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  1. Second Character History!

    This one is much like the first except with a touch of fantasy! Do whatever you wish with these characters! Add them as extra characters to your first one or spawn new histories!

    In a lot of rps in Iwaku today, we find people searching for images of characters that fully describe them. When asked for an 'Appearance' in character sheets, most people just put a picture there. Staying along with character sheets, we also ask for a General History of the character. We want to know what they've been through, what their past wads like, any important thing that happened leading up to the plot and such. This exercise is the same way! Given a picture, I want to see what comes out the top of your head as a history or explanation to this character! See what your imaginations cook up!

    Your Job Is To: Describe this character's life and History, coming up with your own plot, but make this one with FANTASY themes!

    FOR GIRLS (open)

    FOR GUYS (open)

    Remember: Length does not matter! Detail does!

    Lastly, and most importantly, Have fun with this! :D​
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    Holly Melbourne was born as the youngest of three older brothers, in a small village across the sea from the kingdom's capital. Her family was a common household name of skilled artisans, but her heart always wanted something more, something adventurous. As a child, she was the rough and tumble kind of girl, climbing hills and running away from home. It was often that her mother worried for her well-being and her brothers took care of scrapes and bruises. She never let the small living of her family break down her dreams of fame. By the age of fifteen, she had tried every feat, singing in the streets, working as an apprentice artisan, writer, chemist, none of the ideals quite suited her fancy. She wanted to travel and see the world.

    It was the summer of her fifteenth year that she met the strange woman in the forest, who granted her a single wish. "To fly," Holly told her, "To fly so far away that I never have to come back."

    And that is the story of how she gained her wings and her striking red eyes. She was enlisted by the kingdom to become a predator and her wish for fame was fulfilled, though with strange ways. Children were often born with magic, Holly however, had attained it through other, dark ways. But that never bothered her. She was never one to reign in the past or regret. She didn't care if her magic wasn't genetic. She would still be better than all the others.
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    Ash Brumfield was born an only child in a poor family, more or less a poor economy. He always felt there was something more to him than he believed, always looking for an adventure to prove it. His childhood was rough and gritty, much like that of an under dog. As his fallen economy surrounding him fell apart, his heart grew to the ashes. He suffered hard truama as he watched family and friends be picked off, either dead or worse. Ash lost his father to criminal instinct, while his mother passed away from sickness. From there on out he started acting with whatever strength he had. Sadly, that strength, that small flame in his belly, wasn't enough.

    He was one day visited in his dream by a voice, it offered him something to aid his crusade. "I offer you the true potential of your soul.." said the voice. "Will I be able to save my friends..?" he asked. "Yes." It answered, and so his soul was shifted into his power. The power of the Vermilian Bird, the Pheonix.

    Since then Ash has lived and thought of the world differently. He cannot die, for he is always reborn. As most superheroes were made by toxins or an accident, he was created by a choice. Years following he was named Vermilian by the city he lived in. Since his birth the surroundings he once lived in sickness, now rise to wealth and prosperity. Ash differed highly from other heroes however small the difference was. Most were cunning, strong, bold, maybe even all of the above. He fell into all those categories, but had one thing others did not have more than he possessed... Courage.