FAQ either didn't have it, or I'm going blind O-O

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  1. Dudes and Dudetts. My image isn't showing up. I'm feeling abit frustrated about it - you mind telling me what I'm doing wrong?

  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Look at the menu above the text-box when you write a reply. Third last to the right there is the image-button. Click it and you can choose between uploading pictures from your computer or by URLs.
  3. Actually, I did only put [​IMG]
  4. Er, I can tell you how to link it via a url hidden inside text, and spoilers.

    For spoilers, so they just click on the "spoiler" button, you type [ SPOILER] without the space, then put your [ img] code, url, and then [/img] and then finish the stream off with [/spoiler]

    As for hiding the url in the text for them to click on, you do [ url=the image url] the word you want to hide it as and then[/url].

    They show up like this:
    Show Spoiler

    And this

    Also, if you want to see the examples and how they look in actual use, you can see my coding by clicking "Reply with quote" ;)
  5. There's also a button "spoili" button. 8D it's just the "spoili" in the [] brackets.
  6. AH! Got it! Thank you very much!!