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  1. Just wondering, out of curiosity, if the FAQ help was going to be put back in the navigation bar? xD I found it soooo much easier to find the bbcode list and stuff, now I have to search for it and it's a pain! xD
  2. It's at the bottom bar next to the ad styler and color options stuff now :o
  3. Mehhh, really miss it when it was right in front of me ;___; I spent the last few days searching

    thank you Sen (:
  4. Same, I liked it on the top too. I panicked a lil when I thought it was gone.

    But yes, like Sen said, it's at the bottom.
  5. Was there a reason for moving the help bar to the bottom?

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  6. I agree, I preferred it at the top as a dropdown so you could click immediately to FAQ or BBCode guide. Now it takes multiple clicks and you have to sort of hunt for it. I wish they'd move it back.
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  7. No idea why it's at the bottom, but I'd prefer it back on the top, as well: easier to find and such.
  8. Would anyone might know why the help bar was moved to the bottom? :o
  9. I think it was just an unintended side effect of the style update. The plan, as I heard it second hand from another staff member, is to move it back up to the top bar in the near future.
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