'If only she was practical.'

    She had trusted the care of her eldest daughter to a boy of 19. Sion Hakate. She had know his father before he had passed, and that was why the boy was here. He had taken up his father’s duty and sword and swore it to the household of Grausam. The queen did trust him enough. ‘Never trust someone fully. That is a knife in the back just waiting to happen.’

    A year after Krista was born Lady gave birth to a bastard son. A funny young man had come to her courts in hopes to make the queen laugh. She was a young queen then and still tripped up now and again. The entertainer was one of her mistakes. He had made the queen laugh, and so charming was he that she decided to show him her bedchamber. And to her was born Roland. Her son was taken to live with his father, a life of a performer. But he was not to stay out of her life. Fate brought him back to her with the death of his father, and now he sat with the rest of her sons and daughters, but he could never hold the throne. Even with his great knowledge of the world and its culture, a thing to hold on to, he could never be the one to spread the name of Grausam over the nations. ‘A shame.’

    Lydia, a sweet girl of 16 came just after Roland. She was a character. She would not take the role of a lady, not in attire that is. She oft would spend her hours up on horseback. Lydia would try to act mellow, but she had a temper. Her inability to stay cool when something bothered her would be her down fall if ever she became queen. Though her ability in magic gave her a chance. ‘It all depends how you will wield power.’

    And with Lydia came Evairy; a very smart and pretty girl, one to certainly take the throne… perhaps. She was sometimes a pain when she disobeyed the queen, but that was to be admired. ‘She will not bend.’ Strong will is on the long list of what is needed in order to rule. ‘Weak in health, but strong in mind.’ Her many allergies would cause problems from time to time, but she would survive. Her one eye different than the other, it was unique, but she hid it regardless. ‘Don’t hide.’

    Lady's eyes wandered to Damila, the next of her children. She stood there with her servant at her side. She kept a close eye on the boy; she had no love for him. Damila had begged for him to care for her personally rather than he meat the chopping block. Against her better judgment did Lady comply, even after he tried to steal from her household. It was a petty crime, nothing she cared much about, but a queen cannot show lenience or weakness, and that was what sparing his life was. So close to her daughter, he could pull nearly anything, or even manipulate Damila. She did not like it. 'Tymel...'

    And her young Damila, who liked to play with swords. She was strong in away, but it would take more than steal to rule. But from time to time she had seen Damila wield her tong. 'A tong is a much shaper sword.' She likes conflict, that would get her in to trouble… But if she could keep an even temperament about her, she may just find herself sitting in the chair.

    Her second son, and only true-blood prince, Ellis could hardly even be considered a boy. He much rather been seen as a girl. But despite this he was perhaps her best child. Picking favorites is something mothers were not supposed to do, but something queens should. He was observant and quite, smart and cunning. She knew why he had decided not to "wear the pants." She knew a lot more than people often gave credit for, and her boy was in the same view. Ellis was also a perfectionist, and that was an admirable quality. Don't do it unless you’re going to do it right. That was how Lady had made her way to the top. 'Let's see little Ellis climb...' She would be watching Ellis carefully.

    Others were had gathered in her court as well.

    Her cook, Noah Famul, was a young boy and she held some fondness to him. He had staggered into her castle years ago as a young boy of skin and bones. She allowed him to stay; he had nowhere else to go. When he was well enough he asked to serve, and who was she to refuse? He then became the cook and a very good one indeed. Her grin grew just a tad and the memory of the boy. ‘My boy…’

    It was not strange for the queen to have guests in her court. But this one guest was most interesting. Raven, Lady Raven… A pretty young girl in a search for something more than her other life had offered her. Lady had promised to keep the secret, but it only made her wonder. She was a most beautiful creature, unworldly so. The queen was almost excited to see what she would bring to the castle. ‘What do you have in store for us?’

    Another guest, a young elf wandering aimlessly had found himself here. He had something bothering him, she could see it plainly. He had come here to find not a castle, but something else. Would he find what he is looking for here? ‘I have many answers, but perhaps not yours, Faroh Eache.’

    She over viewed them all, whether or not they were to take the throne, they still played important parts. The queen sat back in her chair. Lady Grausam; a woman of great power, influence, wisdom, and beauty. She had sat in this chair for many years. She had gone though the pains of birth many times, but it was worth it. She had killed to get here, and it almost saddened her knowing that her turn was nearly over. She loved each of her children, each in different ways. She would not show it though; she wanted them to be strong. She wanted them to earn their way to the top because only the powerful can hold such an honor. This was how she saw it; threw cold blue eyes.

    She cleared her throat and the air grew still and cold. All was awaiting her command. She scanned the room, watching their eyes. She could nearly see their thoughts.
    “You all must know why I have gathered you,” Lady cut though the air with a soothing voice. Her voice echoed off the walls of the large throne room, all the way to the door. “I know that my day will come, and you are all hoping it will,” she said with a big grin, knowing it was true. “And once I am under the ground this seat will be empty. And one of my children will warm the cushion.” Again she observed their faces. “Who will it be?” She followed with a chuckle. “I wonder that to!”
    She stood up and walked forward. “So my dears…” she offered with a gesture to them all. “Who will it be? Who among my children think they are fit to fill my crown?” She stood there with a raised eyebrow. She waited for one to speak. She wanted to see who was the bravest, and the boldest.
    ‘Come now my dear. Let’s hear what you have to say…’

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  2. Noah already was planning a feast after hearing her majesty say she had big news. He didn't realize it was going to be this... Noah knew for such an announcement called for something special. He was already going over the list of ingredients he had at his disposal trying to come up with something suitable for the circumstances. He tried to pay attention as he went over his supplies but could only catch a little more then every other word. 'This feast has to be the best I have made in a while. Not only is the news so grand it also means her majesty isn't planning on being on the thrown too much longer. I really have to impress whoever she decides will take it over to ensure my position.'

    Cadmar stood with his sword in his hand resting the tip just over the ground. He was ready, and should anyone decide to make a move against the queen they would sooner have a sword through their heart. He gave his second in command orders to assign the two of his most trusted guards at each door and should anything happen to prioritize the children's safety over others, unless of coarse, he were to fall, at that point the queen would be the priority. He slowly scanned over the guests then he looked at the servant boy. He knew the queen did not trust him and he didn't either. A thief is no better than any other criminal. He would have advised the queen to just hang him but something told him not to. Regardless he always had someone watching Tymel whether he decided to make it obvious or not depended on the day. He returned his gaze to the queen after quickly checking for any changes in the room that could mount up to a problem. He half wished she motioned for him to follow. Their would be a much smaller chance of anyone trying to harm her if he was by her side.

  3. The queen... The devil herself and the rightful heir to the throne... They all stood before her mixed and gumbled with the guards, guests, and staff. His sea foam eyes wandered down to the ground as her speech seemed to have lasted a life time. He was nothing to her. On the contrary, he was nothing to anyone with in the room. A top graded thief that used to roam the outside who was given a task that was improbable for any being within the town. He gave out a quiet sigh as his thoughts of the good ol' times ran short. Plus he felt eyes upon him... Tymel's eyes rose and scanned the area. A few of the gaurds and one in particular had just looked off from his direction.

    'Figured.' It was normal for these... People to watch him like a pathetic cockroach. His sights peered beside him to the young individual that had given him a chance. She saved him and he was in debt to her. Of course, that lead her to his current position, a servant boy. Pathetic. Ty gave a small huff and looked back at the queen as she finished up. He still had no right to speak. Not yet at least. The only one he could speak out to was the princess she served under, Damila. He waited instruction on what he was to do. In the meantime, his hand ran trough his lavender hair that had been slightly greasy then fell to the back of his neck. It rubbed forcefully forward as if it had needed to be stretched and massaged. The new found job left his body aching and even in pain. What hell did he cause to honestly be put through this.

    His stubborn ways were fighting with him to just walk away. Of course, the tall broad shouldered man could not do so. It'd look back on Damila and even more shame onto himself. 'No good lazy monstrosities... I will find a way out of all this.' He thought to himself as if trying to prove something. Maybe just to himself? Tymel continued to wait patiently.

  4. (didnt know the situation)

    Edit: Roland was waiting patiently using the technique the Indian monks had taught him, let your mind roam the mysteries of the world while your body stays still as a tree, he began wondering why he was chosen to stand with her children, he was no pureblood, but maybe she would choose him stranger things have happened, it had happened in the orient when a Shogun chose an illegitimate son to reign because he was better then the other son, but was Roland better then the others? His physical strength was as adept as a knight, he had a variety of magics from sorcery to pyromancy, even some Necromancy and god calling from Egypt he could tame animals, and was supposedly wise enough to combat Confucius his teacher in Japan Chew-Lung had called him that, in addition he had worldly knowledge and knew how to be frugal and poor. but again could he be better?
  5. Raven smiled and said "many things." she knew the Queen could be trusted and hoped nothing bad would happend to her. she gives The Queen her thank for her kindness.
  6. Following her orders she assigned the guards to their positions. Keeping her hood over her head to cover her ears she listens. Listening to everything, the breaths of the guest, the heart beats of the queen and children, the voice of the queen. She observed everything and let nothing slip her gaze nor her hearing. She couldnt afford it.
  7. Krista was bored. She didn't want to be there. She looked at all of her siblings and raised an eyebrow. She was curious to see who wanted to be the next King or Queen. In a nervous habit, she started to tap her fingers against the arm rest of her throne. She hoped that her mother wouldn't call her out randomly if no one volunteered. She just wanted to go back up to her bedchamber and continue on with her new piece. That's all she ever wanted to do. She started to imagine the brush strokes against the canvas of her painting and grinned. She shook herself and brought her attentions back to the small gathering.

    She saw the anticipation on the staff's faces and wondered who they wanted to be the next Ruler. Did they want it to be her, or her sister Lydia? Evairy or Damila? Or even Ellis? Krista herself didn't even know which one of her siblings she would want to take the Throne next. She knew her mother didn't care about age, but experience and who she thought can bring the best for the Kingdom. Krista spent so much time in her room, she barely even knew her own siblings. If any of them wanted the spot more or less than herself. She waited for one brave soul to rise.
  8. Noah started to feel tense, he wanted to start preparing the food. He was nervous he wouldn't have enough time to complete all the facey, and exotic foods he had in mind. He also wasn't sure if he had enough assistants and didn't have the courage to ask for an extra hand or two. He spent alot of the time he had trying to plan out what dish would need to be cooked first, based on preparation time, and where everything would be located on the table when served. He wanted it not only to look good but also have each dish nearest those who enjoyed them the most. He scanned the faces of the guest, children, and even the queen trying to match each dish with a face.
  9. "If no one else will... I suppose I will speak." Damila rose. "My queen and mother," she began, while sheathing her sword. "All in this room could be worthy of the thrown, some less than others. Though this choice is yours. If I am the next queen I am fine, if not I am same. And if I am queen... then Ty will be moved up to a more 'worthy' place, anything other than a slave." Damila liked Ty, ever since she hired him she thought he wasn't bad, unlike her mother thought of him. He was a faithful servant, and she didn't like ordering him around too much, only around her mother.

    Damila bowed and then took her seat again.
    damila's sword.jpg (Damila's sword, she has two of them)

  10. Damila was the same as always. She stood and spoke. When Ty was mentioned, he felt a bit happy. He wasn't sure why it was just nice to not be looked down upon. That woman was amazing. When he first began to serve under the queen, he was horrified. When Tymel was taken under the princess's wing, the stress calmed. She hardly made orders that weren't all impossible. Honestly, the man would have never admitted out loud but he didn't mind all that much if she was to become the crowned queen. That may make life a bit easier. Damila was easy on the eyes, not all that bad of a person, nor the kind to treat Tymel like trash. In mid thought, he paused. 'Worthy?' He honestly wondered what position that would be. Wasn't like he could do anything honorable. At least he was sure that's how everyone thought. The man bowed before her and held up a drink he had been holding just for his princess. Ty gave a light smile then shook it away as she sat down. In reality, he'd do anything for her. It was his job after all.
  11. Lady raven stayed with the Queen. she looked around to see everything. she wounder what to do but didn't know. she sighed.
  12. "Ma'am, Mother, My queen, I would like to know my place in all this is As Roland Scaren, I am unfit to carry on the family name of Grausam, but if it be your will, I would like to be called as a mage knight, I realized it is to much to hope for you to have A bastard son as heir, but i would enjoy teaching other knights some of the magical secrets i learned in Egypt, and the orient, even in India, Oceania And the Unnamed land(AMERICA). It would be an honor to serve my Royal parent in this way...." Roland bowed wondering if she would want a demonstration.
  13. She looked over at her half-brother with wide eyes."Mage Knight," she whispered so low that only her personal guard could hear. She didn't look down on him, like how the others did. She thought that he deserved the same respect because they both had royal blood in their veins. Even if he only had half. But she didn't know how her mother would react to the request. She didn't think it was a bad idea though. He had way more experience in weaponry than she will ever have. She looked back to her mother and waited for her reaction, hoping that no harsh words would be thrown.
  14. Cadmar was surprised by the request Roland had made. Though they did need someone as experience as Roland to help with training it was a bit of a lower job for a prince... even though he was only half blood. He resisted the urge to speak for or against it. The queen might lay the decision on him but he wasn't going to give his opinion. The queen was far wise enough to decide for herself. Cadmar half hoped the young prince would be given royal adviser or something along those lines. He may not be a full prince but he was certainly one of the most eligible for an important position.
  15. Ellis had stayed silent and still for the events so far, though that was perfectly normal for him. He rarely spoke, not seeing the need to. Yet now he saw he might have to, if he wanted the throne in good hands or simply for events to move onward, since time had seemingly frozen. Ellis would not speak rashly though, he wanted to wait a minute more before he spoke. He had already predicted this event, and come up with several ways to react to it. Ellis just about knew how his siblings would react, and had come up with solution to help himself. So he waited for the moment in which he had planned to speak. It shouldn't be too hard to earn his mothers throne- he unfortunately knew the palaces fickle ways. He knew he even had a slight favor from his mother. It all came down to if he could be bothered with ruling the kingdom. It wasn't all sugar and candy like people imagined. Ruling the kingdom was a job full of murder, treachery, hard work, and cunning. Ellis ad learned how to play the game, but did he see himself as ready? And would the reward of organizing a kingdom- an orderly activity in Ellis' mind which delighted him- over come the effort and time he had to put in. He might not have as much time for observations any more. And his appearance as the youngest, and a cross dresser wasn't appealing to many. Yet he had a stronger mind than most of his siblings. Plus, would his conscience settle while an unworthy sibling sat on the thrown? All of this was just a fraction of Ellis' calculations, for one decision: when he spoke, would it be for the throne, or to direct his appeal to another sibling- and if to another, which. Sure that what ever he did would have a great effect, Ellis had been puzzling over this for a few weeks. He neatened his bow, as he waited for the last morsels of information from around him to finalize his decision.
  16. Damila was too surprised at her half brother's action. She sat in her throne with her one sword sheathed and one sword in her hand and Ty by her. Damila was bored, and she could see Krista was also. Damila was still young and didn't care for such things as being queen, she was smart and knew that if she showed great potential she would become queen. Each of her brothers and sisters didn't seem to care about the throne and neither did she. She leaned over and whispered something to Ty. "After this, I dual you. I'll need something to get all of my energy out. If you want."
    A sly smile crossed her face. She dueled almost all day with the captain of the guards or other guard, or anyone who would challenge her. Most people knew she was a good swordsman and wouldn't but those who didn't would soon find out. The captain guard was always delighting to dual with, he was a good challenge. When you watched them it looked almost as two lion cubs playfully fighting with each other. ((I hope this is okay NorwayFOO!))
  17. ((Its fine with me as long as the queen would allow it. I'm not supposed to leave her side, but the other guards and even the second in command would most likely be a better option... in medieval times my character is very old xD))

    Noah felt like too much time had passed. He was getting overly nervous he wouldn't have enough time. If this went on much longer he would never be able to prepare a suitable dish for such an event. Unconsciously his panic showed and he taped his foot on the ground. Almost everyone, especially the queen, knew he was uneasy about something. His mind raced trying to come up with multiple back ups but he was unable to think strait and couldn't remember what ingredients he had anymore. He started to sweet a little now.

    Cadmar looked over at Noah. He knew the queen had pity on the young servant but this was out of place. He wished Noah had better training before he was aloud to be a cook or attend such an event. They boy was good at cooking and was easy with words but other than that he was just a mess. Him and the pouch he walked around with on his off time. Cadmar didn't let his discontent show, he never let that happen if others were in the room. The only person that had ever seen anything other than a glare or a strait face was the queen herself, and even she did not see anything other than that very often. As far as he could remember it was only when the castle was under attack that one time. He had taken on four intruders to protect the queen, back when she was a princes, before he even was a captain.
  18. ((I wouldnt mind though I do have a slight advantage over her being elemental and shapeshifter n all :P ))

    Blaise lets her eyes wander. They choose to focus on the kids of the queen. how nice that they are familiy no matter how complicated or distance. Sighing i shake my head slowly. no bad, stop it. not the time to think about such things we must protect them at any cost.... even our lives. Looks over at her captain who she had trained under and amired. She could tell he was thinking but about what she did not know. Looking back at the princesses she notices Damila becoming bored and smiles. All the more fun for me.
  19. Roland wonded if he spoke out of turn , should he apologize? should he just stand tall? or should he join his fathers old circus? Noah looked anxious, he wondered if he would like some extra help in the kitchen, he had learned from some masters in rome....
  20. All this time in silence she watched her children squirm. She had great patience, and few could out stand her. They were eager for an answer. 'My boy is silly. Does he not know what powers he holds? He could have this throne in a blink of his eye,' she thought. And this was true for the both of her boys.Ellis was watching and waiting, such a cunning boy. Damila'sdeclaration was perhaps a bit rushed, but someone had to step up to the plate. Noah was in a panic with out reason. Was he worried about the days meal? He shouldn't have been, he never failed the queen.
    Lady sighed, 'what a crowd.' Some of her daughters were bored,their wills were perhaps the worst, and their interests were misplaced.
    She turned to Cadmar who stood at her side, as always."What to you think Regio? Is my son worthy enough to stand at your side? Do you think my son should carry my name in battle rather than word?" This was a test, she would often test him. He trust in Cadmar was not unquestionable, but she trusted him more than any other.
    She watched her sons eyes, picking out his thoughts.Rolandwas a good and powerful young man, her oldest son. Part of her was ready to give him the throne then and there, but what fun would that be for her other children? Lady's eyes were digging into his thoughts, her cold and emotionless blue eyes. The only sign of emotion, if you could even call it that, was her signature grin that almost never left her face.