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  1. Yes you read it in my topic I am seeking a few or more partners for any fantasy based rps. Elves, gods, vampires, magic, anything fantasy related is what I seek. But first some things you need to know please read below
    About me?
    I am not picky I love just about everything and please do know I have tried to get a few rps going before I attended my anime con and some people never pay attention to my status. So PLEASE for the sake of our sanity if I have too many rps going and I don't reply for a while read my Iwaku status and it'll tell you where I am or what I'm doing. If worst case scenario is I might not reply for maybe a week at most due to real life but most times I am on with NOTHING to do
    What I seek?
    Well it's pretty obvious fantasy based rps of course. Also I tend to use anime pics as face claims and don't like realism things. Cause who wants to deal with rp based of real life when we're living in our own real life and mines just beyond annoying.

    I see people who post rapidly when they can and do not need flakers. I know life gets tough and things become busy well let me know if crap happens and I'll wait :)
    SAVE ME FROM MY INSANITY OF BOREDEM yes fling your ideas drop me pms do whatever well please do PM me and I might have a couple myself :) that is all
  2. Hello my name is Moon saw you are looking for a fantasy role play partner I am interested if you are still looking. Let me know by contacting me have lots of ideas I can share with you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.