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  1. So back when I was in college a couple years back I took a creative writing course; one in fiction and one in poetry. For each we had to assemble a chapbook, and my poetry one was called Fantasyland. Unfortunately it was crap. I was having multiple life issues that year which ended in a nervous breakdown; and most of my poems were overdone and emo as shit. Whittling them out, I find all the ones I still like are short and quick; with few exceptions.

    The result?

    From a halfassed, emo-as-shit chapbook, I can pull out a few poems short enough to toss out here without feeling spammy!

    Eyes of a Child

    A child's eyes are different
    They don't see things the same
    In a child's hands we see 'a stick'
    He sees the sword of Wonderwick
    A shining blade
    not knobbly wood
    He stands where knights and princes stood
    And children's eyes can see things still
    That we, the grown-ups, never will.


    Warm clouds

    Drift through the classroom window
    And carry me away


    What peace the lonely clouds must have
    To float above all day
    To blow with joy before the wind
    Then slow to stop and rain
    No work, no fear, no cause to rush
    No worry or dismay
    What peace the lonely clouds must have
    To float above all day!


    Parchment hole
    Vacuum of words
    Dead star of fantasy
    Pull me away


    A tiger paces in a pen
    A caged bird sadly sings
    I walk oppressed inside this hole
    And wish that I had wings


    I thought I saw a mermaid
    When I was by the sea
    Before she dove into the surf
    She turned and winked at me!


    Meteorite, Meteowrong
    Can I make you into a song?
    Meteorite, Meteowrong
    If I did, it wouldn't last long!
  2. A lot of these remind me of A. A. Milne. :] Have you ever read Now We Are Six?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.