PORTRAIT REQUEST Fantasy-Style Drawing: One Character Request

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  1. Hey there!

    I've recently joined a fantasy RP, and I've ended up creating a character I couldn't find a picture for to fit my description. If any artists are looking for some work as a hobby, I'd love to see somebody attempt to draw this character if they're up to the challenge!

    I'm currently looking for an artist who is comfortable drawing fantasy themes (anime/high cartoon-y style is not preferred), and is also comfortable with doing a drawing free of charge, as I don't have any spare money to boot. Whether it's just a headshot or a full body drawing, I would be extremely grateful for either, especially if it's in colour. I'll be sure to credit any finished drawings to the artist if I use them, and I'll be even more sure to recommend you to others if you're looking for more work!

    I should also note that this character isn't 100% human, in the case that you aren't comfortable drawing anything other than pure human characters. They're a fantasy race that has scaled skin, finlike ears, bright fishy eyes, is comfortable in the ocean, etc. It isn't a full-on anthromorphic character, just think something like a dumbed-down version of an Argonian from the Elder Scrolls Series. They're not a mermaid or anything like that; they still have normal arms and legs, though their hands and feet are webbed.

    Example of this race (open)
    An example image (not what my character looks like.) Looks a bit like something out of Avatar, doesn't it?

    For more clarification about the race:
    The race has smooth, scaly skin that comes in a variety of colours. The finlike ears can be a variety of shapes, and are usually studded with jewelry. If you're going to draw a full body shot, their frame is long and wiry. They have webbed hands and feet.

    With all this in mind, if you're up to the challenge, I wish you luck: feast your eyes on the description of my character below!

    ~ ~ ~

    Name: Kula Aolani
    Description (Head): Kula's smooth scales are a silver-grey colour, and her wide eyes are a vibrant turqoise blue colour. Across her right eye and right cheek, a wrapping of light blue silk covers one half of her face like a bandage: this detail is important. Kula's face is young and pretty despite this covering. Her lips are long, and the nostril slits above them are well-set. She should have an air of maturity and elegance about her, as she's from a posh upbringing. Her finlike ears are long and droopy, studded with a couplet of platinum earrings on each ear. Her hair is made of neat rows of deep grey spines.
    Description (Body): This description is optional unless you're up for drawing Kula's body as well as her head. Kula's form is long and wiry. Her arms and legs are of a lighter shade of grey than the rest of the scales on her body. She will be wearing a set of light blue silk rows, with various pouches sewed on. A gold trident with a blue-silk wrapped handle is strapped onto her back (so you should be able to see the gold tip behind her at the top, and the bottom of the blue handle behind her near the bottom).

    Preferred Expression: Neutral, thoughtful, not looking at the camera. She should look elegant and experienced.
    Preferred Pose: Hands behind back, confident standing pose, has a regal feel to her.
    Side notes: Just a white background is preferred! Any sized picture is fine. If you have a signature, put it somewhere in your drawing, as I'd like to give you full credit for the image.

    ~ ~ ~

    If you're happy with something you've drawn fitting this description, shoot me a PM of what you've done! Whatever it is, I'll be extremely grateful for it, and it's likely I'll use it as a picture accompanying my description for her in my CS for this RP. And if you'd like to know anything additional about Kula when drawing her (such as her personality, backstory, etc. to help you get a better feel of what she should look like), please shoot me a PM.

    Thank you very much for your time.