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Ever forward.
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Fantasy (High and Low), Sci-Fi, Modern Fantasy, Modern Realistic, Apocalypse, Drama, Romance... I have lots of interests!

Two pairs of high-heeled footsteps clicked down a maze of pristine white hallways. Most new guests went slowly, as the design aesthetic of the Fantasy World facility was a marvel to behold, especially for those who hadn't seen it before. The panels both on the floors and on the walls were an elegant marriage of glass and stainless steel, immaculate whites accented by silvers and blacks. This guest, however, was not new; the footsteps never stopped to behold an art piece, or to snap a photo.

A set of large, opaque white glass doors slid open before them. They revealed the last hallway before setting foot on the next ship bound for Haven: lockers for personal belongings, then rows of hangers, mannequins, and displays with all manner of fantasy armor, clothing, and weaponry.

"As you know, this place is all about the choices you make, starting here. Everything is bespoke and exactly your size."

The smile that passed over Yui's features was impossible for her to resist. Character creation was like picking a new life in a new world, even if it was a world she'd visited dozens of times already. It was a fresh start. Her eyes flitted across the choices laid out before her.

Robes, leathers, platemail. Swords, axes, bows, staves, daggers - even a small collection of Legacy items she'd managed to keep from previous trips to the park. She pulled gear and articles of clothing off the racks, laying them onto a table in the center of the room.​

Veena, her greeter, stepped in closer as Yui made her final selections. She slipped a hand under the returning guest's leather jacket, palm resting gently upon her chest. Fingertips on the other hand hovered at the bottom hemline of Yui's blouse, teasing at the fabric. "Shall I step outside to give you some privacy, or..." she leaned in until her face hovered just inches from Yui's, the heated breaths of her whispers falling upon flushed skin. "Or should I help you undress?"

Yui swallowed, as if it might somehow calm the sudden flutter in her chest. The eagerness she'd had to get on the next boat bound for Haven took a backseat to... a different sort of eagerness. As badly as she wanted to get to the park, she'd have a month's worth of time in there. But here... once she left here, she couldn't come back. Her gaze fell upon the deep red of Veena's lips, a smirk cresting into the corner of her own as she shook her head with a laugh. "You get me every damn time, Veena..."

A girlish little giggle bubbled up from the greeter host's throat as she eased the jacket off Yui's shoulders and draped her arms around her neck.

"Welcome back to Fantasy World."

Waves crashed beneath the ship bound for the port of Haven, the water frothing a seafoam green as it was parted beneath the bow. Above board, excitement crackled palpably among the guests. They chattered, getting to know some of the host crew and hoping to get a feel for what they would be expecting once the ship finally docked.

The crew recounted tales of glory and adventure. Treacheries of the pirate Damien Blood, escapades of the bandits led by Houndor and Fairweather. The unparalleled beauty and grace of the elves, the ferocity of the orcs, the bullishness of the dwarves. Few of the ship's crew had ever ventured further than that; guests seldom did themselves, after all. Even so the hosts had tales to spin when they weren't singing sea shanties, waxing on about the splendor of Sherekh and the pristine Hinterfrost Peaks.

Leaning against the railing of the ship with the wind whipping at her hair, Yui only half-listened to the hosts' conversations with the guests; she doubted whether any of the hosts aboard this ship had actually ventured that far past the Allplains, or whether they were simply glorified greeter hosts; in-character, in-world versions of Veena, whose red lipstick still tinged the edges of her lips. Much like the crew, most of these guests - families, groups of friends, honeymooning couples, bachelor and bachelorette parties - had little reason to venture out of the relative safety of Haven and the surrounding area.

But for the few hardcore guests like Yui, getting to the end wasn't some far-fetched dream - it was a goal. She had allowed this place to seduce her, to become her obsession. Archery lessons, strength training, horseback riding - all just so she could see what was at the end of all of this. Even some of her musical influences had become based upon her experiences in Fantasy World. So as the guests hurried down the gangplank onto the docks at Haven, they gawked at the spectacle. They took it in, allowing themselves to be immersed in this new world.

Yui headed straight for her fresh start.

>Run Program: Aurora Romano
Map of Haven
World Map (Sherekh, Park 3)
Fantasy World
Reveries Patch
>Booting Program...


Lady Aurora was always told to never step foot into the Monarch because it was a filthy place where women hiked up their skirts so men could feel up their legs. It was how these women earned a living, but Aurora would never stoop down to such a thing. At least, that's what her mother said.

But the Monarch was also good for getting cheap entertainment, which was something hard to find at the Romano Castle. And, Aurora could use the time to sell her wares too. At the castle, no one ever took her creations seriously, but here? Travelers come and go at the Monarch, so many didn't know who she was.

She had chosen a table to the side of the bar. It was a strategic position. The drunkards always came to her when they had too much to drink, and she would sell them her health potions. It was also a good place to watch a bar fight, which happened quite often. Aurora had five different potions to sell today, alongside her usual crimson health potions. She arranged them just so, making sure the dim brothel lighting caught the sparkle of her glass potion bottles.

"Back again, Aurora?" asked Sherise. "You know your mother will be cross with you."

The Lady flashed a cheeky grin to the elf maiden. "But you won't tell her, won't you?"

The madam bit the inside of her cheek and tsked. Aurora knew the woman didn't have the heart to hurt the Lady, so the elf merely shook her head and went about her business. For good measure, Aurora made sure to sneak a gold coin into the woman's palm.

She fanned out her deep blue skirts, ran her fingers through her brunette hair, and took a deep breath. Back straight, shoulders poised, nose powdered, bosom accentuated, and smile tacked on. Okay. She was ready.

"Today's the day. I can feel it. Someone will buy from me, I just know it."
[fieldbox="Victor, red, solid, 5, Palatino Linotype"]
The smell of cigarettes lingered as he briskly walked by the other guests on the way to his dressing room. It was obvious that he had done this before as he walked past the greeters without even glancing at them. Once the doors closed behind him, a small sigh of relief escaped his lips, and he set to work. Unlike the other guests, no greeter came in to assist. They knew he preferred to be left alone.

Victor changed into his leather armor and weapons rather quickly. By now he knew the outfit like his business suit. Without wasting any time, he walked over to the touchscreen on the wall and scrolled through the long list of legacy items he had gathered over the years. Rather than ponder which items to take, he quickly checked off five items as he scrolled and submitted the order. This had all been planned already. A panel on the wall next to the touchscreen opened up and revealed the items. A small golden "King" chess piece, an "Ace of Spades" playing card that appeared to be carved from bone, a black cloak, a pouch of gold coins, and a small metal case that he slid into an inner pocket of the cloak after putting it on. The whole process took less than ten minutes from the moment he entered to the moment he left.

However, there was still the wait for the other guests to deal with. At least that could be done on the boat. Once on the pier, Victor was quick to retrieve a hand rolled cigarette from the metal case in his pocket. The best tobacco this place had to offer. The tip of it sparked as the other end met his lips, followed by a long drag; eyes closed in a moment of bliss. He made his way up onto the ship and walked over to the railing.

And there it was; the island on the horizon. Fantasy World.

Victor let the other guests gather on the railings while they sailed. He leaned against the mast and scanned around the deck as if he was looking for someone, trying to tune out the same chatter he had heard many times before. Plenty of guests this time around, as expected. Finally, his gaze rested on one in particular. With one last drag and a flick, the butt of his cigarette flew over the side of the ship and into the water below. He made his way over to Yui and took the spot next to her.

"So, is this finally going to be the time you finish it?"

"Neisis we are not finished! Come back!" The shrill voice of her governess chased the noble girl down the hall, but she didn't look back. Neisis had spent the better part of her day studying history scrolls and etiquette, and she was tired of it. She was overdue for some fun and freedom from that batty old crone that her papa had hired to instruct her.

When she got far enough from her tutor's quarters, Neisis slowed her pace to a graceful stroll. She held her head high and looked down her nose at the servants who scurried by. This was the way that a noble carried herself, you see. Her papa told her so. It wouldn't do for the filth to think that she saw them as equals to herself. Her papa always told her that if you gave a servant a biscuit, they'd steal the whole tray when you aren't looking.

The commotion behind her, spurred her into action, as she knew that if her governess got a hold of her, she'd never let her go. Plus she'll tell papa that I'm being naughty. Hurrying down the hall, Neisis nearly collided with a servant balancing a large platter of fruits and tarts. Upon spotting her, the servant tried her best to remove herself from the noble child's path but unfortunately, the edge of the platter grazed Neisis's soft cheek. Both the servant and the child reared backward, the platter clattering on the ground and the items it carried rolled about the hall. The servant cowered while the little girl loomed above her.

"You imbecile! Dirty animal!" She shrieked, hand gingerly feeling along her cheek for any wounds. "How dare you assault me! I should have your hair lopped off and your fingers smashed for such treason!" She barked, not really meaning any of what she'd said but doing so only for appearances. Her papa told her that if the servants were left unrebuked for too long they'd revolt like the treacherous creatures they were.

The servant groveled and whimpered on her hands and knees. Neisis wanted to make her cry, but the irate voice of her governess was growing nearer. "You should thank the Gods that I am in a hurry!" She snapped, kicking a fallen tart out of her way before running off.

Neisis decided to pay her pet, Jewel a visit. Her papa had bought Jewel for her seventh birthday and Neisis absolutely adored the thing, when she remembered it existed. Usually, Jewel resided in the jasmine garden (Papa's gift for her second birthday) but when Neisis entered the yard she found nothing but flowers strewn about and a hole through one of the perfectly sculpted jasmine bushes. There wasn't a servant in sight even though one was always to accompany Jewel when Neisis wasn't present.

"Where is she?! My darling! My Jewel!" She shrieked, sending guards and servants running her way. Within moments, servants and guards were deployed to search for the pet and enlist help, if possible.

Never one to put faith in the filth, Neisis ventured into the city to look for her darling pet as well. She of course was accompanied by several guards and servants, who she abused and berated for losing her pet in the first place.


The dark elf nibbled on a finger as he admired his handy work.

"I think this is my best creation yet, folks."

His work consisted of thus: there were four people laid bare on the ground, one was a man in his fifties, a graying woman, their daughter and a son. Each person lay facedown on the ground, watering the dirt with their blood. The father's intestines puddled around his abdomen, the woman had several lacerations across her arms. The cause of their deaths was obvious -- decapitation. Without their clothes, one could easily see the letters carved into the backs of the victims.


Mere feet away, resting on the branch of a single tree were the heads of the family members. Their blood ran down the bark of the tree and dripped onto the ground. The daughter's mouth was open in an eternal scream, a nesting ground for the flies and maggots that swarmed the carcasses. The elf was standing next to the tree, looking to the bodies and to the heads.

"Hehehe. You're all a family and resting on a tree. Family tree! Get it? GET IT?!"

No one spoke.

"Tough crowd. No wonder I didn't like you folks. No sense of humor, no sense of adventure."

He popped the finger into his mouth and chewed. The elf moaned in pleasure.

"Oooooh! Yes! You kids are so tender, so velvety. Almost like veal, but you gotta put on some weight. You need the right balance of fat and tenderness, otherwise, it ruins the whole experience."

Merzar wiped his daggers against his cotton pants and sheathed them. He lifted his pack onto his back and saluted the family.

"I'll be seeing you around! Don't miss me too much, you hear? I need to hunt for my next meal and the food isn't going to catch itself."
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[fieldbox="El Casper, FireBrick"]
Eliza Casper frowned at the code she was reading on the monitor in front of her. That wasn't right. Question was how had that algorithm been corrupted. Without even looking she hit a series of buttons on her wrist watch and activated her headset.

"Chris, I need you to get the the maintenance logs for unit 2598700. I wanna see if this is something we missed on the last check up."

"Can do, El. Shall I let the team know we may need to bring it into the lab?" came the answer from the other end.

"Just give them a heads up that it may be a possibility. We should see if it's not something we can fix from here first."

She frowned as she continued to look over the data in front of her, using two fingers to slide the page. The redhead wasn't always this serious though. El was knows as much for her sass and playfulness as she was for her leadership abilities. More than one new employee had found to their pleasant surprise that she made a point of programming all their birthdays into the hosts. Just to make sure no one was ever forgotten. El believed strongly that a great work environment make for happy and productive staff. And so she tried her best to take care of her people. The head of their department had so far given no indication that they objected.

[fieldbox="Mikael Ahlstrom, Indigo"]
Data loop one: Day one: Activating....

Mikael woke with the sun as was his custom. Stretching, before moving across the room to pull aside the hide curtain blocking the open window, and allowing the crisp early morning air to hit his bare flesh. He took a moment to just let himself feel, to take in the peace and tranquility that came with the quiet of this time of day. The birds were just beginning their song, the livestock lowing as other early morning risers began their first feeding of the day. This was when Mikael found rest. This moment when the first rays of light were just beginning to shine. As the day wore on if he felt stressed or agitated all he had to do was close his eyes and think of this quiet.

As the day progressed he moved to the training yard to work with the clan warriors. "Rise and face each day for it could be your last." That was the motto he gave them. He watched them, guided them, reminded them not to be distracted and warned them against any weaknesses he saw. There was an much honor in living each day taking care of your family and maintaining personal integrity as there was in serving their lord. Personal honor was every bit as important as the honor of the clan. He intended to drill this into them.

Mikael was a general by any other name. Responsible for the soldiers as he was for advising their lord in military tactics. And that meant making sure they were living well as well as training. It was his job to help maintain the level of power the clan held in the area, and to someday help it raise higher. As he would someday rise higher himself. To protect the clan from any who would tear it down, whether outside force, or an enemy from within.

He would live honorably in all he did, but never forget to be enemy to his foe, whoever that foe may be.

[fieldbox="Tsukuda Hiroto, teal"]
Hiroto pored over the park map he had spread out on the tavern table in front of him. He had arrived the day before and spent the first 16 hours getting used to his new environment. That meant learning to use his claymore accurately, adjusting his speech patterns to fit in with that of the hosts, and doing a few basic fetch and carry small quests. He had made use of his bed at the inn for the night and enjoyed the comfortable place to sleep. He had no plans of using it again.

Hiroto's goal was to immerse himself as fully into the role of fantasy realm life as possible. He was here to prepare for an upcoming movie after all, not for fun and games. After a filling breakfast, his next goal was to select a quest to explore and purchase the necessary gear to carry out successfully. That had been the point of all the short quests the day before, to fill his purse as much as possible. He had a feeling that an empty pocket book would get him no where in this world. But then, the challenge of earning enough coin was one he had set himself. True he had purchased himself an extended stay this time through, but had only sprung for the basic package. He needed time, not luxury.

"Where do you recommend, friend?" he asked the person closest to him, "Gafkagar, The Freehold, Elloren, or Heladvolg?"
[dash]An old man laid naked on a metal slab in a room made of glass, flanked by two men wearing scrubs and surgical aprons. His body was covered in a combination of burns, bruises, and what appeared to be bite and claw wounds from a person. Here lies Dorin the Forgetful, forever unable to find peace.

"Geez, this old bastard again?"

"Yeah. Third time this month. QA managed to stop him in time before he did any real damage though."

"Good. Last time they had to rebuild half the tower. All because of this geezer. Are they ever gonna fix whatever the fuck is wrong with him?"

"Apparently they already have, or so they say. Said it was some kind of bug with his RNG. Whatever the hell that means. Anyways, we should be seeing a lot less of him after this."

"God I hope so. All that time and money this guy keeps costing us, and with no guests to justify it. If it were up to me I'd just recycle him and be done with it."

"Yeah well, whatever. Let's just fix him up and get him back to work. We got more bodies to work through today and I'd like to be done by sundown this time."

"Yeah yeah, I hear ya. I'll start up the tunes."

>Run Program: Dorin the Almighty
>Park Map Loaded
>Rolling a d20!
>Error! Scenario 17 parameters not met! Rerolling.
>Error! Scenario 17 parameters not met! Rerolling.
>Loop initialized - Scenario 4

The town of Haven was bustling with life as Dorin made his way through the streets. The bottom of his staff tapped against the cobblestone as he walked, smiling at everyone he passed. A couple of raggedy kids ran by and bumped into him nearly knocking the old man over, but thanks to his staff he managed to keep his footing.

"Oh-ho, you little rascals. Hahaha, oh to be young again..." He laughed as he watched the kids disappear into the crowded street behind him.

A little further down the street, a fruit vendor caught his eye. He greeted the merchant with the same warm smile he gave to all and began looking over the choices. Though there was only a pile of apples, Dorin looked them over as if he were choosing a fine diamond ring he planned to gift to the woman of his dreams.

"Ah ha! This is the one!" He picked up a regular looking apple with a slight bruise on one side and presented it to the merchant.

"Right, that'll be one copper piece." The merchant looked impatient but tolerated the old man so long as it meant a sale.

Dorin felt for the coin pouch he kept on his rope belt, but quickly realized it was not there. He looked perplexed by this revelation and quickly looked to the ground around him for the lost coins, but to no avail. Finally, he gripped his staff with both hands and the crystal ball at the top began to glow. He tapped it on the ground twice, and there was a sudden scream from down the street. It grew closer and louder as people were knocked to the side of the street, revealing a raggedy kid flying through the crowd towards Dorin. The boy fell to the ground with a thud at Dorin's feet; a small coin pouch clutched in his right hand over his head.

The boy looked up at Dorin terrified, but the old man was smiling down at him. "Oh thank you, my boy! You found my lost coin pouch!" The old man reached down and plucked the pouch from the kid's hand. In its place, Dorin left a copper coin. "There you are, young man. No good deed should go unrewarded."

The boy's face was still frozen in terror, but now with a hint of confusion thrown in. After a short pause, he got up off the ground and ran away in a hurry. The crowd looked on in shock at what had just happened. Dorin turned to face the apple merchant, still smiling, and offered a copper coin to pay for his apple.

The merchant was in awe. "N-no that's alright! You can have it! Free of charge."

"Oh why that's very kind of you. Such wonderful people in this town! Rest assured good sir, I shall not forget this kindness." And with that, the old man put his money away and took a bite of the apple, then walked off down the street once more.

Upon reaching the tavern, Dorin's chin and part of his long white beard were covered in the juices from the apple he finished. He stroked his beard as he entered, and licked a finger after discovering the juice on it. He looked thoughtful as he tasted it. "Apple juice? How peculiar... I haven't eaten an apple in days... Oh no, this is not good." The old man looked a bit upset as he looked around the tavern and approached the nearest person. It was a somewhat strange looking man standing over a map of the land, asking another man for a recommendation. Hiroto.

"Excuse me kind sir, I do not wish to interrupt but I feel that it is important. Tell me... Have you seen my beard?"

He lay on his back atop a mound of fine cloth and sacks of pretty trinkets andknick-knackss pilfered on his behalf. The makeshift bed wasn't exactly comfortable, but that wasn't the point. Asim found comfort in the fact that the 'bed' he laid on was expansive. The accumulation of stolen wealth was a sign that his guild was doing good work. He liked to spend a good chunk of time everyday 'surveying' the vastness of his guild's catch. Honestly, it was one of the most peaceful moments in his busy life--

"Asim!" The guild leader raised his head slowly from his spot on the mound. He glowered at the interruption to his quiet time, but the thief guild member was too nervous to notice. That was never a good sign. The master thief slid off of the makeshift bed, gracefully and grabbed his discard scimitars from the sandy stone floor. "What is it? Royal guards? Or has that crocodile Nitocris come to face me herself?" Asim would love that. He liked to think he'd disarm the wicked ruler in seconds and lob off her pretty, pale--

"No, it's your husband." The man interrupted his leader's violent fantasies with a deadpan tone.

"Sayed? Here? Why?" The mention of his husband seemed to render Asim to a fool only capable of uttering broken sentences. Sayed wasn't adverse to thieves, being a ruffian himself but he generally didn't wander into the guild's camp. Unless… "Oh curses, what have I done wrong?" Asim groaned, dragging a hand down his face. He tried futilely to recall his past actions that could have angered his beloved but couldn't pin down one err. A shout from outside startled both the guild leader and his minion who immediately fled as the source of the outraged shout entered the room.

Sayed stood before Asim in fine silks and beautifully painted bangles--that Asim had stolen, just for him. In fact, Asim was pretty sure he'd stolen those silks as well, and the shiny jewelry in his husband's hair. It was safe to say that Asim had stolen the entire wardrobe of his husband, and then some but the other man didn't look grateful at all for Asim's contributions to his life.

"...I apologize." The guild leader admitted before Sayed could say a word. This seemed to make him angrier, however.

"Sorry? Sorry for what?" He hissed, foot tapping clouds of sand into the air.

"Erm...All of it?" Asim ventured, and he could hear the snickering of his no-good, eavesdropping men outside. He was definitely going to punish them later.

"Do you even know what day it is, Asim?" The other man snapped, stalking forward. Asim stood his ground until they were only inches apart.

"I--" Asim began but Sayed cut him off with a hoarse yell. "IT'S MY NAME DAY!"

Fuck me backwards. Asim admonished himself then fixed Sayed with a smile, and placed his hands around the man's waist. "My sweet, I was simply playing a fool. Of course, I remember your name day. How could I forget when one so handsome as you came into this world?" As his silvertongue weaved wooing words, he leaned in for a kiss which Sayed reluctantly accepted. He came in for another and another until the other man was laughing and in good spirits.

When Sayed finally left, Asim nearly lost his mind. How in the vast damn world was he going to find something unique and fitting for his picky husband. He'd already stolen jewelry, and silks and stones for the man. He couldn't give him the same rubbish! He needed something far more interesting.

Interesting...Like a companion. A dog! No--a cat. No...A bird. Something that could talk! Sayed would love that! But where would he get one from? There were pet shops all over the city but if one of Sayed's cousins saw scouring the city, they'd tell Sayed and he'd find out that Asim had lied. He couldn't use one of his men either as the same would happen to them. He needed someone who his husband didn't know…

So Asim strolled through the city streets, searching for a benevolent citizen to do his dirty work. Scouring the crowd, he spotted someone who seemed chump enough to do his bidding. "Hey, you! Yes, you! Come're!
Sabine and Captain Blood
Mentions: NPC
Interactions: pirate crew ,captain blood and Sabine
>Run Program: Captain Blood
Maps of Fantasy World
Quests and Speech
Reveries Patch
>Booting Program…

> uploading Loops…..

The sea breeze swept along the rippling water, not to far off in the distance a very Recognizable ship had come into view. A black haul, and black sails with a jolly roger at the top of its mast. This ship was home to the most feared pirate captain on the seas. The Pirate Captains name was Captain Blood, He was well known for slaughtering and killing many innocent people. The ship he rode was known as the Blackthorn, thorns drew blood and this Thorn definitely did sinking many a ship that came after it. The crew was as ruthless and cold as its leader. Not many set sails on this ship and made it out alive. So the stories had said. It is said That captain blood had a long lost love, somewhere and he was still looking for her.

The breeze blew the sails along the water. The ship seemed to move at a quick pace. Standing on the rails edge, a woman with dark hair and piercing blue eyes held the rigging her head turned back when she heard a rough voice. " what do you see my first mate?" the rough voice asked her. "Land a head must be where this ends." She said. "Aye that it be my first mate." He said as he snapped the scope shut. "get the boats ready and way anchor." He yelled at the crew. "Lets go you lazy bilge rats or I will keyhole the lot of you." He snarled. "Yes captain" They said and scurried about getting boats and some of the crew to the water. The others staying to watch the ship. They rowed ashore the waves lapping at their booted leather feet as they touched the shore. Dragging the boats along the sand so they didn't float away with the tide. The group had finally landed. "Here we are." He said. Trudging along the sand and down a path they made there way to a cave. Lightning torches they descend into the pitch black.

Twisting turning tunnels led them to a cave where only the sky seemed to grace the pool that sat inside a waterfall. In the middle of the crystal clear water was a largely built rock with something at the top. The first mate held her hand out to stop them from rushing forward as she pulled out the map the sea witch had given them. Her voice slowly read off the riddle. "only when the light is pure white may you step into the crystal and make your way to the top. And only the one with the purest heart may take what lies in gold, this will help guide you to what you seek." she said. "I am guessing we have to wait till the moon rises. The water is crystal clear so that's the crystal we step into when the moon's rays enter the cave." She said. " purest heart?" she was stumped when Blood stood from where he was squatting he looked down at her. "You Sabine women are always the purest of hearts only you can take it." Damien spoke. She looked at him and nods. " well we better rest until the moon rises."her voice drifted to him softly. So there wait began. She been on Damiens ship many a times and always is his first mate. Every time she came to Fantasy World. She always had a new scenario with the Dark Captain and he always seemed to fall for her. She allowed it to happen, but a betrayal or death just restarts everything over again, this is the farthest in the quest they gotten since she started coming here. Now they were playing the waiting game. Which is when things seemed to happen mutanies and the such. Sure outside of this she was a model/ Pornstar, but here she could be a rough and tumble pirate and spend a romantic time with Captain Blood.
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Mentions: Captain Blood
Interactions: Kestra and other bandits @Lusterine

>Run Program: Aralia Houndour
Maps of Fantasy World
Quests and Speech
Reveries Patch
>Booting Program…

> uploading Loops…..

As blood dripped down her fingers Aralia wiped them on a black rag. Wrapping her long slender fingers around the silver dagger in the dead bodies throat. She pulled it out and stood. "Make sure to grab all the loot we can, and pack up. Were close to Haven I want to get there soon. Place the bodies a symbol we been here." She said as she looked down at the body at her feet in disgust . Making her way to her horse she pulled herself up and looked to her second in command with a nod and turned her black horse away from the scene as her men put the bodies as a warning. Slowly stopping her horse at the top of a peak that looked down on Haven, a smirk slowly crossing her lips the last time she was here, she had saved Kestras life as a young girl. She had a fun time when she went there.

That's where a partnership with the dangerous Captain blood came about as well around the same time she saved Kestra. They would take this world by storm. Looking to Kestra "Ready?" she asked. Her horse huffed and stamped its foot out of impatience. With a small nod she turned the sleek back horse to head down the hill towards Haven, her body moved with the horse as she looked at the trail a head it was maybe a day and halfs ride to the town. Her eyes blankly stared at the road ahead as she rode with her second in command. Her mind going back to when she found Kestra and saved the girl from the hangman's noose. She was on her way into town when she saw Kestra a young girl in line for the hangman's noose, something about the girl reminded her of herself.

Aralia looked at her men and nods. "Not today. Save the girl and any others you can." she said to her men and beckoned for two to follow her. Aralia rode down with her the two boys she had beckoned to her side, her body taught pulling her bow and arrows. She aimed for the man in black on the platform, releasing arrow after arrow she smiled as she took down the executioner shooting him with 4 arrows and watching his body crumple to the ground.

Finally jumping and rolling off her horse, Aralia stood and fought her way to the man in charge, she steadily held the blade of her sword to his throat when she finally reached him. The men that had been at her side, had his family with swords to their throats as she had commanded him. "Now you will let the others go and when were out of here then will let your pretty little family go or not or I can kill them right here and now." She said. The man sneered at her his lips lifting in a almost smirk. She pressed the blade to his throat drawing a nick of blood. His hand reached for his sword. Aralia noticed and pressed the tip even more into his skin"Eh, I wouldn't if I were you. Call the rest of your men off now."she snapped. She waited for his signal, when he gave it she released him to then tie him ti a pole and make him watch her free the criminals he had caught. Walking down the steps she went over to release all the prisoners. "Go on your free to go." She said. Thats when and where her and Captain Blood met.

Aralia had her men gently grab the young girl she seen and had reminded her of herself. She been talking with a male she would come to know as Captain Blood. "Get the captain a horse." Aralia told her men after a few minutes, her men nodded and went to grab a horse stealing it. Finally off with the nobleman's family they rode. When they were far enough away and yet still in sight she gave the signal to kill the nobelmans family. Aralia watched as her men slit the wife and daughters throats. A smirk happily in her face as she looked at the man still tied to the post. She could hear his screams from where he was bound. "Burn the bodies." She commanded.

Once they were done and on the road again, they finally far enough away making there way to a hidden camp, where Aralia and the others stopped. Telling her men to make food and put the girl in her tent and watch her while she spoke with the Captain. Aralia made her way to sit with the pirate Captain and have a long talk with him when the food was made her men brought her and the Captain a bowl. Nodding her thanks she sent them off as she continued to speak with the blood thirsty captain.Finally Damien stood."Thank you, I owe you my life, Aralia" He said. "Not to worry, I am sure you wouldn't let a fellow criminal hang." she said. Her eyes sparkled with a smirk. "When we meet again I owe you a debt. Need me you know where to find me the windswept isles, after I get my ship back, from my mutinous crew." He said to her. Aralia let out a wicked laugh and nods "Good luck, hold you too that Captain Blood." Aralia said as she stood. With a nod Damien mounted his horse they stolen for him. Making his way out of the camp and to go find his ship. Aralia stretched and finally made her way to the tent where they held the girl for her.

The girl was yelling at her to not touch her or she kill her. " woah there kiddo, I am not going to hurt you. I came to see if you were okay? Why were you there? what did you do?" she asked. Aralia sat in a chair across from the girl, sending her men off, as she listened to the girls tale of how she wound up in line for the hangmans Noose once she spoken her peace. Aralia sighed and rubbed her eybrow with her thumb. Letting out a heavy sigh she looked at the girl"Look I know your scared and well to be honest I find your tale fascinating you remind me of me when I was younger, so I actually wanted to offer you a place among thieves and bandits the rough tumble and merciless killers." Aralia said and waved her hands to motion to her little crew if Bandits. She waited for the girl and smiled when the girl agreed, Aralia held out her hand. "Names Aralia kiddo whats yours?" Aralia asked, inside she knew they would have a wonderful future together.

Aralia looked up finally from where she been starring with a small smirk. She looked at Kresta, with a proud look. Kersta grown into the role nicely. Aralia was proud of her and would do anything for her even take a bullet for her, she still felt a protective nature over Kresta even though she knew the girl could handle herself now and was no longer a girl.

Their eyes locked.

Quorin grabbed a fistful of the man's shirt, firmly tugging his body flush against hers. She had a Valkyrie's hands, worn and callused - a far cry from the smooth and dainty courtesans in the Monarch, but they traced longingly over his features all the same. She was all hard edges instead of soft curves, but deep within her still glowed the desires of a woman.

Her thumb caressed at his cheekbone, trailing down his face to cradle his chin. Her eyes, as clear and blue as the Hinterfrost ice in the dawn, fixated on the curvature of his lips, burning with hunger and intent. "Nobody has ever made me feel this way before," she whispered upon his lips, hot breaths trembling with anticipation. Her free hand pressed up against his waist, slinking around to the small of his back as she pulled him against her, diving into his lips--


She froze, suspended in motion, millimeters away from completing that kiss, eyes half-lidded. Lorenzo wrestled himself out from within her arms, only to pace angrily around the sterile white room. Technicians watched them quietly from the other side of floor-to-ceiling glass windows. "Santa madre de dios, you're passive! This is not how we wrote you to behave. Reset!"

Quorin stood upright, arms gently falling back to her sides. There was life behind her eyes again, watching as the Head of Narrative and Design provided feedback.

"If the guests want a girl who's just gonna give them a rough fuck, they don't have to travel all the way out to the fucking mountains. They don't have to trek across ice and snow in sub-freezing temperatures and help you unite the clans! If all they want is for a girl to take a little bit of control and ride them on top, they can just pay some whore in Haven for the cost of a dinner! This isn't incentive to get the guests to venture out past the city, it's a fucking deterrent! Why go out in the cold if it's not any different? I can fuck whores in the comfort of my tavern!"

He pointed a finger at her, almost accusatory. Footsteps thundered him closer to her like a father berating a child for the last time. "You - you're supposed to be the wild one. Fierce, untamed. You don't feel this way," he repeated the line she'd fed him, his hands air-quoting for sarcastic emphasis - "about ANY fucking man! That man is your conquest! I don't care if he took an arrow for you. I don't care if he saved your life. You're the damn Viking woman, and you're gonna be dragging him back to your tent so you can have your way with him until you're satisfied! That's what they fucking want - something different! Something they can't get at home, something they can't get in Haven! Give him a fucking story to tell, one he'll never forget!"

The next target of the finger-pointing was one of the techs outside. "You! Pull me the log and figure out what caused her to revert to this configuration. You! What's her aggression at? 12?" A nod was all he received in response. "Bump her to 17 and put her back in the rotation. Christ."

He shook his head, one hand clutching at his forehead in an attempt to rub at his temples. With an irritated exhale, he grabbed his control tablet off the desk in the room, and stuffed it into his coat.

"I'm suiting up, I need to head topside and get some fresh air." He fired one last finger at Quorin, still standing like a mannequin in the center of the room. "The next time you fuck a guest, you better tire him out so badly he needs to sit in a fucking sled the rest of his time in the mountains."