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  1. At first, Darwin thought he was daydreaming. It wouldn't be unusual for him, even when paired with a headache. So, he had shrugged off the weird, blurry images in his head, and gotten medication for migraines, and that was that. He assumed that would be the end of it, and he wouldn't have to deal with head-splitting pain while he was at work anymore. That had been made a void assumption, though, as they soon got worse, and the images got clearer. Doctors said there was nothing wrong with him, and that it might just be stress. He was pretty sure they thought he was faking it or something, but that was a story for another time.

    It was around the 4th month of it that he finally accepted that no, this wasn't normal, and there was something odd about it. He saw places vividly that he hadn't even been before, and confirmed they looked exactly as they showed in his head after he made trips to them. It was really confirmed when things started to happen the exact way he saw them, too. That was when he began to think they were 'visions' instead of 'day dreams'.

    Even with this new information, he didn't know what to do with it. At all. It was cool, sure, but he'd really rather not deal with the pain, even if it meant losing this new superpower. So, he tried to lose it. It didn't work. If anything, it made them more violent. So, he gave up, in a way. He just accepted he'd have headaches from hell for the rest of his life. He also decided to try and use it to his benefit, or use it for SOMETHING. That 'something' came up after the visions themselves became more violent. He saw people dying, and he decided to see if he could change that.

    And that led him to the current moment. There was a woman walking down the sidewalk in front of him. She was going to die by gunshot in a minute or so if he didn't do something. He didn't know the exact time of death or anything, but he guessed a minute was at least close. So, keeping this in mind, he decided to try and get her in a building or something. While that might not work as well as he wanted, it was worth the shot, no pun intended. So, he approached her.

    "Miss? Miss. Hey! Are you paying attention? Christ!" He said, tugging on the blonde's arm a bit "Can you come with me a moment? Seriously. A moment! In a store, public place, I ain't doing anything."

    He didn't wait for a reply, as he knew she would protest, so he moved and pulled her into a shop. She seemed confused, and didn't seem to know what to do, and that actually helped him out. He dragged her to the back of the store, before realizing he'd have to make an excuse for dragging her back here. He grimaced a bit to himself, before deciding that no, he wasn't doing that, he was just going to exit the damn building and leave her there. He had done his part; he now had to see if it would change anything. So, rather quickly, he walked away from her and out the door, peering around the area to see if he could spot the almost-murderer.
  2. Laurent was quietly perched on the roof of a nearby building as he watched the man pull his target into a shop. He growled, eyes narrowed. "You're kidding me." He readjusted his Model 700 CDL SF, squinting as he aimed it at the shop door. What a pain this would be. He brushed his multicolored hair from his eyes, placing his finger firmly back on the trigger. And now to wait.

    He had been hired to kill that woman. For what reason? He didn't bother to question. 2 o'clock on the dot, she was to be lying on the sidewalk, dead. This was quite the turn of events. Laurent glared down at the man who had just ruined his plans as he checked that the silencer was going to... Well, make sure no one could here the direction his shots were coming from. "And now..." He murmured, "I wait for her to leave."

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  3. ((It's fine, man!)) ((Sorry I'm so late with this, I got whisked away to an almost all-day event yesterday))

    Darwin didn't see a thing, and that was what he had expected. After all, assassins weren't hired to be seen, right? The person, though, was probably still there, considering the circumstances. Maybe if the woman stayed inside long enough, the person would leave, and all would be well. He didn't know how he'd manage to get the woman to stay put, but he'd figure out something. He usually did, though the situations he was usually in didn't include 'murder' anywhere in them. Usually they were stuff like 'Oh, I dropped something in the lake at the park, how am I going to fix this'. It was minor stuff. This was more major.

    So, he simply stood by the door. Maybe he had creeped the lady out enough that she wouldn't leave until he did. For once, he hoped that was the case. And it appeared to be, since she didn't leave the shop right away. Or, maybe she found something in there she liked, and just decided to shop around. Who knew? In all honesty, Darwin didn't care. As long as she stayed in there and didn't come out here, everything would be alright. Hopefully.

    Actually, he doubted that. Not many things turned out alright for him. Usually they went wrong in some way or another. Maybe he'd get killed instead, or the woman would just pop out and get shot. Both were bad outcomes, but if he were completely honest, he WOULD prefer the second to the first.
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    Laurent hissed under his breath as the redheaded man stepped in front of the door. "Get out of my way..." He just wanted to get this job off his hands so he could move on, but this man was definitely becoming quite the wall. He bit his lip, focusing solely on the door. It was either shoot the man, or wait. If he was to shoot, that would only result in complications. Then what was he to do? He was uncertain.

    Laurent sighed. If he could move to a different location without being seen, maybe he could get the target through the window. It was a possibility. He sat up slowly, moving his blue and white hair out of his eyes. Could he maybe move to the next building over? The gap seemed too large. He looked back down at man who was blocking the door, before muttering "You're lucky I'm feeling nice today."
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    Darwin waited a few moments, eyes flickering around the street, before he began to walk off. It seemed like it was good enough timing, though he wasn't very patient himself. He was sure this was long enough, though. Hopefully the almost-murderer wouldn't confront him or anything. He wasn't sure he could handle that. So, he quickly pushed his way through the crowd, keeping his head down so he didn't stand out so much.

    His hair didn't help, though. The bright orange was not something easy to hide, even in a crowd. He didn't have a hooded jacket, either, so he'd just have to make due. Height and bright colors were not a good combination, though, and he would remember to next time bring something to cover his hair with. If there was a next time, that is. Maybe he'd just stop here. He doubted there would really be that many almost-murders nearby
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    Laurent sighed, slinging his rifle over his shoulder. He was done here, mission failed. He most likely wasn't going to get his pay for this job, the boss was gonna be furious. He put a hand on his belt, pulling out a loaded hand gun. If he could get this done quick, his mistake could possibly be overlooked. He moved over to the ladder he had used to get to the roof, climbing down slowly.

    Laurent dropped the rifle in a nearby alleyway, he'd be back for it later. He pulled the hood of his gray shirt over his head in order to cover his more than noticeable hair, also lifting his bandana to cover his mouth and nose. He smirked as he thought to himself, 'Yeah, not at all suspicious, you dumb ass.' Crossing the busy street, he entered the shop that man had pushed his target into.

    Laurent entered the building, looking around. There she was. He crossed the room swiftly, waiting till she had her back turned before lifting his arm and pulling the trigger. Target down.
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  7. It was the next day, and Darwin had decided, stupidly enough, to turn on the television. The first thing he saw was that his mission to save the lady failed. That much was clear from the murder report on screen. He groaned, leaning back into the couch and rubbing his forehead. This was a disaster. He had recently gotten another head-ache vision with the whole 'death and destruction' theme, and he guessed it was the same guy doing this that did, or would do, that. It was a hassle. This time, he saw the guy, and he saw the place. That was different, and it might change things.

    And that was what he was going to do. He got up from the couch, shutting off the tv and grabbing his coat. Then, out the door he went. It was on top of a building, the vision he saw, and it seemed to be in the restaurant part of the place. Easy enough to get to, and, going by what the time of day it looked like, he had enough time to get there and get settled. He walked out of the building, going down the road and soon reaching the appropriate place.

    The ladder was a bit difficult to climb, but after a bit, he managed. Then, he crouched behind something tall and got ready to hunker down there for a bit. He hadn't really thought as far as what he would do when the guy came, but he was sure he'd figure something out.
  8. Laurent looked around, spotting the place where he was supposed to be. Heaving the black bag over his shoulder, he walked around the building, spotting the ladder. He climbed it quickly, standing in the roof and observing his surroundings. He checked his watch. It seemed like he had a bit of time to spare if he was to set things up quickly.

    Laurent strode around the roof, looking over the ledge. The street was extremely busy this evening, which was normal. He had quite a few target's this night, so hopefully there wouldn't be any people to get in his way this time. He was still quite bothered by that little incident, but hopefully it would never happen again, he thought as he set up his rifle.
  9. Luckily for Darwin, he had found a pole. A metal pole. He could probably knock the guy out with it; it was long enough, and it was certainly hard enough. It could easily do some damage to someones head, if used in the right way. Now, Darwin wasn't sure if he could do that, but he had to at least try. Murder wasn't a joke. Sure, he might get murdered, but he practically already was with the killer headaches he got every day.

    He held the pole, and stiffened when he heard someone arrive on the roof. That had to be the guy. He waited patiently for him to get set up, stealing a few glances over every now and then. Then, he slowly rose, prepared to hit the man and be done with this. He wanted to end the headaches, and maybe ending this guy, and in turn the violent deaths, would stop them. He was going to take the chance. Slowly, he moved forward, inching closer, before-

    -tripping. He didn't know what he tripped over, but he did know it was a idiotic move. "Shit!" he exclaimed, pole falling from his hand as his body hit gravel. This wasn't a good day. He was totally going to die now.
  10. "Huh!?" Laurent whipped around, pistol in hand. He assessed the situation with two questions cycling through his head; Why was this guy here, and why did he have a pole? He growled, grabbing the man by his shirt collar. "What the hell, man?" He questioned angrily.
  11. Darwin stumbled over his words for a moment out of surprise, but soon regained his composure and scowled "I could say the same to you, with the gun and all. Killing once person wasn't enough? Seriously? Fuck you." He snapped, his first course of action being to get annoyed. Sure, he was sort of terrified at the moment, because hello this guy murdered people, but he didn't want to SHOW that he was scared.
  12. "What gives you any authority to interfere with me, hm? Might as well get you out of my way right here, right now!" Laurent hissed, waving his gun in front of the other man's face. Why the hell was this person here? He stood still for a moment before coming to a realization. "...You're that guy from yesterday...!"
  13. "Wow. Surprised you got that now." He grumbled, rolling his eyes "Observant, aren't we? Yes, I'm the guy from yesterday, actually trying to see if I can do this right. Obviously, my ass is getting kicked by karma or something. Stop waving the gun around, my head hurts enough as it is, Jesus Christ. I didn't do that with the pole, did I? No!"
  14. "You're quite the bitch." Laurent stated, backing away. "Why in the name of the Lord do you have a pole, and why are you getting in my way? People like you are walls, in my book. Get lost."
  15. "Because I don't want you to kill anyone?" Darwin snapped, irritated "I mean, look, I'm going to keep getting in your way til you stop. You're a pain in my ass, and my head! Do you know the pain you cause me? A lot!"
  16. "Can't stop killing; It's kind of my job." Laurent stated. "Why blame your damn headaches on me? I don't even know you."
  17. "You're the cause of them, you dick." He grumbled halfheartedly, standing up and grabbing the pole. "Future visions! You're the one causing them with all this violent activity. It hurts my head, so THAT'S why I'm here. Because you're awful and giving me headaches. And why can't you just, I don't know, get another job?"
  18. "I like this job, it's quite amusing." Laurent smirked. "In any case, that future vision of yours? In all honesty, I can't tell if you should just be put in a mental health institution, or if you're telling the truth; Either way, I really don't care. Get out of my way so I can get back to what I'm supposed to be doing: Working!"
  19. Darwin paused a moment, before smiling and shrugging nonchalantly "Suuuuure, alright." He drawled "But, so you know- though you probably would've figured it out in a moment -you lost your target because you were fighting with me. Cheers! Have fun with whatever you're gonna do now." He turned to leave "Oh, and if you give me another headache, I'm just going to the police with a anonymous tip-off instead."
  20. "You're kidding me!" Laurent exclaimed angrily, turning to look over the edge of the building. "You're right... Damn it." He cracked his knuckles with a low growl. "Now you're gonna get it."
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