Fantasyish idea

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  1. So I tried this roleplay once before, but I didn't introduce it the right way. Anywho, there are two nations. They have been at war for generations. A whole good versus evil type of deal. Well the king from the "good" nation has a daughter and decided it was time for the two nations to be at peace, but the only way the "evil" nation was going to let that happen is if the king promises his daughter to the other king or the his son (whichever the "Evil" king chooses) and deliver her on the eve of her 17th birthday. She is used however the "Evil" king or his son wants her to be used, but slowly someone falls in love with her and tada! Happy ending.

    Well something along those lines. In my mind its like an elf realm, sorta. Woods, rivers, really pretty. Channel Lord of the Rings settings a bit.
  2. This sounds fun to me. PM me for details and how you want it to be worked out! ^^
  3. If its still open, I'm up for it.
  4. This vaguely reminds me of Razia's Shadow. I just felt like letting you know. :)
  5. No idea what that is =/
  6. It's an album by Forgive Durden. They wrote and composed an opera of sorts. It features a lot of punk/rock band's frontmen. The story involves a Prince of Dark and a Princess of Light falling in love and fulfilling a prophecy to reunite both worlds.
  7. Huh, that's interesting...