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  1. I'm looking for someone to do an epic Fantasy adventure with. It would be like any other, mostly. Have it's moments of happiness, sadness.. maybe even insanity? I just want to add a little spice to it. A special ingredient, if you will. And by special ingredient, I mean adding some of the comedic aspects of Anime. Nosebleeds, overly dramatic sequences, perhaps even a little of the randomness that comes with it. Character development would still be a key plot device, while an in depth story moves things along.

    I'd like my partner to not be prude about the perverted comedy of Anime, nor would I like for them to be overly serious neat freaks. Someone that's watches a lot of Anime and likes joking around is good enough for me!

    Well, if someone's interested in doing this with me reply here or PM me. ^_^
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  2. Totally interested!! :DDD
  3. I think i fit that description perfectly :D. Just one question. How much do you classify as "a lot"? ~6 hours a day?
  4. That's exactly what I mean. ;D
  5. I think I'll go for one more of these. That is, if anyone else is interested. :P
  6. Fear not dear Fake Hero! In fact I have had a Modern Fantasy Idea I'd like to try.
    Now if you will excuse me for a little I'd like to roll on the floor for a bit.

  7. *Gasps* S-Someone actually knows where my profile picture is from! :afro:

    Anyway, I'll message you. ^_^
  8. If you excuse me sir, I can't help but notice you appear to be rolling on my screen, not on the floor... Please rectify this as soon as possible.
  9. What is your profile pic, anyway?
    I know it used to be Link, right?
  10. It's from a very odd game that I stopped watching a long time ago. I only like the profile picture because of the expression on his face now. :P
  11. XD oh, okay. That makes sense.
  12. Plus, it fits my personal title well. xP
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  13. Anyone else interested in this?
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